The WORST Weight Loss Advice I’ve Seen Online (This is BAD!)

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This is literally the worst weight loss advice  I have ever [Music] seen hey everyone I’m Abbey   Sharp welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. Today I’m pulling  up popular weight loss tips that I’ve seen online   and I’m going to tell you exactly what I think. The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Okay so there’s  
not a whole lot of good but we’ll get to that.  Quick thank you to Eric Williamson from Unlocked   Fitness and Nutrition who assisted in some of  the research support on this. I’m going to be   leaving a link to his team below if you want to  ignore all the weight loss advice online and get  
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discount off of the retail price so definitely get  on it today. All right let’s dive in super quickly   before one of you falls victim to the very stupid  scary and downright dangerous advice. Apologies in   advance if I’m extra sassy today. “You’re stupid  if you’re fat this is because it’s so easy to  
lose weight eating any type of nuts most people  would be surprised that nuts have a lot of fats   and calories in them they’re not a healthy food  that you might think so stop eating them.” Oh Troy   Troy Troy what am I going to do with you? First  of all one’s body weight doesn’t infer anything  
about their intelligence, I don’t know that shaming  isn’t a cute look. Second they should be no shame   in buying yourself a bigger sized tank when it’s  getting a little bit tight, just saying. And third,   the fat free diet plan is so ’90s it hurts. This  is a really good example of why we cannot just  
define food by its calories. Because unlike the  150 calories in let’s say a chocolate bar the   150 calories in an ounce of nuts are defined by  their hunger crushing compounds and are super   satiating which is really key for diet maintenance.  And research consistently suggests that nut  
consumption is not actually linked to weight gain. In  fact research suggests that those who consumed two   or more portions of nuts per week had 31% lower  risk of weight gain. And even in studies when nuts   were added to the diet and total calories were  not controlled, nut consumption still didn’t lead  
to weight gain. I talked about this in my video on  why a calorie doesn’t equal a calorie but Whole   Foods like nuts are high in fiber which are fuel  for our good gut bacteria so even if there’s let’s   say 100 50 calories in nuts per ounce on paper  you’re likely absorbing fewer than that because  
your gut bacteria are just like gobbling up the  difference definitely watch that whole video for   the full scoop because it is super fascinating  but bottom line nuts are a great source of hunger   crushing compounds your gut bacteria love them too  and they can be a satiating and satisfying part of  
a weight loss diet next one of the easiest ways  you can lose weight with just changing one thing   about your diet this is Guy a look at all the  water in his belly now look at guy B and look   at all the water in his belly and over time what  that helps with is puts you in a caloric deficit  
so one of my top tips for all my clients is to  grab a half gallon jug and if you’re trying to   diet instead of grabbing food take a sip of water  okay so this advice has some Merit but when it’s   presented like this it can definitely do more  harm than good so yes research suggests that  
staying hydrated can potentially support weight  loss through a few different important mechanisms   one via thermogenesis where drinking water  particularly cold water can transiently increase   energy expenditure by around 25% amounting to  an extra 23 calories burned per day is that  
going to move the needle probably not a whole lot  but I guess all these little thermogenesis boosts   can help two as he’s alluding to here water can  help to stretch the vagus nerve and transiently   reduce appetite and chloric consumption one stud  he found that having two glasses of water right  
before a meal reduced chloric consumption by 22%  another study found that overweight and obese   folks who drank water before a meal lost 44% more  weight but these are all short-term intervention   studies where calories are carefully manipulated  and because the appetite suppression is temporary  
and limited by the short Transit time of water  in your stomach they don’t actually tell us a   whole lot about what happens when our body kind of  figures out that it’s trying to be hacked so when   we look at long-term observational data we see  that those who drink the most water consumed 9%  
fewer calories and that greater water intake is  associated with lower risk of wak ging but it’s   largely hypothesize that most of this benefit  is not because of the thermogenesis or because   of filling your belly up with water it’s because  we’re replacing sugar sweetened beverages with  
calorie-free water it’s also important to knowe  that there is a physiological difference between   hunger and thirst Sensations and it’s through  hacks like this that we may actually further dull   our ability to tell the difference difference  one study found that Freel living individuals  
respond incorrectly to hunger and thirst 62%  of the time and trying to fill up your belly   with water whenever your body is literally  hungry for nutrition can just potentially   further this disconnect so no you shouldn’t just  try to water down your legitimate hunger this is  
super disordered advice and it insinuates that  any and all calories are bad even if it was not   the intention of this Creator my advice is  a lot gentler and that is to make sure you   drink adequate water throughout the day while  maintaining regular adequate meals in a modest  
chloric deficit if you have a sudden bodily  discomfort come on and you are truly unsure   if you are hungry or you’re thirsty have a glass  of water and wait a few minutes if the craving   for food persists you are hungry and you should  absolutely honor that hunger not just attempt  
to drown it out with more water okay moving on  hey Gary what’s the top concerns about weight   loss weight loss weight loss is a big topic and  it’s the most misunderstood topic on the planet   today next to hydration if you want to lose or  regulate weight instead of losing weight get  
to your natural weight the best way to do that  is remove the stress from your body one to two   times per day it’s stress at the end of it it  doesn’t matter what you eat and it’s because of   the adrenaline norepinephrine and cortisol that  you’re firing in stress hormones get rid of the  
stress hormones do a fasal maneuver the stress  reset and the organ reset do that one to two   times per day your weight will start start to  stabilize right away I’m not really sure what   Gary’s qualifications are his bio says lifestyle  artist and citizen scientist which I’m pretty sure  
