DIL HOWLTER IS BACK – Dan and Phil Play: The Sims 4 #64

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– Hello, Dan and Phil Games absent parents. – Oh, Phil. We abandoned our child! Left him in a box for five years! What?

– Is Dil feeling abandoned or is he just frozen in time without awareness of time passage? – Well, Phil, Dil being a video game character- – What? – He has not been depressed, aware that we’ve abandoned him for five consecutive years. – So why was I waking up at 4:00 AM and going, “My child”? – I don’t know, man.

You refuse to go to therapy. It sounds like a you problem. – Okay. – Is this why he came back for vengeance? – Oh my god, that’s why he burst out of the coffin.

– [Dil] Daddies. (Dan and Phil scream) – Yes, Dan and Phil playing “The Sims” is back. This is it. – Woo. – This is the whole reason that people are here.

They don’t care about the rest of this crap.


– But if you’re new to the channel, do not worry yourself, Sally, because we are treating this as a reboot or like a season two. – Yes, of “The Sims” series. There is no better time to dive in and waste your life than this video right here. – This is the perfect starting point.

– As you may notice- – Join us. – This is video 64 of our “Sims” series. – We’re competing with network TV at this point. – Jesus Christ. And we’re probably thinking the same thing.

What the hell is going on? – Do we remember anything about this? – Who are these people? What are all these objects? – I have not touched a SIM in four years.



– What is all this deep lore about a painting of a melon? Like, what am I supposed to remember? – Wait, it’s all coming back. (laughs) – Oh god. Yeah, that’s right.

These core memories. Well, here’s a little refresher. Previously on “The Sims.” – [Phil] We made a Sim called Dil. – [Dan] It is our names combined.

Do you get it? It’s Dan, Phil. Howell, Lester, whatever. – [Phil] We made a house. – [Dan] Terrible roof.

– [Phil] Some lady started fishing out near the house. – [Dan] She’s a goth called Tabitha. – [Phil] Now they’re married. – [Dan] They [ __ ]. Sorry, they woohoo’d.

– [Phil] We had a child. His name is Dil plus Tabitha. – [Dan] Which is Dab. (laughs) – [Phil] Yeah. – [Dan] Do you get it?

– [Phil] Dil got a career as a scientist. – [Dan] He made a literal death ray. – [Phil] It can transform objects into new objects. We cloned our neighbor, Eliza. – [Dan] Which was ethically repugnant.

Dil got abducted by aliens and was living his Mpreg dream. – [Phil] And then we had a baby alien that we named Dil plus alien.


– [Dan] Dalien. – [Phil] And we got a dog called Nuki. – [Dan] Which is named after our dead pets, Norris and Suki.

Oh my god. – [Phil] The Pancakes’ neighbor family has a son called Evan. – [Dan] Uh-oh, gay [ __ ]. – [Phil] And then Dil got old, and he’s near death. – [Dan] Oh my god.

Then Dab proposed to Evan over Christmas. – [Phil] It’s an en-gay-gement. – [Dan] Jesus Christ. And then just before our perfect hiatus ending, Dil got abducted by aliens again. – [Phil] Uh-oh.

– Are you ready? – I’m nervous. (Phil gasps) They’re still alive! – We’re back. – I thought there would just be a pile of dust.

– In the Howlter house. There he is. The man, the myth, the guy that punched out that coffin. (dramatic boom rumbles) Dil. – Oh, Dil.

Look at the house. I remember the me apples. – Oh my god, the me apples are there.


Tabitha is sleeping in sunglasses. Icon queen.

Dalien, the alien, is standing in the corner of his parents’ bedroom thinking about death. Who died? – I don’t remember who died. – Us? – Did we die?

– He’s mourning the goddamn channel. That’s what happened. [ __ ] hell. – [Phil] Oh my god. – So basically because the last thing we did was age him up, we can play for about two more hours and then he’ll die, and then the series is over.



Great reboot, Dan and Phil. – Yeah. – Yeah, we did it. – I feel like we’ve rushed into aging him up, you know? – We were hurtling towards the end.

I had this hiatus coming. I was like, “We need to just progress this storyline.” And now we’re like, okay. – He was like 35 in Sim years, and we were like, “Old man.” I look forward to the next video, Dil’s funeral.

