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hi everybody we’re the cast of critical role and this is the wired autocomplete interview [Music] me first yeah Laura you’re at first [Music] rip away all right here we go who does Laura Bailey voice in Naruto oh that’s a good question we’re out to the races I know we no I know my voice is Mom that’s how she sounds Naruto salmon did it come in Sam and I have both written and director for that show and I don’t know the answer either where does Laura Bailey get her dice I get my Dice from all over conventions gifting Etsy I get my Dice from the critical role store obviously thanks Sam good how did Lord Bailey Travis Willingham meet when we were extras right background we were background extras on this like random internet show I don’t even know what it was 1999 oh my gosh we had to sit at a table for like 12 hours and we weren’t allowed to actually talk we just stared at each other and fake talked his love at first watermelon I can see him being Charming if he never had to like actually say anything did Laura Bailey sing daughter of the sea I did sing daughter of the sea that was for World of Warcraft that’s the one is Laura Bailey left-handed am I the only left handiest in the cast I think so I think so wow yeah and all of a lot of my characters in video games I make them left-handed as well oh really yeah there we are all right I only get four who does Travis Willingham voice myself Heroes villains animals that talk with white gloves oh I voiced Thor Odin’s son for about 10 plus years for Marvel what does Travis Willingham’s tattoo mean right Elder futhark like Viking runes I always said that if I was lucky enough to Play Thor for 10 years I would get a Thor tattoo and instead of getting like a hammer or a winged Helmet or something Worthy is a big thing in Thor’s Canon so I got something that represents worthy and now everybody that watches this some scholar is going to be like that’s not what that says you dumb [ __ ] yes that says pepperoni pizza and our son Ronan will be thrilled yeah why is Travis Willingham actually that’s a question for the group why am I in that position I was pretty smart yeah you’re our fearless leader someone said we need to open a bank account yeah I wouldn’t know the meters one three stones I’m six foot four inches tall whoa wow in bare feet in shoes much higher depending on the designer send me your stuff check that boat that was good to do it yeah who does Matthew Mercer voice and Vox Machina oddly myself a couple times I also voice Silas Briarwood in season one I’m Brazil The Hope Devourer in season two and uh Ortha the Shadow Demon in season one as well and trinket and Craven it’s all over what makes not Mercer tick a good gym uh a good gym knowing the rules is fine but that that can be flexible doing in a preparation where you’re comfortable but also being willing to let it go based on what the players are feeling and just listening to them you’re not listening to your players you’re not really collaborating and creating something special [Laughter] it’s the hair you got to have amazing hair to be a good GM 10 years of this uh where does Matt Mercer get his minis at miniature Market’s a great website you can go to there’s Troll and Toad which is fantastic you do like the train mini place too like the little hobby minis oh yeah get a lot of cool like miniature train stuff train stores are great how does Matt mercer deal with these people come up come up with names it is it just chooses a body part and changes one letter Enis Mangina there you have it folks say them out loud multiple times before you say it to your players because they will make you suffer for years to come if you don’t Matthew Mercer vest I have a few they flow nice I call them my modern Mage look because it just has kind of a little bit of a weird different glare and you can get them you get them online pretty cheap anyway how did Marisha Ray and Matt Mercer meets oh a sketch comedy show that was supposed to be a nerdy Saturday Night Live for the internet for the internet and we had one writer’s room meeting and then that’s where that show ended nothing came of that as many shows in Los Angeles oh one thing came from that the only thing that came from that is me and him how did Matt Mercer proposed to Marisha Ray oh boy I love all your all your questions I’m just failing the Bechtel test he built a whole ass escape room that was very like Lovecraftian kala Cthulhu themed and there were a bunch of cultists in robes and Travis Willingham was a tentacle monster that I had to stab in the heart with a glowing dagger and no one died but it was close there was supposed to be a blade switch that happened from a real sharp pointy thing to one that was not so much and somebody ended up shouting with like wrong I was in a silicone like mask and I heard wrong knife and I was like what is Marisha Ray’s think of Matt Mercer what does Mercer Ray’s new character I’m assuming they mean in campaign three sorcerer warlock multi-class named Ladan just a little joyful Undead kind of manic pixie dream girl is Marisha Ray vegan that’s a top search do I give off vegan well you do have red hair she’s been publicly talking about Taco Bell for the entire time Taco Bell’s vegan uh no I am not vegan and yes I will be reevaluating what vibe I put out that that is a top asked question Marisha Ray Creator Clash yeah I fought in Creator Clash this year 