Dietitian Reacts to Blaire White’s Comments About Fat Activists Dying (I Can’t Keep Quiet…)

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Just because I’m fat that doesn’t invalidate  the things that I say she died you ready to get   super siiz she died too today I’ve got the big  Fruit Loop he’s dead well this is going to be [Music] spicy hey everyone I’m Abby sharp  welcome to aby’s Kitchen today we’re going  
to be unpacking this super controversial take by  Blair white on the death of popular fat activists   and the dangers of a fat positivity movement now  important heads up here guys these are some hot   takes that may offend or trigger some people and  I was sent this video countless times asking me  
for my opinion on some of Blair’s sentiments so  if you are new here it’s really important that   you know that as a science Communicator I always  come to the table with science so my opinion is   really just interpretation of the research to  date it’s not just how I feel and I will always  
try to deliver information like this with as much  sensitivity as possible while not diluting what   the science says that said Blair and I obviously  have very different tat so please feel free to   skip this video if you are sensitive to Fat phobic  language Let me jump in here quickly to tell you  
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slabby for 40% off of your subscription all right  folks let’s take a deep breath maybe get some   coffee and dive in I consider one of the most  damaging lies that is told by The Establishment   is that you can be healthy at any size that you  can be obese and somehow happy okay let’s start  
with a quick overview here of the establishment  aka the fat positivity or acceptance movement   and health at every size so fat positivity and  health that every size or Haze are two related   movements that promote body acceptance for people  of all sizes now fat positivity focuses more on  
challenging negative attitudes around fat bodies  and promotes self-love for folks who are fat   whereas the priority of haze is more on promoting  a weight neutral approach to health that focuses   more on healthy behaviors rather than just weight  loss so I’ve discussed my professional stance  
on the haze movement right here but in short I  wholeheartedly agree with its core tenants so way   clu ivity Health enhancement eating for well-being  respectful care and life-enhancing movement people   will always come in different sizes and shapes  where two people can eat the exact same diet and  
never look the same and whether or not someone has  always been fat or became fat through behaviors   I still believe everyone is entitled to respect  I also believe in prioritizing Health promoting   behaviors as our goals over arbitrary amounts  of weight loss since the former will generally  
positively influence the latter but not  necessarily the other way around that said   I think that there are a lot of extremists Within  These movements that tend to take it way too far   into legitimate disorder territory and Blair has  a lot of extremist example showcased in her video  
where people are essentially co-opting a lot of  the language to suggest that if you are not fat   and actively trying to become fat then you are  not practicing self love welcome to a day in the   life of a fat activist I start the day off feeding  my cat some treats because she needs to know that  
unless she’s fat I won’t love her then I filmed  some Tik toks making sure to glorify obesity and   show everyone how cool and trendy it is to be fat  if you’re a fat person who is not trying to lose   weight I love you keep it up so I think it’s  important to recognize that fat folks have a  
history of Oppression that thin folks do not or at  least nowhere near the same degree so I understand   the need for a little extra encouragement in a  world that basically hates them especially because   weight stigma and self-loathing actually results  in a decrease in health promoting behaviors and  
an increase in weight over time but I am strongly  opposed to the position that you shouldn’t love   your cat or someone else if they are not fat  no different than I am opposed to skinny people   saying if you’re not skinny you’re not worthy  of love I also don’t think that we should be  
glorifying any specific body type it feels just  as disorderly to glorify the act of rejecting   your body wisdom in an effort to actively achieve  a fatter body than one would naturally be as it is   to starve yourself into an unnaturally thin body  so I actually agree with Blair that this kind of  
content is never okay but moving on one of the  central arguments that Blair has in this video   is that it is absolutely imposs possible to be  fat and happy fat Liberation they say they feel   liberated they feel free they’re happy they love  themselves if you have a sneaking suspicion that  
that’s all [ __ ] you’re correct it’s it’s clear  as day to see these people are not happy and the   lie that these people themselves will tell you is  that they are happy but science has more and more   shown that mental health is directly connected  to gut health okay so this is a very interesting  
argument but way too flippant and inflammatory to  have any real legs one she doesn’t know the true   affect of every fat person on the planet so she  cannot possibly know that none of them are happy   and two she’s not a dietitian or neuroscientist  or psychologist or any other credible source of  
