FOC your FOMO: CBSI Friday FOC with East meets West comics for 4/30-5/1

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[Music] foreign [Music] welcome welcome ladies and gentlemen boys and girls people of all ages to welcome [ __ ] music Friday at 4C with eastbee's West man I hear your guy Joker and I am here with Josh what's up Josh what's up Mike yeah yeah I'm sorry bro I just did my energy is just like right now bro very it was a bad day we were just disgusting it was a bad day it was about a bad bad day today I've got a [ __ ] headache that I've literally taken five Advil from about three o'clock to now and it's not doing a damn thing nothing I mean for me it's not even a bad day it was just more an exhausting long day than anything you know uh my next one yesterday so you know yeah yeah I have a whole list of stuff stuff to discuss here it's only 14 sides of comics it's a light week also there you got a couple things to talk about yeah yeah but I do hold on it's one of them about the Knicks okay so let's jump into that yeah first thing okay there we go I like that you got your little Cliff Notes yeah I've got an idea for a show I know we say this all the time but like I don't know if I should say it here no I don't know we'll talk about it okay yo okay okay well here let's just get this out of the way this is for FOC for uh the 30th for DC and Independence or through lunar in the first of May God it's already the first of May for Marvel and Independence ordered through diamond and make sure to go over to comic book and just a forewarning if we talk about all these topics it's probably going to be a good I don't know 20 minutes before we get to books so that's okay because I just want to drink with you like I read like six books this week and just about all of them were bad that I just kind of flipped through a lot of them and there's not there's only really one book that I want to talk about on here this week and that's the whole reason we're doing this show yeah is for this one book and I meant to say talk about this what's happening in this book weeks ago and I just kept forgetting anyway the draft is on right now the NFL draft that's another reason we're going to do the show because I need to now the Giants pick late so how about you Boy Aaron Rodgers how about your boy Aaron Rodgers is on this list but you want to start with the Knicks ah go ahead man let's go off let's go off you know an order what's going on okay okay so then so the Knicks okay congratulations to Knicks didn't think they didn't think they would love the hat by the way go pirates my Pirates okay um thing but all right go ahead uh didn't think that they would win a Playoff round this year or any year for that matter but uh Jalen Brunson and Josh Hartman good duel yeah they're good now here's the thing that I don't understand why is it and is this something that's always been like this because I don't remember this or did this change this year or recently why are they playing the Heat in the next round because it was in the order of the seed right because uh they were the last they were the last place and they won the what is it the plans right and they became the eighth place right yes the last place to play the first place right yeah and we're we're like the six right sixth place and the Knicks were what six they were six or five no we were six were six was was uh it's it's the Bucks one Celtics two what does the hold on the the Nets play the 76ers because I'm getting all [ __ ] up right now I'm a little tired yeah and then the Nets the Hawks the heat but this is but this is how it's always worked so the Heat or the eighth seed they beat the first seed right the Knicks are the fifth seed the the heat should be playing either the Celtics or the 76ers It's usually the highest C plays the next lowest seat I don't know how they pick that I don't know how that goes you know what I mean I don't ever remember this did they change it where now it's it doesn't matter what the seating is it's what we're assuming that the one would win that's why that's what I think they were doing there they were soon weird man yeah yeah like they're gonna have this like the Celtics and the Sixers play each other or potentially the Celtics because they could be in trouble and here's another thing so let me say this about the the heat yo Jimmy Butler is just that [ __ ] dude in the playoffs he just like channels that bang and Richard are Richard Rachel Nichols energy in the bubble from a couple years ago and just like needs to have like 56 points every game so you're gonna see Richard Jefferson no no no Rachel Nichols you know about that whole story right no Rachel Rachel Nichols do you remember you remember the redhead on ESPN Rachel oh yes yes yes yes yes yes I remember that she used to do the jump the controversy with yeah I know you're talking about yeah jump off um but uh yeah and have you ever like seen some of the YouTube videos where they'll their fans from other team chanting at him like Rachel Nichols or like even like other players from other teams will be like yeah go ask racial Nichols and [ __ ] he's like what do I care I banged her supposedly anyway uh now what was I gonna say what's his