Love, Lies & Breakups – Actor Siddhant Chaturvedi in Conversation with Sadhguru #Under25Summit

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okay [Applause] sick man make some noise for my brother thank you sick how are you when you're 25 your own experience of life every cell in the body uh literally orgasmic what's your take on casual relationships hook up means one way or the other you're trapped how do you deal with uh makeups you were talking of hook up now you're talking breakup sorry a problem [Music] uh as you know uh this year was not made for me [Applause] so guruji uh as you know so my first question is uh don't talk all Hindi man we are South Indian [Applause] so I want to ask you how uh important is it to be truthful in life and uh always you know one always speaks the truth to oneself and two people around say uh if every day you are with new set of people you can tell whatever lies you want to tell but if you want same people to be around you build a community build strong relationships with people if you are not truthful nobody will stick to you so do you want to have profound relationships in life or do you want to have just flaky flicky hi hi bye-bye kind of stuff it depends on that but if you're not truthful one thing is people will fall off another thing is to tell one lie just just try right now try to say something which is not true to me you will see you'll need anywhere between 10 to 100 thoughts to generate One Life to tell truth if I don't remember I'll ask hey what was that no burden on me people ask me how is this you know probably most people here do not know the number of projects across the world we're running how do you run all this is it not burdensome is it not stressful because we have seven days of the week 365 days this is my 40th year of being active like this so but I'm under 25.

sure so how do you do this this is because my head is empty I don't have to say anything other than what's true so you don't have overwork to generate a lie you have to overwork especially when you want to lie to yourself you have to do too much work and when you want to lie to other people a lot more work if you have to lie to 10 different people many many fold it gets compounded so being truthful is stress-free and people will be with you so speaking from my own experience I was uh uh till I was I think 21 uh I was lying to a lot of people mostly my relatives that I'm doing chartered accountancy and that was quite stressful uh uh because I really wanted to connect that provision it's okay [Applause] said that I'm going to be a lawyer so so that's like kind of sheltered my belief because if I went on speaking the truth to uh everybody like my friends and relatives that you know I want to be an actor I was like how is that possible you're like from a you know middle class family it's it's very difficult for you so people start demotivating you to protect myself I started lying except my parents they they knew I want to be an actor uh uh but other than that I was lying on it I think it kind of has worked for me uh till now so so what's your perspective on that uh that's a camouflage okay that's a camouflage in some situations to survive maybe you'll have to wear a camouflage but if you told them you're an actor and when they started all kinds of their own advices it was there was a whole lot of opportunity for you to act yeah you could have practiced on them instead of that you acted like you're counting numbers yeah [Laughter] uh so uh so when you were trying to find me I'm not a boss of something okay so when you were 25 uh what were the challenges that you faced uh you know were you like as confused as um like how I was or I think a lot of people at that age are like you know figuring out because there's so many options there's so many professions back then it was Doctor engineer lawyer chartered accountant but now there are so many things you know uh influencers bloggers so what was how are you when you were 25 did you know that the purpose of life well uh when you're 25 why any damn thing is a challenge I don't understand hello when you become 85 it's a challenge to get it from your bed it could be a challenge 25 what is the challenge I did not know what's the challenge and uh I did not want to wanted to become any of those things that you said doctor engineer account and this one that one I did not want to become any of those things so I had no concerns so uh you know my father being a very uh very academically very competent and uh being a physician he always worried you're not educating yourself for anything in particular what will you do I said see if I educate myself for something particular I'll have to do that particular thing if I don't educate myself for anything particular I can do whatever I wish and that's how I'm living even today doing whatever is needed around me I just do it you don't need qualifications you just have to have a learning mind that you don't stop looking at things with wonder you don't stop looking at things with the necessary attention the big problem with education is right from kindergarten they give you marks they give you rewards for your memory nobody gave you any reward for your attention hello but now you have a smart friend in your pocket that guy has more memory than you yeah machines have much much more memory than you now what are you going to do you thought you had this much memory and you were great see people read five books and they become professors somebody reads one book and they become agents of God [Applause] so now your phone can read all the scriptures on the planet all right so what do you do it represents all the gods that you can imagine it just knows everything that you do not know chat GPT so I'm saying that once you and the chat Deputy is even writing poetry on me yeah [Applause] [Music] because this is very important uh in terms of what we do in our life memory will allow you to survive it made you look Smart in a classroom but out outside in the world you may be nothing in a classroom you look