Meanwhile in space. – Sul sul. – Dil Howlter, the man, the myth, the legend. How are you doing, buddy? – Ogenchima.

– Okay. Now you might be wondering, why did these guys abduct me again? Are they gonna make me old man pregnant up my old man butt? No, don’t worry.


– Wars nar do.

– We in the alien society have seen what an amazing job you have done raising our child, the creatively named… (static crackles) Dalien. You treated him with love and kindness.

You decorated his room with this weird plushy lizard toy that his mother had a strange relationship with. And he has flourished into a beautiful trans-species specimen, paving the way for the future colonization of your planet. – Boobartilsk. – So as your prize, we are gonna give you the gift of eternal youth. – Wakza.

(laughs) – Yes, we are gonna set you right back to your glory days before it all went wrong. – Covina renix. Chabgaway. – The wife? Oh right, the wife.

I mean, sure, that’s gonna use twice as much power to fire the laser twice. I mean, it’s your planet that’s having the climate apocalypse, not mine. Here we go. Laser time! – Oh my god.

– Oh. – Oh my god, he’s young again. – What? – Wow.


That is so crazy.

Now we can just continue from where we were, and it’s not weird. – No way. That is brand new information. – That is so crazy. [ __ ] off, Wolfgang Munch.

Not right now. – We’re having a moment. – Dalien’s off to school. We have a child. – In his Christmas jumper.

We might want to change their outfits a little bit as well. – Oh, Jesus Christ. It’s been five years. – I think he’s just in shock. He has his youth back.

– This is in real-time Dil and Tabitha going, “What the [ __ ]?” (laughs) – Are they just like, “Maybe we should woohoo now that our backs work again.” – “Are we gonna talk about this?” Tabatha’s first action is to make chips and salsa. [ __ ] Yeah.

If I got hit by an alien laser, I’d make salsa. Hey, Dil Howlter. – Oh! – Look at him go. Oh my [ __ ], the aliens wanna speak again.

– Oh, okay. Interesting timing. – We missed the call. Oh, that’s a shame.


No, it’s fine.

Look, we took their offer. – Yeah. – And then it’s done. It’s okay. – All right.

It’s been four years. – The nostalgia. – Our child is still breathing. – Look at him go. – And it feels right that he- – Look at the life in his eyes.

– Is this age? – It does. (laughs) – You know what I mean? Do we all agree? – Oh, [ __ ] hell.

The llama hedge. Okay, let’s just reacquaint ourselves with what the hell this thing is. – Yeah. – In case you don’t remember, boop da boop. Oh god, there’s a Christmas garland.

Wait, wait. – Let’s de-Christmas everything. – Shut up! That didn’t happen. No one saw that.

Right. – Santa’s gonna lick him in the night again.


– That’s okay. – Okay. (record scratches) Father Winter, whatever it was.

– Father Winter appeared. – Yeah, he watches you sleep. – That was weird. I’ll tell you who watches you when you sleep. Do you remember this?

– Oh yeah. – We bought our child a sentient toy. – It’s possessed by – Yeah, in this game, sentient, stuffed, furry animals spy on your children when they’re asleep. – There is a demon inside that. (dramatic music) – Nuki.

– Can we just talk about what the F is going on in here? Do you remember all of this? – I think this is like what Dill accomplished in his lifetime.


Some kinda of science object. A big fish tank.

And then just this giant gaming arcade ’cause that’s us right now. – That is the best item in the house. – So Dil had a career as a scientist. As a result of that, many things happened such as alien abduction and male pregnancy! And also fancy showers.

– And also cloning our neighbor. That was also- – Oh [ __ ]. – Yeah, do you remember that? – Oh my god, we cloned our neighbor. – But we made a polyamorous relationship situation next door.

– We have irrevocably [ __ ] this neighborhood, Phil, with our shenanigans. – Speaking of that, we’re gay now. Does that mean Dil is bi? – I think Dil was always bi. – Was he always be?

– But we have a gay child. – We have a gay child. – So that’s continuing the queer legacy onwards. – It’s okay. – Now let’s talk about this decor.

We designed this house several years ago, and I think it was lightly inspired by our 2012 London apartment. – Yeah, look at the chairs. That’s exactly the chairs we had. – Our style back then was like geek chic. We were like, oh my god.

Colorful dining chairs. – It was cool.


