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The supplement world is a broken industry it’s  going to me another delay I like love it and hate   it all at the same time so much work so much  time just like by this is like the final step   after 2 years of formulation that’s it finally  today in the lab we’ve made them perfect for  
you guys we are getting ready big day here  didn’t sleep much but that’s kind of to be   expected that’s basically normal Abby day um but  I’m just so excited to finally be here I haven’t   actually gotten to see the whole kitchen be put  together yet but I’m really really pumped for  
the big reval and I cannot wait to share with  you I can’t believe we’re here it’s only been   like 2 and 1 half years in the making for this  one product so you guys know I don’t do anything   half fast so it’s going to be good this was quite  the ride hey everyone I’m Abby sharp welcome to  
a highly anticipated episode of aby’s kitchen I  have something so exciting I’m finally going to share let’s talk the wild west world of nutrition  supplements as a dietician I get sent hundreds of   questions about nutrition supplements that are  promoted by Wellness creators online and I get  
sent hundreds of supplement samples in the hopes  that I’ll promote them and whenever I take a look   what I generally am seeing again and again are  poorly formulated products with no third party   testing to ensure safety and quality and a  boatload of sensationalized non-scientific  
claims most are packed with dozens of ingredients  hidden in massive proprietary Blends none of which   offer anywhere near effective clinical doses or  even doses that could potentially fill the gaps   in our diet unlike food and medication nutrition  supplements are not regulated by the FDA resulting  
in dose overages underages and potentially harmful  contamination with heavy metals and other toxins   for something that you’re supposed to be taking  every day I say you want to make sure that it’s   effective and safe and most consumers have no clue  what to look for or trust we need to do better and  
I know I can do better I knew that I could combine  my expertise as a dietitian my research analysis   skills and my relationship with all of you and  your needs to create a line of supplements that   actually work and that you can trust I want to be  a leader in changing this industry by pulling back  
the curtain with transparency and relieving  you of the burden of having to obsess over   eating well and so I got to work my partners and I  Ginger Bertrand and Anthony Duca have been working   on this for two years I’m so excited like it’s  finally here two years in the making guys like  
we’ve been working on this night and day for so  long and honestly it’s just wild it’s exciting it   to see something in real life uh that you’ve been  designing online and working with manufacturers   for so long it’s uh it’s pretty special two years  of intense ideation tendering research expert  
input formulations taste testing and so many  frustrating setbacks along the way I am starting   to get majorly triggered every time I see an email  pop up in my mailbox from my manufacturer because   I just know it’s going to mean another delay and  I cannot afford another delay deep breaths we’re  
like less than 3 weeks away from launch and I like  am fully having a panic attack I can’t breathe I   can’t catch my breath all day so yeah I’m just  ready to get this up there it’s been a journey   but anyone who knows me knows I don’t do anything  half ass and I wasn’t going to put anything out  
into the world until it was perfect so for our  debut product I knew I wanted to focus on what   I see as the Apex of my trademarked hunger  crushing combo protein protein is King of the   satiety hierarchy and it’s also the macronutrient  that generally requires the most time and skilled  
to prepare so knowing the importance of protein  for muscle growth blood sugar regulation weight   management metabolism healthy aging and so  much more I want to make meeting your protein   goals accessible to all and we want to make our  first product with everybody in mind so drum roll
please we are launching with a gut friendly  plant-based probiotic protein and we wanted it   to taste a lot better than the other plant-based  protein powders on the market and trust me we have   tried them all Welcome Wagon hi hi a lot  we’ve purchased about 10 to 12 different  
protein powders per flavor that we’re going to  blind taste test in aby’s kitchen to kind of   like compare the taste the texture to see what we  like okay so walk us through this like where did   these come from which ones were direct and which  ones were like from a retailer some of these are  
for from retailer haven’t even unpacked them yet  Michelle is going to be premixing everything for   us and bringing each flavor to us of the table  this way we can give our honest and genuine impressions this feels like the most I think like  premium of the experiences Let’s Do Vanilla first  
because I feel like we will wear I back our  palette for chocolate once we go there okay   I’m excited but it’s a lot it’s like it’s  like 24 different protein powders yeah in   one day in one day it looks like Big Brother  slop oh oh yeah it’s definitely interesting  
