Dietitian Reacts to Trisha Paytas’ Binge Eating (How to Break the Cycle)

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I haven’t had these in so long oh my god oh we’re definitely talking about this day  hey everyone I’m Abby sharp welcome to aby’s [Music]
Kitchen in today’s video I’ll be talking about  Trisha pis says what I eat on a binge video I know   we said we’re not going to do trigger warnings  anymore but I do have to give a trigger warning   here because we are talking about binging and we  are going to watch a video of someone binging so  
please skip this video if it’s triggering to  you also check out my description for my free   Hunger crushing combo ebook for some healthy  meal and snack ideas and excuse my voice I’m   trying here but I got L and gas for my kids again  okay I’m just going to jump in here and we can  
kind of explain things as we go and reminder to  please keep it kind in the comments both in my   video and on trishas we do try to keep this a  supportive place especially for those sharing   their experiences with EDS I have ordering  personality disorder and have to recognize  
triggers cuz I have emotional um instability  it’s like really hard for me to regulate my   emotions I have to recognize triggers well a  big trigger for me is actually going into the   grocery store so as Trisha mentioned she has BPD  or borderline personality disorder which actually  
is what my psychologist sister Dr Sky Fitzpatrick  specializes in so I threw a few questions her way   so Sky echoed that Bing disorder and borderline  personality disorder are highly comorbid largely   related to this emotion dysfunction piece that  Trisha described there are a lot of Pathways  
to binge eating but some researchers have  hypothesized a model where individuals who   have low self-esteem are predisposed to  binge and when a negative self-belief is   triggered that person understandably feels a lot  of anxiety and stress folks who have difficulty  
with emotional regulation like those with BPD  are just completely intolerant to to these   negative emotions and will do anything to try to  distract themselves from them some do this through   self harm others through impulsive shopping and  others by restricting their diet while engaging  
in more negative self-eating beliefs which then  triggers a binge so the disordered eating serves   as a temporary false sense of emotional control  which ultimately obviously is very maladaptive   so being in a grocery store or a certain fast food  chain can be a big trigger for a lot of folks with  
bin shooting disorder if that is where a lot  of Their Fear Foods had traditionally become   consumed as Sky told me the ultimate end goal  would be to confront rather than to avoid those   triggers but this is a really long game for a lot  of folks now the other major trigger for binging  
however that we can and probably should avoid is  dieting my mindset this week was like I need to   start dieting like I want to start dieting I want  to start losing weight um cuz like for a number of   reasons I just want to look better I obviously am  trying to get pregnant again and so because I’ve  
like put that diet word in my head like I’m like  a restricting myself I kind of went on a bench   shopping like I got these for my daughter but um  like I hadn’t gone in there in so long I need to   lose weight but then like I’m like okay this is my  last like little binge before I I go hardcore next  
week cuz next week I’m filming a lot so I’m like  you know what next week I’ll probably have really   small dinners and I won’t be snacking so let me  just this week go like ham and I think that’s   like that’s where like it’s a mental thing Bingo  we know that one of the biggest predictors of a  
binge is restriction our bodies are biologically  primed to defend our weight when faced with a diet   or in this Cas even the anticipation of a diet  we typically call this the last supper syndrome   and it’s an actual psychological phenomenon one  stud he found that when restrained eaters AKA  
folks who have historically dieted were told that  they were going to begin a weak long low calorie   diet after participating in a cookie tasting task  they ate significantly more cookies than those who   were not told about the upcoming diet once you  get into this binge restrict cycle it is really  
really hard to get off that ride when we restrict  our food intake our hypothalamus tells our brain   to ramp up metabolic efficiency and force us  to eat more we get anxious our cortisol Rises   we get hungry and we specifically start to Crave  high calorie foods this phenomenon isn’t unique  
to folks with bingeing disorder or borderline  personality disorder or folks with a history   of dieting or some kind of lack of willpower  this is a primal human survival mechanism and   is really in all of us it’s just that for folks  with borderline personality disorder this impulse  