– We got an Iron Man poster. Now it is ultramodern, tasteful, gay core. – And I fit in a little bit of geek where I can.

– See that moss bowl? How the [ __ ] does my arm work? – That way. – Jesus Christ. That is ultramodern, tasteful, gay core.

Whatever the [ __ ] I just said. – This is Phil core. (laughs) The other day I was just sitting holding this and I was like, and Dan was like, “What are you doing?” I didn’t even realize. (laughs) – Look, I understand if you’re holding something- – It’s quite satisfying.



– It’s quite satisfying to be like that. But you need to understand. I walked into the room and I saw grown man Phil Lester just doing this. – I didn’t realize. – And then I was like, “What are you doing, Phil?

” And he was just like, “Oh, I…” – It feels good around your hand. – I don’t think it’s an interior design disaster.

– I like an open plan. – Look, it’s well designed. – Did the pig predict the golden pig? – Oh my god. – Oh my god.

– I see what we were going for. This is somewhat tasteful. The backyard is a bit of a disaster. I don’t think that we were flawed. It’s just the style is a bit much for my eyeballs.

– It’s a little bit much. I feel like the bedroom is a little bit Argos, but I like it. – Don’t come for Argos. – I’m just saying like- – Our whole goddamn house was Argos when we moved to London. – Argos energy.

– Phil! (Phil roars) – This is incredible though.


– Yeah, Dalien’s attic loft. This is teenage culture right here. – Yeah.

– Look at this [ __ ]. – He knows all about Skibidi TV Toilet or whatever it is. – That you trying to relate to Gen Alpha? – Hey, I’m down with Gen Alpha. I know the memes.

– I don’t think you as a grown-ass man should be down with Gen Alpha. – No. It doesn’t mean that I wanna be immersed in their dystopian Roblox universe. – It’s TikTok that wants to show me. – I just clicked on Dalien, and he’s sad at school.

He’s lonely. – Dalien. – Well, I mean, he’s lonely at high school.


Checks out. – I feel like they’ve updated a lot of stuff about the game as well, so we might be surprised by some stuff.

– Oh, in the five years since we’ve played, there’s about $10,000 worth of “Sims” expansions that we can play. So we better do some sponsored posts just so we can afford “The Sims” expansions. – I hope so. We still have to pay for that church as well that we hired. – Wow, great freeze frame, Phil.

I mean, Dil. I mean, what? Who am I? – Who am I? – Dan!

– Can we get a new freeze frame before you start talking about Dil? ‘Cause this looks a bit inappropriate. (dramatic music blares) – Oh yeah, that’s so much better. God, that’s my fricking sleep-paralysis demon right there.


– Oh my god.

– Did you watch Dan and Phil Games every day for five years? Dil’s a mixologist. – He did. – He can create five types of excellent drinks. – That’s incredible.

One small issue is we retired Dil when he was old. – Dil doesn’t have a job. – He’s jobless. – The way that they phrased that. Dil doesn’t have a job.

– No. – Right, so I think in this new phase, now that he’s not an old person who’s retired, we need a new career that won’t lead to alien abduction and male pregnancy. – That’s true. – Yes, okay. – I thought he was good at cooking.

Is that only two? – Handiness 10. That’s me just being like, “Why is the toilet constantly exploding?” Oh god, cooking 10. Just not gourmet cooking.

Yeah, I know it’s gourmet. – Gourmet. – Before I get some comments that are like, “Dan, did you know that it’s pronounced gourmet?” He loves Tabitha. He does not really like Erika Pancakes, the neighbor who lives opposite Jesus.

– That’s the clone. – Oh. Not [ __ ] Father Christmas.


– Clement. – Dil has a deep hatred.

And he doesn’t need to [ __ ]. What a great day to be Dil Howlter. – That’s great. I’m happy for him. – This is a good one.

Join a club. What kind of club would Dil join? – What’s the combination of us? Our interests? Furry.

– Sleeping. Shut the fun… Like, when is the joke?

.. – [Phil] Very cool, dude. – Violence and being annoying. – Also, he can transform things.

– Oh, for god’s sake.


You’re right. – Transformation of the day. This is my favorite part of the game. – We choose a thing in our environment to just zap with a laser.

Right, what do we hate? The pig? – No, not the pig. Stop it. No!

We need to choose a big item because it’s a big return. This chair. No one sits there. – That armchair. It’s basically in the way.