smart because you remember the damn textbook I never read it so I did not remember it because human attention is the most valuable thing human attention is capable of opening up any door in the universe but your attention has to be Keen enough I must tell you an example you definitely have heard of Andrew Carnegie when Carnegie in 30s in the 20th century he was making a lot of money when I say a lot of money not like today's zuckerbergs and masks everybody talks in hundreds of billions of dollars not that kind of money but for those days much more money than anybody else was making so the U.S government became little suspicious that how can somebody make so much money in a short while he must be doing something wrong so they set up a a group of congressmen to investigate this so after investigating they didn't find anything wrong so they questioned him is how are you making so much money he said I can keep my mind focused on something up to five minutes can any of you do it I said what's a big deal five minutes so he set up a test for them most people who are congressmen elected representatives they couldn't keep their mind focused on something for 10 seconds he said you should not be running United States I'm telling you this is what it is whether tomorrow you take up a job or you start a business or whichever way you want to conduct your life I don't think everybody has to do those things but the important thing is you as a life should become full-fledged that is the most important thing because this is all the aspiration of every life a mango tree wants to be a full-fledged mango tree an ant wants to be a full-fledged ant an elephant wants to be a fulfilled elephant an ant is not trying to be an elephant mango tree is not trying to be a coconut tree but they want to be full-fledged every life every moment of their life they're full on wanting to become full that longing is there in us also but we have a little problem because for every other life nature has put two lines so we know what is the top line but with a human being there is a bottom line but there is no top line so this is the confusion of the human being whatever you do it feels like you have not done enough and that's great so if this has to happen what is needed is a very keen sense of attention not memory memory will make you smart only in a classroom if somebody has little more memory you feel dumb but attention opens doors attention is needed but today people are carrying attention deficiency like a metal on their shoulders which is a very sad thing I want all of you youth to do this one thing that you must do some process we can help you if you want that you must learn to pay attention to something whatever it is it doesn't matter what you pay attention to if you pay enough attention to something life becomes profound thank you so from that uh picking from that uh uh what's your take on uh relationships like um a lot of people uh today are finding it difficult to be in a you know long-term relationships uh the hookup culture or the Casual uh uh culture is kind of you know on the increase where uh you know the focus is more on their careers but not on their partners and yeah it's how how do you deal what's your take on casual relationships say uh first of all the word relationship first of all don't consider uh you know condense it to just one point that only if it's body based relationship it's a relationship well you can have relationship with just anybody hello don't you have a relationship with your parents siblings friends neighbors different types of relationships to fulfill different aspects of Life all right now uh maybe when you're under 25 relationship means only one thing well what's that guy saying [Laughter] so if you're talking about body based relationship well you must understand uh when you say hook it is talking about somebody's hooked mean somebody's trapped isn't it hook up means one way or the other you're trapped so whether you want your relationship to be a trap or you are setting the trap for somebody else or they are sending the trap for you both ways it's ugly for human beings to live like that it's a traveler hook means a trap isn't it I must tell you can I tell you a joke about hook what hook can do yeah this happened this happened in Ireland and one day a pirate entered the bar he was a classic pirate one wooden leg eye patch and he walked in and one hand was gone he had a hook instead of a hand he had a hook so uh the barman served the drink respectfully because he's a pilot you know generally criminals are more respected than any anybody else in the world because they demand that and he said Jack what what happened to your leg last time you were fine ah nothing I was just uh in a fight with Her Majesty's Army and they chopped off my leg but no problem my ship Carpenter fixed up I can fight I can dance no problem I have a wooden leg then after sometimes having the second drink the barman asked but uh what happened to your hand ah we were fighting with the Dutch and the idiots don't know how to handle a sword instead of hitting my sword he hit my hand and uh no problem my blacksmith fixed up a hook it works quite well better than the hand because after all I have to fight hook works better than the hand then after serving the next drink he asked but what happened to you I oh that a bird you know I was looking for the Stars early morning and a bird pooped in my eyes a bird poop took out your eyeball no no the folk was new you know so when the hook is new these things happen you better watch out so uh I've seen you do a lot of uh you know high-speed uh biking uh jumping from Planes you know there's so much of like uh adrenaline in you how do you keep yourself um like you know calm when you want to like what's what's that control what's that switch uh adrenaline is a wrong word for me because for example if I'm riding or driving the faster it gets the calmer and cooler I become wow okay because for me it's a question of attention in all these years of driving I started writing when I was 12.

