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hello everybody welcome back to my channel i amjen this is fundie fridays and here on my channeli talk about christian fundamentalism whiledoing my makeup in case you haven’t noticedi got a new setup and now i’m using a newcamera and a real microphone so it’s over foryou hoes today we are going to be talking about asubject that is right up my alley quite frankly idon’t know why i didn’t cover this earlier andhonestly i’m shocked that i haven’t even heardof these crazy stories it’s going to be a lot ofyelling so if you are like around to your childrenor on a bus and i recommend watching this videothis video of course is about the scotts eugeneand melissa buckle up because these two are a funhouse fever dreams worth of entertaining insanityi feel bad for subjecting all of you to warrenjeff so this is going to be a comic relief episodeunfortunately one thing i can’t do is use anyfootage of jean in his bizarre 24-hour christianbroadcast his widow melissa scott maintainstotal control over his entire tape libraryphysical and digital from the show and haslocked it all up she is notoriously litigiousin regards to use of any of the publiclyavailable footage as well including any ofthe few clips that she posts on youtube wellshe did lose that lawsuit but i took this as apersonal goal to be able to make an episodewithout using any of our clips just for the wholeprinciple of it so um james will be doing somereenactments for us i think you’re gonna like itprobably noticed by now that i’m wearing myglasses upside down and you’re absolutely right that’s because i wanted to show all of you howfoolish you look send me 200 checks 200 in themail that’s a waste of the good mail carrier’stime i’ll explain something to you people every time you send a letter that costsdollars and cents do you understand that it is a waste of time for you to send 200 janicestevenson from ithaca new york very specifically you probably end up marryingyou seems to be my habit in case i didn’t tell y’all my ex-wife was alsoshe would send things like birthday cards andall this i’m all rocking in red this time soyou understand that she was bleeding me dryjust like you people sending them 200 checkswilliam eugene scott was born august 14th 1929in bull idaho all the insanity that wouldfollow it is notable that he earned hisphd in philosophies of education at stanforduniversity in 1957.

He worked professionallyas an ordained minister for nearly 50 years andeven assisted oral roberts in establishing oralroberts university in tulsa oklahoma scott servedas a traveling preacher for the assemblies of godhe was the president of full gospel fellowshipof churches and ministers international for nineyears and for a combined total of 35 years asthe pastor for the protestant westcott christiancenter and faith center faith center actuallyowned four broadcast stations in californiaand one randomly in hartford connecticut thesestations comprised fbn the faith broadcastingnetwork god had a limited budget when he firststarted he would be filmed alone in a dimly litbasement with just him and his whiteboard but thisinitial lack of production quality was a littleconcern to gene he still maintained the intensesimmering confidence of jake the snake robertsand would seemingly stop at nothing to advance hisbrand of christianity now in case you don’t speakgreek i’ll enlighten you that is the symbol forpie that’s what they tell us that’s what sciencethe doctors they tell us theysay to us that pi equals 3.14who kids it’s okay that i said itbecause it’s about the scientists but that doesn’t make any sense to me because pie is a big round circle full of fruitand sugar and delicious things sometimes the pies have cherries in them sometimes they have blueberries in them and the important thing is that they’recheap to make send me more moneyhe was not going to be slowed down by modestmeans instead he got creative in a waythat i admit was probably a little ahead of itstime he would reference a band that was clearlynot in the room with him using stock footageand he would talk about these huge phone banksfull of all these people running 24 hours a daythat was also stock footage and it was amazingi want you to understand what you’redoing to me my hair’s falling out by 1983 his broadcasts were being sent aroundthe world via satellite by 1990 his network wasavailable to over 180 countries and by 1992his sermons were actually being broadcastin several languages on am fm and shortwaveradio you know it’s legit when it’s on shortwaveradio 1990 was also the year that scott moved hisbroadcast to the united artist theater this was atheater that was a part of a larger hotel complexin downtown los Angeles it was built in 1927 it’sa historic spanish revival architecture it’sbeautiful and it’s a bona fide historic monumentis covered in murals by anthony heinsbergen andit seats two thousand people swanky digs though ithink we can all agree it loses some of that lo-fidiy punk charm that the whiteboard dungeon hadduring jean’s time at the theater he renamedit los angeles university cathedral and setabout sprucing it up into a beautiful