2021 Weight loss Journey | Day 2 right after Surgery #transformation #verticalsleevegastrectomy

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[ Music] hello my list is shatasha roberts i’m from sweetwater texas i came here on the 21 st to have the gastric sleeve done here at cer bariatrics by dr carlos whenever “ive come” my anticipations as far as reading about him studying about him and his credentials and i had good hopes “ive never been” really afraid to come to mexico i’ve been to mexico and texas several times for different procedures with dental done um the transportation arrived within 15 times of me get in here the to the airfield and we came right over to the hospital as soon as we stepped into the hospital they have begun lab toil x-rays the ekg within an hour and a half “i m gonna go” into surgery and very comfortable erie the coordinator fit up with me and marched me through the whole procedure up until “its time we” go into surgery and edwin at the time my harbour built sure i was pleasant and and everything was good dr carlos is um particularly illustrative whenever he does are now in and let you know what he’s going to do um all of his organization all of his surgical squad was very professional saw me feel very pleasant and the stay here has been very successful i’ve had no problems it’s very clean they “ve been given” a kova test as soon as we went now they’ve been in my office several times to clean as well as i’ve seen them cleaning in the hallway um i was unquestionably not afraid of anything with the cobia because everybody wears a cover-up 24 7 in the dormitory at their table when they come into your chamber you precisely don’t have to while you’re in your chamber alone i would definitely recommend cr bariatrics to anybody i know that jack my coordinator darren pre-op asked any and all questions that i had even though i defected him a hundred periods he was very neat about replying right away i would emphatically recommend dr carlos and its personnel likewise the coordinators the nutritionists the anesthesiologists all are very welcoming and extremely illustrative with what is necessary all the harbour faculty is here at ceo of bariatrics

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