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hi guys and welcome to our YouTube channel this is our first video that we’ve posted and although i haven’t got all the equipment ready and I haven’t got anything I need I’m still waiting for leads to come from microphones and lights and stuff like that I thought rather than hanging on I’m just going to get started and go straight into it so a little bit about what this channel is who I am if you don’t know me and you haven’t followed me before any of the social channels and what you expect to see from this channel and if this channel is for you then please hit the follow button and give us a comment below on what you want to know firstly who am I my name is mike Heinz I’m a personal trainer and a business owner based in Middlesbrough seaside in the united kingdom most of my work is around about helping people lose weight become fit to become healthier as well as that I am a business owner I have started from the bottom I haven’t been handed anything I’ve worked my way from the bottom and I’m slowly climbing the ladder I’ve got an amazing team I’ve got three amazing children Freddie Max and skype and an amazing wife and my businesses mass body gym macro based diner and then my kind fitness which is what this channel is so on this channel you’re going to see things on the guy who is behind me you may have seen Dubs he’s the guy who’s 40 stone who’ll become an international phenomenon when he ought to lose 20 stone within a year to save his life I was the coach of bandit from Taylor and I’ll put a flyer inside all the takeaways for the takeaway staff to keep facing them so don’t listen to what people say that poster that I give was never to go in the shop windows for the staff to see if they recognize this guy please don’t serve him and that was the post what you see behind him there it said see if Dub’s or bc is killing him do not serve his man and that was because Dub’s was addicted to takeaways the goal was that he had to lose 20 storm within a year to have a life-saving heart operation and he did it but how did he do it and what what was involved in making it possible and and how did we get from being 40 stone down to 20 stone or if you use pounds then he was 562 pounds and he I’ll lose 281 pounds within the year so the question is can you do it is it possible to do and is it safe to do well my role is the coach so I want to make sure that he does it safely he achieves his goal but he also has some sort of balance in his life it’s no good just feeding him salad or making him starve I got to take the man from 10 000 calories plus every day down to around about three thousand so on this YouTube channel you can follow the tips the tricks and basically the simple methods that we used to make sure that the UK’s biggest natural weight loss in under one year was achieved and it was achieved tipsy went on he lost 20 stone or 281 pounds he went on to to get a girlfriend and pass his driving test and he now works for me lockdown did hit him he did gain a little bit of weight back on again but he’s living proof that if you want something bad enough and you’re prepared to sacrifice and dedicate and listen and learn then it is possible so hopefully on this YouTube channel you’re going to get inspiration from clients like Dub’s you can also get tips from other clients of mine people like Ashley who is a professional bikini athlete who she eats the same food as Dub’s it’s just tailored to her needs trains in a slightly different way because her goals are slightly different but all my methods are very simple very basic I’m not here to swear and to scream and to shout like other people do on YouTube I’m not here to to ridicule people like slimming world weight watchers if the diet what someone does works for them fantastic because only as a health and fitness professional our job is to make sure that people become healthier and fitter download-50 the only thing I don’t agree with is living your life on shakes unless you’ve got some sort of deficiency which means that you have to then personally I like to eat a solid food I like to incorporate tasty foods and wholesome foods foods that you can cook with with the family and you just can eat together at a table yes I do own a meal prep company but I’m not going to ask all you followers to go ahead and buy my meals I’m going to give you the tools that you can do with this yourself if you want to you can or if you don’t want to you don’t have to we would involve my son max he’s a max is an amazing character he’s so funny he absolutely loves helping out and he wants to be including this so mike and max in the kitchen is one of our playlists that we’re going to be doing where me and him are going to be cooking some some recipes really simple I’m not a cook but I know what good food tastes like I know what’s healthy so we’re going to be doing things in the kitchen and you can join in and you can do things as well so that’s a little bit of an insight into what the channel is going to be about you can also follow us within workouts when we’re in the gym when we’re doing fitness classes and things you can do from home as well so if you like the sound of it please give our new channel a follow make sure that you leave a comment below on things that you would like to see and if you don’t already then you can also follow us on social media so this here is the Facebook channel that’s my kind maybe and then on Instagram you can come over and you can also follow us on Instagram as well so if you want to find out a little bit more about us and you you’ve just seen this intro video just came across this channel thought who is this guy where’s he come from I don’t know him then please check us out on social media take a look at Facebook and Instagram so there’s the handles there and you will get different tips so there’s things like when we raised over 30 000 pounds in just 21 days for sat at the armed forces charity that’s when we walked down the Windsor to collect the NBA that we were awarded you’ve got things like Ashley up on stage this is when she’s just won her bodybuilding competition and wow look at the sword right and we’ve also got all sorts of things need general data activities that’s my son the leprechaun Maxwell I’ve just been telling you about there such a character he’s a gorgeous little boy I’m sure you’re gonna probably love him more than you’re gonna you like me but there’s the day that we went meet prince Charles when I got award with the MBA you’re right I don’t suit so but hey I was born and bred in south bank in Middlesbrough I spend every day in the gym and I live in shorts and t-shirts so that day was a little bit special so take a look at the Instagram take a look at the Facebook give us a follow give us a like and then we look forward to spending a lot more time with these YouTube videos showcasing the work with the clients giving you pointers and tips and stuff that you can take from this this channel is all about what you all the learning so if you are going to be watching these videos make sure you save them or you get an open pen and write stuff down because you’re going to get some information in there on some foods like you maybe start well is that really healthy or you know I didn’t know I could have that or oh my god I’ve been eating this for the last five years and I didn’t realize that’s why I’ve not been losing body fat because this is what it’s about it’s not just about weight it’s about losing body fat so that’s the channel slightly different to to other fitness professionals on YouTube and I’m just a normal lad who’s managed to create quite a successful business with an amazing team amazing followers across social media and now I’m coming to YouTube so hope you like what you say and I hope to catch up with you very soon and I can’t wait to share the past years of what we’ve achieved and what my clients have achieved and hopefully you can go on and you can achieve don’t forget give the page a like give us a follow and check us out on social media see you all soon for the next video…

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