campymess i mean it’s not a gene scott productionif there’s not props and crap all over the placescott previously boasted that he owned and housedthe largest private collection of rare bibles inthe world this claim has not been confirmed buti’m sure he had a lot of bibles as we all knowgood christians own a lot of bibles stop thebuilding was another historic monument theglowing red neon jesus save sign this signactually came from gene’s old church which had tobe demolished in the 80s due to earthquake damagei find this whole thing a bit misleadingjesus may save but gene scott clearlyprefers to make withdrawals properlyprepared today’s sermon for all of youi’ve been tracking the donation numbers100 200 300 400 and so on and so forthi’ve been scouring the cities and making sure iunderstand the faith and dedication of my flockand as such after many hours of hard researchover 77 000 hours of hard research in two weeksi was able to determine monetarilyhow much my followers care about meand that’s what inspiredme to write today’s sermon i want you to look at it that’s true in literaryform scott’s actual sermons are nothing to writehome about in my opinion they tended to be dryand about esoteric translations and diatribesthat went absolutely nowhere james and i bothconsistently struggled to figure out what bothgene and melissa were actually believing intheir faith which makes everything else sosurreal they’re so angry and defensive regardingan amorphous inconsistent faith if you’re gonnayell at me and demand money at least tell me whywell to be fair we weren’t really paying attentionbut it’s really hard he’s so boring and angryanother random side note you weren’t allowed totouch gene he did not shake hands or have privatemeetings with people at his church and if he werealive today he probably would have been the onlytelevangelist to actually wear a mask not forpolitical reasons he just wouldn’t want to breathethe same air as you because you didn’t donateenough money but none of what we’ve talked aboutyet is what drew people to scott’s broadcastsit was his theatrics that brought the attentiongene would wear strange hats like sombreros crownscaptain’s hats multiple sunglasses at once hewould threaten belittle and humiliate his audiencehe would take an hour to light his cigar or spendminutes silently looking through a bible versejust composing his thoughts with his audiencesitting quiet and attentive the whole timesometimes the little old ladies would belike sobbing and he’s just sitting there likelike you can’t make this [ __ ] upand do you know how far your donations havegotten me to my dream of purchasing a boat i got 27.95 from a woman in bui montana i bought this captain’s hat you can’t you can’t you can’tdrive this to honduras folks you can’t drive this to honduras you can’t drive ahat can’t pick up no sandwiches without a damn hatthis is why i tell you it’s serious god sent meon a mission and said your people need to helpyou get a boat to go down to honduras and helpthose poor children pick up those sandwiches andfind those beautiful cinta girls that arein the jungle according to the comic booksi’m also using gel liner today whichi which i am not very familiar withso let’s see what happens god developed quite afollowing and many of them are still devoted todayand rest assured many of the mainstays from gene’stime preaching in the crawl space made their wayto his new swankier digs he was almost as famousfor his iconic whiteboard as he was his theatricseven moving to a larger venue i’m honestlystarting to suspect that gene scott himselfinspired the trope of the professor who goescrazy with the annotations to the point where it’sillegible psychics government conspiracy theoriesthese were all targets for gene to randomly veerinto during his sermons stream of consciousnesswas like a white water river with his viewersbeing the unsuspecting taurus getting bucked offthe inflatable raft one commenter described itthis way los angeles tv for me in the early 90swas heavy doses of jean scott david lieberhart’spuppet shows and lots of francine dancer goodtimes and i’m not ashamed to admit i knocked outif you do his widow melissa scott’s porn picturesif you have any propensity to be attracted tocrazy she’s your perfect storm regarding donationsgene was absolutely adamant that his viewersdonate at the bare minimum the 10 percent tithingthat god demands he would scream at the top of hislungs to his viewers to donate immediatelygenerously and anonymously he believed thatgiving should be done anonymously according tothe bible so he gave people king’s house numbersand he would thank his donors on tv by callingtheir king toss number instead of their name thisis actually a fascinating way for gene to get hisdonor specifically attached to him since he wasthe only one who would acknowledge their donationin any capacity i’m sure that people sat aroundall day just waiting for gene to read off theirlittle number and acknowledge their donation welli did the thing where if you can’t get your wingsto be even you just black out your whole eyes sothat’s what this is still don’thate it i actually like gelthis is a new development