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Hot Rice versus cold can you actually slash  calories by eating day old carbs honestly even   I was shocked by [Music] this hey everyone I’m  Abby sharp welcome to aby’s Kitchen today we’re   going to be talking about the claim that you can  cut calories in your rice or other carbs simply  
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a big bad bowl of fattening carbs pop it in  the fridge overnight and suddenly Tada it’s a   diet food now obviously no carb is inherently  fattening and any food can be a diet food so   yeah this specific statement is kind of BS but  the science in which it’s grounded actually no  
joke checks out first the claim basically the  internet has long been alleging that if you put   freshly cooked starch like rice or pasta in the  fridge to cool overnight The Leftovers will have   fewer calories and a lower glycemic index than the  freshly cooked car the result is a starch solution  
for people with insulin resistance diabetes or  folks who love their starchy carbs but are trying   to lose weight so what the is this Wizardry all  about and is it actually legit well let’s talk   the science of retrogradation this was actually  one of my favorite lectures in like year three  
food science and I’m still totally fascinated  by it today so let’s break it down starchy carb   containing foods like rice pasta potatoes bread  pizza Etc are made up of two molecules amalo and   mcum for Simplicity I’m going to be referencing  rice as our example since most of the research has  
been done on rice but just know that basically the  same thing happens with any of the popular carbs   when rice is cooked Amo pcin molecules absorb  water and swell but as it cools hydrogen bonds   develop between amose molecules transforming the  starch into something called resistant starch now  
you’ve maybe heard me talk about resistant starch  before resistant starch is a Prebiotic fiber that   feeds the good bacteria in our gut and I went into  a lot more detail into how your gut microbiome and   your diet influences how many calories you  absorb in a food in my video right here but  
resistant starch can contribute to weight loss  in a few key ways one it feeds the good species   of bacteria in the gut that are associated with  lower risk of obesity and weight gain two it’s a   fiber that slows down the glycemic and insulin  response of a meal and contributes to Sati and  
three just like all fibers it isn’t absorbed in  our small intestine as calories that can be used   as energy or stored as fat so if a portion of  your carbs are transformed into non-absorbable   non-c calorie carbs AKA resistant star arch your  overall meal is going to have fewer calories and  
carbs for the exact same portion and that is  basically what is happening with this hack now   before you go and try to trademark the leftover  diet thinking that you can just shove a box of   donnuts in the freezer before eating them and  instantly lose weight let’s talk about how this  
has been applied in the research the first thing  you need to know is that retrogradation is not   a new phenomenon Bakers have used the science  of retrogradation to explain what is going on   when bread is baked cools and stales but the  research actually alluding to this as a diet  
hack is still pretty young one stud compared  white rice that was eaten fresh versus cooled   and reheated they found that cooling the rice in  the fridge overnight almost tripled the resistant   starch content and resulted in statistically  significant lower blood sugar levels after  
consumption the reason for this is that there’s  just less available carbohydrate content in the   race because it’s got that resistance starch  now and less carbs also means fewer calories   but how much well research presented in 2015  at Sri Lanka experimented with 38 different  
types of rice and techniques and they found that  adding a tiny amount of coconut oil while cooking   about 3% by weight could possibly enhance the  retrogradation effect because the fat makes the   starch granules resistant to enzymes that would  normally break down the starch basically the  
method they used was they added 1 teaspoon of  coconut oil into boiling water then added half   a cup of white rice and cooked it for about 40  minutes before cooling it in the fridge for 12   hours PSA folks if you’re reheating rice you need  to make sure it is fully steaming and heated all  
the way through to reduce the risk of foodborn  illness but anyway what they found was that this   technique increased the resistance starch tfold  and reduced the absorbable calories by about 10   to 15% now while not confirmed the researchers  also proposed that the calories and higher starch  
rate Rices could potentially be reduced by up to  50 or even 60% now if we take into consideration   the calories in the coconut oil and the most  conservative 10 to 15% reduction in calories   from the method they use we kind of net out on the  calorie hack at least for low starch rice but if  
you eat a lot of higher starch Rices like sticky  or sushi rice or boreo or other short green Rices   which they estimate could have had a much more  significant effect then it might make a bit of   a calorie dent in your diet but I would think that  Rice would need to make up a pretty large part of  
