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[Eng/습관성형수업 5번째] 요요❌ 다이어트 식단 성공⭕을 위해 꼭 필요한 키포인트 1가지ㅣ다노티비

I did this while I was trying to lose 20kg, and I continue to do this. Diet plan “Reduce the amount of food you eat.” “Get all your macros.” How? Hi, I’m Jessie from Dano, here to talk all about healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. This is the fifth class of my habit-shaping classes. Habit…

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I tried the 1200 kcal diet for a week

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel I feel like I’ve been eating a bit too much lately, so I’m going to start losing weight and I want to keep track of how much I eat every day I’m using an app called my fitness pal, which I’ve used before But it’s only intermittently. I…

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