Can Diabetics Drink Milk? SugarMD

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[Music] hi guys this is dr ahmed ergin i’m an endocrinologist and a diabetes education specialist today i’m going to talk to you about milk now i have a lot of milk addicts in my practice and i tell them this all right so i’m gonna tell you what i’m telling them so basically milk comes in different shapes and forms right so when you say milk you kind of pretty much you know talk very general i’m like what kind of milk are we talking about here is it whole milk is it milkshake and what are we talking about here it’s surprising you know what funny things my parents will say but the bottom line is uh to not to waste your time here um it’s okay to have milk it’s better than actually uh all these beverages that are full of sugar actually one cup of milk will have only 12 grams of carbs uh the glycemic is not that high glycemic index or glycemic load is not that high if you’re limiting your intake to only eight ounces or so that’s perfectly fine and you can have whole whole fat milk because that’s a saturated fat but saturated fat is not necessarily bad for you it’s just that you don’t want to have too much of that milk because then you will have too much fat and that will cause too much weight gain uh you know i would think that the milk actually will improve your satiety and will make you feel full but i wouldn’t recommend just drinking milk and going to bed either again anything you put to your body if you’re not burning that calories it’s just gonna turn into fat you know what do you expect right bottom line is you can use milk and yogurt as a snack so full fat or whole fat whole milk is all fine you just need to keep your portion size small and be happy with it so that’s all i’m gonna say have a wonderful day guys guys remember to subscribe and remember to give a thumbs up and share this video with the family and friends


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