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(upbeat music) – So how can I lose weight fast or quickly? That’s an interesting one because we used to think it was bad and it turns out it doesn’t matter, just lose the weight. So if you want to lose quickly the best way is you got to clearly restrict calories. So in other words, you’re talking about dropping your calories under a thousand calories per day, one.

And two, you got to be able to exercise. Another way to do it is in again, intermittent fasting, which we’ll talk about but it’s where you time-restrict your eating so that you’re going maybe 16 hours a day of fasting and eating in an eight-hour window. All these things work well. The last one that probably gives the fastest is using these protein shakes and protein bars, and doing one small meal a day. (upbeat music) One of the easiest ways to lose weight and really doesn’t take a whole lot is to go get a scale. People who weigh themselves every day actually will lose more weight compared to somebody who doesn’t weigh themselves every day. Another way is just not necessarily taking away, but yeah, you got to add in the exercise.

And I will admit the seems to work a little bit better for men, but it will work for women, but add in exercise. Another very simple way is getting enough sleep. There are a lot of Americans that get maybe five or six hours of sleep. If they could get eight hours of sleep that will help their weight loss (upbeat music) So when we look at what food is best for weight loss, there really is no superfood or the food but rather it’s unprocessed foods. It’s really clear that in the US diet, our diet is highly processed.

So going more towards fruit, you don’t need to juice it. You don’t need to get the pill, just eat the piece of fruit, same with vegetables, and almost all vegetables really are quite good; beans, peas, corn. They’re fine, but also jicama, celery, and tomatoes. All that stuff is good to eat. So that’s an easy way to do it. And then last off lean proteins. Any of the lean proteins are fine to do. (upbeat music).

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