information to explain the link between gut health  and mental health but I happen to know a little   bit on the topic so let’s dive in so first of all  Blair says that 50% of your dopamine is produced   in your gut so her assertion is that if you’re fat  your gut must be in a state of complete disbiosis  
and if your gut isn’t in check you can’t be happy  her antidotal evidence of this is that when she’s   bloated she doesn’t feel like going out okay let’s  talk actual facts as I discussed in my video right   here there’s loads of research suggesting that  fat people’s guts tend to look different than  
thin people’s namely that there’s a higher than  normal ratio of firmicutes to bacterio bacteria   that said we don’t necessarily know what comes  first the bad microbiome inherited in Udo or   via early life experiences or a diet full of  low fiber highly refined foods that prevent  
those good bacteria from flourishing and also  causes weight gain so a fat person who perhaps   is eating in a calorie Surplus but is eating a lot  of high fiber Whole Foods could potentially have a   more favorable microbiome than a skinny person who  eats a ton of sugar and meat which I think is one  
of the important and evidence supporting pieces  of the haze movement Health can look bigger or   smaller even inside your gut now as for gut health  and mental health yes Blair is right that 50% of   your dopamine is produced in your gut and your gut  microbes mediate the communication in our central  
nervous system via the gut brain axis there is  plenty of really good research suggesting that gut   disbiosis can be linked to mental health disorders  and neurotransmitter imbalance B es that help to   regulate our mood and we can’t rule out that in a  lot of these extreme morbid obesity cases we may  
actually be dealing with a psychiatric disorder  like binge eating disorder which has its own set   of disbiosis microbiome markers when we look  at the relationship between obesity and mood   disorders like depression we see a clear link  but this link is actually bir directional so  
folks with depression have a 58% higher chance of  developing obesity and folks who are obese have a   55% risk of being depressed and one systematic  review found evidence that this relationship   can go both ways so depression causes obesity  and obesity causes depression regardless this  
Association is multifactorial and Way Beyond just  what gut bacteria are present in which amounts   social stigma job discrimination specific genes  that encode for dopamine receptors leptin and   other hormones that increase inflammation and  can increase the risk of both depression and  
obesity so 100% our gut health is associated  with our body weight and our gut health also   gives us insight into our mental health but  just because there are all these independent   associations doesn’t mean that we can say with  absolute certainty that no fat person ever can  
be happy like that is a huge misinformed leap to  make but let’s move on to Blair’s history of the   fat positivity movement and buckle up because it’s  wild so if you ever had a sneaking suspicion that   the fat positive movement is just a sex thing  um there’s some validity to that if you look at  
the history of it which is actually very dark  and scary enter NAFA the National Association   to Advance fat acceptance and what they really  mean is to advance the fat fetish because the   leader Bill Fab started this movement because his  fat wife was getting ridiculed notice how there’s  
no men in this movement other than perverts  who who are into fat wom you can see this   is literally just some weird pervert trying  to appease a room full of women that he has   a heart on for that’s the history of literally  where the fat positive movement started out of  
like a sex fetish group and here’s where y’all  are going to say Blair you’re Kink shaming I am   what are you going to do about it if your Kink  is like you know forcing someone or encouraging   someone to eat themselves to death you got to  be checked okay so the fat acceptance movement  
started in 1967 with a fat in in New York City’s  Central Park which was followed two years later   by the creation of NAFA which Blair focuses in  on right here now Blair is right that NAFA has   been criticized as encouraging fat fetishism and  more problematically feedism which is a subculture  
that practices feeding women to encourage them  to eat excessively and intentionally gain a lot   of weight now some people claim that this fetish  is is grounded in our evolutionary pleasure that   we derive from food others claim it’s simply  about finding a particular body type or in  
this case fatness attractive and I think that  both of those things are valid and completely unpraised by men’s desire to control overpower and  even humiliate fat women and like Blair I don’t   mean to Kink shame but I do agree that even if the  relationship seems consensual that goal is super  
problematic if the opposite attraction were true  and we were looking at men attracted to hyper thin   women and we had a man withholding food from a  woman to see how small and frail she could become   we would be calling it out as abuse so yeah that’s  going a controversial take for me but I think any  
movement that encourages intentionally ignoring  your body wisdom in an effort to cause bodily harm   and I would argue that for forcing your body into  morbid obesity is harmful yeah that is exploitive   in my books that said Blair seems to suggest  that any man who finds a fat woman attractive  