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can get a 30-day money back guarantee but let  me let me know in the comments which flavor is   your favorite I don’t know like I think this  is like a part of my life that I don’t share   because I feel like I am so spiritual and I’m  in so much control of like my emotions and how  
I react and I’ve like really gained control  of like that aspect of my life gain control   of spending gain control of like not picking  bits for like knowing what love like I really   feel like I gained control in so many aspects of  my life that I like almost feel embarrassed that  
I don’t have control of this because like even  when I was Shing the documentary we did a whole   like food segment and he’s like okay if you can  manifest everything you know which I feel like I   can he’s like why can’t you manifest like and not  he wasn’t like insensitive or anything like that  
it’s just more like why can’t you manifest like  eating control better eating habits like being   skinny being healthy and that’s a really good  question and I don’t know my mind is just like   not quite there yet here’s the thing I don’t have  to hide my food with my husband like I bring this  
back like it’s it’s not an issue like I told  him like verbally I was going to go on a diet   like I wanted to lose weight and I rarely do that  because like if this happens like I don’t want to   be judged yeah my husband sees all my videos it’s  not me like hiding it and I know a lot of us are  
like we used to hide food like a lot of people  who have been cheating disorder especially like   fat people with eating disorders like we hide  our food hence why we’ve been trans and I used   to do it shame and embarrassment are such integral  drivers of e disorders which is why they often go  
so underdiagnosed undertreated and in way too many  cases even celebrated in the eyes of the public   e disorders often are associated with vanity low  self-esteem and weakness and within the Ed World   binge eating is seen as particularly shameful  where anorexia is marked with extreme discipline  
binge eating is often seen as lacking self-control  control is the ultimate blow to one self character   especially when you’re also fat so it’s no wonder  that most binging and purging happens in secret   the world is already super unkind to fat people  especially fat people who aren’t actively doing  
everything possible to lose weight but they can  be extra unkind to fat people who say they want   to lose weight and then bring home bags of chips  and ice cream from the store so I can really   empathize with that shame that comes along with  feeling like you failed before even started and  
The Bravery it must take to open yourself up to  that criticism so I really applaud this openness   and honesty because you know shame is actually the  fuel that keeps the binge restrict cycle alive you   restrict your Cravings increase you binge you  feel guilt and shame rinse and repeat we have  
to intercept the cycle somewhere and while the  obvious place to do that damage would be right   here at restriction shutting down the guilt and  shame can also weaken the Beast as bernee brown   said say shame cannot survive being spoken I got  I went down the chip aisle I got cake P chip I got  
baked Che um I got to get the Similac formula I  also got rocky ice cream which clearly I can’t eat   in the car me maybe I could figure out a way to  do it look it’s four items like a binge kind cuz   like you know what I’m going to do I’m going to  taste all of these I’m going to share my thoughts  
on whether or not this is a binge after we get  through the eating episode I I do better where   it’s like I will eat breakfast I won’t like so I  do have binging disorder and if I would Bing like   this I would just eat and eat and eat and then  like not eat for a couple days I will eat tomorrow  
and I will get back on track like the longest  a binge has been for me now is like this it’s   like in a sitting okay this is a huge huge step in  the right direction and yes having breakfast and   regular meals to follow a binge is so important  if we want to weaken the momentum of that cycle  
often folks with bingeing disorder will start with  one bad food in a day and then be unable to stop   until they are physically sick fall asleep or both  then the following day that guilt and shame fuels   them to tighten their rins even further sometimes  abstaining from eating anything at all which only  
throws them into another binge if you struggle  with binge eating episodes and you are entering   a scenario where you feel that you may be at risk  so for example a lot of folks feel that way around   the holidays the most important thing that you can  do leading up to that triggering scenario is to  
eat normally normal breakfast normal lunch maybe  a normal dinner depending on the situation your   brain cannot be expected to not overcome these  these intense cravings when it is under fueled   and even if you do overindulge like so many of us  will during the holidays eating a normal meal the  
