Simple Steps to LOSE STOMACH FAT Fast! (Hindi / Punjabi)

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hey thanks for singing in to my bollywood body my booze sunny expressed appreciation for exceedingly much for so much help make sure video is starting me made the like button agar apn channel go subscribe nikki[ Music] it’s everything lack chest and your back these are three major muscle radicals now this back and legs when you drill these automatically these are your bigger muscles you don’t have to worry about it because given the fact that you’re automatically experiencing it unless you are into competitive bodybuilding i’m a bodybuilder but avoid this situation foreign every 20 daylights 20 dates which becomes a month 20 represents workout days 5 days a week so continue that in imagination when you’re doing your estimations when you’re doing your your own assessment do it at the same period is really going to happen you’re just very simple thank you say this is how you can get rid of your stomach fat by discipline three major groups with a proper hope and appropriate nutrition hope there is no discipline there is no special workout to get rid of your belly overweight and there is no pill cable[ Music] make sure leave a comment in the comment chest you are willing to make a video about it i’ll be more than happy to

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