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what was it for you whether it was a song that you heard something that you saw or a moment that kicked open the door to your mind and made you want to pursue music do you remember yeah Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel I was a kid in Chicago and they gave me a transistor radio it was a region CTR one which was the first transistor radio and it was a game-changer because it meant you could listen to what you wanted to listen to yeah and I so I tuned into the rock station WJJD at the time in Chicago WJJD Chicago and this came over Wow I went wow that’s what I went I love that what is that yeah so I had to get I got the record, I bought the 45 it’s probably like a dollar back then yeah I took it home and played it and played it and I was into Elvis and then I got into Gene Vincent and Carl Perkins and the Everly Brothers Johnny Cash and the whole rockabilly of the whole Sun Records Memphis sound and I went this is so cool I loved it and that was what started me that’s what got me going into music you

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