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oil-free stovetop granola recipe.
hey guys I am Nisa Homey and welcome back to my channel. today I am sharing two
easy and healthy granola recipes for weight loss it’s gluten-free, vegan, oil-free, and made with natural sugar. this granola is a super healthy snack not
just for you but for the whole family. this is a healthier option than
store-bought granola as it is made with whole grains and naturally sweetened.
homemade granola tastes so much better than store-bought granola and it’s much
cheaper and healthier than store-bought granola making them on the stovetop
makes it easier to make than in an oven, as it just takes roughly under 10
minutes to make it on the stovetop. this granola recipe is made without dates and
having a batch of this granola will make your life easier, especially on those busy mornings or you can have it as a quick snack on the go.
so let’s get started with the recipe.

I’m using a heavy-bottomed the cast iron pan
to make this granola you can also use an iron Kadai or a heavy-bottomed steel pan
once the pan is heated put the flame on the lowest and then add in 1/2 cup
rolled oats, rolled oats have more fiber and are less processed. do not use instant
oats for this recipe. add in 1 cup puffed rice and in one cup pour or beaten rice which
is also known as an aval in Malayalam. I’m using the thick variety of poha made
from red rice. on medium to low flame toast them on the Tawa and make sure
that you stir it on and off so that it does not get stuck to the bottom of
the pan. to know whether the oats and the poha have the toasted well, just take
few pieces in your hands and crumble it if it is crispy and crunchy then it is
toasted and once it starts to turn light golden brown, add in 1/2 cup
roughly chopped cashew nuts and mix well and continue to toast on low to medium

Also, remember to keep stirring on and off
remember that I am using a cast iron pan and it retains more heat than an
ordinary pan. now add in 3 tablespoons jaggery if you are making this for kids
you can adjust sweetness to your taste. Here I am using unrefined cane
jaggery which usually comes in this consistency, so I’m just scooping about 3
tbsp of jaggery. if you are using ordinary jaggery you can use 1/4 to 1/3
cup of grated jaggery or even up to 1/2 cup if you are making it for kids.

jaggery will start to melt with the heat and mix the ingredients very well
so that the jaggery is coated nicely with the ingredients. after about 2
minutes add in 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds. pumpkin seeds are rich in iron, zinc,
magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. they help to balance blood sugar levels, boost
your immunity, help to fight inflammation, promote better sleep, and
helps you reduce post-menopausal symptoms. add in 1/4 cup flax seeds, flax
seeds are full of healthy fats and fiber. helps to lower cholesterol, they are high
in omega-3 fatty acids, high magnesium, antioxidants, and flax seeds also
help in weight loss.

Add in 2 tbsp chia seeds, the essential fatty acids in chia
seeds boost metabolism and cleanse your colon. they are an excellent source of
antioxidants. the high omega-3 and omega-6 content in chia seeds help in
heart health. add in 1 tbsp cinnamon powder, cinnamon
helps to prevent blood sugar spikes, and they are a rich source of antioxidants
now mix everything well for about a minute or two and then switch off the
flame and add in 1/3 cup black raisins and again give it a mix and then
transfer it to another Bowl. now divide the granola into two parts the cinnamon-flavored one is my kid’s favorite and I like my granola to have some chocolate
flavor so I’m adding in about 2 tbsp raw cacao
nibs and the 1 tablespoon raw cacao powder.

Mix this well so that the
cocoa powder is nicely coated with the ingredients. add in 1/4 cup dried
strawberries. the chocolate and strawberries make a great combination
and they will also add some sweetness to the granola, though they may not be as
sweet as the cinnamon granola, you can adjust the sweetness to suit your taste. I
like the light bitter raw taste of cocoa. once the granola has cooled down
transfer it to a glass container and cover it with a tight lid and my oil-free
and healthy homemade granola is ready this granola can be kept at room
temperature for up to a month or even longer if kept in an airtight glass

you can store some granola in your office or even have a small batch
in your handbag so that you can snack healthy between meals. do try my version
of oil-free stovetop granola and stay away from store-bought ones which may be
loaded with preservatives, refined sugar, and unhealthy fats. if you like to see
more such healthy recipes please give me a thumbs up. if you are new to my channel
please click the subscribe button so that you can stay updated when I post
new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye-bye.

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