– Yes. – Yes. – Here we go. – Are you with me? – I’m ready.

– I feel like we’re doing something impulsive right now. – Here we go. – Okay. The transformation of the day is.

. – Come on. Oh, another chair. (laughs) – Are you joking? – With no back support.

– Where’s the Cthulhu? – Do it again. – Or is the game just going, “Have a more tasteful futon”? – Do the other chair. – That’s canon now.

Do the other chair? – The other chair. – Who is this chaos beast? – I wanna transform everything.


– Oh, Jesus Christ.

All right, this is it, this is it, this is it. – No going back. – You do it. – Okay, the transformation of the day is.

. – Are you big brother? – Yes. Do it. The chair is now.

.. – Another chair. – Okay. – Have they changed it so it’s always gonna be the same kind of thing?

– I’m not even keeping this hoe. – Why do we need the lamp? We just keep getting, I wanted to get something good.


– Only to test the hypothesis of do things always transform into similar things. – Okay, is it gonna be another lamp?

Transform. Oh. – Oh. It’s a goddamn cafe board. What the hell do we do with that?

– That gave me great pleasing feelings in all parts of my body. I don’t wanna know. All right, Tabitha. Oh yes, Tabitha has a relationship with the creepy dinosaur in the garden. – They’re in love.

That’s why they’ve been relegated out, why is there a toilet out there? – Why is there a potty next to the dino? This is [ __ ].


I hate everything about this. – What’s going on?

– Okay, I feel like I’ve truly reacquainted myself with this situation. – But do you know what this video needs? Some more gays. – Gays. – Yeah, we need to gay it up.

And to do that, we’re gonna head into the city and see our boys. – Is it hard for you to speak sometimes? – Yes, I feel like my tongue is too big. – So the sentence you wanted to say was, “We’re gonna check on the other Sims.” – Yeah.



– And you had a full linguistic meltdown. (Dan stumbles and gags) – Oh my god, look at all of these places. – And where do the gays live? – They’re here. – Where are the gays?

– That looks suspiciously like our Manchester apartment. – That looks disturbingly like- – I’m gonna say it. – We live there. 21 Chic Street. Ooh la la.

[ __ ] “Heartstopper.” This is that [ __ ] that’s better. – Dab Stopper. Oh, he’s thinking about woohoo as all gays are apparently. – Evan is late for work.

Evan, what the hell are you, Evan is just chatting to someone. He’s roleplaying right now. – Evan, we know you’re a nerd. – Get off Omegle and go to work. This is a lovely neighborhood.

– It’s great. – I like what’s going on here. These guys are living in that bougie life already. They’ve got floor-to-ceiling windows. They’ve got that mirror.

Again, it’s a bit colorful for me. – I love this. It’s got the perfect amount of color, I would say.


– No. – Yes.

There’s a combination between both of us. – Oh my god, look, that coffee table has got grass in it. That is so moss bowl energy. – He’s feeling flirty. Do they have time for a quick bang before they go to work?

– He’s watching romance. Are they gonna do it? – Yeah. – Be enticing. Here we go.

Let’s get right back into this romance. – I’m sorry for saying bang. – I know you’re late for work, babe. But I was watching- – Oh.



– Oh! – Wow, they are feeling enticing. – That’s like a bold move. I feel like that’s a good way to break your neck instantly, just gonna say that. – They’re both wearing very warm clothes for – Oh my god, it was just a ploy to get on Omegle!

(Phil laughs) Who you’ve been chatting to, babe? No one. Okay, honey, why are you wearing Christmas clothes still? That was five years ago. – Ha ha, shi shoo.

– Oh sheesh, yeah, man. Get off Grindr! Okay. It looks like Grindr. (Dan laughs) – We haven’t even said it yet.

The last thing that happened immediately before we stopped filming was the proposal.


– Oh yeah. – They are en-gay-ged. Did that work? – Not really.

– I tried hard. – They’re engaged, and everyone’s lips were screaming at us, “When is the wedding?” – Y’all, you don’t just propose and then have a wedding. – The next day. What I’m gonna do is.

.. – Oh, for [ __ ] sake. (horn squeaks) – The wedding will be this year. – [Person] Yippee!

– We need to plan the when, the where, the how, and the what comes after. – Yeah. – There’s a lot of time to enjoy here. Physical intimacy. Woohoo.

