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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the sidemen visit the weirdest restaurants each team will be going to a very different restaurant to the others but it will be weird let’s see how the teams are gonna get to their restaurants all right the boys are off to the restaurant where are we going why what the hell is this this guy’s her weird restaurant hey guys welcome to Simon going to the weirdest restaurant I’m joined by no sidemen and we’re in Leon which is not the weirdest restaurant but yes here we go we’re about to go on the train and go to a weird restaurant let’s go the thing is we’re in Waterloo we’re in central London it can’t be that weird it’s a side Moon video it’s gonna be weird oh yeah you’re right actually is it actually it’s 11 on the top we actually have to move oh get in you get us first class yeah is it not first class for us what is this I wanted the window seats now by purposive deduction what team are we on for Harry and Danny no no no which is that good teams and bad teams well there’s like a little weird is that good or bad weird isn’t bad like I said we could be good weird is always good it is but is it good to have a weird restaurant hasn’t been a such thing I told you it’s been fun in it it can I will eat cats I’ll eat anything I don’t care I wonder what the other boys are up to right now nice what the [ __ ] is this Simon Simon where is yours why do I get [ __ ] on these videos where is what happened to the good holidays huh where’s that hey you don’t know what the hell is doing hey you’re probably checking in from one of the other teams well guess what we are the other team and we’re on the train aren’t we guys yeah come on what have we done on the trade oh wow that’s exactly what I’ve done we’ve been on the train now for about an hour an hour flat I don’t know how long we’ve got left but boy oh boy am I excited we might not even be in Hatfield we’ll just be picked up yeah I get you take it to your house what would be a weird mode transport uh his mum picking us up in the dinga in the dingo yeah yeah oh like a little like a duck boat one of those things like a bus but then it sounds licking it holy [ __ ] no this is cool there’s actually no seat Flats 30 by the way yeah we are all approaching 30 here wait does that there’s a whole floor but I thought they would at least be seats upstairs where the hell are we gonna eat this is supposed to be a restaurant no this isn’t the restaurant what’s the point of this this is to go to the restaurant well in that case this is no I just done yeah this is unacceptable I thought we were gonna eat like a takeaway in the middle of this thing wow we’ve just stepped foot in Birmingham as a big step view let’s go Birmingham how’s our jumping off a mountain yeah that big step how was that um yeah no tough mate uh we’re gonna have a paper airplane fight when we go out on the station loser has to Nosh off the chef what at the restaurant is it a man yeah I think so yeah oh no okay from here Ethan go oh lots of stinkers that wasn’t that great oh that’s cute oh Chris yeah that was awful for all three of us yes that was uh that proves why I’m in the side man is there a theme going on here or is this completely irrelevant kind of irrelevant oh that makes me happy oh oh I’ve got crap in my ass I’ve got a ass crap oh there’s a slime [ __ ] I’m going where the hell are these boys going go slamming go slam and go go salmon go Simon go keep going no that’s when you go no no go salmon go salmon go go salmon go salmon go oh my God bro you actually fly down it I don’t care if I’m 30 now I never got to do this as a child beagle Toby go go Toby you got Toby tell me no I think we are the one that’s not an actual restaurant I think we’re either having like a custom built thing or like a picnic a little picnics I’d love that yeah honestly I would take I would take an outdoor one oh Ethan you just got attacked did I oh boy golly I did bye golly what does it say it’s a location two minutes away let’s open it up are we walking this way guys we’re walking there the Cyber budgies you find this kind of thing appealing my wife find it appealing oh I gave it enough [Laughter] hard drives but I can appreciate it can you see the appeal [Laughter] right we’re at Hatfield station yes nervous at all it is a pink art for goodness sake oh I love it I think I love it Harry do you not like that it’s a pink horse and garage wait this gives me an idea all right wave give us a wave now to be fair if you saw grown men in here either hello hi yeah well I guess it’s just for us oh oh this is incredible can I go on the back very much oh wow wow this is the most Essex thing that’s my hometown unbelievable these things I just play FIFA all day I’m riding a hook well I’m not riding it oh we’ve got curtains it looks like a dog after it looks like you when you dress up on Friday nights and eat out of a bowl [Music] all right and we are out circus oh no we’re not going there have you been to Circus if this is strippers my girlfriend’s gonna [ __ ] this is this is a stripper that’s disgusting I want you to know how much I love