How I Learned The Full Splits in 30 Days

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Okay today you’re going to see how I got my splits from this to this in just one month of stretching so here goes nothing Music I’ve never really been, that flexible but I’ve always wanted the ability to just drop into a Split out of nowhere like this bang and since we’re all still stuck inside, I thought might as well learn now. So I did some big brain research and came up with a routine. That would help me unlock my full middle-split potential. Alright, first things. First, you got to warm up for me. I just chose front to back and side to side. Leg swings after that I stood for two minutes in the horse stance stretching both my hamstrings for two minutes each and lastly, I spent two minutes on each of my hip flexors. After all that I rolled out my thighs for one to two minutes and just jumped right into it, not like literally jumped, though I didn’t want to tear something right from the start. The first couple of days were honestly kind of rough. I wasn’t getting down very far and my legs were hella sore after stretching every day, so I used my big brain and figured out that my legs were going through something called doms delayed, onset muscle, soreness. Honestly, I probably should have expected something like this to happen, given that I hadn’t worked out for a year before starting this challenge, but come on, we’re in the middle of a world event, so give me a break anyway. I made it through the first few days and eventually the doms were gone, such a stupid joke that I wrote that if you’re just starting your split, I would recommend using something to support yourself down in the split position. For me, I just found some old yoga blocks that worked fine around day eight. I finally started to see some, real progress. It was still really uncomfortable but I was just happy to see some actual results. For the. Next couple of days, I just kept up with my stretching, but eventually, I hit a plateau where my hips started to hurt and my legs wouldn’t go down any deeper, okay, quick anatomy lesson. This is what your pelvis looks like during a middle split. You’re eventually going to reach a point where your femur and your pelvic bone start rubbing up against each other, and that is no good, but there is an easy fix for this before your hips start tightening you should push your butt back and drop your Hips down and forward this is going to cause your pelvic bone to rotate and give you enough room to keep stretching further, see easy, peasy all right. So next I needed to break through that plateau after some more big brain research. I found out that I had to apply something called proprioceptive, neuromuscular facilitation, or PNF for short. So, basically up until this point, I’ve just been stretching as far as my legs could go. But after learning about pnf, I started to flex my legs at the bottom of my split and I imagined pushing my legs through the floor. So at this point, I had everything I needed to achieve my full, split and now it was only, a matter, of time as the days went by my split was getting deeper and deeper and deeper, and then on day 29 this happened I got me. Splits in 29 days of stretching, I couldn’t believe it myself Music. All right. I just want to say a few quick things. First things first, I did it let’s go when I first started this challenge. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but, as you can see, the proof is right here in 4k baby. It’s only in 1080p.


I’m not rich all right. Jokes aside, I do have a few things that I want to say. First things. First, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just because someone can get their splits in a week or a month. That doesn’t mean that you should have to be able to as well as everybody’s. Bodies are different and you’re just going to, have to work at your own pace as long as you get there in the end. Who cares right all right? Next? Up do not push yourself too hard. There is a difference between discomfort and pain. Trying to go too far too fast can definitely hurt you and halt your progress, so know your limits and stay within them. Wait is that like the lottery thing right lastly, throughout the video you may have noticed that I’ve been saying 30 days of stretching instead of just 30 days, and that is because this challenge took longer than 30 days, but I have a good reason for that, so every couple days I gave myself a rest day to let my muscles heal and relax, and I do think that this helped me overall Music also. Originally I was planning on including the front splits in this video as well, but halfway through I found out that I was using the incorrect and potentially dangerous form, so I decided to drop it, but maybe I can save it for another day. Who knows – and that is my journey – to achieving the full middle splits I am going to keep up with my stretching and hopefully one day I’ll be able to just drop my ass to the ground. No warm-ups needed. I’m. Sorry that was kind of weird but come on. You have to admit that this is already pretty cool okay and that’s it um. If you enjoyed leaving me a like and a comment and maybe even consider subscribing honestly, I had a lot of fun making this video, so if you want to see more, then just let me know I got all summer all right. That’s all. I’ve got to fix your posture stay hydrated and I will see you guys later. I don’t know by Music, oh

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