name on the [ __ ] Hawks uh Trey young Trey Young dude he just looks like a crackhead playing basketball all right all right I gotta oh all right can I can I give a shout out can I give a shout out to my Knicks well you know while we at it what are we talking about it you know um I I know they they must have supposedly on paper right they have like the toughest [ __ ] schedule because they started off they started off with the Cleveland Cleveland was supposedly gonna there was supposedly supposed to beat the Knicks right and uh second round was gonna be supposedly the bucks or whatever and now Miami spanked the [ __ ] out of the Bucks and now we're playing Miami is a good team even though you know I I feel like you know during the season I feel like the Knicks had the edge you know we won one more games I think against Miami uh but that don't really matter because playoffs is different or whatever and then after that let's just say let's just let's just say the Knicks go by and they beat Miami right even though they are let's say you got a face either Boston or the 76ers which is not gonna be easy man which I think is going to be a dope series as it is a Boston and 76er series uh both good teams uh so the Knicks and right now they they got they got a tough schedule man they got they got a tough like what is it rounds to get to the finals uh and to say you know they get to the finals let's just say the uh the favorite maybe let's just say the the Warriors go to the finals or whatever because they played they started picking up the pace Warriors are playing good now um on both conferences yeah our old are all doing well I mean the Lakers are are in the lead they're what the seventh yeah they're the seventh uh seed um I mean the Nuggets Stomp the Timberwolves but um who else uh Clippers just lost Phoenix is another one that's just Sacramento are they Sacramento behind now yeah um and today I think Hawks was playing Boston yeah I mean the Hawks just won the other day I mean it's only 3-2 series I mean the Celtics should have wiped them out too that's another thing too yeah because what if Elena surprises us right because now it's 3-2 series uh but we don't know I'm I'm kind of going for I'm hoping for Atlanta to win but we'll see man I don't know man but a shout out to my next man you know you know a little by little we're chiping away you know I mean but Brunson is just a [ __ ] you talking about Jimmy Butler yo listen yo Brunson is just a hell of a player man one hell of a Play No Doubt Jimmy Butler could drop you 46 points but the way Brunson scores controls the ball controls the floor controls plays it's just he's he's like a he's like a he's a maestro man he's just orchestrating the whole [ __ ] thing you know what I mean so player Jimmy Butler just takes over a game in the playoffs so he just like it's a problem just goes to another level every year yeah um and obviously we got the draft on tonight you know the whole are you sad about there it's so weird when this [ __ ] happens when like how do you play 18 years him Brady out of one team be like I'm gonna go somewhere else yeah you know I mean I was already I was kind of ready I Was preparing myself I was already prepared for since like last season right because supposedly last season he wasn't gonna be with the Packers or whatever uh but now that he left you know more props to him you know what I mean you know he he left you know the way he wanted to leave you know he thanked the the package organization the fans and everybody and you know you can't hate on Aaron Rodgers man Aaron Rodgers is of a hell of a player man you know even though he got you know I feel like he should have a little bit more than one just one championship and I don't think he's ever gonna he's not gonna win the championship he's gonna win with the Jets so if you're a Jets fan keep being a Jets fan because you guys are losers you're not gonna get anything so do what you guys do and celebrate and think you won the championship already or the Super Bowl already you ain't gonna win nothing yeah I don't care who you get it doesn't kind of matter I tell you one thing right now like whoever is a second string quarterback for the Jets absorb what you're doing with Aaron Rodgers because that you know he's got like two seasons right he signed for two seasons with the Jets so no it's it's it's not signed for anything it's just taking a year at a time there oh okay I'm gonna find a two-year contract but he hasn't uh I don't think he's gonna do like a Tom Brady playing like well into his 40s because he just said 40 right he's 40 years old now I think he'll be there at least two years though but he's saying I'm taking it one year at a time I think Green Bay's on the clock right now by the way and they're gonna take a wide receiver guarantee it which is it's just like I mean are they are they are they banking are they banking on Jordan love you know yeah yeah okay I mean unless they decide to take will Levis with the 13th pick which you know I'm gonna keep jumping off here looking back because the draft is important I'm wondering who the Giants are going to say you know it's kind of it's cool though because you know what people the Giants have 25.

