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what happens when you follow a nutrition plan and cycle every day for 30 days? if you’re just joining me today is
day 61 of a 90-day cycling challenge My goal for this challenge is to increase my FTP or wattage or if you don’t know what that is it’s power on the bike and maybe to feel a lot more confident by losing this extra layer that just seems to stick around after the age of 40. So where did I start 60 days ago I was at 192   which is the heaviest I’ve been in a long
time I’m starting this challenge at 188   after a major setback. When you cycle 90 days in a row you’re going to have some hurdles On day 48 I had dental surgery I had two implants doctor’s orders told me that I could only do 15 minutes on the bike.

If you’re new here. I’ve recorded every workout on Strava and on Zwift and my doctor is watching. Plus the last 30 days were over Christmas parties, Christmas & New Year’s, and all the festivities weighing in, literally. So this brings me to the rules of this challenge. I’m still, in the smallest room in my house, I’m still riding a bike and a wheel-on trainer. Why? To cut out all the excuses I’m not in a fancy garage, I’m not riding a Peloton, a bike on a wheel-on trainer is about a 150-dollar investment for the trainer, and whatever the price of a bike is and a lot of people have a bike because literally who has a Peloton just lying around I will do an hour on the bike every day.

I will call this the “Hour of Power” Each day will get progressively harder and harder because I will be pushing myself every day. I’m cutting out the gym so that way I can see the effects that cycling has on my body 30 days in a row. I will follow the Isagenix plan the way that it was designed which is two shakes a few little extras and a healthy dinner. I’m doing the Isagenix system because I was requested by my doctor to follow up with a soft diet. So the goal of this challenge is to increase my FTP and finish the 90-day cycling challenge, STRONG!    So for the next 30 days, I will be putting a lot of time and energy on the bike so without further ado let’s just jump into it. On day 1, Day 61, I enrolled in the Tour de Zwift and the Wahoo climbing challenge.  Day 1 was just like any other day one tough! Day 1 to day 7 was tough day 2 & day three   I popped my tire day.

Day four, new tire day five, day six, day seven. This brings me to a week one recap   I’m down two and a half pounds I’m starting to get
my strength back and feel a lot more comfortable in the saddle but maybe it’s because I’m only doing an hour on the bike. With only an hour on the bike it was a lot easier to figure out what to watch so I binge-watched the new Ozark, the new   Book of Boba Fett on Disney Plus, and also caught up on all my YouTube strategy lessons with Think   Media. Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14.

At the end of week two I’m down four pounds and I’m starting to notice a lot of improved strength on the bike the hour is starting to get a lot easier I’m also noticing that I’m drinking a lot more water and I have a lot less cravings for snacks at weird times of the day. It’s been interesting to watch what proper nutrition can do. I’m hitting a higher wattage with less effort. Seeing that change is making it a lot   easier to jump back on the bike and do it day in and day out to finish this 30-day challenge   because when you do a 30-day challenge indoor
Cycling you’re literally stuck in a room and it gets pretty boring so it’s more of a mind game than anything, Something surprisingly happened in the next week: Day 15 to 21.

Day 15, Day 16, Day 17, Day 18
On day 19 Day 20 and Day 21 I increased my FTP unexpectedly I didn’t record it
because I wasn’t expecting to increase my FTP just so you’re aware it’s hard to increase your FTP. I’ve had the same FTP for probably about two years now. Day 22, Day 23, Day 24, Day 25, Day 26, Day 27, Day 28, Day 29 was painful This is what we call “The Hour of Power” We’re increasing the FTP time to see what the last 89 days did. It was a true “hour of power ”  or “hour of pain” but no pain, no gain! BOOM mic drop!
Day 30 which is also Day 90. Check mark! Done!   This brings me to the moment of truth, I’m down to 180.2 a loss of eight pounds in this challenge, and 12   pounds for the entire challenge I feel great and it feels really weird not to be on the bike.   If you enjoyed this video watch my next video which covers
the 90-day challenge and consider subscribing. $49.⁰⁰

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