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hey guys this is dr ahmed ergin i am an endocrinologist and a diabetes educator so today we are talking about the beans so i know a lot of you love beans and there are some noise out there that says oh don’t eat beans it raises your blood sugar well let’s talk about this if that’s correct okay guys so beans are delicious you know everybody loves beans not everybody huh a lot of people do especially if you have a hispanic heritage you probably cannot live without beans right and i am turkish we love beans too it’s a part of mediterranean diet and is very healthy now does it spike your blood sugar yeah well if you eat a lot of it and anything with a lot of it will spike your blood sugar but why beans are actually not a bad food for diabetes and what are all the health uh benefits let’s talk about that so the beans are good because it is a great source of protein and there’s no fat in it pretty much so there’s i mean there’s no saturated fat at least in it so when you’re eating red meat you’re having a lot of saturated fat that comes with it there are some carcinogenic factors that comes with red meat especially the processed red meat versus with the beans you’re getting a lot of protein you’re getting a lot of fiber as well remember fiber is very important to slow the digestion and prevent the blood sugar spike or at least slow the absorption of carbohydrates and prevents a rapid spike in your blood sugar now of course let’s talk about the nutrition effects a little bit 1 3 cup of beans is typically around 15 grams of carbs so what i want you to do go and get a one cup in us measure i don’t know how you guys measure in other countries that you’re watching but i can only give you an example of u.s measurement one cup see how much of one cup is what is one third of it because if you’re having a whole cup a full cup of beans you’re getting 45 grams of carbs that pretty much puts you at maximum limit of carbohydrates for your meal if you’re having beans and no rice that’s acceptable that’s that’s fair enough but if you’re putting your beans on top of rice that’s going to spike your blood sugar if you’re having bread with your beans that’s going to spike your blood sugar so you have to be careful about what you’re having your beans with now in the mediterranean countries they actually cook beans and they basically season it with olive oil and with some spices it goes great actually next to red meat as well so instead of having your potato having some beans next to your meat may be a great alternative as well now the glycemic index is not that high it’s good but again glycemic load can be high if you’re eating like more than one cup of it so what are the vitamins and minerals that are in the beans there’s a lot of folate iron copper manganese potassium and vitamin k so again you’re getting a lot of vitamins and minerals a lot of fiber good amount of protein when you have beans at a reasonable amount there are a lot of studies also showing that eating beans can reduce the risk of colon cancer now as you know diabetics have high risk of cancer of pretty much any cancer so definitely having high fiber foods in your diet such as beans will help reduce the risk of colon cancer as well so what is the downside of the beans well if you’re not used to it you will have a lot of flatulence and gas and that may be annoying especially in the beginning so if you’re not a bean eater and you just get pumped up and you want to go get some beans today oh well you may want to start slowly because those beans can create even abdominal cramps if you’re not used to it so start with as i said one third cup of beans and if you want more later if you’re not affected as much you can definitely have more up to one cup of beans next to your maybe healthy meat so i hope that helps you guys and if it does remember to give a thumbs up share comment and we will see you in the next video [Applause] [Music] you


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