Okay um but like the Giants did good I'm I think I'm the biggest Giants fan out of all of us for sure I'll tell you that who's who's bigger Giants fan than me nobody what you talk about Biggie's Comics yo you just ruined the whole thing for me I was gonna go through this whole thing and be like yo I'm definitely the biggest fan and then maybe it's like well Nick too and then maybe Manny and e-rod and then I'd say even like even though you don't root like you would probably be next I like the Giants you can go in there and then I would say like you know like people who don't like really know that much about the Giants but live in the area then I would say them then I would say you know people that actively root against the Giants like and then Biggs oh [ __ ] yeah you know I can't really uh I can't say much there baby because at the same level with the with the uh with the Knicks and the Yankees too with the Dixie Yankees yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but I think I feel like you know what it is he might have been into sports back in the day you know but we Pro you know and he stopped I guess and we kind of like bringing them back in oh exactly yeah is that kind of like how it goes for his reading of comic books too that yo listen my man Biggs let them know if you read Superman all right let them know all right I don't know I don't know the answer is no the answer is no I was thinking about this today too I'm like I gotta stop doing this because pretty soon Biggs is gonna be like man this dude just [ __ ] just keeps coming out but I I have to disagree because I think bigs I love big so much that like he's now on that level with me where it's like you and peanut like if you guys were to see like us like off air when it's me Mike and peanut like you would think in a way not that we don't like each other but we're just ribbon like the entire time on each other yeah yeah it's Relentless so let's keep moving here all right next up next topic what what's big so you are you list bigs he was dude look dude oh did I put it yeah yeah yeah check it out like draft Giants bigs Yankees yo you know he's gonna watch this [ __ ] you know that yeah that's all up um oh my God yeah the Yankees [ __ ] suck man I'm sorry they do they can't hit for [ __ ] I think they have like the third lowest like I have I'm not I'm honestly just gonna say I've seen only like a handful of games not much uh because now it says the Knicks is in the playoffs it's kind of hard for me to watch it but I'm still gonna move for my Yankees and I think it's a little bit too early for me because this is only April right you know let's talk about it May June and then you know when you know things have started to warm up a little bit over here in New York uh but I feel like the Yankees could bounce back you know not I don't know about the Mets I don't know how they doing but I don't think they're doing better than the Yankees you know so no they're two big pitchers that they signed ain't even playing um you see the Transformers trailer today I did not see him I know I know how good was it so good I mean comparing it to the Michael Bay oh [ __ ] Michael Bay hey I need to check it out I know he watches this show too yeah shout out to you Michael Bay all right so good you see I didn't even know Unicron was going to be in this movie damn they're kind of messing like I don't like I don't know if this is supposed to be like Loosely connected to like the Bay films it is in some way but it's like you guys ended with the Bay films with Unicron somewhat but now he's coming to Earth in 1994 which it's like if we go if we just kind of want to like do away with those Bay movies I'm fine with that because you need to watch this Trail it is so [ __ ] awesome yeah I I mean I kind of saw a glimpse of it like I saw gorilla bot you know that's it yeah well you know what I mean yeah so um what else you got Star Wars Jedi Survivor okay yeah big snows nothing about um good reviews out the gate nine eights and nines when is that supposed to drop tomorrow really how come I haven't well today well today for people watching this today I've never seen a trauma to that [ __ ] yeah I gotta check that out man um I've been I've been meaning to buy like a good um Star Wars uh game did you play the first one no on order well you're gonna have to play the first one okay I'll get it big since he's getting this I think that's what he said I swear to God I don't think he played the first one though it probably didn't probably not because you know uh yo seriously think about this for a minute what Biggs has read less books than BLC yo let's sit down now whoa now you're hurting feelings now recently that you get personal yeah but I'm telling the truth just because boc said he read it did he really read it it I see I'm gonna say yes because I don't think BLC is a liar I think BLC would have no shame in saying I haven't read anything yeah I mean he's already done it multiple times why would he not continue sure so yeah I believe him okay I mean but then again the Packers pick is in and they pick that's a good defensive who yeah defensive end Lucas Vaness get that I get that yep who that is um yeah so Horizon uh forbidden burning Shores the DLC that came out I'm playing that right now it's okay it's more Horizon uh it's fine and I finished Resident Evil 4 remake finally beat it okay yeah yeah not a good Resident Evil game but a very very very good game excellent game um does kind of get resident evily towards the end though yeah with the big monster and [ __ ] yeah yeah not even so much that but I guess kind of I'm talking about the um what the regenerators I think they're called the the ones that like you can shoot them a million times oh I hate those oh my they're scary as [ __ ] dude it's a stab them up right yeah that's what we did because like blast them apart and then they have like it's almost like they have like four Hearts yeah like they can have them all over they can have them in their head like At first I didn't know what the [ __ ] was going on like how can I not kill this thing how you kill it because how me and my son killed it was he just stabbed them up no no so you can you get a scope that you can put on like a rifle or something it's a thermal scope and you can see where they are and you have to like you know break them away until that's exposed and then you have to you know get them all wow look at that see my me and my son did it the long way the hard way stabbing him you gotta stabbing them for real yeah it worked it worked you know in the remake yeah yeah good game man good game though yeah um what else is on your list that's it on the list really I said on your list man yeah well what movies coming out ant-man's coming out next week no not Ant-Man is it not hey man uh what is it Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy trailer