this okay I’m happy for you thank you mate thank you very much welcome to the Simon experience yes sir on the road yeah [ __ ] off why they’re not fast enough huh how would they get it going they’ve got two horsepower [Laughter] give a little wave any radio or anything we just got to listen to this I feel like I’m on a school trip I really like it it is fun when you don’t know what’s coming that is the best yeah do you reckon they’re gonna make us think horse yeah I’m the horse you just rode first things first safety yeah yeah yeah yeah and how about you no I feel safe yeah and actually let me just have a look at the weight position here [Music] what was your name you really need to bring it in a bit if you’re watching and this is a strip club they never told me where I was going this is my apology beforehand so where’s this I knew it was a strip club I knew it was a strip club I told you no strip clubs that is that’s what’s separate trip on allegedly oh no Sam what is this Simon there’s three times I swear to God three of us it’s literally called Circus is this a strip club so as you can see coming to the left here we’ve got the Old Town Hall it’s been there for a couple hundred years and it’s kind of yeah pretty pretty busy uh pretty busy town hall lots of people lots of divorces yes uh second interesting fact boys oh first there’s a town hall the town hall you don’t drink or no no very good yeah that’s good I don’t either no I wouldn’t do that no no sometimes on the weekends yeah yeah you’re young though you’ve got to yeah you’ve got to stay fresh boys and one day you might actually achieve something yeah which would be good it’s not valid though well I’m excited because I actually am starving so I’m really a Viber state of McDonald’s oh yeah I like alcohol thank you my skin looks clear bro yo Toby drop the skincare routine if this is a strip club I’m gonna be filmed I like men okay stop at several Crossings probably yeah probably no no no yeah oh hello bonjour that’s a cute dog hello it’s Perry your son that’s a bit cheeky isn’t it how old are you now my darling like what yeah you see we’re very close cousins like married you’re allowed to do that now you’re always wearing Jersey oh really we’re not culture shaming I mean where I come from well I wouldn’t marry Perry you know even though he is really fit um [Music] Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe did you know that what does that mean everyone’s 23.

Um it’s not interesting it’s not good enough would you like to go younger [Laughter] that shows a lot about you Arthur knows a lot about the kind of man you are chopsticks sushi that means fish it doesn’t mean Sushi what does it mean what the hell are you are they gonna do with it no I have no idea stop thinking not well we’re not in bed as well I like the fact that we can see the kitchen though that gives me a bit of peace it’s a live audience would you ever do a sidemen live tour never ever if this video gets 3 million likes okay the sidemen are gonna do a one-off live show one time it ain’t getting three million likes bro yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s go fans out there the sign of day in Australia wherever you want to do it wherever you want to do it Australia all right well there we go three million likes wonderful live show in Australia oh I love strangers if your mother didn’t teach you about this week but like but you’re not you’re allowed to be nice to him isn’t it pretty nice people so far yeah all right that’s a bargain get yourself a force yeah is that what they take no they don’t eat their own Pumas it’s like these doors what are you wearing today cousin [Music] dog oh yeah yeah what are you wearing underneath that Perry you really you know there’s no need to be offensive he’s a good looking guy yeah I don’t know I said that um Harry okay my darling anything we can do about speeding this up my darling right another interesting fact my boys there are 35 miles worth of canals in uh in Birmingham which is actually more than Venice I’ve been lucky enough to go to Venice and uh I couldn’t I can assure you that this measured the canals yes I have Perry can you [ __ ] drive properly sorry sorry the menu has just arrived I got the menu for circus first thing I’m definitely getting is the prawn pork shoe May oh maybe the baby squid the salt pepper baby squid is this the light that lets you see if you have come on you yeah come on Cheers to everybody that is sat down currently eating their food wherever they might be I know everyone’s having a good time look at the squirrel on the house there’s a squirrel I love designs like that oh please can I recognize us the child done I’m not allowed to wave at children not really no Harry you can you see I was gonna say just put the handbrake on don’t need to don’t need to keep going with the clutch there you go man yeah good good job even just that small glimpse where he just turned around and looked at us just I know he’s got me breakdown struck by his Divine Beauty again did you yeah how do you clean a hairy puppy like this why does it feel so sexually fine I had to clean hairy puppy like this interesting young