that um the same brand for the chocolate  and the vanilla was the best texture oh wow and that’s and that’s one of the most  expensive it is that’s the most luxury brand   we tested and it’s one of the worst and look  at number 12 as well same company that we liked  
on the other one number our number two and the  other in the vanilla over the past two years we   have consumed countless plant-based protein shakes  most either tasted like sickly sweet artificially   flavored chalk or were packed with low quality  ingredients that really irritated all three of  
our little IBS prone guts or both so yeah not fun  so I had a very Clearo moving forward with this   product I had a lot of non-negotiables and targets  that I wanted to hit I wanted to use the highest   quality ingredients in doses that actually work  and fill key nutrient gaps develop a formula that  
not only didn’t irritate the gut or cause bloating  as so many protein powders do but actually helped   support digestion question be transparent about  the ingredients so consumers could feel confident   in what they were consuming like if we couldn’t  trace the ingredients back to its origin it wasn’t  
going in ensure that it was third party tested  for Purity potency safety and Effectiveness and   make sure it tasted like the best damn protein  shake you’ve ever had this process was not for   the faint of heart honestly our manufacturer was  getting a little frustrated at how meticulous  
I was being they literally told me that they  never developed a product with our very strict   particulars and I never worked with a partner  that was this Hands-On so yeah that does say   something right there about a lot of the products  on the market our manufacturer works with some of  
the most popular Wellness brands on the market  they know what they’re doing so we are very very   lucky to be working with their team and are very  grateful that they have put up my perfectionism   I’m so excited all right we are finally at the  lab this is like the final step after 2 years  
of formulation so I’m really excited to just get  this step done the only other ingredients in it   are the gum arabic and the multi maltodextrin she  said that if we really like this it this won’t add   any sugar um it may add maybe a negligible amount  of carb I do know what you’re saying with there’s  
like a Teensy bit of sourness I drink a lot of  protein so I get what you’re saying I’m really   getting the sour now W oh yeah it really good oh  it’s like it’s like vanilla milk shaky now M so   this is more van vanilla flavor I always feel like  let’s push it too far and then we know we’ve come  
we’ve hit our Mark okay we have been formulating  for 2 years now and I’m so excited that finally   today in the lab we’ve made them perfect for  you guys we got V4 for vanilla and version 7 for   chocolate they are perfect they are delicious and  I’m so excited to share them with you guys better  
oh it’s actually it actually is it it actually  think we hit it perfect sweetness not chalky no   yeah very nice that’s really nice honestly no part  of this process was easy because the supplement   world is so oversaturated it took countless  months and money to secure a name that we felt  
really embodied our brand and also wasn’t already  subject to trademark protection like our legal   bill is truly tragic but I love what we finally  landed on new Theory so new of course is shorthand   for nutrition and nutriceuticals but it also  represents a new approach to dietary supplements  
if you’ve tried nutrition supplements in the past  and you found that they don’t work as promised or   they cause negative side effects it’s because of  all the shortcomings in the industry I just cited   it’s really hard to know who you can even trust  when this industry is such a dumpster fire of  
good marketing and deception and then theory is of  course a to our science grounded approach together   the brand really invites consumers to look at  their approach to Wellness in a new light as we   talk about a lot here a lot of Wellness culture  centers around deprivation restriction and eating  
perfectly every day but this to me is not true  wellness it’s not food Freedom so the new theory   that we propose here is that your diet really  should be the least interesting part about you it   really shouldn’t be your whole personality and a  simple and C of supplement routine can open up so  
much mental space for True acts of self-care where  we can finally achieve food freedom and I wanted   the whole brand to embody that mental calmness no  different than me and my coffee we wanted you to   experience this as your daily dose of selfcare and  so here it is our new Theory plant-based probiotic  
protein powder in vanilla bean and chocolate  silk this has has been a really long time coming I’m so excited like it’s finally  here Ian easier way better starting point   yeah way better starting point it’s  not we don’t just settle okay after  
2 years of formulation we’ve  made them perfect for you guys I really want to be a leader in rebuilding  this industry from the ground up by pulling   back the curtains and delivering transparent  evidence-based products that you can actually