Yeah, I mean, it’s on his mind. – He’s thinking about- – We need to do it now, otherwise, he’s gonna hit up someone on the floor below. – Yeah, do we wanna get the hoover out? Not this time. – Wooneeyaboo?

– Oh.


(everyone laughs) Now in case anyone’s forgotten, was he the child of Bob and Eliza Pancakes? – Yes, he was. – Yes, okay. – They were our next-door neighbors we set fire to their house.

– And then replaced his mom with a clone. – Oh, out of the boxers into the jeans. – Hell yeah. – Sure. – Let’s put on slippers first.

– They need some curtains in this room because people can see this.


– Oh god, that was a bit twitchy for “The Sims.” Jesus Christ. – A lot of wriggle in there. – Okay, he’s late as [ __ ] for work right now.

I guess the next stage in Dab and Evan’s life is Evan getting a new job. – I think so. Getting a different kind of job right now. – The briefcase is red and so is.

. – Sorry. (laughs) – I’m not even mad. I’m not even mad. – [Phil] I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. – That was quite good. And now they’re asleep. – Oh. Get to work.

– Go to work! – Do you remember what his job is? – No, that’s a good point.


Evan, what the [ __ ] are you supposed to be doing? He’s a medical intern!

– People are dying. – People are dying! (laughs) Go to work. Okay. – He’s feeling very happy after his woohoo.

– Yeah, yeah, good for you. I hope that helps you put stethoscopes in people. – What? – And just to remind you, why isn’t Dab working right now? It’s because he’s a background actor.

– He is. – He ain’t getting no money. – They’ve got $712. – Oh my god. – They need to go to work.

– Oh my god. So he’s the creative fancy one. He’s a painter. He’s an actor. – Now hopefully he won’t be too shocked that his dad is now young again.



It’ll be fine. – It’ll be fine. His brother is an alien. – It’s true. – I think that Dab’s on the inside.

I like that we’ve got the A plot and B plot. We’ve got the new life of Dil and Tabitha, and we’ve got the gays planning their wedding. I like where this is going. – I think we’re gonna split things maybe 50/50-ish. – 50/50?

– Well yeah, Dil and then- – What about Dalian? Dalien is a full-ass person with their own life. – All right, yeah, okay. – We’re gonna have an A, B, C. – A C plot.

– Wasn’t there also literally an entire expansion just about high school? – [Phil] Oh my god, yeah, and a university one. – We can do an entire high school drama an adult gay drama and a new life as an old adult alien couple in their neighborhood. Oh my god, what is this game? – Sure, okay.

– Damien’s back from school. Oh no. Dalien has been doing poorly in school, and he’s a high school D student.


– Dalien, it’s not all about grades. – My child, he’s sad, and it’s time to wear black.

– Oh, he’s emo. – Sad because I’m sad. You wouldn’t understand. Nobody would understand! – Do you think he’s going through an emo phase?

– He’s our emo alien child. – Amazing. – You know what we’ve gotta do then? – I’m more invested in him than everyone else. What?

– Dye his hair black. (Dan screams) (everyone laughs) – How do we do that? – This is exactly what would happen. – So this is his human form, okay? – Yes.

Wow, that was dramatic. Wow, what a transformation. It’s not that bad. No, we need to do a whole- – We need like an emo..

. – It has to be a phase. – Oh my god. – That’s your hair. Who requested?

Look, this is the downfall of Western civilization. – What’s going on here? – How have we had a culture enabled, I mean, everything about what I’ve done on the internet over the last 10 years has enabled this in the next generation. Oh god. – I can’t believe “The Sims” has cat boys now.



– That’s a haircut. I love that they’re not like, “Oh, this is a whole, you are a different species.” They’re like, “[ __ ] it. “Just have the ears. “We don’t even know what it means.

” We are cat boys. – We are cat boys. These are our “Final Fantasy 14” cat boy characters. Very important to us. We spent thousands of hours with them.

That’s my Chocobo, Clint. – Clint. – Yes. – What is the most emo haircut? Oh my god.

Well, there we- – That’s it. – I just got sent back to 2005. I am on MySpace. – This is what I was not- – I’m listening to Fall Out Boy. – Brave enough to do to my hair.

I always wanted some streaks in there as well, but I never did it. – So every day it’s that at the moment.