oh The Flash trailer how [ __ ] dope was that yo dude okay yeah yeah yeah I was I was talking to my buddy Paul today I'm like I wish I could go back and find and I'm almost positive it's on the video uh uh oh God no I forgot what I was gonna say it was on the video that we did I think it was right when we reviewed not I think it was on our channel on this channel as a matter of fact when we did this not when the Snyder cup came out for Justice League yes and I said on there I'm like I don't know why I have this feeling this is way before flash ever got filmed or anything I'm like I do not like Ezra Miller as a flash but for some weird reason I have a feeling that this movie is going to be the best of the DC movies and it's looking like it's gonna be yeah yeah yeah who said that here I need to find that clip I will pay somebody to find that clip damn you will pay or I'll yeah I'll give him something if somebody go find that clip if they actually care I'm pretty sure it's on this channel and I'm pretty sure it's during the Justice League the Snyder versus uh discussion or this uh Steiner cup yeah because I think we did a whole show about that um yeah man The Flash um trailer man that [ __ ] was so [ __ ] dope uh honestly speaking the tweaks that they did on I don't know on Ezra Miller's um costume The Flash suit I liked it I liked it um I didn't like it at first you know when uh they showed them in the Justice League or whatever I didn't like it I didn't like it all but um looking at this movie uh it looks pretty cool um cool uh we got the Michael Key in Batman and this yo this [ __ ] suits dope you got to see more Batman I mean more Michael Key and Batman in uh in the trailer and I I feel like I hope I'm hoping I'm hoping they didn't give us everything of Michael Michael King I just like that there's a ton of the Batwing in this movie I love the bat that batwing from from Keaton's Batman yeah yeah and when it goes up to the moon and [ __ ] like that or in front of the Moon and uh we got Ben Affleck's Batman in there um or Bruce Wayne because I didn't see the Batman I saw Bruce Wayne yeah and uh Supergirl right because uh everybody thought I thought we was going to get him in Canada uh but it ended up being a Supergirl um uh can't wait I think how many did they split it in two yeah yeah I think they oh yeah they are they did it like a month apart right basically yeah but same thing as they did uh stranger things or whatever weird I mean so sad to be to how like why like why do you guys have to ruin something that was I know a lot of people don't like it which is kind of surprising to me I liked it I loved it didn't think I was gonna like it I don't like those type of games you know like those uh nmo types others you know like just give me a straight up game like like a Resident Evil type game that I'm good with that I'm all right you know but uh this is one of the times where um look I've played every all the games and I've read all the all the books um and and I know like Henry Cavill has a big problem they're not sticking to the source material and and it's true a lot of that is true but also the other thing is is those books are not really the greatest especially they're translated from polish and I'm sure there's a lot lost in the translation and [ __ ] like that the best stuff is definitely in the video games so I don't have that big of a problem with them kind of going off on it it's not that big of a deal to me but that being said I feel like anything that like Henry Cavill always gets the short end of the stick I mean like anything he does and it's just so disappointing because he is Geral and that girl that plays Siri is definitely Siri like I did not really like her at first but like I love her now like she's perfect for that role I mean I see that was insane I know nothing of the game but shorty is dope you know I mean I I like the thing to get you know so all right I guess we should talk about some comic books now it's 23 minutes in is it yeah and for all you people that are complaining that we should do this at the end of the show or whatever we do whatever we want this is our show and well you know they they're not complaining about that they love it man oh no no I seen no we did this one time before not the last week but we did this something similar to this before and somebody in the comments complained yo listen my whole my whole thing is that you have you have control right here if you don't like you know what we're talking about it yeah so but anyway all right dead wrong this is gonna go fast too I'm just telling you right now all right dead Romans number three dead Romans I gave it a chance no pass hard pass the art is good but the art is also confusing at the same time it's kind of hard to keep track of Who's Who I mean other than the female character in this okay I I just don't understand the point of it it's just it didn't grab me at all all right all right all right oh the Jets are on the clock yeah that's so what okay cover e all right uh uh do I have city boy number one yeah I don't know if I have the uh Whatchamacallit um um yeah city boy number one so uh first scene in wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special and Lazarus Planet Legends Reborn there's a new Korean hero named city boy or at least that's the best translation of what the city calls them City Boy AKA Cameron Kim was just trying to make a living by using his powers of being able to speak to cities to find lost and hidden find lost and hidden Goods to pawn it's only just enough to get by and those abilities means he hears everything everywhere all the time including each City's histories and the Truths Behind them it's very loud in his head and something has he has to live with but his powers get stronger the cities start forming animal avatars from scraps in order to physically travel alongside him on his adventures of course Gotham is a rat Avatar made of City scraps but what about Metropolis bloodhaven amnesty Bay or even the mascara and not all excuse me and not all cities are so kind my thing man I don't think I'm going to be picking this up yeah not a not a very interesting concept to me no uh box set I might get this there you go BLC I was about to say here you go BLC 100 I believe yep hundred dollars uh but did you haven't read Dom deceased right I haven't read any of it this will be going on to pick up for you Josh uh and check it out the first volume was pretty good though the second one I didn't finish reading it first one it was good though man check it out yeah it's all soft covers yep deceased deceased unkillables deceased Dead Planet deceased hope at World's End and deceased War of the undead Gods oh sure okay are those all Tom Taylor I think they are I think they are um I thought it was just four not five a Batman uh right there from all right there you go sick Nightwing 104.

