How Plant-Based to Lower IGF-1?

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“How Plant-Based to Lower IGF-1?” Just a few days of walking
and eating whole healthy plant foods, our IGF-1 levels drop low enough
to reverse cancer cell growth. What if we stick with it? Going to some Pritikin spa and getting
healthy for two weeks is one thing, but what about the long-term? Does your IGF-1 start to creep back up
to standard American diet levels again? No. Here’s after 11 days,
and it just gets better. People eating plant-based diets for 14
years have half the IGF-1 in their bodies and more than twice the amount of
IGF-binding protein than those on the Standard American Diet.

We know decreasing animal product
consumption decreases our IGF-1 levels, but how low do you get to go? How plant-based does our diet need to get? Well, let’s look at IGF-1 levels
in meat-eaters, vegetarians, versus vegans. This study aimed to determine
whether a plant-based diet is associated with a lower circulating level of IGF-1,
compared with a meat-eating or lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet. And this is what they found. Only the vegans had
significantly lower levels. And the same relationship
found with IGF-1 binding capacity.


Only the vegans were significantly
more able to bind up excess IGF-1 in their bloodstreams. This was a study on women. What about vegan men? They found the same thing. So, even though vegan men tend to have
significantly higher testosterone levels than both vegetarians and meat-eaters— which can be a risk factor
for prostate cancer, the reason plant-based diets appear to
reverse the progression of prostate cancer may be due to how low
their IGF-1 levels drop. So, more testosterone, but less cancer. The bottom line is that male or female, just eating vegetarian
did not seem to cut it.

It looks like to get a significant drop
in cancer-promoting growth hormone levels, one has to eliminate
animal products altogether. The good news is that, given what we now know about IGF-1, we can predict that “a low-fat vegan diet
maybe profoundly protective concerning [for example] risk for
postmenopausal breast cancer.”

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