2023 which is like a big internet Creator boxing event for charity I fought Haley sharp and lost but I went all five rounds so it was great boxing’s awesome [Applause] who does Sam Regal work for who does Sam Regal voice you grew up watching me play Donatello in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 20 years ago oh no you don’t ever say the times I also play Phoenix Wright from time that’s his name right yeah I had a panic that it was some something else so uh Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney from time to time I’ve done other stuff too I’ve played Spider-Man Scanlon short home in the legend of box Teddy oh yeah Teddy Anderson that’s a cute one what did Sam Reid go win an Emmy for oh well I’m very talented so it could have been for a lot of things yeah the writing the acting the direction but what was it for just to torment us with yeah I won for a great show for uh Prime video called danger and eggs I was the voice director of a show and I went for best directing where does Sam Regal get his shirts I make these shirts I typically order them from really cheap places and they’re really bad they fall apart they smell like vinegar how often do you get a rash from them daily R Sam Regal and Liam O’Brien dating for many years happier no we are both married to women currently if we were both uh single you know who knows who knows but for now we are just uh in love as friends why did Sam Regal wear that damn shirt leave critical role [Laughter] I got cast on Abbott Elementary and I’m out sorry guys one of my characters left the group uh during campaign one but I would never leave critical role until forced out which might happen any day Allison Jaffe how to pronounce Talis and Jaffe oh [ __ ] I just moved the answer what are some of the good mispronunciations yeah oh uh Tolison has been fun uh Taliesin although that is actually like the Welsh pronunciation yes I believe it means uh like radiant brow which is also shiny forehead which is why I have what happened [Laughter] how much tape we got I’ve asked my parents several times what happened uh yeah uh oh God boarding school bad clothing decisions um very iffy hair dye I mean a lot of things this question has so many layers like yeah where is talion Jaffe I’m assuming from uh born and raised in Los Angeles Venice Beach uh moved all the way to Santa Monica Van Nuys I think I’ve lived in almost every neighborhood uh in L.A we’ve kind of moved around and yeah we lived out of state a couple times a little over a year in Tokyo which was great I did a couple years in Colorado and then I did a year in Texas where I met uh the two of you I was like Wow there are talented voice actors in Texas Dallas and Jaffe critical role characters well there’s uh procedurally who you can watch in the legend of Vox Machining that you get all the all the Deets there Molly maki Leaf who uh makes people cry there’s caduceus who is just um who makes people smile yeah he’s just lovely and also vegan so we have that uh makes dead people tea and now we have a uh Ashton gray more who’s just uh randomly he’s angry about everything and has a very big hammer I’m checking the checking’s gotten weaker I’m just saying well a voice critical role hi I’m lame O’Brien critical role and I’m 5’11.


and a half I’m just under you it helps when I want to look up into his eyes oh that’s so sweet how did Sam Regal and Liam O’Brien me oh boy well sat down at a uh on a panel for a convention five minutes into it we were making each other laugh and I said and he told me he was coming to La I had moved to LA a year prior and I just said hey we should be best friends are Liam O’Brien Sam Regal married and Laura Bailey related oh that’s it we’re fam we’re all family yeah y’all got big sibling energy does Liam O’Brien no I don’t I remember bits and pieces from studying German in high school I did German exchange program when I was in high school it’s nice it need to be the world’s largest paper cut does Laura Bowley have a kid I do have a kid thank you oh I you all know the kid his name’s Ron and he’s the best kid Laura Bailey smells like farts right Awards let’s listen uh I won the bafta that was for Last of Us Part two and then I won a video game award for Last of Us Part Two as well Laura Bailey we talked about this before I like dice what’s your fate do you have a favorite diet do I have a favorite dice oh I have a set of godetia dice that I am those are so pretty cute oh my God okay we need a matching tattoo I was just thinking about this I want to get a feather tattoo with you we have tattoos we got tattoos like as a group Laura Matt and I have identical oh yeah we all got the square one that accidentally looks like a Gmail yeah but made better decisions the literal first thing someone said oh do you like Gmail the entire crew is loud is Laura Bailey and The Last of Us yes I am in The Last of Us what about the show I um so I did like a little Easter egg in the actual series Neil asked if I would go and be one of the nurses in the scene in the final scene because I played one of the nurses in the game along with Liam O’Brien so she got me folks beautiful I’m sorry we are going to ruin your whole set did Travis Willingham play football I did I played in high school for a few years I walked on at TCU got hit by people that were finally my size and I was like I don’t like this very much so I’m going to go act instead is Travis William allergic