He is not a kid anymore. – No. – He’s not our alien baby.

– A teen. – Mom wouldn’t understand! Okay, what is the most emo clothing we’ve got here? Tabitha was kind of a goth mom, so I feel like it makes a lot of sense that he’d inherit this side of her. – Yeah, true.

– ‘Cause wasn’t that literally- – That was Tabitha. So like the other one, yes. – Oh my god. – Perfect. – That’s it.

– Yeah. – That is it right there. – And then we need some black jeans. There we go. That’s it.

– Oh hell yeah. – And then… – Where are the Converse?

Where are the Vans? Where are those gay-ass shoes? – Yeah.


Yes. – Oh my god.

That just looks like me, 10, 15… Oh my god, how old am I? – Don’t think about it.

– 97 years ago. – He was saying he feels emo. Now he is feeling emo. – I love that mood that just went, “I’m kind of sad right now.” And we were like, my brother, welcome to the black parade.

We’re going in. – My emo transformation was not about being sad, it was more about wanting to look cool. – You just co-opted the culture. – I did. – You didn’t feel emo.

You just wanted to look emo. – I wanted to look emo and attract emo boys. – I respect that. Black nails. Gotta get that in.

– Perfect. – What a masterpiece. Character growth. – There we go. He’s feeling emo.

We made him emo. – I’m so ready for this. Hell yeah. He’s even got the blue aura. (Phil laughs) Just keep it.

– Mom, I don’t wanna go. Oh. (everyone laughs) He’s so perfect.


– Icon. Yes.

Del’s got a text from Dab, “Is it okay if I come to hang out?” Yes, we need to have a family meeting. I feel like something quite important needs to be discussed. – Psych yourself up. It’s all right.

– He’s writing poetry. – When you start high school, it’s all gonna be okay. – When he starts high school, everything’s gonna be [ __ ] awful.


– I know- – What the hell are you talking about, you goddamn liar? – Hey, son.

– Hey, son. Okay, family unit. (bell tolls) It has been an adventure here in the owl slide house. – Yeah. – But now something irrevocable has happened.

An alien has made us younger. Dil Howlter cannot continue to exist in this neighborhood. – He can’t. It’s too dangerous. You know what happens.

– He’s gonna get locked up in Area 51.


We know what the American government is like! – Have you seen “ET”? Here’s the thing- – We feel like- – For the safety of the family and also this new chapter of “The Sims.” – This journey that we’re all going on together in this new era, and also mainly as an opportunity to update the interior design.

No! It’s about the in-game lore of the alien [ __ ] that we’re trying to run away from the secrets. – The house is a moving house.


– Say goodbye to the owl slide. – I mean, the next house might have an owl slide.

We never know. (laughs) – Look at this magnificent [ __ ] in golden hour. – Yeah. – Look at the shadow- – We’re meant to make people not- – It casts upon the neighborhood. – We are gonna either build a house from scratch or buy a house, but we’re moving.

– We’re shaking things up. – To a new neighborhood. – The Howlters are getting out of here. Look, it’s that time. They lived a whole life.

They were ready to retire. They got this three-bedroom massive house. They don’t need all of this stuff. – They don’t. – They need to start a new life in a new neighborhood now that their gay kids are out of there and they’ve got an emo and a Shiba Inu to raise.



– Yeah. Think about it though. We’re gonna have new neighbors, new friendships, new experiences, new jobs. – Can we make a pact that we’re not gonna clone our next-door neighbor’s wife? That’s a no.

And you want to do it. – I wanna do it. (laughs) – We have had- – He’s crying. – Look at him just crying there. – Oh no.

– A life. – It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay. – He met Tabitha. They had a child, a dog, a career.

– Yeah. – Alien abduction. And then here we are after a crazy age-reversal laser. It is the end, but also the beginning. – Stay tuned.

In the next episode, we’re gonna be moving. To subscribe make sure you can see that in your subscription box. – If you wanna see Sim’s “Heartstopper,” you wanna see Sim’s “I’m Not Okay” the music video, and Sim whatever the hell Dil Howlter is gonna get up to, subscribe to Dan and Phil Games.


We appreciate everyone who chooses to waste their time watching us nerds get incredibly stressed out by this incredibly chaotic game. But it’s gonna be fun.

– Bye. – Goodbye.


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