in my life scott showeddisdain for other religious broadcasters likejerry falwell and jimmy swaggart and resentedwhen people referred to him as a televangelisthe instead preferred to be regardedas a teacher and pastor and constantlynoted that he was vulnerable to being votedout of his position by his church’s boardthe beef with jimmy swaggart and jerryfalwell of course is ironic and deliciousbecause gene scott is just as greedy as theyare and that televangelist bastard jerry falwell out there stealing money from his flock completelydifferent than what i do for some reasonin his heyday as pastor doc scott reportedlycollected a million dollars a month in donationsand amassed an empire that included two horseranches a 35 000 square foot mansion in pasadenaa private plane in a collection of luxury carsnow scott acts like the church owns these thingsbut uh he sure got to use them at one pointjean had a run-in with the fcc stemmingfrom discrepancies and how the organization wasreporting its finances when asked to turn over hisdonor list for an audit scott refused and likenedthis action to a noble journalist protecting theirsources he would then go and lambast the fcc as acouncil of bureaucratic monkeys banging on symbolsobviously complete with the appropriate props iwas listening to the radio i don’t make a habitof it but the driver had it i was deeply immersedin my fifth reading of the bible for that morning but i heard on the radio this song woman talking with multiple men alreadydisturbing about her various humps as if that’s supposed to be attractive says itover and over my homes my humps you know what elsegot humps camels and camels aren’t attractive myex-wife was a camel i can only assume that the fcc had been piping this hump dog through my radiowhile i was asleep because that’s what theyare they confess you with camel humping music todistract you from the beautiful horse girls scottwas big into charitable giving such asmaking large donations to support the lapublic library and the rose bowl aquatic centerwhich led people to believe that he was trying tobutter them up for something scott wasn’t havingmeltdowns for the lord he enjoyed other hobbieshe practiced painting having completed over athousand watercolors he also enjoyed collectingstamps and rare manuscripts in 1989 he boughtsilver oaks ranch in bradbury california valuedat 11 million dollars this ranch came with astable of more than 100 show horses that arenow believed to be worth millions this startedwhat would be known as his pony girl phase onhis show he hired models of the adult variety toattend his church in the front row and then scottwould make his audience stand up and give theladies a standing ovation when they entered andfor some lucky viewers they might even catchwhen he would film the naked ladies riding horsesat his ranch release the tapes melissa when i waslooking for stock footage of women riding horsesuh in bikinis i found a hundred percent porn soso instead i offer you this other visual aid soin 1995 our lovely melissa was supposedly scott’sfavorite pony girl or centaur if you prefer theoriginal greek like she does and they fell inlove but to be fair melissa and jean do havea lot in common as they both love money melissawas born april 12 1968 as melissa pauline pairoff in italy her family moved to canada and thenmassachusetts where melissa met and later marriedpaul j pastore an aspiring adult film producerin 1992 melissa and her husband moved to northhollywood and began their work as pornographicproducers and directors melissa performed asbarbie bridges in adult photos and videos producedby vivid productions to this day melissa deniesthat she was ever in an adult film and she hasno idea who that other woman is which i don’tunderstand is this some sort of lizzie mcguiresituation hey now hey now please clap hear that that’s melissa scott coming for me because ithought about using a clip the most obviousissue here is that if melissa would just fessup to her past life as a porn star that wouldbe an amazing redemption arc how many people wouldlove to hear a testimony from a porn star turnedbiblical scholar 1996 melissa and jean divorcedtheir partners and they got married to each otherin 2000 this porn star image is in total contrastto melissa’s new persona as a biblical scholar whohas an iq of 186 with a phd there is no reasonthat she can’t be a genius and we shouldn’tinsinuate that just because she did porn meansshe’s stupid far from it i just think she’s lyingabout her credentials and her background she’sclearly intelligent and competent in bible studiesand she seems to be a cunning linguist deanwas diagnosed with cancer in the 2000s buthe declined surgery and chemotherapy insteadtreating his cancer with homeopathic herbs givento him by melissa scott described his battle withsickness to his congregation during several monthsof continued live broadcasts in 2004 he namedmelissa scott the succeeding pastor of the churchand signed papers formalizing the transition somewould argue that her ordination is not legitimatebut i think it’s just as legit as mine genesuffered a stroke went into a coma and diedon february 21st 2005.