in all these years I've never gone and hit something yet I'm being fat okay yeah because I have been hit from behind I mean hit from side this and that has happened but I have never gone and hit something well when I was riding with a carvery calling some Bangalore actors you know the kannada film actors they were all riding with me and they said satguru when your what is one rule that you follow when you're writing I said there's only one rule for me I'm not thinking of anything traffic rule this that there's only one rule never collide with anything this goes for your life also never get into Collision Course with anything because generally it ends there you know so when we were talking about being late I was telling siddhan see everywhere else in your life you must be on time one place I encourage you to be late to is your own funeral you must be late rest of the time if you practice being on time then you will see you can afford to be late that's true at that one event you must be late so uh I don't get adrenaline like that I become very calm because see if you run an adrenaline adrenaline what it means is you're still in the basic instinctive state of flight and fight response there is something called fight or flight response the here adrenaline pumps up and the whole system goes crazy there is another way well uh these kids will like it uh Bangalore Bengaluru [Music] so uh you know like now there's a lot of scientists some top scientists from the Harvard Medical School have been along with the Rutgers University Florida University Indiana University they've been studying the inner engineering practices what it does in the last four years what they found one of the things I'll tell you it's an elaborate study this is the most unbiased gene expression study that's happened in the world till now about these aspects what they found was that with just about 40 days to six weeks of practice most people are generating over 70 percent higher uh endocannabinoids within themselves and it lasts up to two years they've been studied and for two years they're generating endocannabinoid that means they're all stoned all the time just like me now uh right now you think you have to go in search of a plant and a lot of people are making the plant sacred and this and that and you must listen to what this Israeli scientist who researched you know very profoundly about this said he found an endocannabinoide which which makes your whole experience of life every cell in the body literally orgasmic because the amount of endocannabinites that are being produced by simply doing a simple 21 minute practice is higher than what happens in a sexual orgasm so if you sit here you're blown away all the time so this is well established we always know this but you know it has to come from the West it has to come from Harvard so you got it you must look up these reports we will be publishing this in a big way in the coming year because we are more we are starting a global movement called conscious planet where mental health is one of the biggest issues this can be addressed from within if you generate in enough endocannabinoids you will naturally not be depressed you will naturally not be anxious you will be fine so this Israeli scientists said this who gave this name to one of the important Endo cannabinoids is on and the mind he said entire body has cannabis receptors this is not here for you to go looking for a plant this is here because your system is capable of generating this this is the most complex chemistry on the planet if you manage it well you will create the chemistry that you want if you are a good manager of this chemical Factory you will be blessed out if you are a lousy manager you will be anxious I know a lot of people will get at me now he doesn't know what is anxiety he doesn't know what is depression yes I don't know I'm telling you very proudly I do not know it's my vision my blessing none of you should ever know what it is wow so that question is how do you deal with uh breakups you were talking of hook up now you're talking breakup sorry a problem this is this is what no this is what I said when you have a book for a hand you will pull out your eyeball one way one day or the other so you if you're living a hookup life breakup is natural hello how else because you must understand to build a profound relationship with somebody you have to you have to drop something of yourself otherwise it's not going to happen never gonna happen when I say A profound relationship it see you don't understand it's it's just between two sexual partners or husband and wife not like this to build profound relationships it takes a certain amount of transparency of Who You Are that people can trust you people can rely upon you above all they have to see that you are something worthwhile they have to see that you are worthwhile for them to invest their lives in you otherwise who the hell will do that if you don't do this then hook up breakup nonsense going on it all looks see right now your intelligence is hijacked by your hormones so you're talking one language but after some time or why let's go back why go forward let's go back when you are four or five years of age if your parents are in hookup mode would you like it hello you really enjoyed a stable family right if they were hookup breakup would you like it no once again it will happen once you cross your under 25 if you cross 40 once again you will see that you enjoy profound relationships not hookups and breakups so we should wait till 40.