you guys I’m so allergic to cats if you showed me a picture on your phone I’d start having a reaction I could walk into a house and if there are cats present but not visible I will know within half a minute no problem does Travis Willingham do woodworking him I was in the Webelos like the Boy Scouts for I don’t know one year and in the back of the catalog they always had like the cool like go-kart kit or the hovercraft and they had like a Swiss army knife and I was like I want to take up whittling and so I got a piece of wood and I cut myself I was like I’m done with a league did Travis Willingham make the Airship I did it’s like little balsa wood with laser cutouts and stuff and it takes a minute it took a long time it didn’t take as much as your stupid horse that totally works yeah I made the little ship and Robbie uh totally uh left it at the set yeah the kid in game does Travis Willingham speak Japanese hi no basic stuff yes no I’m sorry okay another beer please if you dub enough anime you absorb some of it a little bit or drink in Japan yeah how does Matthew Mercer organize his notes Microsoft Word and printouts like people swear by the laptop and that’s probably a much smarter way but I’m a very tactile person I need to have printed sheets so I can look like a complete imbecile trying to figure out where I put the right thing you find the like characters so quickly though if we ask you questions about something you’re like oh and then you know I lay them out in the back there so I’d like have like uh City information over here I had like Regional information I have like you know all my notes for the actual session on the back of the screen and then I have other ancillary things nearby and then my phone if I absolutely need something that I don’t have so that’s how I organize them is Matthew Mercer in Zelda oh boy I am I’m very uh honored to voice uh Ganondorf in the tears of the Kingdom that just came out does Matthew Mercer write his own campaigns I do it would be so much easier if I didn’t it’s the thing I love it’s a thing I’ve always loved since high school and so I I make this for my friends I make this for us to enjoy together and it’s my hobby time I get to sit and create stories and then have them destroy them in wonderfully complicated ways when did Matt Mercer start playing trigs uh it would have been 96 or 97.


It was it was my very beginning of my high school I found out later on my grandma played it uh my dad’s side really yeah my granny she played them for a bit back when they first came out is Matthew Mercer Elementary [Applause] is Marisha Ray Singh can Marissa racing this is not my forte objection you’re good you just don’t have confidence I don’t have confidence in my singing I have to have like at least two cocktails before I sing at karaoke and when she does she doesn’t mean rendition to the Crazy Little Thing Called Love the more common for you for Eddie Murphy Marisha Ray anime voices oh boy oh this is so [ __ ] Laura or Sade in in in um I don’t know what’s the name of that damn thing yeah she’s gone away she’s gone somewhere I’m in some I’m in some amines [Laughter] tattoo meaning oh hang on hang on I can blast through this really quick hang on this was my first tattoo kind of a burning man tattoo it means the line is long but what kind of a burning man tattoo this was our camp art car called The sensation this is D and D tattoo these are the death saving throw dots meaningful and practical uh this is because I love Gmail this is a Hollywood Boulevard star because for three years I was a Street character on Hollywood Boulevard to make ends meet when I first moved to Los Angeles and then this is my lemonade stand that I had growing up and then my most recent one I just got this is the oh my sorry yeah the Ashari symbol yeah it looks beautiful so thanks guys and finally dog oh easy Matt and I have a wonderful Corgi named Omar yeah I love him so much yeah was Sam Regal on Broadway I love this show let’s get to talk about myself I was on Broadway yes I did the national tour of Les Misérables and then I did the Broadway production of uh The Sound of Music and I was very good that was right before the junior Rodeo yes I also did some Off-Broadway Productions I was in I can get it for you wholesale oh boy and they didn’t ask about Off-Broadway I know but I want to go down my whole resume theater sing more than these folks probably prefer I was in an acapella group even before the acapella group in college in high school I was in a doo-wop group I sang 50s and 60s wow wasn’t there a boys band I was also in a boy band called City boys with a z one I think we recorded an EP or a single uh is that on cassette it probably is are you guys like posted up in front of a brick wall for sure we wore a z Cavalry cheese and we danced and we sang at Paramus Park shopping mall in New Jersey oh I did not know this yeah Sam Regal ASMR no hi wired it’s me Sam Regal doing some ASMR for you oh yeah Sam Regal Burt Reynolds it’s true we have never seen them both in the same room before to clarify in campaign one my character Scanlon short halt would go in Disguise frequently and I think the first time this happened in our home game I was like I’m my name is Burt Reynolds and you um Sam Regal Dungeons and Dragons movies there’s some speculation that the d movie references my character fresh cut grass because they say those words three or four times during the movie I