trust this is a true two-in-one product with  a lot of bonus benefits it’s a fully inclusive   plant-based protein but I wanted it to perform  like way since plant proteins are generally less   bioavailable so we combined high quality pea  protein and hemp powder for a balanced amino  
acid profile while adding in extra L glutamine and  Lucine to reach the 2.5 g Lucine recommendation   for supporting muscle protein synthesis most  plant-based protein powders don’t meet that   standard by the way so they’re less effective for  promoting muscle growth and to further enhance the  
protein utilization we added a unique digestive  enzyme blend shown to increase the bioavailability   of plant-based protein by 36% in plain English  it increases your ability to utilize those amino   acids in your protein shake for muscle growth  knowing that a lot of people will be using this  
protein powder to support physical activity  we also added ashwagandha which not only may   help to support exercise endurance and muscle  growth but whole body Wellness with benefits   for cognitive health anxiety and cortisol levels  that plus tar cherry powder which has been shown  
to Aid in muscle soreness and Recovery it also  provides 100% of your vitamin C needs which works   synergistically to improve the absorption of the  plant-based iron in the blend now one of the main   criticisms that I hear from a lot of folks when  starting a protein powder is that they feel super  
bloated or have other IBS like symptoms I’m an IBS  girly myself actually all three of new theories   Founders have IBS and are prone to bloating so it  was absolutely imp imperative that this product   was gut friendly so that’s why we developed  this as a true twoin one it’s your muscle  
building protein and it’s your gut supporting  probiotic most people don’t realize this but not   all probiotics are created equal so we selected  streams that are clinically studied and shown to   help reduce bloating gas and other IBS symptoms  and if you’ve tried a product that contains  
probotics and it’s done nothing for you or maybe  it’s even made your symptoms worse it’s because   a most probiotic strains actually can’t survive  a medium like protein long enough to get to your   bowel which is where all the magic happens not in  your stomach and B if you’re already struggling  
with IBS or disbiosis some strains can potentially  make things even worse but the two Spore forming   basilla strains that we chose are super hearty  they’re fast little buggers and they can   self-propel themselves down to the large intestine  where they can get to work immediately with a  
relatively modest dose spor forming probiotics  are also the safest probiotics for folks with gut   disposes sibo or other functional gut disorders  like I was making this product with the most   sensitive bloat prone guts in mind and while these  probiotics are definitely a premium it is totally  
worth it in my books because they actually work  and the gut health consideration was really top   of mind with every ingredient choice that we made  right down to the flavor there is no irritating   sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners here we  used monk fruit to sweeten which is generally the  
best tolerated sweetener for folks with IBS and I  opted for real vanilla bean and real cocoa powder   complemented by natural chocolate and natural  vanilla flavor a lot of people don’t know this   but most natural flavors can actually be derived  from literally anything so a natural flavor meant  
to taste like vanilla might not actually contain  any natural vanilla at all they’re all safe of   course I consume natural flavors all the time but  for my brand I am all about transparency so we   paid extra for a higher grade natural flavor that  is actually derived from the food that it’s meant  
to taste like so in our case real vanilla and real  cocoa this is also why we added a small amount of   MCT powder and coconut oil powder to soften the  texture of pea protein most plant-based proteins   contain something called a mask to help with  the overall flavor and texture which is labeled  
again Under the Umbrella natural flavors but my  manufacturers couldn’t actually tell me anything   about what was in them like zero clue fully  in the dark and yet so many companies use them   again totally safe but it just doesn’t sit well  with me that I couldn’t Trace those ingredients  
back I never drink protein powder with just  water especially plant-based protein it is just   generally so so bad and like you guys saw we tried  so many and some were really rough but this one   is designed to taste amazing all on its own it’s  so so creamy and of course for more sea cheating  
Mealer snack I love it in a shake with some fruit  and nut butter so if you guys are ready to try   something new head on over to new to  be one of our first customers and pre-order yours   today as with all supplements do speak to your  healthcare provider for adding anything to your  
healthare routine but honestly guys I’m so excited  to hear what all of you guys think this has been   such a journey and I cannot wait to take you all  with me and I feel like we need to celebrate with   something a little bit stronger than protein  where do they keep the wine in this place

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