No I didn't say that uh I'm saying it is up to you when you mature when you become a mature approach to life is up to you will you do it at the earliest so that you live a beautiful life or will you do it on your deathbed that's your choice how does one know uh their worth like sometimes when you're in love uh you go out of the way you do things for somebody uh and you're giving 100 but that person takes you for granted uh and you know that that feeling of uh not being you know valued in a relationship uh and so should you continue that should you uh you know give up on that how do you know your worth like how how do you fix that yeah see you're misunderstanding a transaction for a love affair a transaction is how much I have given you how much have you given me every day I am measuring I give you 10 Rupees have you given me 10 rupees worth of stuff or no this is a Marketplace if your mind is a Marketplace you will always think in terms of how much have I done how much will he do endlessly go on in Karnataka there is a saying I hope all of you still know some kannada [Applause] here it is said that means you know in India we have this when somebody dies it's a honor to carry four people will carry the dead man but even in that there will be one guy who'll simply walk like this without carrying the weight these people will not know life they think they are in profit but they will never know life you may make you may take some Advantage out of each other but you will never know the Beauty and the sweetness of life if you don't give yourself absolutely not not being bothered about what the other person does because see right now you are loving somebody they are not here but still it's beautiful for you that person is not loving you that beauty is not there in their hearts and Minds yes or no so I want you to understand the beauty of A Love Affair is you are in love whether there or not is their problem if you are in love it's fantastic for you huh essentially Human Experience happens within you yes or no yes sir it happens within you so you have your emotions emotion is a very important part of your existence because of this silly school education that you're getting do you think emotion is not important but even today most of your life is decided by the intensity of your emotion you may think you're very intellectual but still your anger or your love or your anxiety or whatever nonsensical emotion you have is much more intense stronger and more decisive than your thought process for most people well people get elected into office because of other people's emotion yes so emotion is a very juicy part of your life and that is one thing that you can drive up to high intensity to rev up this body to a very high intensity takes a lot of work a lot of work if you want to rev up your energies it takes a lot of work if you want to rev up your intelligence or your intellect to a very high intensity takes lot of sharpening and work but the emotion is something that most people are capable of living it up to high pitch only thing is they may be revving it up in the wrong direction in an unpleasant way their emotions are unpleasant that's their problem keeping your emotion Pleasant see people who are in love people who are devotees of something they have the best experience of life because their emotions are sweet doesn't matter who's doing what your emotions are sweet your experience of Life is Beautiful once your life experience is beautiful all the other concerns are just play all right you can play so you being in love is important somebody is in love or not I am loving so much are they loving me that much or this much if you think like this you have made your entire life transactional in transactions you will gain ones and lose another time endlessly trouble and never wall in this calculation you make your life very ugly to be with people without any sense of what will I get you do not know the joy of it it's tremendously exhilarating because when you don't care what you get life becomes very easy and you're free you're you're not enslaved to the transaction so there is no breakup in your life people may go in different ways but there is no breakup people ask me satguru have you ever been heartbroken no I consciously cut it into millions of pieces and threw it around the world so because I don't have one I can't break it so uh in this day and age of social media where uh you know uh you know couples are putting up pictures of how cute they are you know our people are you know kind of uh putting their avatars you know on with filters on uh seeking validation for each and everything so how do you know what's real and what's not where uh people are hooked onto their phones all the time and um how do you differentiate how do you trust anymore anything which you see oh well your confusions will multiply in the coming five years because technology is getting to your place exactly between real and the virtual you can't make out yeah so uh see people are talking about virtual reality all right I want you to understand right now what you're seeing here is also virtual reality you are not seeing it the way it is you are seeing it the way it's projected