Dietitian Makes Tuna Quesadilla a Healthy Full (It’s Shockingly Good?!)

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Abby can you make this can of tuna a little less I feel ya tuna salad s are boring okay don't come at me I know it's a quesadilla can of tuna damn gonna add a big pumpkin scoop of guacamole a little bit of mayo so you guys know how it does help though a little bit of barbecue sauce got some corn and bell peppers and a load of cheese now we mix her all together a little bit of olive oil all right we got a whole grain tortilla here I'm gonna load it up with our filling now we get our crispy we got lots of fiber rich carbs in our tortilla plus we've got fiber in our vegetables and our guacamole protein in our can of tuna plus lots of healthy fats in the guac wow it looks really good thanks for making that for me oh yeah

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