Can I Blind Guess Which Coffee is Mine?

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[Music] Welcome back to my channel. Today, we’re going to be tasting cold brew because I have a brand new cold brew coming out. Look at that can. Can I get a close-up? Thank you. Look at that cold brew. It’s so summery, you’ll need a parasol. We’re going to be tasting cold brews today because we all know that my coffee is the best coffee on planet Earth. If you couldn’t tell, it’s everywhere. It’s designed all around me. I’m even wearing it right now. So, we’re going to try out all of these cold brews. One of them is mine. I don’t know which one is mine. They’re going to shuffle them around and try to confuse me, but I know what my coffee tastes like. I know the best coffee. And we also have Dunkin’ and Starbucks. Everybody else is booing. I shuffled these beforehand. Do you want to shuffle them? Yeah, shuffle them so I don’t know. Make sure you get the brand. Did you guys know I have a coffee company? Did you get the brand in the frame? Make sure you see the brand at all times. The first time I’ve heard that is the first time, I think. I don’t know which is which. I’m going to be able to sniff it out. All I smell is cardboard. Okay, I’ll try them. [Music] That’s not mine, not by a long shot. That tastes disgusting. That tastes like someone drank coffee, pissed it out, and put it in a cup. I hope it’s not yours. It better not be. Oh [Music]. Okay, okay, this is going to be bad if one of these is mine. [Music] I know, I know which one. I can taste it. [Music] Check it out, check it out. Top of the morning. Let’s go, baby. Okay, let’s go again. Hold on, Sean. What was it that, uh, it just didn’t taste like poopoo water? So, what were the hidden notes that gave it away? That one’s a bit too much. What does “much” mean? It’s too strong. This one has a weird aftertaste to it. Oh, and it’s coming out wrong. I like this one. It’s light, it’s easy on the tongue, it’s a good flavor. It’s balanced, with no lingering aftertaste that makes you want to jump off a boat. I have a taste for it now. I know I’m going to be able to figure this out. Anytime, the film again. This is right once. I’m going to get it right every single time. Okay, this looks the same. Now I’m nervous because I got it right once. I feel like that was luck. [Music] It’s not that one. That’s the weird aftertaste one again. [Music] Oh, it’s two. It’s so two. There’s no way it’s not two. Is it two? [Music] Weird aftertaste, bad flavor. Perfection. This is the Goldilocks of coffee. The perfect zone. Not too hot, not too cold. That doesn’t make any sense because it’s a cold brew. [Music] Okay, go again. I want to be three for three. Do you see him? Okay. [Music] Thank you. Okay, now they all taste the same. Boss, my tongue went numb? Because I thought that was it, and then I thought that was it, and then I thought that was it. I’m taking so much coffee. Did you forget to cleanse your palate? Yeah, let me cleanse real quick. [Music] This is mine, but I think you’re pulling a trick on me because this is mine. Are all three of them mine? Only one of them? No, I’m just kidding. Yeah, you [ __ ]. I knew it. My sweet baby boys, all together. Coffee gift. You know how people can go out into the field with rods and they can find water? I can do that with my coffee. I just go out with my nose and my rod, and I can sniff out the coffee anywhere. Cream and sugar to them because I feel like when I’m drinking cold brew at home, I like my coffee black. But not everyone likes their coffee black, so I want to see if I can taste it with cream and sugar in it, most people drink their cold brew that way, right? Do you want the cream and sugar to all be the same? Isn’t it? Yeah, yeah. I don’t want to do hard mode. I don’t want to look bad. I want to look great. Oh, oh God, sorry. [Music] All switched. Yeah, all copied, all creamed. Um, I’m going to figure this out. [Music] Oh, that changes things significantly. Okay, because that tastes good. [Music] Ooh, that tastes better. That tastes [ __ ]. This, I feel like, is Starbucks because it feels like it tastes [Music] like Starbucks. But these two, I don’t know. Oh, I think I figured it out. Is this a good shot? This one tastes lighter and sweeter and nicer. This one feels like it has that weird, shitty aftertaste again that makes it feel like someone just took diarrhea [ __ ] in your mouth. No exaggeration, right? This is my one, yes. [Music] Really? Yeah, so Dunkin’s the one with the weird aftertaste. Don’t get these nuts in your mouth. That’s what it tastes like. Sorry, Dunkin. Kenny, can I have my coffee? Throw it, throw it over here. Cold brew, baby. It’s out now. Go get it for yourself. Treat your mouth the way you deserve to be treated. Treat it to a night out. Treat it to a summertime evening. Treat it like you just bought it flowers. I want to [ __ ] its brains. Go get yourself some cold brew. I was able to deduce exactly which one is mine because I invented coffee, so I know it tastes good. But please, go buy it. Please. Otherwise, this video is pointless. [Music] Did you get the brand? Did you get it?

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