Updated haircare routine for healthy longer blonde hair! (1 year difference)

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it is self-care time baby my washing my hair
routine is a lot more complicated than most people   you know I used to like only use
shampoo and conditioner and it was like just cheap   whatever I could find at Walmart no judgment if
that’s what you use um but it’s just not the right   products for your hair it’s not you’re not giving
it is what it needs to blossom and to look amazing   and beautiful and to grow from my last video that
I posted what you guys liked by the way I didn’t know that many people were interested in
hair I haven’t done an updated version and that   was a couple of months back so today I’m going
to be showing you my updated hair routine   how I take care of it how I maintain my color now
if you look at my hair right now the color is not   very cute okay it’s been a couple of months
since I’ve dyed my hair I probably do my hair   about three times a year to just kind of keep
the color is fresh but a girl doesn’t want to be   blonde anymore so I’ve been just letting my hair
grow um until I decide to dye my hair anyways   let’s get started okay so this is my
hair let me just show you like what it looks like I blow-dried my hair um maybe like six days ago i
only wash my hair once a week I know that for some   people that’s like a shocker but if you can a good
the tip is to just hold off for as long as you can   so if you can wait two to three days like even
that is good um and just washing your hair twice   a week is better than doing like every day because
like I know some people that wash their hair every   day and let their hair get dirty as possible

okay if you need to figure out some hairstyles   you can do on your dirty hair days then figure
it’s out the first thing I want to show you is   that olaplex number three I am not sponsored by
them I should be I do get free products sometimes   even though like lately they haven’t sent
me anything so I’ve had to buy my product   apply on damp towel-dried hair which is why i
have to kind of wet my hair and it says you can   leave them for a minimum of 10 minutes longer
desire they do tell you not to sleep with this   because like wet hair is more prone to breakage i
don’t care I go to sleep with it every single time I put it on at night on Saturday I go to sleep
I wake up Sunday morning I wash my hair I blow   dry my hair and I’m good but that’s just
me you know you can follow the instructions   today I’m not gonna be sleeping with it
I’m gonna put it on but let me just   show you I’m gonna dump my hair and be right back
all right my hair is super damp so I’m putting   this towel to kind of cover my shirt because i
already got it all wet there but the first thing I do is detangle my hair as much as possible
it’s really hard to detangle my hair when it’s   wet but I’m gonna go in with the number
three and honestly I’ve run through these so   much because I do use a lot that’s only
for one side because I have a lot here so I tend   to kind of like always focus on the ends and then
I take the residue and make sure that I’m adding   it to the roots too you want to add
it is everywhere and then I use as much as I need   because I want to feel like my hair is drenched
in it, the one downside to this I would say is um   you know like the bottle is not that big
it’s fairly small I mean look at my hand   okay so once I have it all over my hair I take my
brush and then I comb it and I’m just doing this   because I want everything to
have the treatment on so this treatment   is a bond builder so it is to repair your hair
it’s not meant to condition or hydrate your hair   which is why since it’s strong you do it before
shampooing and conditioning your hair you want   to have it on at least for like I would say
like four hours I usually sleep with it so I keep it on for way longer um but just and it’s
kind of cute I mean you want to do like a little   bun if you have to go to work or something uh
but just leave it there wait the four hours   and then we’ll be back to wash it off oh hey there
I’m back so glad you’re still here we’re gonna   wash this treatment off it’s been a couple of hours
we’ve done a couple of things what am I kidding I didn’t do anything I was supposed
to go work out I was supposed to go do this   do that I didn’t do it but what I did
do is I give my dogs a very long walk   so that counts as working out right it
does in my book it is self-care time baby   do so okay guys I’m out of the shower my
hair is pretty damp I just went ahead and   brushed all of it I’ll show you guys look how
long it is so after I shower I go ahead and I use   olaplex number six this is a leave-in conditioner
and because I did the hydrating serum I’m gonna   use only a little bit of this because this
could make my hair pretty oily if I use too much so I’m going to use like that much
only on the ends don’t put it on the   top I like to put it in the front because my front
bangs are always kind of dry it’s like the fries   part of my hair by the way this also makes my
blow-dry looks super smooth and I think it’s just   because it hydrates the ends nobody wants some
like dry ass and so whatever, of course, we’re   going to be using the Revlon brush a lot of people
have been saying that this burns their hair but I only do it once a week I don’t really
see that it’s breaking my hair um and also I use   heat protectant always I go ahead and use the list
heat protectant spray I like to put it in my hands because I feel like if I do
it directly I just end up   putting it in one spot and then i
I just kind of like brush it though I’m going to go ahead and blow dry my hair
off-camera and then I’ll be right back   you guys I wish I could describe how freaking soft
my hair is right now it is so soft look at this   look at the way that just falls look at that
oh my god look at that movement look   at that look at the shine look at the shine
sis we want to end everything with the olaplex   number seven this is a bonding oil I’m gonna use
very little especially because right now my hair   is so nice like I don’t think it
needs anything um but I’m gonna add like   one-two drop and then I’m gonna just add that
to the ends of my hair just to like give them   an extra shine also on the front i
don’t even have flyaways right now   honestly this is probably like
the best my hair has ever felt   if you wanted more volume you could go in
this spray, is my favorite I’ve tried   different brands but the ink is my favorite so far
this is they um I’m so sorry I’m holding the   wrong bottle either way this is their dry
shampoo so if you have dirty hair this   baby right here you put it on the roots perfect
and you can keep having your hair styling it   um even though it’s dirty okay this is the spray
I’m talking about it’s their dirty spray um   down and out dirty spray from ink you put this on
your roots I’m gonna add a little but not too much   because I like how clean my hair feels you
would add it kind of like underneath and the roots you don’t need a lot of products like
this is so good that if you put too much   like your hair will end up feeling
like it’s too dirty so pull it forward you could even like put your hair upside down but
even then you can already see how much how   it builds up like that volume so if you wanted
to add more here you could and it just makes   the volume look at the volume okay it’s a little
messy you gotta brush it out from   the top but it just adds so much more volume to
your hair is all right guys we have gotten to the end   of this it was great chilling with you guys thank
you so much for watching as always I hope you guys   liked it let me know if you guys try out any of
the products also I’m dyeing my hair in two days   and I’m excited so you should be expecting
a change very very soon but thank you so much for   hanging out with me don’t forget to subscribe
to my channel and I will see you guys next time ↯
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