Chronic Kidney Disease Diet

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(Music Playing) Chronic Kidney Disease
(Music Playing) My name is Amy and I’m
a registered dietitian at the Southern Arizona VA
Healthcare Center I would like to talk to you
about your kidneys. It’s estimated that 37
million Americans have had kidney disease, and up to
90% of those people have no idea that their kidneys are damaged. kidney function that you have,
and potentially keep the kidneys from declining further. It’s important to check with
your doctor when you get your labs drawn and ask them
if your kidneys are healthy. If your kidney disease has
progressed to Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3, now is the time
to learn how you should be eating. At the Southern Arizona VA
healthcare center, we offer a Chronic Kidney
Disease diet class. This class teaches those
with chronic kidney disease how to make adjustments
to their current diet to help their kidneys
function and stay healthy Just some small changes can make
a huge difference in preventing further kidney damage.

Once the kidneys become too
damaged, the only treatment available is dialysis. If you’ve ever known anyone on
dialysis, you’ve seen that dialysis has a huge impact
on your quality of life. If adjusting your diet now
could postpone or prevent starting dialysis, it could be
life-changing for many people. This class offers an
introduction to the basic Chronic Kidney Disease diet,
as well as handouts, and the opportunity to schedule
individual follow-up appointments with
the renal dietitian. Individual appointments provide
you the opportunity to address other health issues that you may
have as well, including diabetes, heart disease,
and weight loss or gain. So, the next time you get your
labs drawn, ask your doctor how healthy your kidneys are. If you are told that you have
chronic kidney disease, please ask to be scheduled
for this important class. Your future health could
be improved if you understand how to take better
care of your kidneys.

Questions? To schedule an
individual appointment, please contact me, Amy Goodwin
(520) 792-1450 extension

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