men I’m so sorry but this is just hairy Poppy’s shaved vaginas lost two words come from foreign [Music] oh man that’s for real I can’t do it man tentacles I can’t do it right I can’t eat squid it’s crispy it’s like I can’t do it bro you’re right oh yeah you’re not eating it I don’t eat calamari no no this is It’s like a crisp though like there’s no fish taste nothing I can’t do it I just know that it’s that so I can’t do it psychological thing so this is the easiest thing ever to eat as well ah right we’re eating good boys we’ve got the smiles you’re making people’s days man oh my God the pig whip it’s a pink whip that looks like there’s only two seats in it oh that is unbelievable that’s like from Thunderbirds look at that that is beautiful oh I want to drive it am I allowed to drive please not too young please for a car like that yeah look at this I think got back seats yeah no we got space in here the size of it look how long it is oh yeah what is it a Cadillac I love it and we’ve got some sort of new builds Council Estates that sort oh that’s really nice cool Harry is making this thing pearly it’s a bit too loud for me personally but you know we get used to it yeah oh God she’s vibrating all right oh yeah what would you consider the pride of Birmingham other than Perry smile I mean guys if you just have a lovely smile so it’s a pink themed day yeah it’s a pink thing though that’s called weird I didn’t say it’s weird as well yeah you’re ready for it yeah yeah a lot to load it like a Diet Coke in the sun it is not it’s very nice isn’t it you’ve surprised me going with a Diet Coke I told you because I’ve stopped the beers as much now I’m trying to anyway pretty ticklish who’s not ticklish but they’re actually not go on the floor not to call you bro we’ve done this before no no no no no that naked I got a spot yeah you’re going on about it’s a strip clubs that’s crazy because that spot is nuts what’s wrong with you do you feel anything by the way I genuinely think if there’s torture methods I actually like I’ve cried before for me and tickled too much in school but legit yeah it turned into sad crying like like you’re hurting I’m serious no no you know when someone does it too much you ever have that in school but like your mates up and you’re dying that never happened to me no hello there how’s it going if I buy one of these like Flapjack things do we have to go in the play park is that off limits okay I’m gonna take one of those thank you very much all right we’ll be quick we won’t cause a scene oh yes no Danny don’t break it don’t break it I’m gonna break it you might bro genuinely vibrate if this is gonna go you see the way Danny attacked that he was ready boys so your restaurant wouldn’t it [Music] [Laughter] the hair the eyes the jawline okay so we’re standing up now we can’t hide it I’d like to just be in there with him yeah I’d like to see what his parents look like did you know this is another fact everybody can’t move their penis without tensing their ass off you’re around another fact after hearing that everyone actually resisted actually resisted I didn’t it feels [ __ ] good to fine do you have a look in the mirror and just like make it back I ain’t got enough see the rubber is down baby well now the other guys get oh go on man that’s two specimens hey what do you want do you want to do this first because that looks tricky first that looks treacherous it’s going first on the slide all right go on you want me don’t go ahead man go ahead no this is calm you can sit down properly that’s okay it’s okay look at these phone ankles they’re coming out well you made oh Jesus Christ why don’t you come down that [ __ ] you know joking we can actually even get into this thing we can oh my oh my God it’s tired [Music] this is fine ah so how does this work what’s up Simon fans back at it again with another challenge what’s up Simon fans we’re back what I think we’ve got booking really yeah no [ __ ] [ __ ] Sherlock yeah okay am I just gonna type in got a book and your name’s gonna come up is it yeah stupid prick what’s the name uh my name’s Ethan is it yeah well done how about you um Chris what the [ __ ] are you wearing oh no what are you Arthur sayonara I don’t know if I should be worried right now I’m terrified by the way the fact that they’ve just brought that down means that something’s gonna happen bro we’ve just had a starter we have just had a starter we’ve had a starter and we’re about to see something [Music] [Music] thank you the blue light oh snap so I don’t know how he’s supposed to get hives like [Music] if our friends oh my God this dude this is a disaster yeah I’m stuck I’m crumbs that’s gonna break that’s gonna break that’s gonna break okay oh you have to do emoji oh is that challenge no promises I think so yeah right well if you do cry any of you make sure you get the toilets because nobody gives a [ __ ] about you or your tiny [ __ ] understood how do they know that as well all right go find a table empty table don’t give a [ __ ] which one have a [ __ ] time don’t [ __ ] bother me well not this way because I stood here aren’t I you stupid prick come on then say that I’ve waited