Kind of weird this is out because 103. it's still not out yet I believe so obviously [ __ ] going on with the uh Teen Titans stupid Titans that nobody cares about uh I do I care about the Teen Titans you know uh yeah you know I'm not gonna say much about this because like you said 103 hasn't come out yet and uh last thing we I've read from from Nightwing did not enjoy it uh the interaction between uh with a crossover I should say with Teen Titans tonight Wing I know tonight I know the the Teen Titans are gonna get their own book also written by Tom Taylor or whatever and I think that will be a lot better just separating the two and just keep Nightwing as Nightwing and that's it enough said all right this is the book that uh we need to talk about I meant to mention this a month ago at least I don't know why um this is being advertised as something big is gonna happen and it's very obvious that that thing is they are killing Mary Jane I mean how is it obvious on this on here well if you're if you're reading the book I am it's just kind of obvious that that's where they might be going she has kids how are they going to come back from that um it's kind of the same cover as the death of Gwen Stacy in a way um there here's what it says as the advertisement not fully in the present the Emissary is returned and his power is so far beyond Spider-Man's abilities the Heroes May figure out a way to win but the cost of Victory will be so immense that you may hope they don't um issue 27 I will read you what it says as the synopsis as they confirm that somebody does die oh [ __ ] okay so I mean if Gary friend if they got a spoiler cover like they did with the other um cover um I mean is that is that kind of like guarantee it's Peter holding Mary Jane Gary deed um um will that be the cover to get then well we'll get to that in a minute because I want to talk about something so here's the the synopsis for 27.

Great flumes over Peter after the last issue shocking death Spider-Man's villains are more than happy to keep him distracted your eyes don't deceive you Dr Octopus is back um I mean if someone's gonna die and it's shocking also I know in I think issue somewhere between 28 and 30 um uh Robbie Robertson gets married they talk about Tombstone okay so it's not him not that that would be a shocking death Randy is still there too because they're fighting it's not Robbie it's not a um Beetle nobody gives a [ __ ] about White Rabbit okay um it's not Captain America it's not black cat because she's advertised coming up it's not Jonah nobody would care and nobody cares about Paul MJ's husband it's not Harry for like the eighth time it's not Kamala Khan it's not John I think that's Johnny Storm what if the shocking death is shocker right I'm just talking so obviously Mary Jane that like and here's the and here's what I want to say if they kill her which I think they should by the way okay why um leave her dead that's it she's done like Gwen Stacy done what what can they possibly do with her okay they've done everything they can do with her they met she married him they they retconned it back where that didn't happen because Executives at Marvel like can't have Peter be married because it just like breaks his whole I don't know what you can't be married so if you're not going to progress him like Peter at this point should have be married and have kids and almost be ready to pass the mantle or something like that you know yeah killer she's done there's nothing left to do with her I love Mary Jane as a character I feel like uh she's just as valid as Alfred as the Batman you know I agree but they have at some point the only thing that keeps people invested in these books anymore is first appearances and deaths that actually mean something and at some point they need to start taking back the thought of when we kill somebody mm-hmm they're dead I mean I I guess you know I mean I I mean listen man if you feel like that then then then that's what's gonna happen I mean you've been reading this more than me so you know more or less than I do about this uh because you speculating right you're speculating and it's gonna be married I'm speculating but like like it it is 100 going to be her all right I mean I I see I see that because of the of the of the arc that is in now is more of a Mary Jane and Peter you know all kind of rekindling certain things and and [ __ ] like that so I kind of see that like just like it's like a closure type thing and then something happens yeah okay Mary Jane and black cat number five terrible book now she comes back from limbo and she says the following as she's hugging her a husband or at least baby daddy and her kids um baby daddy yeah uh yeah it's Mommy all right and I missed you where were you someplace really weird but I'm back and I'm okay and I'm never going to leave you again if I can help it huh yeah kind of like bolded it's like it's just so obvious like they are so not good at like hiding anything or and here's the other weird thing that I thought about so well here's the Jets pick hang on I kind of like the idea of what you're saying how the [Music] um um cover a that's kind of like uh 221.

