Hetsie’s journey with the Elipse Balloon Weight Loss Program

Bulletproof Weight Loss System

my name is HC crime originally from South Africa I live in the UK now I used to be someone that loved shopping and traveling but lately after I’ve picked up all my whites I did not feel confident and comfortable doing that I needed to do something about that the elipse balloon helped me to get back to my own self and I have been traveling a lot since when I approached the ellipse program I wanted to lose between ten and fifteen kilos and I was very impressed by the fact that it does not require any surgery to be placed or removed and I lost 13 kilograms with a program I ended up with a BMI in the healthy range just under 25 I’ve since been able to maintain that weight as well the placement was really easy and to end it was about 20 minutes straight after the placement of the balloon I had three difficult days however those three days passed so quickly and looking back it was such a small period of time and it was so worth it I just feel happy when I look at myself in the mirror straight after the placement I decided to record some videos and create a YouTube channel of my experience with the ellipse balloon I [Music] felt that it would be useful recording that to refer back to it and see how far I’ve come on this program and for other people to understand every week that it it’s not easy it’s not a magic pole that you take you have to do the work from your side but it’s a very very useful tool and in the end you can see the difference that the balloon made over the four months I really want to encourage people to take that first step and use this balloon as a tool to help them to also get to a point where they’re happy with themselves and they can achieve anything in life [Music] you

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