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So why don’t I go first sure all right.


It’s freaking cold Music.


What is your story? Who are you born and raised in Poland and from the first day I learned how to smile.


I just keep smiling cheerful and positive from nature.


Physical activity has always been a huge part of my life.


I was a cheerleader for the basketball and volleyball teams.


I love dancing, absolutely love dancing, and this was something wonderful that happened in my life.


I wanted to share this passion with others, so I’ve been leading a cheerleader team, my own cheerleader team Virgin Mini.


As you can see in the pictures. Then I became a fitness instructor and started to go into fitness conventions and even started to run classes with my clients.


It was very exciting and honestly, you have no idea about your body’s limits until you stand in front of all these people and face expectations, their expectations to smash the training.


You made my way to become a lawyer and, as you can imagine, it’s not very easy, especially at University, all the hours of studying and really hard work.


So I had to treat myself with chocolate and, as you can imagine, like students write a little about coal and stuff like that, so um things started to get complicated.


I come from a very simple and humble family in Sri Lanka.


I lived in a couple of countries: the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka, and now I have lived with Mara in Poland over these few years.


I’ve experimented with myself whether it might be drinking a shit ton of beer and eating greasy pizza at university.


I’ve tried being a vegetarian for a short amount of time.


I managed to qualify myself as a nutritionist.


I graduated from one of the best universities in the UK. I managed to become a national-level power, lifter and ultimately joined arguably one of the best investment banks in the world.


Throughout all that, I figured out one thing that I needed to re-engineer.


The way I supposedly dieted I removed the word diet and figured out what works best for me and that’s the biggest change.


I’ve accomplished this nutritional health journey that I’ve gone through over the last seven years.


That, in a nutshell, is Who I am, what made me change and take a step towards living a healthy lifestyle.


I think I was most confused and structured with no plan or strategy for how to tackle this.


I knew that I wanted to be healthy, but did I know what health meant I had hormonal acne skin allergies mood swings, and sugar cravings, which I couldn’t overcome the problem with binge eating and stubborn belly fat, which, whenever I managed to get rid of, I bounced back and that even worse, very, very fun, question to answer what made me change.


I thought successful right?


I work for a good company.


I had the money for what I wanted to do, but there was one thing that was missing that made me a question: do I treat myself and my body as effectively as I can and Anna am I the most productive version of myself the answer to that was a big, no, I was this Kinney fat kid who ate pizza and drank beer and sitting down on a corner of a hospital bed because of an eating disorder. It me am i filling the body with the right as if, if I was to drive a car choosing the wrong four would be mind-boggling for me with that thought, a journey of self-discovery club started, although the only thing that I was unaware wasof  How long and how enjoyable with that journey would be, and did you manage to change? How do you feel right now? This was quite simple.


I started to do things differently, making very small steps every day which felt very seamless.


I learned a lot about myself and my needs.


One day I realised what the hell had happened.


I was doing stuff for health purposes like eating organic whole foods, with no restrictions using eco-organic toiletries actively meditating for the first time, and trying different types of exercise.


Having a very balanced diet and as a side effect, I overcame all the issues I had.


I could rid of my acne.


This one was quite important for me because it started to affect my self-confidence.


I got rid of skin allergies.


I balance my hormones so no binge eat and skyrocketed sugar cravings. My weight is stable now and throughout the year and a half, I lost around ten pounds not trying to do so.


Don’t get me wrong with all the transformation things.



The most important part which has changed is not visible to you.


You can only see the difference, which is very physical, a few kilograms down less belly fat, but would actually for me what was most important and what is most important is that I feel different.


I think differently, I feel better with my mind my body with my thoughts.


I think I’m just more positive and I love my body in both these pictures I would never swap with anyone else, even if it would be possible, but definitely, then I was less healthy and less happy.


That is why the greatest advice I can give you is to just start wanting to be healthy.


Everything else will come seamlessly.


This was my secret for happiness, nutritious food, physical activity, moderation, and small steps.


How do I feel now, as I mentioned before, I feel I feel great in most instances. I have good energy levels and I have the thirst to learn I think those two things collectively drive a better version of any human being, but all you know four things helped me become a better version of myself.


The first thing that comes to my mind is self-confidence.


What I’m, trying to do in front of a piece of glass talking to you is trying to be is trying to sell the idea of what we’ve learned to you and help you grab that and become part of this community.




Just like that, when you leave self-confidence unattended, you naturally close yourselves to opportunities that might be out there so with a limited amount of knowledge, the most obvious choice was getting into the gym, so I started with a gym and then started to meditate then started to Cook and all of these little tools helped me become a confident version of myself whether it may be public speaking or standing up to someone at a bar and mixer and anger management.


There were certain things that a little comment from a colleague or a friend would tick me off, and it would drive me through two levels of lack of concentration, higher levels of stress and anxiety, and ruin the whole of my day.


However, how I managed to get through this challenge through meditation, not in 10 days, not by not by two years, but six years.


The toughest part was to build a habit.


I think throughout trying it for six years.


Only in the last year and a half have I been able to consistently do it every single day, with meditation as a tool, I’ve managed to control the anger thereby translating it into better areas of personal development and managing stronger and long-lasting relationships. Third, one’s mind with no care for mine and the body I abused the body I ate just enough to pass an exam or so that I could last a day I worked.


But when I came home I was completely drained.


All I wanted to do was pick up the remote turn on Netflix and just relax and fall asleep on my couch and with a sudden thought I felt like I was, wasting my life.


I need to do something about it, so not overnight, but over the last five years now I managed to wake up early in the morning, maybe 5, 00 or 5 30 in the morning, finding eight more hours during the day to do something and Use that time on other productive ventures other than my professional career.


Just to give an example, over the last year, we managed to pick up basic levels of Spanish start.


A YouTube channel, understand the basics of photography, animation, and video.


Editing learn: rollerblading travel, five countries tried cooking different things and enjoy the time with each other ooh, the last one, the most closest and the most effective.


I feel digestion does prove in fact that this links to all of the things that I shared before whether it may be self-confidence, whether it’s anger management, whether it’s productivity.


Have you ever heard the phrase that oh, if you’re hungry, you’re gon na, be angry?


The reason for this, just like with the majority of people, was misinformed, media the rush for us to become successful in our multitasking jobs, and little to no attention paid to our health, as I mentioned before, by completely ranging in the way I defined my diet. I moved away from food dependency to food independence and that for me, translated to eating Whole Foods nourishing my mind, and having a sustainable level of physical activity to become a better version of myself Music.


With all that said, what are your next steps? So what? Next? A lot it’s just the beginning and I never stopped.


I realized that, throughout my whole life, I was learning teaching, and helping others, and I just want to continue to do this, but no longer as a fitness, instructor or or even a lawyer YouTube is my new passion and first start after being reborn.


There is a lot to come yet in terms of personal growth, training, even harder, and learning to deliver all the stuff on this channel.


Probably I mentioned this before.


We are perpetual learners, so I hope you would like to join this journey and build with us a supportive community of healthy and happy people that’s an exciting question.


It’s an addiction, hopefully, a healthy and moderated addiction.


I’m pretty sure that people sitting around at work would disagree with me.


However, with all of this information that we’ve learned and implemented and found useful throughout the last few years, we want to continue to grow and share that information and build a community that would absorb that information.


Alongside you and with the hope that everyone treats themselves not with material possessions but with health and perspective – and we are going to – do our very best to connect those dots just for you. Thank you so much for watching and if you like this video, as always, please sum it up because we support our channel.


Thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video Music .

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