years for someone to talk to Ethan like this I love it this is an adorable meal [Music] foreign [Music] die that was mad bro that was not free imagine that was your job just put your life on the line like that for three idiots who’ve just had to start yeah and now wondering what the other guys are doing what are the other guys doing good question holder it’s got some suspension on this thing oh this is oh yes oh [ __ ] speed right to the horses yeah a little bit a little bit yeah this is gonna be the angle of the day yeah a little bit more waves in this one I think when is it going down the road and seeing this she’s not even back she’s she’s smarter there’s that that’s that’s that’s not what you can’t wait that’s right darling it’s Danny Aarons shock to me I’ll be the very one [Music] fat pigeon there [Music] so don’t bother anyone else all right no one else gives a [ __ ] about you I’ll try my best what did I say you said uh don’t bother anyone else yeah and what’s my name [ __ ] I didn’t remember that bit exactly is Amber it’s Amber there we go oh wait drinking uh I don’t know yet well besides oh okay okay okay taking the first to do yourself I actually don’t mind that yeah I actually don’t [Music] have a delicious start oh you hear it sizzling oh yeah I wonder if the other guy’s food has come out soon nothing weird about this food I can promise you that this is him this is possibly right is this car older than me it’s 1959 said you wanna know how I can smell that his mom oh that’s not it he said that twice that was two times you said it’s a good smell that’s great I don’t care well there’s a dog I’ve seen a scarecrow in the world in years look at that you set me up to that one I literally allowed it so hard I’m gonna write a message for them underneath this yeah you [ __ ] stink that’s not gonna help yeah I don’t no no I don’t know if that’ll make no I don’t know if that will help the whole PSU [ __ ] stink no I I don’t know a little bit it’s funny because it’s true I’ve done it oh there you go can you recite them back to us just to make sure we get it right now please can you read please read it can you not read okay yeah but I’ll just write it why don’t you read it to the group then uh okay uh one Code Zero uh one passenger Karen uh one Karen packs a punch um PSU stick a good one that’s a good one we’re not getting any drinks now see everyone laughing at that joke yeah yeah yeah yeah and what do you need to say uh thanks and you [ __ ] snake it’s gonna be a long long day isn’t it I’ve just been told that the others uh Karen’s you’ve been there I have been to Karen’s I can tell you they are having a horrendous time I can only imagine the jokes being thrown Ethan’s way right now you wanna come here there it is happy birthday happy birthday Mumsy wait what’s your mom’s name happy birthday perhaps his mom happy birthday happy birthday editors make sure this stays in happy birthday captain [Music] all right boys all right get it I have a reservation here for Josh so that’s me yeah I reserve this for us okay nice we actually have some outfits for you to change into for yourself oh for goodness sake okay so um here you go I thank you appreciate it is there an ax elder please can we get some bread for the table bread for the table [ __ ] off got an operator ready I was gonna say is your name Karen but you said it earlier yeah yeah I introduced myself several times okay did you ask for one can I have a glass no it’s my cheeky bastard I panic too much I feel like they could do more communication in this business don’t you yeah oh she’s buying it yeah no no no no wait for the drink 30 seconds for the drinks we’ve got 30 seconds to write what you want no no no no no don’t ruin it no no look we need to give them the food and the drink so while together okay well you’ve got your drinks my dreams and your food have you got a drink uh yeah I’ll take the Karen pack to punch please right you’ve ordered your dreams it’s such a stupid Frick an audio drinks YouTube um so my drink the oh yeah okay because they didn’t have what I wanted so I think I’ve got to order my drink again right and right what you wanted you asked for a job we have fun guys yes compartment it’s got compartments speaking of we have outfits to wear nowhere we’ve been giving outfits no we don’t why are we putting them on now oh you don’t know about it my reservation I had um lovely oh you look stunning right let’s go this way I like getting Compliments are we gonna eat good oh thank you oh beautiful oh nice well thank you very much that’s all right right so we have a set menu for today oh there’s crayons but a restaurant for the ages my first meal chicken sweet potato pure this actually looks good though no no it’s got it so that the meals go up in age [Music] tastes okay we’ve got sides using how many pizzas though any pizzas like pizzas but mini and then Boomer boys it’s strawberry cheesecake oh fantastic thank you that’s what I mean don’t just don’t just suck it what is it oh my God it’s fine it’s just like juice there we go such a weird mix of terrified in terms I am waiting foreign I will not throw ten times [Music] bring your drip out of 10.

