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What is the best fat burner?

This article will tell you but my approach is a little different. I am not going to tell you the best fat burner by discussing certain ingredients or chemicals or telling you some particular brand name is the greatest.

No. I am going to let the average person decide by casting a vote. I used an internet tool that let me determine how many searches were performed for a particular word or phrase on a certain search engine.

The results were for the month of May 2006. I selected well-known weight loss pills, brand names, or an ingredient and then entered that word or phrase to get my numerical result.

The top vote-getter, the most searched term for an herbal diet pill, or what the people think is the best fat burner is “ephedra”.

Here are the results:

Ephedra 86,507
Hydroxycut 52,524
Xenadrine 32,650
Stacker 2 19,031
Metabolife 9,819
Ephedrine 42,575
Green Tea 40,856
Chromium 8,754

Let me note a few things of interest.

More people searched for the term “ephedra” during the month of May 2006 while searching for information on a weight loss pill or diet pill than any other well-known brand or ingredient.

But what’s interesting is, most people think ephedra is illegal or no longer available. Plus, ephedra is just one herbal ingredient in many fat burners.

Green tea, while it has many other benefits was not searched as often as ephedra which is considered illegal by many people.

This is also curious. The brand name Metabolife is a brand that is no longer around. The company has gone bankrupt from lawsuits yet almost 10,000 people a month search for this once great weight loss product.

Another interesting point is that the word “ephedrine” is actually a chemical within the herbal ephedra plant, but a large number of people are searching for this chemical.

Ephedrine is the major reason the herbal plant, ephedra, works so well and is considered the best fat burner, certainly among the general population of people searching the internet for weight loss pills or diet pills.

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