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Hello everyone welcome to my channel I am Dr Shikha And today I am going to share a very requested topic with you. Friends, today I will share with you a diet plan by which you can lose 10 to 15 kgs within just 15 days. Yes, you heard it right. 10to 15 kgs in just 15 days And this is nothing to say, it is absolutely tried and tested. I am sharing this with you along with my experience because I have done it myself and I lost 11 kgs within 15 days by following this diet plan. Friends, there was a time when my weight was 110 kg, you heard it right, 110kgs. And today I am in front of you, today my weight is somewhere around 67-68 kgs and I have reduced my weight by following this diet plan. People who know me, my friends, my relatives, they ask me after seeing me how this sudden transformation happened that how you have lost so much weight Shikha, how did you become so thin. So I thought that the thing that has been so beneficial for me and I have benefited so much, why not share this thing with all of you, and many people who want to lose their weight over there and are very worried about their obesity.

So why not, they can lose their weight by following this. You follow this diet plan and I gave you hundred percent gaurantee that your weight will loose definitely. When I can do it, you can also do it, mine has happened and yours will also happen, how will it not happen? You just follow this diet plan and with just a little determination you keep following it. So come on guys, now I share you the diet plan from which I lost 11 kg in 15 days and if you follow all these things, then you will also lose, maybe you can also lose up to 15 kg. It all depends on the metabolism of every person and on their body. Friends, the first thing you have to do as soon as you wake up is that you will get freshen up and after that you will check your weight daily. When you are on your weight loss journey, then you have to check your weight daily, you do not have to miss a single day, only then you will know what effect it is having on your body when you are following a diet. So the first thing you have to do as soon as you wake up is to get freshen up and check your weight After that the first thing that should be taken in your body is our morning drink that is water.

And even water is not simple, I will tell you how to make water. Here is the recipe. So first you have to take a pan. It has to be kept on the gas and inside it I have put 1 liter of water and I am putting two tablespoons of cumin here, this one spoon and this second spoon of cumin, now cover it well and keep it on boiling. We covered it with a lid, see that it has boiled. Now we will filter it and we have to drink it a little lukewarm.

So we have to take this one glass in the morning on an empty stomach, the rest we have to warm it up and drink it throughout the day, you finish drinking it one by one. Yes, friends, after taking this morning drink you have your breakfast and have to take breakfast on time. Breakfast, the first thing is not to be missed at all and you have to take it between 8:00 to 9:00. Absolutely not to do after 9:00 am, you have to complete breakfast before 9:00 pm.

So first of all we will take multigrain roti in breakfast and with it you can take a bowl of any vegetable of your choice and also you can take tea or coffee but without sugar. So check out our breakfast recipe Here I have taken a bowl of gram flour, a bowl of barley flour, a bowl I have taken jowar flour here and I am taking a bowl of ragi here. Now this our multigrain flour is ready to be made at home, we have to add some spices in it, here first I am adding a little celery here I am putting the same amount of cumin, flax seeds, that is also taken of half a small spoon.

And this is black pepper. I will mix all these things in it, adding little by little water, we have to knead the dough, if we take a little lukewarm water, then your dough will be very soft. Our dough is absolutely ready, very soft, I have taken a peda of it here and will roll it. And just like we make our normal roti, in the same way we will make roti. So I have rolled it here, now I will put it on the pan. And the way we make our normal roti, in the same way we have to roast it on the pan. My roti is completely ready here, I serve it,vegetable. I will put a spoonful of desi ghee on it. You must eat a spoonful of desi ghee in breakfast every day. I will serve it with vegetables. You can eat it with any vegetable. I am eating this here today with gourd and you can have your tea and coffee with it.

So friends, now it's our mid-meal turn. You feel a little hungry between breakfast and lunch and to keep your metabolism a little faster we should have a small snack in the mid morning like you can take any fruit, seasonal fruit you can take apple. You can take orange, you can take guava or any fruit, whatever easily available to you in the season, you can take that one fruit in the morning You try that when you are taking fruits throughout the day, then you keep it in the morning time, you avoid fruits in the evening time, because fruits contain natural sugar ie carbohydrates, which you should not have in the evening or at night. So whatever fruits you are taking, keep them at morning time only. If you do not want to take fruit, then you can also take soaked 5 almonds and two walnuts or you can take roasted gram in a small bowl, So you can take such things in mid snacks. The next thing is our lunch, your lunch should be between one to two i.e. between 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, don't delay your lunch after 2:00 pm.

So for lunch we have to take a bowl of Groud. Along with this, we do not have to take any chapati,any roti, any rice, and this will fill your stomach too, it is very fullfilling. You will definitely find it a little difficult for a week or two in the beginning, you will feel hungry but gradually your body adapts to it. It will be adjusted by this thing and then automatically your too much hunger will stop. In the beginning, yes, you will feel a little hungry, but you will not cheat at all. So friends, see our lunch recipe. So to make weight loss groud, here I am taking one groud and here I have taken two tomatoes. With this we will make our very tasty yummy weight loss Groud. You will cut it in this size, here I have grinded the tomatoes well. Now here I have taken a cooker and kept it on the gas on medium flame. We will take a small spoon of oil here, we can take any oil. Here I have put a teaspoon of cumin, when it will turn a little brown, here I am adding half a teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of red chili powder.