I’m feeling a solid 7.5 I I’ll give you like yeah if you do that if you do this calm I look like yeah [Music] what the [ __ ] Michelle [Music] that’s too much sauce [Music] thank you yes you have a crayon I want some paper yeah no but this is the menu Josh be respect come to face the menu be respectable kids settle as I’m I’m not a kid you’re acting that one hmm natural let me suck what you want I want spaghetti what’s mozzarella cheese yeah well I knew but baby mate I’m a baby you strike me as I want to only it’s like chicken nuggets and chips I’m a very adventurous man I’m an adventurous man I Sally [ __ ] I’ll have anything on my plate legit anything what was your name again uh Ethan Ethan yeah go on then everyone let’s say hi Ethan [Music] do you know what that means no that means you’re gonna do an impression of any animal go ah this is a uh Velociraptor from what do you think impression means you fake you ready your mom smoked during the pregnancy didn’t you yeah [Music] yeah yeah it’s actually quite good yeah I’m thinking to do it properly get down on your hand s they actually walk on two legs so no this works shut the [ __ ] up sorry the [ __ ] down sit the [ __ ] down everyone say hi Chris you know what Chris it doesn’t really matter what you spin I’m gonna choose what you do anyway but go on make you think you’ve got a choice shall we Karen’s crazy cat War well I think that I want you to do pull a hot tea so I listening or romantic character okay do you like fannies or Willies uh generally I haven’t tried it funny I love Granny no [Music] have you all surname no I think you do oh wow oh no [Music] I think it’s a man [Music] foreign by the way let’s go so here’s a question chicken for a child for a baby it’s pure yeah sure it’s just gonna be Blended up I think I was not fed chicken my mother a pause you just fed your mother yeah I was are you wearing a hoodie yeah okay the posture looked outrageous as you were sitting that is a gamer that is you got that SPC posture [Laughter] you’re gonna play romantic Karen and there’s trick with a camera right here is going to be your target the aim of the game is to give Johnny the biggest [ __ ] boner he’s ever had in his life and you’re gonna do that by giving him a lap dance in silence oh actually no bit better than that you’re gonna do a rap dance to One of ski’s so wow are you ready if Ethan and I get a boner does the game ends oh I hate it when it works [Music] [Music] you’re done have you got a change of boxes [Music] [Music] oh [Music] my God [Music] [Music] why you keep swearing us yeah Toby’s oh Lord [Music] [Music] what is this no Josh oh that’s Grim respect yourself bloody oh wow for my first meal are you ready for your starters yes please lovely thank you thank you very much I don’t want to eat this why look it does look look at it Pig remains look at look at it it smells good wow it doesn’t it smells good smells like chicken all right he’s getting tucked into it straight away it’s pretty fine it’s gonna be fine it’s all right quite nice taste is perfect it’s weird it’s like eating sandpaper almost but Good Sam the chef is right there no no it’s not disrespectful okay what does mine say it says that you sniff seats yours is uh don’t tickle me I’ll come okay oh wow thank you so much is there something you can put in this that makes it a little bit nicer can you just drink it yeah your food order oh sorry uh I actually can’t I need the menu sorry I’m gonna try I can hear you from here or what no it’s okay I’m just remembered no what is it don’t worry it’s from don’t be a [ __ ] what the [ __ ] is that you wanted my attention what you’ve seen where they were lazy ass and go get one if you need one he died or what the [ __ ] up man how long does it take can we have the menus back please I’ve forgotten my order you know where they are awesome get the [ __ ] up and go get it yourself you lazy fruit absolutely the [ __ ] no sorry come on then [ __ ] trim I’m learning a lot about myself here I kind of like being degraded like this I’m not sure it’s healthy working here would be quite sick like yeah just being able to prevent all your frustration imagine you just had someone just broke up with you like Chris could you imagine if like new words here and you’ve just been broken up with and they took your cat uh and you’ve been relying on Danny Aarons for videos you could just like take it all out this would be the place [Music] drone what oh [Music] wow oh my eyes [Music] but why were you swearing us I hate certain people that’s why um you fine so it is slightly peculiar it’s like eating