not confirmed or denied I’m going to say that yes is Towson Jaffe his real name yes as far as I know yes it is my real name would be real one then like I lose my power I’ve tried to summon you using towels and it didn’t work it’s really good Towson Jaffe goth golf yes Jim Henson died and I wore black to school and kind of never stopped so that was kind of great yeah that was more or less kind of the beginning of that and then eventually I discovered eyeliner and music it was pretty good next one Talis and Jaffe Immortal joke well it’s not a joke it’s not a joke it’s not a joke someone noticed they couldn’t uh find a birth certificate on record and one thing led to another there found some ancient uh tablets at a pretty good likeness they just assume I’ve Been Everywhere now it’s like 70 true survivor of Pompeii uh toss and Jaffe thank you are you a grandfather it’s a lot of questions I don’t know if I can answer as far as I know now my grandfather uh was a screenwriter and a playwright a lot of my family has worked in the industry for actually like four generations it looks like you’re blessing yourself yeah right there I really stare I’m just going to keep moving uh but yeah he uh he wrote the film adaptation of bus stop he wrote The Seven Year Itch he wrote a um a whole bunch of films he did the adaptation The Manchurian Candidate it’s a lot of fun and a movie that called he uh Lord love a duck which no one’s seen but you should it’s a lot of fun Talus and Jaffe hair I do have hair I’ve been dying my hair since high school and it’s not always been this it’s been I’ve done like the long hair it was bleach blonde it was jet black I’ve done kind of everything and I’ve kind of settled into the mohawk for the last few years it’s kind of nice Liam O’Brien eyebrows [Laughter] all right Carmen San Diego I am Carmen San Diego no I play a professor uh Maelstrom in the recent reboot of uh the Carmen San Diego animated series is really good Liam O’Brien Bane oh does anyone have a coffee cup for me to speak into let’s read the next question Liam O’Brien you were born into the time pull out all the trees that does not work [Laughter] when did critical role eyebrow eyebrows when did critical role start technically the home game was 10 years ago wow yeah almost 11 2013 yeah so many times and fail because it’s so many I think it’s December of 2012.


why is critical role so popular oh I think it’s our looks I think it’s I think it’s our eyebrows yeah we’re just so handsome how much of critical role is scripted I thought that was going to happen [Laughter] everything before the actual episode starts some of that’s like planned like we have advertisers and sponsorship reads but after that after the intro starts it’s just Matt making it up as he goes I have no idea what you guys are going to do that’s the joy of it is like keeping it secret and letting you guys experience it in the moment how do critical role know each other we were all acquaintances yeah some of us were closer than others like I think I met Marisha for the second time at that very first game I didn’t know Ash the first time I met Ashley was when she came over to play it up and I think a lot of us have just kind of met through voice over stuff actually go back to your previous question I think that’s why it is popular because we’re just like doing us like we weren’t cast or put together we’re just friends and well I think when you watch you can see us enjoying it but also [ __ ] it up the entire time as well and there’s just like a certain draw to that so I think people get to feel like they’re hanging with us well campaign to be animated oh [ __ ] the answer is actually yes Mighty nine is coming to it’s been green lit Prime video is baking in the oven right now what is critical role well we should have done it started with that one good girl is about a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors that became really good friends by Roland Dice and making things up and making sure they’re laughing cry killed it nailed it who sings critical role intro which one oh yeah the current one is everybody yeah everybody sings in the current intro the last one was Laura and Ashley yes and the one before that was just uh music who owns critical role we do yeah they bought me out that’s why he’s leaving is critical role making their own system we’ve announced the illuminated World System yeah and we’ve announced we’re making two we’re making two of our own systems we have um a game publishing Wing called Darrington press we made a game called till the last gasp which was like a role-playing dueling game and yeah midnight Queen by midnight all these by the way are available at our critical shop.

critroll.com What critical role cast member are you oh who’s the bad boy I think it’s Mariah yeah that’s probably the truth yeah am I the silly one you’re the prom queen what yeah not the class last clown yeah it depends on the day you’re in the makeup chair longer than most of us that’s true yeah Travis is the jock Williams the theater yeah sure I’m the nerd there’s no argument I’m the nurse Ashley’s the art kid you’re the prettiest one oh many of them are going to be gifts that will continue to give from years to come so thank you Google some expected ones that will send us into an existential crisis yeah what happened to Charles and Jeff I’ll be thinking about that all night.


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