How To Remove Unwanted Thoughts From The Mind?

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foreign [Music] [Music] Monk tanzan and another young monk who are traveling they happened upon a beautiful young lady unable to cross a deep stream in full flow Tansen offered to help and carried her across the Stream foreign to the lady and the monks continued on their Journey [Music] after a few days of travel the younger monk turned to tanzan and in a very disturbed voice asked I thought we monks were supposed to avoid women why did you pick her up like that tanzan replied what woman Oh you mean the woman way back of hair I put her down long ago are you still carrying her what does tanzan mean when he says is the young monk still carrying her the nature of the mind is such the reason why people are struggling in their life Seas they have not made any effort to understand the nature of their mind one fundamental aspect of the mind is what you say as I don't want that becomes the nature of your mind that becomes the main content of your mind if you say I don't want to think about monkeys to take a vow from now on I will not think about monkeys whole day you will be thinking about monkeys only if you did not take such a wow probably you will never think about monkeys unless you see them so being a monk bring a brahmachary is not a wow that I will not touch a woman you have taken a certain commitment to achieve something higher in your life to touch something another dimension where mundane things will be meaningless to you but if that has not happened you are trying to do it as a rigid wow you think by not touching a woman you will become a brahmachary or you will become a monk that's not it by aspiring for something higher you'll become a monk you're constantly aspiring with something high so you did not look at what's around you that's different but you saying I will not look at this will fill your mind with that so some women need some help he helped her he left her there and went on this one did not touch the woman but now it's going on in his mind for two days he can't keep her down so the one who did what is needed he left the woman there the one who is trying to avoid the woman is full of that all the time so this is not about the woman this is not about something this is about understanding the nature of your mind if you say I don't want something only that will happen because in this mind there is no subtraction or division forcefully you cannot take out a single thought from your mind whatever you try to do there is only plus one addition and multiplication will happen there is no subtraction and Division in your mind so you cannot forcefully take away a particular thought it is just that if your aspiration is something else all these things may evaporate you want to go to the top of the mountain you're very focused on that what is it the Foothills is not your concern if you're trying to dodge the foothill how will you go to the peak you will never go isn't it if you avoid the Foothills how will you reach the top of the mountain you will never reach your focused on top of the mountain you will cross the Foothill and not even notice it so he helped the woman it was not a big issue probably he didn't even bother with a man or a woman somebody asked for help he just helped and went on but this man who's trying to avoid the woman his mind is full of that [Music] there was a great zen master whose name was none in one day a butcher came to him seeking Enlightenment he's indicating you are a Buddha yourself you are as much as me he went on telling everybody that I don't care what's in God's word I know what's on my mind [Music] you learn to be straight with yourself and don't try to go anywhere because there is nowhere to go [Music] foreign

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