Prevent 90% of Diseases With These Two Things – Sadhguru

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Most people are under-worked
and they have ill health today. Health is life’s way. If you allow life to function fully it is healthy. Only by using this body, you can keep it well. The more you use it the better it gets. There was a young physician once. He went to his senior colleague and said – he had some problems with a
certain diagnosis of a patient. Then the senior colleague said,
“Oh nerves and vomiting, is it? Hmm?” “Yes but I don’t find any medical reason
for him to be having nerves and vomiting.” So, the senior colleague suggested,
“You ask him if he is playing golf. If he is playing you tell him to stop.

If he says, ”I am not playing” ask him to play. He’ll become okay.” Health is like that. Some people are overworked and they have ill health. Most people are under-worked
and they have ill health today. If you lived here on this planet 200 years ago, physically you would be doing at
least twenty times more activity than what you are doing right now; physically. Isn’t it? You would have walked to this place,
you would do everything with your hands, you would be doing a minimum of twenty times more
activity, I think I am wrong, hundred times probably.

Some of you two-hundred-and-fifty times. So, if you were doing that much activity
then I would have told you, “Take a break. Take some rest.” Now, the body has not been used. Only by using this body, you can keep it well. When you say health you are
talking about physical health. You must use this body. The more you use it the better it gets. A few years ago when we were a small
group of people here, I took them on a trek, So when we were walking, at that time almost six weeks before that, a naval helicopter
took off from Mangalore and I heard stories about it. I don’t know how far it’s true, people said there
were some important documents on the plane and things like that and I mean on the helicopter with
four senior officers… three senior officers and the pilot. The helicopter crashed into the jungle.

It’s very thick, Western Ghat -the mountains
and the jungle is very, very thick. And six weeks later they had not found the helicopter. So, a full battalion of the army was camped there
combing the jungle from one end to another to locate this helicopter and recover
whatever they had to recover from that place. So, there was a whole battalion of armed personnel, maybe about two hundred,
two hundred fifty people camped. And they were combing the jungles. They have been there for six weeks. So, when we walked in… we were like, we were
having problems cooking and everything because it was pouring rain and we had walked for a whole day and then we walked into this army camp and made ourselves into uninvited guests
because the food was smelling good.

And you know the value of food only
when you have used your body like that. If you walk twenty, thirty kilometers in a day, at the end of the day if you’ve not eaten
the whole day, you value food. So, we walked in and this officer was very generous,
he welcomed us and he was very happy to have us, the captain who was there. And one of the sergeants, in the Indian Army
they are known as hawaldar – what? Hmm? Havildars and this guy just looked at us
and he asked us, “Why are you walking?” We said, “Just like that, we want to walk.” He couldn’t believe it. Said, “Just like that? We are here for six weeks, we are just
waiting for when this damn thing will be over.

Every day we have to walk twenty, thirty
kilometers searching for this damn helicopter which we can’t find and you are just walking for fun?” He just wouldn’t believe us, “Is it possible
that somebody could just walk for fun?” Blisters in your legs and you know, he just couldn’t believe that. He doesn’t understand what he is doing as forced
exercise in the army is keeping him so healthy and well. Yes, he doesn’t understand that. So, health -one of the simplest things about
health is just to use the body. If you sufficiently use the body, the body
has everything to create health for itself. Does it mean to say, “That’s the only thing,
nothing else will happen to me, I will be perfect?” I would say, if we physically used
our body as much as we should, I would say 80% of the ailments on
this planet would just disappear; 80%. The remaining 20%, that, another 10% is
because of the type of foods that people are eating.

They change their food habit
-another 10% would disappear. That means only 10% of ailments would remain. That has happened because of a variety of reasons. One is karmic, another could be atmospheric and other aspects could have
happened in the system, which can be looked at. Out of all the sick people, if 90% of them
become healthy just by using the body and eating the right food, 10% could be easily handled. But now, the volume of ailments is so
big because we don’t eat properly or we eat very properly and
we don’t use the body properly. So, apart from this, there are other aspects to life. To put it very simply -as you exercise your body, if you just
do this (Gesture) 1000 times a day, just do like this 1000 times a day and after one month just see how
well your hand will work, nothing else. Just sit here and just do this 1000 times a day; after 30 days you will find your
hand works wonderfully well. If you do that with your brains… it will work wonderfully well in a month.

If you do this with your heart
it will work wonderfully well. If you do that with your life energies
it will work wonderfully well. When all these things work well, that’s health. So, you just have to use your body,
use your head and use your energies. If these three things are well exercised
and balanced you will be healthy. This happened to me once,
this is way back I am talking. This was just the second or third BSP,
Bhava Spandana program I was conducting and it was one of those little choultries where, you know, you had to run up the staircase
up and down any number of times because the arrangement was like that. I just counted that day, one particular day
I am teaching but I had to manage the kitchen and da-da-da everything. I went up and down the staircase
hundred and twenty-five times that day, and I felt very healthy at the
end of the Bhava Spandana. I am sure many of you who volunteered
in the Bhava Spandana programs have become very strong and healthy.

The sudden burst of activity may lay you down,
but if you build activity into your life, physical, mental, and energy -all these things if you build in, health will come. Your body is working well, your mind is working
well and your energy is supporting the two making sure nothing goes wrong. That’s health. Life is happening in full flow, that’s health. Health is not an idea; it is not a medical idea. The medical fraternity and medical knowledge
have become more and more essential because we have built very unhealthy lifestyles. Never before in the world has medicine had the
kind of importance it is having today, simply because we are becoming
more and more sedentary, so we are becoming more and more unhealthy. Hundred years ago, what a sixty-year-old
the person was doing physical activity, that much activity a twenty-year-old cannot do today. That means we are just weakening humanity.

Degenerate humanity we will
become over some time. So, you must use it. Health is not something that you invent. Health is not your idea. Health is life happening well. The life process is happening well, that’s health. Health is life’s way. If you allow life to function fully it is healthy.

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