in your mind so whether it happened through a machine or through your own you know visual mechanism what you're seeing is virtual reality even now okay so this is what this whole culture this whole nation has is has been so invested in searching for truth means just this they want to see everything the way it is they want to see everything the way it is and this is the whole effort search for truth means this what is there to search for truth everything is right here but you are seeing it as it is necessary for your survival you are not seeing it as it is if you ask a gross grasshopper he has a completely different view of everything hello completely different view because his visual mechanism is totally different so if you don't see things the way they are then you will never get to do life with ease with joy because always there is concern when you're not seeing properly every step is a challenge isn't it so suppose you cannot see properly is every step a challenge every step in life to be a challenge today this has become the mode particularly in the west and of course the Bengaluru boys and girls are picking it up that is if you're a toddler you have a diaper problem you become a adolescent you have hormonal problem are you middle age it's a crisis old age is horrible what is good then death is the only good thing this is what is happening to the world because we are looking at in a very transactional way and we do not know what is real what is not if you will love me hello sir because you are the Superstar they all come if you allow me a little more this is simple see none of you whatever form you have right now none of you were born like this am I right hello you are not born in this shape and size slowly it happened how did it happen I think more pizza than rage these days wrong thing to eat this is the year of the Millet you know so whatever you ate slowly accumulated [Laughter] before he goes so uh this is an accumulation what is an accumulation anything that's an accumulation you can claim it is mine right now but if you say it's me little crazy isn't it right now I'm using this microphone I said this is my microphone all right but because I am speaking through this after some time if I start believing this is me crazy or no anything that you gather can be yours can never ever be you yes or no you had your cap your phone your clothes is it you or yours yours it's yours it's not you now I'm asking about your body is it yours or is it you hello it's yours what about the mind this is also an accumulation isn't it when you were born you didn't have this slowly you accumulated impressions this is an accumulation of food this is an accumulation of Impressions but after some time you've gotten so entangled in these two called physiological and psychological processes you now you do not know what the hell you are once you get lost in this physiological and psychological mess however pretty your body is however sharp you think your mind is who once you're lost into something that you are not you cannot see life the way it is nor can you experience it the way it is at every point in your life you think this is it two years ago later you look back and see that was stupid now this is it hello has this not already happened by your by the time you're 25 hello happened or no when you're five years of age you thought that bicycle that you wanted was everything if I got that one bicycle life is settled how many things have happened since then every Point you're thinking this is it and realizing that is not it so do you want to spend your life like this and you sit on the death bed and realize this is not it that's late hello that's really being late so investing some amount of time to turn inward to just figure what is the nature of my life this is not don't think this is oh he's teaching us something spiritual this is fundamental see you bought your phone should you read the user's manual in the first three days or after three years when you're discarding it when should you read it as soon as you get it you must read it at the earliest possible time if you want to use this phone to its fullest the same goes for this if you do not realize the fundamentals of what this is earliest in your life then you will see at every stage in your life you will say this is not it people think if they have a job if they have a steady salary and maybe a partner or children or home or car they think they are having a wonderful life but just look at their faces they are driving their dream car and they are stuck in the traffic are they laughing in joy are they extruding Bliss that in my dream car I am sitting and the traffic is giving me more time to sit in my dream car they are just abusing themselves and everybody else and the Creator hello so I am saying their idea of Wonderful Life exists only because somebody else doesn't have those things if you are enjoying things that other people don't have I don't call this Joy I call that sickness hello you enjoy what others don't have sickness or no this happened just before I started off on the safe soil moment I was in United States revving up the media and stuff so there was one young man just over 25.