is a pervert and that is not fair if men can be  attracted to thinness or big butts or brown hair   or blue eyes and no one calls them a pervert why  can’t they be attracted to larger women also the   fat positivity movement like any other social  movement has come in evolving ways Nava might  
have had a moment in the early ’70s which seemed  to be more skewed towards fat matchmaking and fat   fashion but the movement has evolved well beyond  fetishism so the second wave in the 80s and 90s   focused more on anti- dieting programs and weight  neutral models of obesity management like Haze and  
the body positive movement and now in the third  wave we’re really seeing more research on the   intersectionality of size discrimination and other  forms of Oppression now the last thing I want to   touch on is this the famed foodie whose real name  is Taylor died on Wednesday night he has passed  
away from a presumed heart attack I’m 30 I can’t  imagine having 3 years left in my life because I’m   making eating videos on Tik Tok his first videos  which never hit that the algorithm never picked   him up he never got famous for them were regular  videos and then as soon as he started eating crazy  
[ __ ] on camera his [ __ ] went up I’m getting  paid to eat unhealthy foods and like gross people   out on camera and it’s killing my body but it’s  making me money it’s very it’s very dark it’s very   dystopian like I said he wasn’t necessarily  on camera talking about fat is beautiful you  
can be healthy but he was taken by clearly the  idea that he can just live on and eat like that   which is a lie directly told by the fat positive  movement so I grew with Blair here the mukbang or   eating challenge trend is so problematic like  this is nothing short of devastating but Blair  
and I slightly differ on our interpretation of the  situation Lara solely blames these creators tragic   deaths on the fat positivity movement spreading  the narrative that you can do mukbangs all day   and live forever whereas I actually think that  everyone else is just as much to blame like I  
said earlier there are absolutely extremists in  these movements who truly are glorifying getting   yourself to become morbidly sick by eating fast  food all day but that actually feels like a bit   of exploitation of the true intention of these  movements by some Fringe radicals most people who  
are fat and are benefiting from a weight neutral  approach to Wellness are not doing 10,000 calorie   challenges every day and telling their kids that  if they don’t get super fat that they won’t love   them so while sure it’s very possible that the  actions and belief systems of some of these young  
people were influenced by the extremists and that  is not okay I think this wrong wrongfully absolves   the rest of us who consume this problematic  content of our responsibility here you know   I talked about this problematic phenomenon when  I discussed nikocado avocado amberlin Reed and  
the mukbang trends in general but I am strongly  against eating excessively for views remember a   few years back when amberin Reed claimed that  she was rebranding her Channel after years of   being known for her eating videos she said this  I mentally ready and wanting and willing to feel  
better so to do that I have to say goodbye to the  mukbangs unfortunately people like to hate watch   fat people overeat and ultimately money talk so  these creators go back to what gets them views   even if it’s at the expense of their health same  thing happened with nikocado avocado a few years  
back after he allegedly had a heart attack I  couldn’t every I took it felt like nothing was   happening um um and I had to look at myself in  the mirror and say this is how I make my money   this is how I pay our bills this is how we can  afford America I see our obsession with watching  
morbidly obese people become more obese really  no different than our obsession with creators   on the other end of the spectrum like eugina  Cooney views comments likes subscribers all   of these serve as positive reinforcement for the  potentially disordered behaviors especially when  
it’s what’s paying the bills so folks don’t watch  and concern troll driving that content up in the   algorithm and contributing to the Creator’s  sense of accomplishment and praise just do   not engage do not watch it report it actually  that’s what you can do because as you can see  
your viewership may be interpreted as support  and as a result May inadvertedly contribute to   someone’s demise so yeah ultimately I think it’s  really a shame that there are folks on the fringes   of the fat positivity movement who are diminishing  the real legitimate health or social benefits that  
these movements offer I mean we see this with  literally every social cause movement religion   political standpoint Etc the extremists may be  the loudest but they don’t represent the masses   and that really sucks but I would love to hear  your thoughts on this please keep the comments  
kind this is a very sensitive topic and so if  you’re new here please subscribe to the channel   there is lots more interesting discussion like  this hit up my description for my free Hunger   crushing combo ebook and protein ebook and I  will see you guys next time on aby’s kitchen

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