Healthy Living / Slow Living – 2 Recipes for you and a little bit about my new book!

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Hello my friends! This video is going to be a littlebit different. I’m going to show you my new notebook. It’s a healthy living book. And I havetwo recipes for you, because a great deal of you told me about my receipts ofmy berry patty and my eat I established you in my last-place video. So this is going to be thebeginning of a healthy living series videos. But don’t be afraid. Next occasion I’ll testify you a brand-new “Thedream of a simple life” video again. Okay, experience! In my last video I talked about what I eatduring winter in my self-sufficient live. And some of you asked me aboutrecipes for my berry cake and my dough. I decided to share these two recipes today asa part of a new line announced “healthy living”. I merely published a brand-new notebook in Germanwith a similar specify “Gesund leben querbeet”. I will show you a little bit more about my journal inthe end of this video.Now I’m going to share my sugar free berry cake and my 25 minutesfresh bread recipes here with you. Enjoy! Why sugar-free? I can’t eat sugar. So I experimenteda lot. I can’t eat yeast or roasting gunpowder either, so I had to come up with something special. A littleabout carbohydrate. Everyone knows that white sugar is not good at all. And carbohydrate is a big topic that can filla whole video. But if you don’t have their own problems I have, that your body genuinely simply can managevery little sugar, even in the form of fruit, then there is nothing wrong with having some sugarin your cake.The quantity procreates the lethal. Ever. And for me the part is less than for theaverage people. If you enjoy carbohydrate in moderation, that’s no problem. I am not anti-sugar justbecause I can’t eat carbohydrate and have a recipe on a sugar-free cake for you. Enjoy your sugar fromtime to time. But retain not to over-indulge. For my berry cake you need: spelt, flour, salt, oatmeal, lubricant, apple liquor and liquid, berries and fruit. To bake my berry patty is quite simple. Justmix the spell flour, oatmeal, salt, oil and the apple liquid and liquid to a mash. Then contributed the berriesand the outcomes, chopped in big sections, and desegregate. How sweetened you miss your patty is up to you. I use2 00 milliliters liquid and 200 milliliters liquid. If you require it sweeter you can take 400 milliliterjuice and no sea at all. And if you lend really sweet returns like mango or doddles your cake getseven sweeter. It’s up to you. Exactly try and adjust. I enjoy my sugar-free berry cake withapple juice and sea. Not so sweet. When you have mingled all the ingredients to a paste, set roasting paper on a baking tray and spread theberry mash on the baking paper.Spread it to about one centimeter. Not very thick because the cake hasno baking pulverization. And now time bake the cake on 200 measures Celsius on convection for about 25 to 30 times. Cut the patty in palatable portions and enjoy. My 25 hours spelt bread is even more simple tobake, than my berry cake. All it is necessary to is spelt flour, oatmeal, lubricant, salt and irrigate. If you want, you can add seeds. Like pumpkin grains or sesame. Now concoction all ingredients to a smooth dough. Spread the dough on a baking article on abaking tray. As you can see here mine is used. I roasted homemade fries on it before. Ialways operation baking paper several times. It’s expensive. And to use it twice or even threetimes saves fund, rubbish and saves the environment. When I’ve spread the dough, I bake my food on 200 degrees Celsius on convection for about 20 minutes. Then trimmed the food in eatablepieces and your 25 time bread is ready. I enjoy my food warm from the ovenwith homemade jam-pack without carbohydrate. Berries apple jam-pack or plum jam-pack. Or like now even withhomemade paprika apple herb spread. And now a bit about my healthy living book.Sorry.My diary is only available in German for now. And I’m not sure when I will move it. Foryou who understand German: Here is the content of my bible and a little bit how the book looksinside. Until next time and expressed appreciation for for watching !.

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