is just a pretentious way to say lay person  but his website sells fascia massage courses   so naturally doing these Maneuvers is apparently  the key to weight loss nope Dy so as I discussed   in more detail in my video on cortisol right here  both extreme diets and exercise training protocols  
can increase cortisol and excess cortisol can  increase belly fat storage but the data suggests   that this doesn’t seem to directly impair weight  loss if it does it’s less because your stress body   is holding on to fat and more because elevated  cortisol makes you crave higher calorie foods  
which makes staying in a calorie deficit a lot  more difficult so yes of course we want to try   to manage our stress levels for many different  reasons weight manage management just being one   of them but at the end of the day it still comes  down to creating a calorie deficit calories in  
versus calories out is not perfect but when  it comes to Fat Loss it’s still a hell of a   lot more reliable than fascia massage next weight  loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise you ever heard   that yeah it’s [ __ ] it’s 50/50 let’s say you’re  somebody who’s doing nothing but high-intensity  
cardio exercises that style of training is going  to lead you under recovered and over stressed out   when those two things happen you are going to  have more Cravings more hunger good [ __ ] luck   sticking to your nutrition plan it makes it  that much harder for no other reason than the  
kind of exercise that you’re doing this is why  it’s important to Marry both of them nutrition   and exercise so I agree with some things that Eric  says and others are a little bit confused to start   there is no Universal golden number of how much  weight loss is exercise versus Diet you just need  
to create a calorie deficit and you can obviously  do that in a myriad of ways all diet all exercise   different permutations and combinations of both  Etc that said I will respectfully disagree that   generically these two factors play out 50/50 and  I’m going to explain why for the vast majority  
of people weight loss and particularly fat  loss mostly comes down to diet since exercise   alone is a lot more susceptible to metabolic  adaptations like appetite increases and or a   reduction in neat exercise is honestly great  for a lot of things but weight loss is not at  
the top of that list as Canadian obesity doctor  Yoni friedhoff always says you can’t outrun a [Music] fork well you can but it’ be really hard as you  can see from this meta analysis the contribution  
of diet alone to weight loss is significantly  greater than exercise alone although obviously   a diet plus exercise regimen offers a Competitive  Edge as for hit training and cortisol research has   shown that intense exercise for an hour and  15 minutes or more results in a significant  
increase in our cortisol levels which makes  total physiological sense cortisol’s job is   to break down fat to make it available to muscle  when you need that energy so high cortisol levels   during or after a workout is not necessarily  a bad thing it’s actually a sign of a really  
intense workout session in fact cortisol has  a stronger association with muscle gain after   strength workouts than testosterone or growth  hormone and when cortisol is given like a drug   it actually can improve exercise performance and  while there definitely are some cases where overe  
exercising can cause daily levels of cortisol  to climb it’s generally still more likely to   reduce cortisol levels over the course of the  day which actually means fewer food cravings   even during the most intense training periods  of of sprinters their daily cortisol levels are  
lower on average than those who do not exercise  now the exception here is when you combine over   exercising with severe chloric restriction this  is where we do see a risk of elevated cortisol   which may impair fat loss among other health  concerns hence why I advocate for fueling your  
body adequately when and if you do exercise  bottom line I agree that exercise and diet   do have to complement one another in that if you  exercise more intensely you need to eat more and   if you are not exercising much you need to eat  a little less but for the average individual it  
usually does not contribute 50/50 in terms of  importance for weight loss next do you want to   lose weight fast so we doing a 7 Day liquid Fest  so the first thing that you can have is protein   shakes you can have no more than six protein  shakes within a day most of us will only have  
three or four then you can have broth the next  thing you can have is your tea and your coffee   oh and I’m going to make sure I got my apple cider  vinegar shot in and not to mention get your water   in stay hydrated so Kesha let me quickly just  get this straight here you’re suggesting that  
we go for a week where the only thing you’re  going to consume with any kind of tangible   amount of calories is protein shakes and most  of us will only get to have three or four so if   that’s the case you’re suggesting we have between  500 and 700 calories Max with zero carbs and zero  
fat for a whole weak and to add insult to injury  you’re going to drink black coffee as a standin   for energy broth with nothing else in it and apple  cider vinegar which will most certainly exacerbate   any nausea you’re feeling from starvation I mean  yeah if you can maintain that level of torture for  
seven days you can expect to lose some weight  I mean if you’re not constipated as but even a   pure protein diet will not save you from muscle  wasting on a starvation diet like this this not   to mention when you inevitably binge on day eight  you will gain the weight back but more likely than  
not in fact as I discussed in my video on Macros  for weight loss we know that going from 10 to 15%   of calories from protein to 20 to 30% or around  1.8 G per kilogram can significantly increase   fat loss by about three times I think a daily  protein shake is a really easy and effective  
way to meet your protein needs especially when  trying to lose we weight but if you’re going to   drag yourself through 21 to 42 protein shakes in a  week you’re going to burn out you’re going to get   the ick and then you potentially lost a really  effective tool for meeting your protein needs  
for weight loss or weight management or really  anything else a shake a day is great alongside   other whole food sources of protein alongside  other macronutrients and fiber and probably at   least three times more calories all right that  was a doozy and you guys know there’s so much  
more to this if you like this video definitely  give it a thumbs up leave me a comment below   if you have any weight loss tips that you found  online that you would like me to unpack there is   a lot of them that I’ve come across subscribe to  the channel don’t forget to hit up my description  

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