24 25 I think he's he's behaving like his tail is on fire the heck what's happening to you what are you doing here I want to make one billion dollars one billion dollars I said that's all you come tomorrow morning I'll give you a billion dollars really you'll give me one billion I said yeah he had eight friends with him I said see these eight guys who have not said a word they were just sitting there these eight of your friends I am going to give them 10 billion each but why sad Guru 10 billion for them only one billion family right deity just now you said you want only one billion that is your life's ambition now because they're getting 10 you're getting miserable this is the way of transactions thank you I mean I can go on and on uh there's so many questions I mean and I'm sure you guys also have a lot of questions so uh let's open up to uh the audience if you guys have any we need a mic there overthinking I heard overthinking somewhere overthinking there's no such thing as overthinking over speeding nothing like that this is in the language of the policemen and parents you should think as much as you can what's the problem only problem is your mind is getting hot mind is getting hot not because of overthinking because there is too much friction there no lubrication no proper engineering it's not properly aligned now that you're talking about overthinking I must tell you last week I rode from coimbatore to Bangalore on my motorcycle oh I came away ahead of the security and stuff because you know security travels at a certain speed so I got here from coimbatore to Bangalore in just over four hours but your Bangalore City everybody is such a bad driver foreign we need to do some driving training because it took me two and a half hours from electronic City to devanahalli and my engine overheating that motorcycle is not made for that kind of first gear riding overheating and seizing 30 times my engine seized from there to here why I am saying this is if you're well aligned if you are well aligned and well lubricated this can think at any speed that you want I must tell you this this may be little hard and some of course the Troll Army will get at me let them do it because they also need some profession they don't have any obviously uh is this at any given time on an average I have 12 to 14 channels going in my head all the time I don't find it burdensome because I wear it little loose I am not stuck in it your body your physiological process and psychological process either you can make it into stepping stones for you or you can make it into quicksand where you sink in and die right now most human beings uh I don't want to say percentages because it will be insulting most human beings are suffering their own physiological processes and their psychological processes their own intelligence is hurting them a lot you call this stress you call this anxiety you call it whatever essentially your intelligence is turned against you yes or no if your intelligence is working for you will you make it beautiful or horrible for yourself you must tell me only three people [Applause] please commit yourself to that that you will use your intelligence for your well-being and everybody's well-being the moment you know how to torture yourself with your own mind only Advantage is you may get employment in hell because you will be good at torturing others also you may be very good at it because if you can poke yourself endlessly and suffer you can also do it to others very easily isn't it this is one thing you must do before your before you cross 25 I am saying this not just because you're under 25 because for me things happen when I was 25.