like a pig what tell me that doesn’t look like a pig’s inside it does a little bit it does doesn’t it a little bit oh my God that’s right there but I’m so sorry it’s nice I’m done I’m done I’m done I’m sorry I’m waiting to pick someone in the room to play this game with I’ve got to pick someone in their room yeah that’s what I just [ __ ] said uh I’ve got it now right and news two are going to work together as a team to reenact some famous movers from some famous movies oh yeah it seems simple enough doesn’t end yeah so for the first movie I want you both to link arms I’m going to take a trip to the yellow brick road so skip round the restaurant oh and give the answer keep going right around well we’ve done it right that’s lovely Dad what’s your name well my name’s Cullum here yeah yeah okay careful again yeah so a little one one of these yeah yeah yeah yeah grab your hands here no just one oh just one yeah just stay where you are trust me okay okay I guess wait I get dizzy oh wait wait wait wait okay I know what makes me happy what if I’m not happy well that’s a topic for another day just imagine that’s my mother so it makes me happy it’s my mum I was right about it and actually my dad will be watching Sir and my dad oh yes this is us in uh car oh that’s only two of us lots of battling going on what’s this guy doing dog oh that’s sweet beautiful Jimmy yeah my friends are good yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] you’re awesome yeah yeah so who’s lifting who then oh yeah over around three two one jump [Music] [Music] oh shits oh [ __ ] oh my God oh my God [Music] what I’m Bill dizzy as [ __ ] so we’re done yeah so then guys um while you wait for your main course you have something for you to get changed into because we’re out of these now thank goodness okay without a teenage taste it looks cozy thank you that’s all right so guys I’m just gonna bring you our next drinks for you oh okay we have a sparkly cup with J2 yes oh we’ve gone up in the world yes I feel like I would be disrespected a teenager have you been given me maybe it’s like even 13 years 10 year old’s won’t be using this is like oh you can’t do anything with that knife well actually that could be a serious weapon you ready throw a knife oh no I can get a launch on this one he’s danger he actually is a menace [Music] let me get a launch on you no because you’re gonna cover your eyes that’s all one second and then I used to get the talk on it that’s the main thing there we go thank you thanks what do you want us to draw whatever you want draw his [ __ ] if you want I’ve got white crayon and white paper [Music] not particularly next couple of minutes going to be really embarrassing for you then thank you very much I’m going to put on a b and we’re gonna get three words from the room and you’re gonna put those three words into a little freestyle rap well oh no indeed Alpha first word go um you’re right it was a really hard question yeah give me a word yellow yellow you uh chicken chicken right I’ll give you the third one Minge so you’re gonna put those three words into a little freestyle rap so we’ve got yellow we’ve got chicken and we’ve got Minge are you ready [ __ ] take the mind yes now yes now one two three yes now is the yellow chicken Mincey I’m here to eat your beef patty I’m gonna murk you on Saturday uh yeah you got smoke just like my brisket and toast yeah what the [ __ ] he saved the best for last this man he wanted to be a gymnast when he was young hello [Laughter] switch your hand there it will go really fast in the middle faster than that yeah that was that was nothing all right let’s go Simon first that’s so glad I went first are you gonna say now and then I oh trust me you’ll know oh boys [Music] [Music] all right here’s the game you have to do that and then catch it when landed [Laughter] first second I’ll try to gauge where it is um guys I drew Ethan and his dad Chris hold on Chris what oh for [ __ ] sake man not the earlobes too doing Chris MD why the nostril uh and not even that big uh Drew off the table oh that’s not even it’s not even funny oh that’s terrible challenge you want to do this one God oh no no no that was fast enough no no no I’ve seen I’ve seen it it’s way too fun yet I’ll never asked you to drink again I’m still struggling I swear to God I’ll never ask you to drink their death you stay sober until your wedding you have a good day I’ve seen it no you’ve got your business all right but when I say stop we gotta pull the [ __ ] up you know why I picked it is because he gave me the most space here [Music] there we go now