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This is why OIC can be a slippery [Music] slope hey everyone I’m Abby sharp welcome to aby’s  Kitchen today I’m going to be looking at the Tik   Tok trend of OIC users posting their what I in a  day and I’m going to be reviewing The Good The Bad  
and The possibly super dangerous we’re going to  go back to Old School aby’s kitchen review days   so heads up here I will be mentioning calories  and also very low calorie diets and if you’re   not subscribed definitely hit that subscribe  button and check out my description for my  
free Hunger crushing combo ebook Okay so I have  talked a lot about OIC on my channel including   chronicling a real life Journey with my friend  and manager Ginger and aside from the risk of   abuse one of the main physical health concerns  that experts have with OIC is the risk of actual  
malnutrition nurition so glb1 agonists work by  suppressing appetite and reducing the rate at   which food exits the stomach so that alone can  result in some significant weight loss but they   also can cause a lot of severe nausea which can  further reduce people’s desire to eat so the risk  
here is that folks might end up being put on too  aggressive of a dose the drug may actually work   too well patients eat far too little they lose  weight way too fast including metabolic muscle   mass and they actually become Mal nourished now  we don’t have a lot of research on the likelihood  
of malnutrition but the New York Times recently  reported on the concerns of weight loss doctors   that in some cases the drug can take dieting way  too far ultimately weight loss always comes down   to a calorie deficit and while zic makes staying  in a calorie deficit a lot easier because your  
hunger cues are suppressed you still actually  need to make sure that you’re meeting your basic   nutrition needs even if the cues are no longer  there there so safe effective weight loss rates   are generally around5 to 1% of body weight per  week likely at the higher end when on OIC but  
this equates to around a 20% calorie deficit give  or take which is a safe cut to prevent a good   chunk of that weight coming from lean body mass  like muscle or bone now this is what we recommend   with any non-pharma weight loss diet but a lot  of folks on OIC will push that deficit much much  
further and that explains means one stud’s finding  that within a year of oepic treatment participants   lost almost as much lean mass as they did Fat  MK I spoke with a number of my colleagues who   work with oepic patients plus Eric Williamson of  unlocked Fitness and Nutrition and most said that  
they try not to go below 14 to 1500 calories while  ultimately prioritizing protein at every single   meal plus snacks re suggest that fat loss can  increase threefold when going from 10 to 15% of   calories from protein to around 20 to 30% and the  greater the deficit the more protein that you’re  
going to need to stimulate muscle synthesis so  some of my colleagues actually suggest that when   calories get very low their clients are aiming  for around 30 to 40% of calories from protein so   to put that into perspective for you guys if you  are consuming 1,400 calories on OIC you’re aiming  
for 105 to 140 gram of protein per day spread out  in 20 35 G doses throughout the day to maximize   muscle preservation all that said one of the  nice things about OIC is that you don’t have   to obsess about calories anymore so I wouldn’t  recommend counting and tracking everything you  
put into your mouth but rather simply focusing  on hitting those protein goals give or take   complimenting that protein with moderate portions  of fiber carbs and fat and letting your appetite   guide the rest on that note let’s take a look at  some EX examples of what iena day on OIC videos
[Music] online okay first of all lemon water does  not boost your immune system just want to   get that out of the way but second the  protein shake is a really great start  
but 130 calories or so for breakfast with  no fruits or veg is kind kind of a missed   opportunity to sneak in extra fiber  and antioxidants also in the next few   months I may or may not have a better  tasting recommendation for you just
saying okay this meal looks super balanced we  got tons of protein in The Omelette healthy   fats and fiber in the avocado and fiber  carbs in the whole grain toast that said   she probably only got around 15 g of protein  just based on how much she ate so to bump  
that up I would consider doing my omelettes  with one to two whole eggs and the rest egg [Music] whites okay this looks so delicious and I love  that ozenc has helped her find a way to enjoy rice  
in moderation I also love that she did one roll  with rice and the other one with cucumber which   helps to contribute a little more antioxidants  and fiber that said without knowing anything   about this woman’s metabolic needs I would say  this is likely too aggressive of a cut to meet  
overall nutrient needs which makes it really  really hard to meet your protein needs because   the calories were probably in the neighborhood of  like 1,00 were’re only able to get around 50 g of   protein team we ideally would want at least two  or even three times that amount so this is where  