21 um or the death of Gwen Stacy so it kind of does remind me of that too that you mentioned it so uh yeah man that's that might be given some type of clue on hand about it you know I'm curious to see what the spoilers but like you said it could be yeah like uh like a mod like a like a Batman holding Robin type [ __ ] like uh in his arms or something yeah right she's dead or kind of like at the end of 121 when Goblin kills yeah uh uh Gwen Stacy he's he's holding her yeah and like you know you know but um here's the weird thing right so you read the last ASM issue where he where Peter gets back into that Dimension and she has kids and he's like well I've only been gone a couple days and she's like well here you've been gone for I don't know 10 years or whatever yeah how come she hasn't aged what they really and they just keep rehashing the same [ __ ] this is another reason why you I think you need to kill Mary Jane like it's it's over it's over you guys didn't want them to be together you didn't want them married I mean it's in my opinion I don't feel like they Shaquille maybe sit her down oh oh that's that's exactly what they're gonna do they're gonna kill her and sit her down for maybe a year yeah or more likely they'll do like a Scarlet Witch thing and kill her for like a whole five-ish but that's what I'm saying don't kill a person if you're gonna bring him back that's exactly right you know what I mean um so I feel like they shouldn't because that'll be uh even though right now Spider-Man the ASM book as it is is off and on right and sometimes it's kind of like you think it's gonna grasp you and then it's just like a [ __ ] [ __ ] story arc uh but I I like I said I I agree with you when they when they kill somebody leave them dead and then if you do leave them dead then don't bring them back you know but Marvel's known to bring people back uh I should say not bring people back because look at Gwen Stacy right yeah right like everyone kind of says well she but she's not though she's not never brought her back not the real Gwen Stacy yeah you got one Stacy from you know the spider version you got the Clone yeah you know so if that's the case then I'm okay with them doing that and bringing some type of Mary Jane from a different universe as a spider character or whatever back guys this look like that's what they're known for right Marvel to do I mean maybe they finally do what like I think a lot of people want them to do which is Mary Jane is gone bring spider Gwen over and just have them get together and he gets back with Gwen in some weird way like I I don't oh [ __ ] all this romantic [ __ ] then just write good books that too and here's another thing I'm telling you this right now if they kill her and she gets not if she gets brought back to life but if she gets brought back to life because of these [ __ ] powers that they gave her I'm done I'm done with Amazing Spider-Man that'll be it right there not reading it anymore all right it's enough for Spider-Man it's been a while else we got oh some more covers yeah oh here's another reason why I think it's her why does it say tiger on this license plate um that 1100 is a nice cover and then one in 25.

It's the same as this though what I mean one in 200 excuse me oh so yeah yeah and you spell Olivier koi pal wrong I did yeah what did I spell wrong Olivia oh yeah well yeah that's a no that's all right uh Carnage 13. I don't have anything to talk about because I didn't read uh the last issue you know I yeah we but the current last current issue that we read it's it gets it's kind of like like it's still holding there or whatever just didn't it's not it's not hitting like like the beginning of Carnage because Carnage started all really good but you said that you read it and with miles it was kind of good no yeah but you what you had to take miles so you know to sprucing up the other [ __ ] book and you got miles right in the cover so miles is going to be I guess in this story Arco Carnage or whatever the following issues or whatever of Carnage so I don't know man it just gotta you gotta keep up you got to keep up that's what I'm trying to say Josh like you know don't just show up don't don't bring [ __ ] miles back for one issue and just because he hyped it up now just keep going back to this loss mid whatever the [ __ ] they did this lost journey in the [ __ ] underworld with [ __ ] Carnage I think he's in it for a couple issues yeah well it's good 125.