we got it let me tell you something let me tell you something I feel like he still didn’t go as fast as though shut up we’re not doing that yeah I felt that hard Steve it was okay now I was hanging back we were not if I went in there okay that’s what I did [Music] so guys are you ready for your next to me so here we have ice cream spaghetti with mozzarella this is quite funny I don’t like the look of the spaghetti he’s looking at me funny thank you very much Jesus Christ that’s horrified this actually looks delicious all right Danny which the sidemen would you say this looks the most like screams a little bit Simon yes Fork it wrap it spaghetti tap it there’s no no no no it’s very nice you’ve never had mozzarella though is it what’s on Peaks you eat your burger with a knife before no I didn’t I haven’t received why do you think everyone’s revolved around you you [ __ ] trim yeah eat your burger with a knife and fork uh I don’t know yeah at least I slow him down anymore can I keep doing it no why now now you’re breaking the rules I’m way too awkward to deal with any of this [ __ ] off then I don’t want you see that Chef over there oh [ __ ] okay thanks guys the food’s really good hmm I’m gonna meet you next watch [Music] oh is that a soufflé hey no some of yawl don’t know this but I love a soufflé as we call it in France a softly wow oh the shutters are going down that means we’re gonna get twerked on again I wonder what the other guys are having for dessert the spaghetti is beautiful you enjoyed this we get about the cheese I found a bit mix it together do you want it I don’t put it on my ready [ __ ] attitude mate I’m a teenager yeah yeah yeah Revenge I’ll remember that okay oh no thank you you’re not civilized pick it up pick it up [Music] catch it up [Music] he’s lost now this isn’t easy to pick up it isn’t your mother wait around the [ __ ] moonshine all right boys final final uh perform well maybe the final performance I’m 90 so this one’s a stripper why 90.

[Music] what’s happened [Music] I really gonna tell me this about you digital [Music] this is Toby’s Aaron right here [Music] oh no how is that for you guys lovely thank you okay unbelievable I’ll just come back a few other plates yeah you got it yeah now now boys right these your outfits sorry sorry I’m gonna be a good boy good so we’re going to change into these and then we’re gonna go out to the Garden oh wow okay it’s for a drink in the garden okay well these actually look quite comfortable oh my God [Music] thank you [Music] crazy [Music] [Music] what’s that oh man I’d get used to this boys this is not pink no it’s not it’s really not right I’m gonna bring you some drinks are you all happy with alcohol or not I don’t drink you can have two you can have two oh well we’ll make do with this yeah that’s fine thank you I’m not meant to be drinking yeah we’ll do it anyways what am I supposed to do what am I supposed to do do what I just did no customers um yeah all right sweetie yeah lovely oh thank you this one’s a raspberry lemonade thank you very much that sounds nice like this this doesn’t look too unhealthy to me this looks like a this looks like a fairly I don’t feel it’s not like a pint is it what is this oh it’s Prosecco oh oh she’s biting I was fighting back I wish I had his tastes like [ __ ] okay so I’m going to give you one of ski’s best well if that [ __ ] exists you’re gonna go first okay so you’re gonna go right up there I can’t do this dance moves but an attempt at your sexiest dancers okay second time today probably not something that you’re [ __ ] used to are we ready yeah yeah sorry [Music] do the one [Music] [ __ ] pricks actually doing it as well fair play get the [ __ ] up no [Music] wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait look at me look at me [Music] [Music] you don’t know I’ll be honest you’re not getting me trying that so am I saw you my finger by the way it’s really painful waiting for the punchline no like it’s called this trigger thing look so look I’ll trim this already yeah it hurts I need to get a dog too so look look a little bit stuck and it will just like [ __ ] flick out what does it feel like do you feel it flip like that yeah it’s like a band like like a g-string for me so it’s either G string it’s like it’s like a female underwear is it yeah don’t mean that what do you mean what do you mean I mean the banjo one banjo we don’t know we don’t know no I’m actually like a incredible sex person can you give me dance moves like okay sexy [Music] yeah yeah don’t change them oh no okay yeah it must be done [Laughter] there was