Food Freedom Coaches & Influencers are SCAMMING You! (I’m Calling Out the LIES!)

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This is the ultimate in irresponsible  influencing and once I open your eyes   you will see it nonstop hey everyone  I’m Abby sharp welcome to aby’s [Music] Kitchen as you guys know I’m a nobs dietician  who’s devoted her career to dismantling  
problematic Wellness content online after over  a decade of this work I’ve seen everything from   calling a bowl of cereal a carad for bulking to  creating fearmongering PSAs about how much sugar   is in your festive holiday coffee drink and all of  this overt die culture content obviously makes me  
mad are you feeling mad but what possibly makes me  even more mad is when I see influencers trying to   sneakily sell diet culture rebranded as Wellness  food Freedom or intuitive eating and specifically   targeting folks with EDS this Wellness culture can  be so seductive for those who have been burned by  
explicit die culture know they need to escape it  but are still aroused by the fantasy of a socially   desirable body and all the perks that come along  with it now quick heads up that I will be talking   about EDS and sharing restrictive content and  explicit images of thin bodies here I’ll also be  
using specific creators content as examples and  as irresponsible and dangerous as this specific   breed of Wellness culture content can be this  is not meant to shame or bully these creators   I mean ultimately they are victims of die culture  too but if they’re going to put this out into the  
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with the bride that broke the internet for her  alleged almond mom wedding AKA Sam from the fit   fatel so I did a whole video on this controversial  wedding situation right here but content creators   like Sam tend to build their following these  inspirational Health transformation stories  
before and after images of them when they were  inflamed and unhappy and then sell a bunch of   meal plans and coaching sessions to teach you how  you can do it too despite having zero legitimate   qualifications to do so and a lot of these  accounts have a pinned video that looks sort of  
like this here is how I completely changed my life  through 8020 eating and how you can do the same I   was suffering from chronic bloating severe adult  acne extreme inflammation anxiety and mood swings   all resulting in low energy feeling lethargic  irregular sleep patterns and weight gain I had  
no idea what Foods worked for my body would go  from yo-yo diet to the next and was unable to   listen to my Hunger cues because I was constantly  riding a sugar roller coaster it was impacting my   productivity at work my relationships at home and  my daily happiness today I have balanced my blood  
sugar cleared my skin lowered inflammation and  regulated my mood and anxiety all through 8020   eating where 80% of the foods I eat are in their  natural state and the other 20% is really whatever   I want them to be through that process I also  learned what I was intolerant to and worked to  
cut out the foods that were causing so much of my  inflammation and chronic gut issues 5 years ago   the idea that I could have a healthy relationship  with food and eat to feel good seemed so different   than my Norm almost impossible I wish at the  time that I would have had someone help guide  
me through the process of discovering what foods  worked for my body so that it could have taken me   weeks not years that’s why I created my 4-we meal  plan program where you too can explore my take on   8020 eating giving your body the chance to see  what lowering inflammation eating Whole Foods  
and managing your sugar intake feels like you get  the gist it FS a very specific and very effective   formula particularly attracting folks with  complicated histories with food basically girl   is constantly bloated inflamed not comfortable in  her own body starts eating real food or in Sam’s  
case specifically the 8020 way of eating which  is a lifestyle apparently not a diet because   remember diets are a dirty word suddenly hair  is longer skin is clearer she loses 20 lbs and   simultaneously improves her relationship with food  interestingly this carefully compiled reel comes  
with a countless stream of body checks and ends in  a strong sales pitch for her one-on-one coaching   and you know what maybe her coaching sessions  are great maybe her meal plans are great but   it’s confusing for a lot of folks to see countless  references to mindful eating intuitive eating and  
fostering a healthy relationship with food while  simultaneously sharing tips on how to distract   your yourself from Cravings how to achieve a  discipline mentality and non-stop references   to a very thin body I don’t know who needs to  hear this but intuitive eating is not a set of  
rules dictating that you can only eat clean Foods  80% of the time and only allow yourself whatever   you want to eat the other 20% when one has truly  achieved food Freedom there is no dichotomizing   food as clean or junk there isn’t an emphasis on  needing to distract yourself from your Cravings or  
true needs and most importantly the focus is never  on changing your body with non-stop Unapologetic   body checks and before and after body shots this  content is not about intuitive eating or self-care   it’s about selling a body that is achieved  through discipline and control and there’s a  
real risk that vulnerable populations exchange one  Ed like binge eating or anorexia for another like   orthorexia the f focuses on clean eating but let’s  take a look at another example that I’ve recently   featured on this channel paig Shay so first of all  we are checking all the boxes on the red flag body  
checks yeah our girl pige definitely understood  that assignment but another common tactic is   talking a lot about her former diets that never  yielded any results Paige talks about how she   did the keto animal diet and also used to be on  a strict calorie restricted diet but was always  
so miserable that she would end up just needing  to have a cheat day because she felt so deprived   I deserve to have a personal pan pizza from Pizza  Hut the biggest problem here is the mindset around   this whole thing because if you feel like you  are so deprived in your current diet that you  
have to have a cheat meal every weekend and then  she paints this in opposition to her so-called   non-restrictive fruit-based diet featuring 8 to  12 lbs of food a day the whole sales pitch here is   that you don’t have to calorie count and you never  need to worry about your weight again because with  