We will mix it well, fry it a little, then we will add our tomato puree in it. I have put very little, 1/4 tsp of salt here, we will mix it well and keep it covered. I covered the lid like this only from above. Now see that the tomatoes are cooked well here, now we will put groud in it, when all the groud is mixed well with tomato puree, then we will put a glass of water in it. After mixing it well, we will put the lid of the cooker and after closing it, we will cook it just for one whistle. There has been a whistle and all the steam has gone out of it, now I open it and show it to you. This yummy groud is ready now and we will eat this whole bowl in lunch. Friends, after lunch, time for evening snacks which you have to take between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, you will take a green tea, take any green tea. But you do not have to add sugar at all inside green tea, so take a cup of green tea and it is a must, you must take it. And together, if you do not take walnuts and almonds in the morning, then you can take them in the evening, you can take a small bowl of roasted gram in the evening, but you have to avoid fruits in the evening, you take it in the morning itself. After that comes our dinner which you know has to be taken before 7:00 pm. Do not take dinner after 7:00 pm at all. The second thing is that we do not take carbs and salt at all in the dinner.

So what will we take for dinner, in dinner we will take one such thing, due to which our weight loss will be done very fast, very quickly. By taking this, the problem of your constipation will also be solved, if you have, then your stomach will start clearing very well and your weight loss will also done at a very high speed. So for dinner we will take soup, which soup will we take? Pumpkin Soup, so here is the recipe for Pumpkin Soup. So here are the ingredients for my Pumpkin Soup. Here it is Pumpkin. We have to take that much pieces of Pumpkin and take a small onion, a small piece of ginger and take a little bit of garlic here, now we will chop all these things.

Onion, ginger, garlic is chopped into small pieces and I have cut the Pumpkin into big cubes. Take a cooker, keep it on the gas on medium flame. And here I have put a very small spoon of oil, any other oil you can use here, here I have put garlic first and I am also adding ginger, fry it a little. So when they turn a little brown, I will put the onion here. And then the onions will also fry a little bit. When it's becomes a little transparent, then we'll add our pumpkin here, so we'll put all that pumpkin in here Now add 1/4 tsp red chilli powder and 1/4 tsp black pepper powder. In this we will add a little water, I am adding a glass of water here and after that we will mix it well and put the lid on it. And we will cook it for four whistles and when the four whistles done, then we will leave it like this till all the steam comes out and after the steam comes out we will open it.

Now using a hand blender, I will grind all the vegetables in it, our soup is ready, just put a little black pepper in it and add a little lemon and our very yummy soup is ready. Keep in mind that you will not add salt at all, friends and I am adding a little pepper in it and our Pumpkin Soup is ready. Take this, enjoy it. So friends, this is the recipe of our dinner, you have to take great care that you do not have to add salt to your soup at all, only then you will be able to reach your correct goal and after that you have to take the night drink which you take around 9-9:30 to 10 pm.

Around and after that you have to fall asleep. You do not wake up at all after 10:00 pm. You must follow it, if you can. So here is our night drink recipe So guys, to make night drink, I have put a pan on the gas and heated it. I am taking a glass of water here and putting two cinnamon sticks in it. And keep it covered till it boils. Now I am removing this lid,see the water is starting to boil, here the extract of all the cinnamon has come in it. Turn off the gas and keep it covered for 5 minutes. The water has turned a little Luke worm, now I am transferring this water to the glass.

See how beautiful colour comes and it will boost your metabolism overnight Fat cutter night drink is ready here, just in this we will squeeze half a lemon here and it is completely ready, our night drink. Take this. So friends, here is the complete diet plan which you have to follow and you must follow it for atleast 15 days. And then after that you must tell me how you got the result after following this diet plan. But the things I have told you, you have to follow exactly as it is and if you follow in the same way then in 15 days I assured you 10 kgs have not gone anywhere, you may lose even 15 kgs. And when I can do it, you can too. And just losing our weight should not be a goal in our life, we finish it once from our life and then we have to do other things in our life too. In the beginning, you will definitely have some problem, you may have a problem of constipation for 7 to 10 days, Your motion may not pass properly because if you suddenly change something in your body then your body will definitely be shocked that what is the difference experencing in my body.

But do not be afraid of that, follow the diet properly. Make sure to drink 3 to 4 liters of water after heating it, then all the things will come automatically on track. You will feel very hungry in the beginning for 7 to 10days, you will be hungry all the time, it will feel like what is happening, no ways I have to eat. But you have to eat only that much what I have told you, you should not eat more than that at all. And this has to be followed properly only then your weight will be loose and I know that you can definitely do it. So friends follow this properly and after 15 days do share your results with me by commenting and tell me how beneficial this diet plan was for you, how much weight you have lose by following this.

Do share with me I will be very happy, if you guys will also lose weight like me. So if you have any questions or what kind of video you want, on which topic you want a video, you want to tell me or have any doubt, then please write to me in the comment section, I will definitely answer them all So see you soon in my next video, in which I will tell you again how we can lose weight or by eating what things we can lose weight as soon as possible, see you in my next video.

So bye for now.


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