And when melissa took overthe church some [ __ ] mailed easter cards to thecongregants this card had pictures of barbiebridges splayed out on the front and said seeyou sunday the church where you can do anythinganything and i can see how this would be worrisomefor melissa especially since the narrative thati’m getting is that she was a sex worker who couldpotentially be stalked or murdered from the weirdass people who go to her church or the people whomake websites about her and how she’s the devilwe should also mention the fact that perhapsshe’s distancing herself from her past because itwas traumatic either way it’s not okay to harassanyone and while i personally wish that melissawould grab the bull by the horn so to speakand take ownership of the barbie bridges storythat’s not my or anybody else’s decision to makeplus i can only imagine that the person who spentall week making and photocopying pornographicpostcards for their church is just the worstthat’s pathetic actually that’s advanced patheticin 2011 melissa sold the united artist theater for11 million dollars and then relocated everythingto glendale california including the jesus signsthe theater has also been since remodeled and ithas been consumed by the ace hotel chain the wholething now is an overpriced event space with aluxury boutique hotel also is formerly the pastorof faith center church known currently for itsglorious greek fountain on the outside do youyou know that she knows greek and she’s totallya genius such little information about geneand melissa scott i treasured what sources iwas able to find the ono ross and carrie podcastwas very invaluable to me for this episode theygot tickets went to her show got a foia they arevery much overachievers and i liked their podcastso much that i sent in a request that they coverremnant fellowship so fingers crossed on theirtwo-part episode they talk about both gene andmelissa scott focusing on the tense atmosphereat melissa’s church all the properties shestill owns and her propensity to go after anyonethat mentions them so i highly recommend thispodcast and there’s a link in the info box belowand as i’ve touched on all this before melissascott has a monopoly on all of jean’s footageher pet project upon marrying him was to digitizeall the hundreds of hours of tape from his decadesof programming and she brings this up a lot togive herself clout that’s why i repeated it shetalks about having to spend her own money andall the thousands of man and woman hours thatwent into it she’s she specifically said manand woman hours too this is a paraphrasing ofwhat gene had to say about the situation decidedrecently that i was gonna move to digital cigarsi used to use regular ones but you knowhow they work you light them on fire yousmoke them up and then they’re gone that’s what’s gonna happen to my tapes all of my73 billion hours completely 100 percent validatedby independent sources of prior pastoringthey’re going to be gone like so many cigarsi wish there was a way for us to avoid that i sure do what if everyone thatfollowed my church followed my teachingswhat if they all decided one dayto just stop being such cheap trashwhat if they all said to themselves heymaybe i’ll unglue my butt from this chairand i’ll cut a check and i’ll devote some ofmy time and my hours to the 24 digitization ofpastor stockton gene scott dds esquires tapesand recordings maybe the future generationswouldn’t have to die in a soulless uncrashed pitthere is not a lot of unbiased information aboutmelissa scott i found plenty of fan pages andforums dedicated to glorifying gene demonizingmelissa and it all of course was included with anoticeably misogynistic vibe i didn’t even realizethat a website could smell like mountaindew doritos until i researched this videoif you legitimately want to catch her sermons theyare available on all kinds of streaming platformsher stuff is really dry and it’s more abouttranslations and esoteric bible study just likejean except it’s not entertaining i’m sure she’ssincere but this whole thing is very strange andi haven’t been able to maintain attention formore than a couple minutes before getting boredas hell while watching her and if you manageto get tickets to her church tickets you haveto deal with rigid security vague legal threatsand a somber cult-like atmosphere the audiencebehaves as if they were choreographed saying yesma’am to her rhetorical questions and laughing ather bad jokes melissa is just as greedy as gene inmy opinion she preaches the prosperity gospel andsolicits donations and volunteer hours from herfans it’s reported that she has liquidated prettymuch all of gene’s cars horses and real estatesof course that makes me wonder if there’s somesort of debt going on but besides the hoarding ofjean’s tapes i really think that she’s harmlesssure she doesn’t understand copyright law and thatwas an impediment to me but college professorshave been giving boring lectures in front of whiteboards for years and none of them have taken overthe world yet so i think we’re safe melissa’s noteven verified on twitter and she doesn’t even havevery many followers on average i get moreviews and better engagement than her sojean i think is cool in an ironic way it’s hard todeny that he had a magnetic approach to preachingeven if it was tinged with abusive language andgeneral madness i certainly wouldn’t want to givehim any money but i can’t deny that his sermonskept me watching although i really don’t thinkany of his teachings were important or profound ijust believe in the importance of preserving mediaand if melissa would at least sell the sermonson dvd or streaming service people would buy themshe could even open a museum with all those biblesshe has so i’m going to link the documentary god’sangry man by warner herzog at the end you shouldreally watch it i was afraid that i would get suedif i used any of the clips so i didn’t but itis fascinating this was fun i’m glad somebodysuggested it but you know i had to work with whati had so i hope you thought james was funny i suredid next video is january 30th and i think you’rereally gonna like it january 16th is the finalday to get the idol hands and the sub gang keyand if you don’t get your hands on it i will bedoing another campaign so don’t worry remember toconsensually smash that like and subscribe buttonfollow me on social media and have a veryblessed day maybe if we want complete trashwe could decide who the hell let a cat inhere why are you here oh i like this kid she don’t care she knows i’m playing you

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