some drunk girl and she like fell onto a table and when I was there so then I went up to the bar to get some some beers I didn’t want the conversation I came back she’d stolen my seat she just sat on the tail with Ethan he’s like oh can you give my friend his seat back please she’s like oh and then he went on Jog on didn’t like jog on [ __ ] chocolate 12 quid pint as well refreshing so what you’re gonna do is you’re going to use this as your cat walk you’re all gonna strong you’re going to give the performance of your lifetime as you go through here and then when you get to the door whoever is waiting outside you’re gonna give them all a big sexy pose like this okay we’re gonna judge who’s wearing the shittiest out there [Music] give us a little twist all right now oh no but oh my God how do you do that just bend down [ __ ] me oh my God right give him a little big sexy pose just there um [Music] what a what hello guys so how are your drinks lovely beautiful yeah are you ready for your desserts okay would you like to have them outside or would you like to go back over and outside yeah all right yes could do with some dessert I’ll tell you all right strawberry and honey yeah some macaroons yeah where’s the macaroon you said it earlier but what is it what does it taste like a fish it’s a sweet dessert yeah but like there is meringue oh yeah you know you think of mackerel yeah yeah yeah it’s not mackerel though no don’t worry okay wait actually like a tiny bit oh go on Simon go on Simon Simon bins this is very easy literally anybody can do it which is why I’m gonna show you how to do it I’ve done this okay what yeah no no it’s time for you lot to step up to the plate so why do you do that why do I do it yeah I think this is certain element to it where you have a slightly higher paint threshold I have a very low pain threshold well we can find out no no no no let’s find out on your hand there whatever I have like I have like hair on my arms though that might burn hey you’re not I’m so excited for this what’d you meet hold your hand out you’ve got to think about Simon’s coldest months coldest moments yeah yeah yeah oh that was really cool [Music] thank you yeah two desserts four oh now that’s yeah I get behind that are you gonna tell me twice [Music] yeah right big sexy pose for the [ __ ] outside big pose [Music] that’s all I’ve got sorry guys for that moment why is he allowed to Swagger and I had to shake my hips because I do what I thought you won’t answer shut the [ __ ] up to the [ __ ] beat you stupid prank [Music] oh my God [Music] oh my God [ __ ] get up there he’s so [ __ ] old oh yeah big sexy pose [Music] yeah but this time as she likes it you gotta go flame on Old just don’t waste your shoes relax relax you got this blame on okay [Laughter] wow it’s not like you know here I was like oh my God I’m gonna die sure no one wants to do it yeah yeah yeah yeah how fast do you reckon you could eat the whole give me a time I will decimate this I reckon that will take you at least a minute 45 seconds can I have the timer please to decimate this three two one go I thought he might be oh he’s inhaling it but he’s gonna hit a brick wall when he’s trying to swallow that’s the issue oh no no he’s going well that’s that’s gonna be that’s gonna be an issue then 20 seconds oh 15 seconds to get it down yeah come on look at the strawberries I’m not doing fruit what I’m not eating fruit he did say he wouldn’t eat fruits before Oh get in there he did something that’s just fruit don’t do healthiness do you think do you think Craig oh what about him [Applause] you’re officially wearing the [ __ ] itself in the room how’d you feel bad do you know what you win what Buckle now [ __ ] off you Pricks thank you very much welcome [ __ ] off right okay go on don’t you keep going I hope you have a nice evening no I won’t that’s a good little [ __ ] yeah I can tell you can’t afford it without [ __ ] jumper anyway for a [ __ ] rest of your day you pricks all right get the towel ready Troy we’re going out this is doing that it’s not it’s nice it’s got a bit of a kick to it can we have one more person well see that is sick don’t do that yeah everywhere what’s going on the first thing you said was don’t do this well well that was you know what I think that was a delicious meal it was actually Exquisite weren’t they yeah I love that I actually thoroughly enjoyed it yeah from the babies to teenagers yes but yeah well cheers boys yeah one experience goodbye [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music]

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