Fat burning can not be more than 200 gram a day

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Long enough people’s weight is positioned exclusively as the concept defining general look. There is nothing surprising, after all, mass media abound with images of slim, happy, and successful people. But don’t forget that it is necessary to control body weight far not only to have standard look and actively advertised standards but also to be assured of normal health condition.

The confirmed medical fact is known, that people with overweight become subject to various diseases more often. So, the risk of stroke and other heart diseases is higher because of extra weight pressure on an organism. Diabetes can be caused by metabolism dysfunctions. Also, it is not a complete list of potential problems.

Today medical, instead of cosmetology, the problem of overweight is urgent in many countries of the world.

If you are overweighed, don’t give way to despair. It is a known fact that for feeling better it is enough to lose 5-10 % of body weight. For losing weight easily and not breaking down in health, it is necessary to know the basic nuances of this process.

Very often people wish to lose weight in short terms, but a fast loss of weight comes back fast too. The reason is a wrong diet or taking improper drugs. The effect of fast weight loss is based on loss of muscular weight or liquids when the main task should be loss of fat.

It is important to know, that fat burning can not be more than 200 grams a day, therefore diets and drugs promising loss of weight up to 1 kg a day, are focused not so much on fat burning, but on fast effect which, nevertheless, will be not stable.

There is a popular belief inefficiency of starvation. Really, it gives evident results, and fat loss also happens. But the main weight loss is a part of muscular weight and organism liquid loss.

Choosing between all innovative ways, experimental means, and traditional, the majority of people resort to usual diets. They can be divided into three groups. The basic diet is dieting when the daily caloric content approximately corresponds to the metabolism of a person; the result of fat loss is 20-50 grams a day. The reduced diet allows losing 50-100 grams of fat a day, and the strict diet provides 200 grams of fat loss a day.

If you have decided to dump weight, don’t forget, that it is also necessary to deduce excess cholesterol and toxins promoting the accumulation of extra and undesirable fat in organisms. For this purpose, there are special medical drugs.

But don’t experiment with your body taking doubtful, unchecked drugs. Even well-advertised means can harm an organism irreparably; taking various medicines mixed up with exhausted diets will not bring desirable results, but also can cause absolutely unexpected side effects. Often people who actively struggle against excess weight should spend additional means for organism treatment.

It is important to remember, that excess weight loss should be complex including organism clearance, physical exercises, development of healthy not only eating but also life habits. Proper medicines can be chosen after detailed consultation with a certified doctor.


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