man not feeling it all right I just spider verse two yeah this issue is going to be all about uh what's her name the singing spider what's her name oh Itsy Bitsy Spider twinkle twinkle little spider um what the hell is her name Cinderella Spinderella Spinderella okay uh what is her name it is these covers a little Pinterest okay um so next issue is the big issue um yeah this next issue issue three remember I told you about the cover like two months ago didn't know until a couple weeks ago that it would end up being the first Spider Boys um origin story in the next issue so I'm kind of pissed about well I guess I'm not pissed because it's a good cover along with a probably a good story um but now that that cover that I want is probably going to be worth a lot more than it already was going to be um but I don't know issue one's not out yet doing oh here's another thing age of spider verse two now we don't know when this takes place but we kind of do considering the fact that the next issue is spider boy's origin um which technically I guess that could be a long time ago whenever he first showed up and they just can't remember him or maybe it takes place after they bring them back how are you continuing an edge of spider verse when you're you're literally saying that that Spider-Man book where spider boy shows up is called the end of the spider verse I don't know man I don't know we need some answers Marvel I'm telling you these people down at Marvel are so lucky that I'm not in charge down there I would fire so many [ __ ] people down there Silver Surfer Ghost Light number four I put this on here because I for some reason I feel like this cover is going to be something and I don't know why this is tauren Clark cover which is a dope ass artist uh yeah but this is that like I've read the first issue and it wasn't even a Silver Surfer book you know I mean it didn't feel like it so um not feeling it maybe you guys let me know if y'all read two and three or two or did three even come out I don't know yet but um let us know I think I think it is let us know guys uh which I think uh what what this book is doing but I I'm skipping out on this one because last one what is a rebirth or whatever it is of civil Surfer rebirth yeah what's it feeling that either so yeah all right get ready for a standing ovation for the uh New York Knicks no for the for the next book on our list okay what do you think it is definitely setting a record for something I've never seen before all right so is it got to be Marvel book right and you're going to order episode is it an X-Men book it is not it's not x one book okay so I'm gonna show me what you got oh wow five Bravo Bravo Marvel we're getting an entire entire one very easy 10 Series yeah of a book ow on FOC to order before the first issue is ever out damn congratulations Bravo never seen it before all five issues or a room before the first one comes out I'm good I'm telling you this right now I am going to read this just because I I feel like this is a moment in history obviously it's probably happened before but it's not I can't think of anything that's done this and I'm not talking about like a one shot or something like that either yo what if you read this [ __ ] and this [ __ ] is just so amazing right that's that's why I'm gonna read where it's like this is either going to be [ __ ] no unbelievably bad which track record shows that it will both because the last one was garbage it's written by the same person in Steve Orlando they were putting them all out before you could get the first issue which means they probably have no confidence in the book whatsoever so even if it's a little bit good it'll probably make it like it's really good because there is no expectations so you have at least set no expectations on this book what happened did I lose am I losing uh [Music] internet or his mic I think we lost Mike oh we lost Mike well I'll continue on hopefully he'll come back in next up x-23 deadly Regenesis number three uh issue two was okay um what's this guy's name again I can't remember his name um kind of tells his backstory I'll figure out his name in a second here uh tells his backstory in issue two from what I remember his brother is kind of like some like gang member and gets killed by x-23 when x-23 was working for what's her face uh and uh he wants revenge on her and is actually able to fight her and take her over and kidnap her and and uh and bring her back what the heck is his name again uh brings her to the facility Kimura I forget his name anyway um but not bad I like it it's readable and that's it where is Mike should we call him this is really weird I'm gonna call him oh he's back yo but it's my house bro your internet shut off what what'd you say hello foreign 45 minutes all right uh what do we got so we'll go through this real quick because I don't know how Mike is going to be able to maintain doing this you got action 1055 uh what else we got here uh um you're gonna have to hold it down bro I know why can you not see anything and I can't can you hear me all right well give me one minute you know we're just gonna end this show right now because this is this is just too weird Mike can't throw up any cbsi logo so make sure you go over and I guess that's it there we go oh you're back on bro but uh I mean you carried on uh I mean yeah I carried on well I was gonna end it but now that you're back on we can do this again okay I mean there was only one there was only one after that it was just x23 deadly okay good good good good there's not there's not much really left to talk about action you got action 1055 you got uh DC Pride um there is a new character that I guess uh uh where is it oh I mean wait a minute no no no I think it's the Marvel Pride one where they're they create a new character every year I think okay uh um detective okay Green Arrow I forgot to pick up Green Arrow one that came out this week not that I really care but you know I'll check it out I've never read any green arrow books that are specifically about him yeah I went to you for this guy static shock you gonna pick that up absolutely not and I'm sorry and here's another thing I'm sorry but people who believe that when they make this static shock movie that it's gonna be like the it's going to be nothing no no I do know I'm doing well you got a time I do know no I just know okay it's not and and people can say all they want it's gonna be big and if it is I'll eat my words I will I'll tell you I was wrong I hope it is because you know the cartoons were pretty cool man you know steady shot well