her diet you achieve the mental freedom of eating  in abundance again page appeals to folks who have   been burned by diet culture who have complicated  histories with food who are seeking food freedom   but who are still holding on to this hope of  looking like this you might not be restricted  
by volume but allowing yourself a choice of just  watermelon bananas mango or potatoes in the quest   of physique results is not mental freedom or  abundance but here’s another one a fasting   coach who uses intuitive eating hashtags in her  videos the obligatory body checks and the before  
and after story wheal that points out how fat and  miserable she was before she took on the diet she   now sells it’s like you’ve got to make sure it’s  really clear to everyone that life was so terrible   when you were larger with a big Struggle Bus Sigh  No but seriously while I appreciate that Emma does  
often say if you have an ed fasting isn’t for  you this to me is kind of just like lip service   when you’re making claims like this fasting is one  of the most powerful ways to improve your health   heal your relationship with food and prevent  obesity related diseases fasting is one of the  
fastest ways to heal your relationship with food  please show me the data in the Journal of osaurus   that suggest that this is the fastest way to heal  your relationship with food it’s like waiting for   Christmas times a thousand and if you are seeking  out a diet that will heal your relationship with  
food there is a good chance that you have  a problematic relationship with food likely   disordered eating Tendencies and possibly even an  undiagnosed or diagnosed eating disorder and the   rest of this account furthers this disconnect  in a way that cons vulnerable populations into  
a potentially extreme diet on the one hand Emma’s  opening up about her experiences with binge eating   and how intuitive eating became her superpower and  then the next she’s telling people how to lose 15   lbs of a month and pointing out which types of  lip chap will break your fast and to all the  
people she’s talking to who are currently in the  throws of binge eating which may or may not be an   actual clinical Ed she gives this advice and you  need to embrace the discomfort you’re a big girl   or boy and you need to start to get comfortable  with feeling uncomfortable if you’re ever going  
to reach your goals that is potentially really  damning advice for someone with a complicated   relationship with food especially in the context  of a hyper unintuitive diet like I don’t know not   eating more than once a day or even for several  days at a time we know that one of the greatest  
predictors of a binge is restriction and this is  actually why for some people fasting can actually   result in weight gain because if you feel deprived  you’re going to go Hog Wild and put yourself in a   potential Surplus really fast now if I were to  give the benefit of the doubt to the creators  
I just disc just I might say that perhaps they  don’t realize the pull that they have with the   past recovering or active Ed population when they  promise food Freedom or intuitive eating and a   very thin body but this Creator really took it to  the next level what I did to get my period back  
and shape my body I stopped seeing food as good  or bad stop all the stress and guilt I associated   with food but I eat right I stop over a training  and all canide allow me to recover from Ving shape   my body’s a weight I want and balance my hormone  As Natural consequences of taking good care of  
my body this lead to period back and I did all  my clients did so you can please my dear do not   take it light it’s a serious issue with longterm  non-reversible consequences okay but this one just   really made me mad this Creator wrote the Bible  on promising a specific body shape to people with  
active EDS here we get a whole page of minimally  Clos body shots some obligatory before and after   testimonials and a lot of explicit discussion  on e disorder recovery this is literally the   definition of Ed catfishing you rope them in  with a hypertone thin body and Gaslight them  
into convincing themselves that this is a recovery  safe place with a bunch of inspirational quotes I   mean it’s a pretty big red flag when Instagram has  to censor some of the images of the Creator’s body   because they go against Community guidelines and  this goes further than a problematic social media  
page this Creator’s website brings you to a sales  page where she promotes one-on-one coaching calls   to heal your active binge e disorder and also to  help you achieve the body shape you desire active   Ed recovery and intentional weight loss diets  are generally contraindicated like it takes a  
very very careful skillful professional team to  even consider weight loss with the risk of relapse   now remind a young girl with Zero nutrition or  counseling qualifications now there are a few   really important takeaways that I want to leave  you guys with right here first of all for the  
haters I’m not skinny shaming or gatekeeping  intuitive eating intuitive eaters come in   all different sizes and shapes and achieving  food Freedom will definitely look different   to different people I’m also not suggesting that  weight loss can’t or shouldn’t happen when you’ve  
achieved food Freedom or eating intuitively these  things coexist all the time but the intention   behind food freedom is body respect it’s not  control through a new set of food rules that   looked different than the last changing your body  especially to an extreme level of thinness is not  
the goal and folks with complicated histories with  food and their body are particularly vulnerable to   the draw of the promise of weight loss without  dieting they’re also at very high risk of   transferring one Ed like Bing cheating or anorexia  for another like orthorx the restriction or food  
rules may look different or feel different  than the last one but the underlying mental   illness is not healed so the next time a content  creator tries to sell you a program or a movement   or even just his or her brand claiming that it’s  grounded in intuitive eating I want you to look  
for The Telltale red flag signs the body check  the before and after narrative the promise of   extreme thinness with a non-diet diet in the  name of Wellness gut health or food freedom   because I promise promise you once you see it it’s  probably all you will see but I would love to hear  
your thoughts on content like this a reminder to  please be kind in the comments this is really not   meant to bully or harass anyone just to inform  and warn of the dangers a pervasive Wellness   culture content like this so if you guys like this  video don’t forget to give it the thumbs up leave  

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