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hey guys! I am Nisa Homey and welcome back to my channel today I am sharing a powerful natural remedy that will help you to lose up to 5 kgs in a month provided you eat healthy drink lots of water and avoid processed and junk food this 100% natural remedy will help you to burn fat faster and get rid of stubborn belly fat along with losing weight and also detoxify your body now first let me show you how to make this incredible fat burning drink and then I will share the benefits and answer some of the frequently asked questions so make sure you watch the video till the end now into a saucepan add in 1 cup or 200ml water and then added two cinnamon sticks I will explain about the type of cinnamon you should be using later in the video so make sure you watch the video till the very end.

Now allow this to boil and once it starts to boil simmer the flame for 10 minutes and as it is simmering you can see that the color of the water is changing to a light amber color after 10 minutes switch off the flame and allow the water to cool down and once the cinnamon water is warm pour it into a cup or a glass and then add in 1 teaspoon honey and mix well you can remove the cinnamon sticks and my 100% natural and effective cinnamon tea with honey is ready to consume have this tea on empty stomach in the morning and for best results have another cup at bed-time now let me explain the type of cinnamon which you should be using in this tea so these are the two types of cinnamon which is commonly found this one is known as cinnamon quills, ie the bark is rolled into small quills and this is actually the second quality these quills are made from the third or fourth layer of the cinnamon tree bark and it has less oil content and hence the benefits also will be less but these are very pretty to look at and usually used in food photography.

Since the layers are very thin they can be easily powdered very finely now the second type of cinnamon which is on the left side these are not very pretty to look at, but these cinnamon barks are the best quality they are the outer bark or the first or second layer of the cinnamon bark tree. This cinnamon has more oil content than the cinnamon quills on the right side plus they have more benefits this is cinnamon which I recommend for this tea and for all other remedies where I am using cinnamon sticks or powder.

Cinnamon helps to boost metabolism and reduces bad cholesterol cinnamon helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels stabilizing your blood sugar is very essential for weight loss if you are diabetic cinnamon can help in managing blood sugar spikes it has antibacterial properties and thus it helps to fight various infections in the body cinnamon is often recommended for stomach upsets as it can help clear harmful bacterias from the digestive system. Pure cinnamon is a natural remedy to fight yeast infections cinnamon is one of the most effective cancer-fighting food mainly because it has high antioxidant content and also because of its antibacterial property.

Pure cinnamon can lower cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation throughout the body and hence cinnamon can help prevent heart disease the anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon helps to reduce arthritis pain and lessen inflammation of the body cinnamon helps to balance hormones. Cinnamon is an excellent natural remedy for hormonal imbalances in women, especially for health issues like thyroid, PCOS, and other hormonal issues. So to get all the benefits to make sure you use the best quality cinnamon now let me show you the cinnamon powder from the first quality cinnamon on the left side since the bark is slightly thick it does not become a very fine powder when the ground at home so this is how cinnamon powder made from the first quality of cinnamon that is the cinnamon on the left side would look like so I hope you got an idea about the type of cinnamon you should be used in this tea and also in all my other recipes and remedies where I am using cinnamon so do try this miracle cinnamon tea recipe and share your results with me. If you like to see more such videos hit the subscribe button so that you can stay updated when I post new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye

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