next day even if you’re not particularly that  hungry can be imperative to nipping that cycle   in the bud I’m truly older I get truly grease  upsets my stomach so much you guess I’ll still   have fast food like when I film I never eat fast  food personally well it’s summertime lunches here  
and there but the pool days will’ll take to play  to the pool but normally I don’t like normally we   don’t and I don’t prefer it so this really speaks  to the real growth INRI Journey when you’re really   in the throws of bingeing disorder you can find  yourself unable to stop eating food you don’t even  
like when we constantly override our body’s inate  wisdom we disrupt our physical and psychological   tools for detecting satiety satisfaction hunger  likes dislikes Etc literally any and all input   from our brain and body but it sounds like with  the work that she’s put in Trisha has collected  
some data on how Foods actually make her feel  fast food upsets her stomach and she doesn’t   even particularly like it so she doesn’t eat it  when she’s not filming for work I still don’t   understand the whole mukbang genre especially if  you don’t even like these foods but we covered  
that in more detail already when you’re fat or  when you’re older or whatever like people are   like especially Bing eating disorder people really  think it’s like an excuse for you to just like   shove your face um and like it is is an addiction  like it’s something where I like really saw these  
things like I need to eat that I almost opened  the bag in the store if I was pregnant I would   have done that all day long and like ironically  enough when I was pregnant I did not snack that   much and I wasn’t like hungry like this I didn’t  have addictions it was very weird like you  
supposedly you get pregnancy cravings I didn’t get  any pregnancy cravings that was the opposite like   I just didn’t even want to eat like towards the  end like it was very odd like I just didn’t eat a   lot anyways like I said I feel not too bad I feel  like this is something that I don’t do very often  
and I don’t go to the stores for this reason  so the jury is actually still out on whether   or not binging disorder is an addiction especially  since food addiction is not yet an official mental   health diagnosis one review of the literature  found that patients with binging disorder tend  
to overeat to deal with emotional disregulation  rather than for hedonic experiences of anyone   specific substance or taste the latter of which is  more characteristic of food addiction that said it   makes total sense that Trisha may feel addicted  to the ritual of binging so in other words that  
it’s something that she wants to stop but she  feels like she’s out of control and just can’t   and again that often comes down to weakening one  or more of the links in the binge restrict chain   yeah I don’t feel like too bad after this binge  I feel like I don’t feel like you know it yet so  
yeah I mean four items four items isn’t like bad  they’re kind of all mixed together and I did have   sweets before dinner so I feel like it is going to  ruin my dinner a little bit um but it is what it   is okay so I promised I would talk about if this  is a binge and to do that I will just give a recap  
of what she ate I didn’t show the entire eating  episode but she ate a couple small handfuls of   each of the chips and Muddy Buddies and two fudge  cookies now the official description of of a binge   in the context of binging disorder requires three  or more of the following behaviors eating more  
rapidly than normal eating until uncomfortably  full eating large amounts of food even when not   hungry eating alone because of the embarrassment  and feeling disgusted with oneself depressed or   guilty after eating now based on everything we  just saw here Tisha didn’t eat until she was  
sick Trisha didn’t finish all of the snacks she  bought Trisha ate alone in her car but actually   not alone since over 200,000 people watched her do  it and Trisha said that she doesn’t feel too bad   so based on that one might actually say officially  that this was not a binge but a lot of disordered  
eating comes down to intention and it was clear  that Trisha’s intention was to eat as many bad   foods as she could before she started her diet  next week she was kicking off the binge restrict   cycle so if Trisha feels this is a binge then it’s  a binge the feelings associated with a binge may  
be similar while the foods or amount may vary  but semantics aside it’s clear that Trisha has   made some serious progress on her journey and I  really do appreciate her openness in sharing the   ups and downs because that is generally what Enos  swur of recovery looks like it is almost never  
linear or predictable but on that note let’s  keep it kind and supportive in the comments on   Trisha’s video here that is all that I have for  you guys today if you liked it be sure to give   it the thumbs up leave me a comment below and I  will see you next time on aby’s kitchen [Music]

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