let's put it this way DC's track record ain't that good yeah I mean last movie coming out of them it's giving me a little hope okay every now and again they get something right yeah they do they do uh what else you got here oh we got some image uh nothing that I see that I want to read no there's a super massive 2023 might be something worth picking up in this um this is where they kind of do like a a bunch of stories for like upcoming books that they're doing I cannot believe this time before time is still going on yeah is anybody still reading this book not me these neighbor covers are pretty cool look at this uh in the ugly cover not as usual that is sick so it's pretty cool uh Dark Horse big uh Star Wars High Republic adventures book came out this week not the main High Republic Adventures but like one of the spin-offs off of it yeah okay uh it had like five first appearances in it or something like that damn IDW oh yeah I know I've seen everybody showing it off on AG um what else we did the DC already um so Marvel we talked about Spider-Man there's not a lot there's really not a lot this weekend clobber in time yeah yeah okay Marvel voices Pride this is the where the Stephanie Williams introduces a brand new character in Pride tradition okay okay and Punisher I was gonna say something on the show when I saw this today about there's somebody that I could see that would actually dress up in this costume I'm not gonna say it on air I'll tell you off air and you'll probably agree okay do you have an idea of who I'm gonna say actually no I don't have an idea I'm trying to see who I see don't see nobody but I could think of no nah uh what else we have here remember you know you show the x23 right you said yeah oh I'm Nottingham I read Nottingham this week too tails and Nottingham wasn't good this one wasn't good I didn't like it then like it didn't like the art didn't like the art it's all good so I read Thor this week too I kind of understand what's going on the art was really bad on the inside and uh I think there's a new character I I think that the black infinity stone which whatever it is they're calling that I think is now a person really a baby interesting yeah I couldn't I I didn't really understand what was going on I mean like I kind of understood it but like it was here hang on all right well hold on we'll hold on let's show this real quick gotcha so right there so Thanos is like going to steal the stone and he's like a child what is where is it he's looking for the stone where's the stone silence and death so and I think this kid is made from like all the souls from hell and um I forget where else and I think it's the black infinity stone combined with that and it makes a child I I it's weird I don't know guys but uh yeah I know where to go yeah go to combo guys all right time to get to the draft yo real quick before you go to the draft man I want to talk a little bit about you know how you took the L on sneakers today man oh man why did you have to [ __ ] bring up how I started this because I brought that up to say that you know you just right now that was your first on the sneakers app right that was your first time yes all right I've been doing it for a couple years already and um I recently like a couple weeks ago um the Chicago Ones lost and found restocked and they dropped it on um on the sneakers app like I think it was last week I think it was yeah I thought I'm mistaken and me I mean and I took the LSL the first time it dropped which was November and then they restocked at this time which I it was just surprising right because they restocked it I think the what is it five months from the original drop or whatever and mind you the the first time it was supposed to be 500 something thousands of all these pairs uh what they had in stock or whatever and at this time it was 200 and something stock that they had so I was wondering if they re if they made more of those sneakers you know because a lot of people was complaining to because those lost and fans they had mold and stuff like that you know so I was curious you know yeah mold yeah some [ __ ] had a lot of them you know people showing them IG uh they have mold on them and you know I don't know what Nike did for them or I don't know if they sent him a new pair or they gave them their money back you know but uh but yeah the Lawson fans were like the hot yeah it was a hot hot hot book a hot sneaker you know coming out um and then you know you talking about these pennies man these pennies how much are we going for I [ __ ] like 150 Buck 80 there you go which I think was a good price fair price you know um I was pissed man nice sneakers man nice sneakers and yeah dude I don't understand how like like I literally like when that thing hit 10 o'clock and that thing changed instantly boom I mean it was that quick I hit it yo dude the stinker game get bodied up man I don't know how the [ __ ] these people get Bots and all that [ __ ] that shit's good is is unfair but it but it but they even say in there that like it doesn't matter what you're doing you're only getting one I mean I guess they could create other addresses and [ __ ] like that but but I think they match up like credit cards and chill I was so pissed I'm like what am I supposed to do and and the thing is it's all sizes were all sold out yeah unless like you know you have like a non-manly foot and you wear like lower than size nine they learn so many [ __ ] yeah you wear like little things size seven like small sneakers and [ __ ] yeah is he really size seven yeah man yeah that's crazy yeah well so what happens man we got a little [ __ ] feet you know um but anyway guys uh I'm messing around uh yeah that's all that's our show that's uh sorry for the technical difficulties man you know uh with my internet I don't know what the hell happened you know I heard my my son coming through right there so I'm pretty sure like he got scared where he was playing I guess uh some Call of Duty or something uh uh yeah guys make sure y'all you know like I said go to get go to your LCS make sure to get your orders in uh for your books man um you don't want to miss out guys again FOC means final order cut off the dates that Josh gave in the beginning of the show which is the 30th and first May first get your orders in before that on those days early you know so you don't miss out all right um that's all I have and I'll catch shot guys hold on there we go uh next week later peace [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you [Music]

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