my realization happened when I was 25 after that I have never had a single concern about what about me because that concern is gone no matter what this is how I am so what is the concern you must settle this that your mind will never be an impediment in your life or you will not be an impediment in your own life now there are many challenges outside but if you yourself are a problem in your life you can be a problem in somebody else's life but you can't be a problem in your own life that is dumb stupid isn't it hello so this is a simple way to test is if you come we'll provide right kind of atmosphere but you can do it at home also three days no phone no television no book no looking out the window just simply no sleeping sit alert night you can sleep daytime you simply sit alert just see what your mind does to you you will not need any psychiatric diagnosis you will know who you are you must do this if you sit here you're joyful by your own nature now if you hook up you will be joyful if you break up you will be joyful all right but if you are not joyful why you are hooking up is you want to squeeze joy out of somebody that is a measurable job that is a miserable job you are joyful because Human Experience is generated from within yes or no Human Experience is generated from within and if you make sure your mind never troubles you there are simple tools for this Veranda 25 we can offer it in a certain way but you must come in a committed way people are asking me satguru it costs money it doesn't cost money at one time we thought it free then they're behaving like in a bad movie they go on whenever they feel like it they go out and smoke and they come back whenever they do well you must understand nothing significant in your life will ever happen to you with it without the needed attention do you agree with me hello without intense attention anything significant in your life will not happen you will live a very innocuous life without any profoundness to it without anything because whatever you do it must impact action should impact isn't it do you want to let's say write a book that nobody wants to read you must say yes or no no sir do you want to make a movie that nobody wants to see we are doing that but not anymore this is not a confession it's okay act man do you want to cook something nobody wants to eat do you want to post something that nobody wants to see no because the purpose of action is how impactful is it the purpose of our existence is how pleasant and how significant it is your experience of life should be profound and significant then naturally your actions will be impactful without investing on your experience if you try to impact it gets flaky three days you're able to do that after that you're gone so it's very very important that you invest upon this one a sufficient amount of time so that if you sit here nobody is here you sit here it is profound and pleasant your experience of yourself once this happens keeping people away will be a problem having people around you will not be a problem oh we have questions yes hello [Music] I'm fidget I have a question for you what do you want to say about people who are stuck between relationship and friendship [Applause] what is that what is that friend zone friend zone sir stuck between relationship and friendship friendship is a relationship isn't it this is why now you're doing hahu because in your mind somewhere relationship means body should rub each other give the top relationship means you can hold a wonderful relationship with anything not just human beings with anything if you have a dog you can have a beautiful relationship with the tree you can have a beautiful relationship with the very space that you live in you can have a beautiful relationship actually you have most of the time but now you're reducing that word to a simplistic hormone based contact that is a small aspect of your life when you're under 25 it looks like it's the biggest but it is not so big it is important it is a part of our life but we don't have to see anything if you exaggerate either because you illogize it or you demonize it both ways it gets exaggerated if you exaggerate something then you are impaired like right now let's say I came here maybe this stage is six feet high but I look down and I think it's 100 feet now even if the stage catches fire I won't jump because I think it's 100 feet it's extremely important to see everything just the way it is only then you can address life for what it is otherwise you're addressing a psychological reality which doesn't exist something that you made up something that you made up you're trying to address that what you have made up need not be addressed what you have made up for fun you can wind it down whenever you want but if if there is no friendship there is no relationship and how can you say I am your friend but we are not in any way connected connect relation means connected right there was a time in English language when you say relation means them blood relatives because at that time people believed unless you're my brother you're my sister my Aunt my something I cannot be connected with you your religion your caste your clan will not allow me to have any kind of contact only if you are this your relationship otherwise I have no relationship this was the understanding of the past now you've gotten into your worst block your idea of a relationship is you must be horny about somebody otherwise you don't have a relationship what is that that's very basic huh hi uh thank you for your time both of you I think it's been a great session uh I have one question uh Mr satguru what's your take on same-sex relationships same gender relationships see once again you're going to the same thing you misunderstand relationship as body based relationship can be emotional can be intellectual can be in many different ways just thinking that relationship means you must do something with somebody else's body is a very basic thing drop that and grow beyond that you will become over 25 shortly here yeah this is Gokul uh first thing first thank you for opening a Serenity and peace oh in Bangalore through Isha yoga Foundation [Music] have you visited