I would be cautiously working with my doctor  to adjust the dose to ensure that we can reach   that goldilock spot where your appetite allows  you to achieve that 20 to 25% calorie deficit   while still being adequate enough to not become  malnourished okay moving on here’s what I eat in  
a day 107 lbs down with PCOS so I start off my day  every day now with these Mighty turmeric and no   joke Ginger from Trader Joe’s of course a Chobani  complete 20 g of protein and then I was feeling a   little off yesterday so I had half looks amazing  I mean I’m not sure what the purpose of the spicy  
shots are for maybe for digestion and or immune  support I don’t know but regardless I love that   we’ve got some Fiber here and we’ve got a solid  20 something dose of protein to start the day I   had some chicken te p marala with spinach and  rice 42 G Core Power always this is my kind of  
meal here I mean people think you can’t have rice  if you have PCOS or insulin resistance but no you   just got to dress up those naked carbs like she  did with protein fiber and fat now I’m not sure   if the protein shake was served with the chicken  masala but if she could space it out a few hours  
and have it as a snack it would increase the  utilization of that protein for muscle protein   synthesis since there’s already like a fully  utilized load with the chicken and then dinner was   this delicious zucchini and cotia chicken these  jalapeno poppers that my friend made that look  
like mummies 10 out of 10 had my Stanley snack  tray and enjoyed a few like I said glasses of   wine again amazing and totally non-restrictive  it seems like this creator has found like her   goldilock dose where she can lose or maintain her  significant weight loss while still meeting her  
nutrient needs I’m estimating around 150 gram  of protein give or take depending on how much   she ate so I would not be particularly worried  about malnutrition or muscle wasting with an   oepic diet like this and now I like really  want a mummy wrapped jalapeno popper okay
[Music] next [Music] okay looks good though would probably be  ideal to add some produce to this meal to   bump up the fiber but protein looks great  there’s probably around 25 to 40 grams of  
protein depending on how much collagen  she added though FYI collagen protein   isn’t the most bioavailable protein since it’s  missing tryptophan but thankfully the eggs and   the turkey bacon helped compensate for that so  this looks good hey that’s pretty [Music] good  
another great example of a full protein dose for  muscle preservation with around 30 gr of [Music] protein okay so we got 24 g of protein plus  some carbs and like a tiny tiny tiny bit of   EG but Pro tip if you like these kind of  microwave meals Chuck a few big handfuls  
of spinach into a bowl before you microwave  just to get in some extra fiber and [Music] micronutrients okay so I’m not sure how these  snacks are like spaced out in her day but   ideally we give at least 2 hours between protein  doses I’m going to call them so like she could  
do the protein water and the built bar as one  meal and the fake bar and the premier protein   shake as another that said even if you don’t  it’s not like that protein just gets lost or   immediately turns into fat when you are still  in a calorie deficit I’m just talking optimal  
scenario considering the risk of muscle loss on  OIC so yeah there’s a lot of protein here maybe   150 gr even but because virtually all the foods  are Ultra processed protein snacks that protein   is kind of coming in at the expense of basically  everything else we’re lacking fiber there’s  
virtually no healthy fats and there’s probably a  lot of additives sodium and artificial sweeteners   which may be totally fine in the short run but  probably not so easy on the gut long term that   said a lot of folks need to lean on convenience  Foods while on OIC because when your appetite is  
so suppressed you kind of lack the inspiration  to cook for yourself food really does become   just fuel for some folks so feeding yourself just  like a bunch of protein shakes or bars rather than   cooking a whole food meal may actually be a true  Act of self-care so like I said I would just try  
to meet her where she is with a few little simple  tweaks like the spinach hack just to sneak in some   extra micronutrients and fiber without adding a  lot more worker stress and on that note whether   you’re on OIC or really any other weight loss  journey I do hope this serves as a good reminder  
that less is not necessarily more even if your  hunger cues are unnaturally low on o senic we   still need to make the effort to meet our nutrient  needs both our macros and our micros plus other   beneficial compounds like fiber and probiotics and  failing to do so will likely cause way more harm  
than good and that’s all that I have for you  guys today if you like this video be sure to   give it the thumbs up leave me a comment below  and I will see you next time on Abby’s kitchen [Music] bye

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