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when I was about 20 years old the doctor couldn’t weigh me and I had to go get weight on a commercial scale in the back of a fish market and I was 540 pounds and that now I’m having way more loose cancer than I ever expected [Music] it’s one thing to be obese it’s another thing when you reach you know morbid obesity I mean I remember figuring out my BMI and heaviest recorded was like right around 70 so if there’s no category for that it’s beyond the category of the morbid obesity my name is John oler I am 27 years old and at my heaviest I weighed 540 pounds and today I am sitting at 237 pounds before skin removal surgery my whole family really struggles with weight weight management we were all obese you know I was about 380 pounds or so when my dad got sick I was 18 when he passed away from cancer between the time he got sick and a few months after he died I had shot up to to over 500 pounds I remember just looking at myself in the mirror and I remember just seeing how big I had gotten I was over 540 pounds at this time I assume and just thinking that I didn’t even look human anymore and maybe it would be just better if I was dead instead of trying to have this back and forth fight for the rest of my life because I’m never gonna lose the weight and I’m always gonna be huge and it’s just gonna lead to an early death and a painful funeral for my family anyway one Rosie I would join him go for a couple weeks pay for the gym for six months but never use it again you know and I bounced from diet to diet it was just years of trying and failing before something clicked for me the day that I really truly committed on a deep level to losing the weight and making changes was the day that I got engaged to Kaela I had known Kaela since we were 12 I’ve been in love with her since I was 15 we dated all through high school even though she loved me as I was and she was ready to commit to marrying me at 540 pounds which is mind-blowing really I was like there is no way that I can in good conscience drag this woman through the difficulties that I’m gonna have for the rest of my life if I don’t lose this weight I think a lot of people were surprised how close we were especially when we started dating because there was an obvious difference in and weight so a lot of people asked you know how did you get her I was scrolling Facebook and I saw an advertisement it was like a local gym that was like coming to our gym and you’ll lose 20 pounds in six weeks John came to our camp ten challenges ago it was just amazing the way he actually introduced himself and he created this amazing video getting rid of all the food that he wasn’t supposed to be eating so it’s like he was determined from the beginning to get you know like his weight goal I’m sorry if that’s kind of a long video but I figured this would be the only way to push myself to get rid of that crap and also to actually introduce myself to the group and not be shy [Music] [Music] honestly didn’t think he was gonna stick with it I didn’t expect to him him to get all the way down to like a healthy average person BMI wait-wait-wait I hit the twenty pound mark I think in week three or four so then it was just like okay well I’ll see what else I can lose like you know in the six weeks and I ended up losing just over thirty pounds he lost 297 pounds on the program itself for you know over a year and a half is incredible a lot of people will lose you know half that weight and just to be like you know I’m okay I’m fine I feel great so he has that willpower for sure so before I ever actually started losing weight we always knew that there was a good chance that I would have loose skin and my wife and I had talked about that before we even got married you know like okay but would you still love me if I had a note on a little skin it ended up being a lot more than I expected I think his loose skin affects them in a lot of different way it’s definitely self-image the surgery is just going to improve his overall quality of life I think he’s finally gonna feel like completely free like there’s not going to be any baggage from his obesity it’s I think three days away so it’s coming up quick so I’m simultaneously very excited and very nervous about the the surgery as far as the amount of excess skin that I have currently I have been told all different estimates as low as 10 pounds of skin as high as 20 or more I’ve been told that they think of this gonna amount to like 9 feet of skin at least 99% of it would be gone as far as like self-confidence and looking like a man and moving like a person should that’s all gonna be taken care of going into the surgery was all kind of a blur I just remember that I had to stand like a statue for like 20 minutes with my arms out while they like marked all over your body and do all the lines they were gonna cut I’ve been really impressed with seeing him from day one to two where he is now John is a great example of coming in and learning everything from the ground up and being able to push through whatever obstacles someone might face and I think that a lot of people are very inspired by this I still have a lot of swelling they say that 90% of that should be gone by about six months and that last 10% might take up to a year to go away Scotty patient and it’s kind of like the last piece of feeling like I really transformed my body and I really don’t have any specific you know cards that were dealt to me that are conducive to losing weight or being a good healthy weight and so I hon % can say like if I can do it anybody can do it you [Applause] [Music]

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