the place [Music] [Applause] visited not in Bangalore in Bangalore you must go all of you you should work to make this happen why we are doing this is say I am not essentially I am not a real estate person I avoid building but we have to build now because my real estate is in the minds and hearts of people around the world I don't believe in building things like that but at the same time what we are seeing is today many scientists neurologists talking about this psychiatrists are speaking from the stat statistics that they have World Health Organization is talking about it that there will be a mental health pandemic how many of you you okay or you all agree that means what you're already there anyway it doesn't matter what I am saying is what a pandemic means is three years ago nobody knew the meaning of this word but today we understand pandemic means among these few hundred people if 25 people have some problem by the time we leave this place all of us will get it that's a pandemic now mental health pandemic means that means just about everybody will get it the recent stats uh that has been uh you know published by the CDC uh in the United States which is Authority on these aspects they are saying among the teenage girls one in every three is depressed see a teenage girl means when we were growing up they were simply bubbly and giggly for nothing they don't need any reason simply they'll be but now they're depressed this is not good that is an age when you know life is at its highest level of exuberance this is not an age for depression later on due to many things some people may unfortunately fall into that but now teenage girls one in three hello one in three is a disaster isn't it it is not an ailment it's a large-scale disaster already so this will increase it is expected by 2032 it is possible that nearly over 40 percent of the world's population could be on psychiatric medication it is expected hope we don't go there if somebody's plan or projection I don't know all I am saying is so as a part of this in 2024 we are launching a movement called conscious Planet because the only thing that's missing in a human being is this a few things I will say if you agree with me you say yes if you say if you don't disagree with me you say no you're free to say whatever do you agree with me no matter what kind of a dumb idiot you are still you are the most intelligent creature upon this planet [Applause] do you agree with me as a human being you are the peak of evolution on this planet are you looking at somebody next to you and thinking no [Laughter] do you agree with me you are the flower of evolution really on this planet this is the height [Applause] but human beings are right now in a state where they don't know how to handle their own intelligence the reason why this is happening there are many reasons one important thing is our education systems are busy teaching us how to take charge of something but if you have not taken charge of this everything is dangerous isn't it if you drive a car it's dangerous if you're not in charge if you drive technology it is dangerous science is dangerous most dangerous things are happening out of best things in the world the highest the peak or The Cutting Edge of Science and Technology are becoming bombs and missiles and nuclear weapons and stuff why simply because we have not taken charge of this one how to keep this one I'm asking you a simple question if you are feeling very happy you're blissed out right now do you feel like punching somebody in the face really happy what that is drunken happiness if you are sane and you are happy do you feel like doing harm to somebody only when you are miserable you want to share it when you're feeling frustrated miserable angry you want to do something horrible to someone but when you are feeling very pleasant you will not want to do any harm to anybody this is a fundamental thing like I was telling you about this scientific studies that are being done this is very simple if you are willing to invest a little bit of time for your own well-being you can make sure that you will never become mentally ill this commitment you must take in your life because you have this responsibility for yourself and everyone else who cares for you and everyone else that you care for yes don't you have this responsibility above all to yourself that you make sure you are not the issue in this world or you are not the issue particularly in your life right now human inability to handle their own intelligence is the problem people are going about talking you know the spread of all use of alcohol drugs everything spreading because people are just trying to be peaceful and Blissful that's all I am not looking at it in a moralistic way I am looking at it as a very low Tech no good way because you going and bowing down to a plant because you want to get little pleasure out of it is basic when you have such a complex chemical Factory here which can do anything that you want which can cook up what you want so it is possible to do this otherwise the only option will be somehow to slice a part of your brain out if you take away part of your brain everybody will be peaceful hello so essentially intelligence has become the problem I want you to clear answer is intelligence is a solution for everything or is it a problem it must be a solution human intelligence should be a solution for everything isn't it but right now we are if you say I am stressed you are making your intelligence into your problem if you say I'm anxious you are making your intelligence into your problem whatever else that causes unpleasantness within you means you are making your intelligence into your problem you must make this into a solution for yourself and the world around you this is where your ability to live it gets enhanced this is where you being human means something that you're a solution you're not a problem thank you very much I am telling siddhan that he must do a two-minute jig what do you think foreign foreign [Applause] Make some noise for my brother thank you sick thank you thank you so much guys thank you for all the love [Music] [Music]

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