your daily diet for it to work while there isn’t  any good human research looking at this method on   weight loss specifically one study on rats found  that rats that were fed the resistant starch rice   had lower body weight and improved blood lipids  and gut health but obviously we’re not mice and  
also most people’s whole diet isn’t just rice now  the the research on altering bread curbs kind of   Builds on this science because we have not one but  two chemical reactions at play that can change the   glycemic index of the bread the cold from the  freezer and the heat from the toaster one study  
on bread found that freezing and then toasting the  bread significantly lowered the glucose response   compared to eating it fresh freezing might be even  more advantageous than just cooling in the fridge   because it forces the starches to go through the  process of recrystallization and retrogradation  
twice once they’re Cooling in the freezer and then  again during defrosting but bread specifically   is often consumed toasted which contributes to  another chemical process called the myard reaction   that can further reduce the glycemic load when  compared to Fresh Bakery bread toasting it reduce  
the glycemic response by 25% freezing and then  defrosting reduce the glycemic response by 30%   and freezing thawing and then toasting reduced  it by 40% % now I haven’t found any data that   explicitly tested how many absorbable calories get  shaved off when you toast bread but unless you set  
it fully Ablaze and you’re like letting it burn  till it’s black all the way through transforming   it into cancer causing soot in the process it’s  assumed that the impact on calories is a bit of   a bust so yeah personally I am not convinced by  retrogradation as a weight loss calorie cutting  
hack even if it does officially reduce some  calories it’s really unlikely that this is   going to have any kind of Major Impact on  body weight unless you’re on like a full   resistant starch diet but I do believe that these  simple little strategies can be beneficial for  
blood sugar management and since relatively small  differences in the glycemic response of regularly   consumed starch foods have been shown to have  beneficial effects on health including reduced   cardiovascular disease risk and glycemic control  I do think that this is like a non-restrictive  
habit to kind of experiment with I also think this  could be a really simple way to support G B Health   by increasing beneficial prebiotics and the more  prebiotics we consume the better our microbiome   profile which in turn reduces the risk of obesity  and other diseases also yay for leftovers like I  
am all for saving money time and food batch prep  for the win but yeah I would never suggest you   like sit out on dinner to wait for your carbs to  cool just to potentially slash some calories so if   weight loss is your goal how do you legitimately  cut enough carb calories to make a dent in your  
weight well Captain Obvious would just say to eat  less carb portion control 101 you want to cut your   calories in half eat half as much rice oh I wish  I could but I don’t want to but you don’t follow   me for basic advice like that do you the Allure  of the retrogradation hack was that you got to  
eat the exact same amount of rice pasta potatoes  or bread but for fewer calories that you’re not   hungry because you’re eating the same amount  of food so the closest hack that we got that   offers the same portion size benefits the same  blood sugar regulation benefits and the same  
gut health benefits as the retrogradation hack  but with a more reliable calorie Dent is what I   call starch stretching in other words you dress up  your naked carbs with Hunger crushing compounds if   you want half calorie rice you mix half basat  and half minced cauliflower cooked with like  
bullion or bone broth for flavor and you serve  it with protein half calorie pasta or potatoes   could be a portion of the real deal bulked up  with sauteed vegetables chicken sausage tofu or   shrimp half calorie sandwich could be like an open  face piece of bread loaded up with high fiber veg  
this is a mindset shift more than really anything  if you’re always focusing on what you’re removing   you’re going to get stuck in scarcity mentality  but if you focus on what you are adding you start   to see your new meals from the lens of abundance  and by adding flavor color and of course hunger  
crushing compounds you feel physically satiated  and emotionally satisfied while naturally edging   out some of the refined or lower fiber carbs it’s  just like a whoop where they go you know I was   vibing over here with the bell peppers I didn’t  even miss that extra third of a cup of rice that  
mindset is the key to sustainable weight loss way  more so than just like freezing your bread anyway   I would love to hear your thoughts on this this  is such a fascinating topic for me and I really   love any reason to geek out on food science and  think about molecules it’s kind of my escapism  
from my crazy chaotic world but if you got more  questions definitely leave them below I would   love to hear how you plan to use this knowledge  and don’t forget to subscribe to my free Hunger   crushing combo ebook and my free protein ebook  and I will see you next time on aby’s kitchen

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