What I Eat In A Day | I lost 135 Pounds with these meals!

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today we’re filming a what i eat in a day for those of you that don’t know i’m myra from low carb love i’ve lost over 135 pounds i’ve maintained my weight for over 15 years so today i’m just going to show you some of the foods that have helped me throughout the years on my weight loss journey and i’m here to show you the variety of foods that you can have on yours one of the things i say the most is focus on protein i always recommend focusing on protein just because i feel like it’s really something that has helped me out throughout the years now when i’m like not really knowing what to eat or i just feel like really like nourishing my body where i feel like i want those vitamins and protein all in like one shot i always make a smoothie so today we’re gonna make a protein smoothie it’s one of my go-to’s um i love this protein it’s the vanilla it has like hints of caramel super super clean ingredients this is the one from ritual i’ll leave it linked for you um so you know which one i’m using but i love it because it’s plant-based dairy-free gluten-free soy-free super super super clean ingredients we’re gonna start off with our almond milk pour in our almond milk one scoop of protein and this one actually has 20 grams of protein per scoop which i love oh my god it smells like absolutely delicious and i love it because it is sweetened with monk fruit so you guys know if i can have something that’s super clean ingredients and doesn’t have all the sugar and has all the nutrients like i’m there for it so we have our almond milk our protein powder a little cocoa powder so this is unsweetened cocoa powder and i like to use a dutch process because it’s just like really deep and rich but of course you’re going to use like whatever you have on hand now i used to love so i love creamy thick smoothies i used to add banana but of course like to keep it low carb to give it that same creaminess i use avocado i know it sounds weird but trust me you’re not gonna taste it and it’s so rich and creamy so we’re gonna go ahead and add in our avocado and i love buying frozen avocado because it doesn’t go bad but i have some i have some fresh avocado on hand and we are going to add a little extra sweetener because i definitely do have a sweet tooth and i just like it to taste like dessert you know then we’re gonna add in our ice and let’s go ahead and blend i want you to see the texture of this you guys are gonna be blown away okay not me getting smoothie all over my face this morning okay so here goes look at this texture oh my gosh literally reminds me of like a shake and i always like to top it off with a little cinnamon and then my glass straw because it makes me feel fancy this this protein tastes just like dessert i’ll go ahead and leave it in the description below for you okay and now let’s go ahead and move on to our first meal so we’re gonna move over to our stove now i’m gonna add in some avocado oil and i do have the heat at about a medium high heat because we are going to cook our salmon here so while our oil is heating up we’re going to go ahead and season this with a little salt and pepper i’m going to do both sides just so that the skin on the bottom is also seasoned because i love a crispy seasoned skin i’m just going to do salt on the skin no peppa and we’re going to cook this skin side down so we can get a nice crispy skin [Applause] so we can get a nice crispy skin i’m going to go ahead and leave this cooking for about a couple minutes now because it is a nice thick salmon steak i’m gonna cover it so the middle can cook evenly beautiful okay oh yes get a nice beautiful crust let’s go ahead and flip this over because of course we need both sides to be fully cooked as you can see this is nice and crispy my favorite literally one of my favorite parts of salmon so now we’re going to go ahead and cover it to make sure that it is fully cooked salmon is perfectly cooked nice crisp actually on both sides which i really love i am totally here for it so now i’m going to go ahead and assemble my salad this is one of my go-to salads look at this bowl so beautiful i love big bowls big salads they just like fill my my eyes like um okay so salads are a really really big part of my life i love salads because they’re really filling um i don’t do well with like really small portions of food so for me salads are just like there’s veggies and kind of like a lot going on textures and you know the whole nines so i feel like your diet doesn’t have to be boring and with salads you could really really accomplish that because you can get like a whole variety of different colors textures flavors um so anyway just throwing that out there but let’s go ahead and get started i’m actually gonna make a homemade dressing um it’s just really really simple you can use this on different salads whether you’re making steak chicken shrimp in this case salmon so let’s go ahead and whip this up okay so we’re starting off with some red wine vinegar this is a very very simple but super super tasty dressing then we have dijon mustard and then we have a little avocado oil and we’re gonna add in our salt and pepper okay and then let’s go ahead and so you obviously want to make sure you taste your dressing just to make sure it’s perfect and oh my gosh it’s delicious that’s perfect let’s go ahead and set it aside and we are going to be using this big salad bowl because it’s beautiful and huge and open and we’re just going to i’m going to show you how i assemble my salad so we’re going to start off with romaine lettuce i love romaine because it’s like nice and crunchy like it has that crisp if you don’t like romaine you can obviously use your favorite lettuce of choice like arugula or like mixed greens but for me i go with romaine we have our cherry tomatoes and then we have our persian cucumber and now we’re gonna add in our bacon so i have turkey bacon it’s what i have on hand but of course you’re gonna use your favorite bacon of choice and it’s nice and crispy like for this salad you have to make sure that your bacon is crispy that is like a hundred percent a must then we have our feta cheese and you can’t have a cobb salad without eggs so we’re eggs i like a medium boiled just because i cannot stand really dry yolks and to add to our healthy fats because fats do help keep you satiated throughout the day we are going to add in some avocado so i’m just going to slice it really quickly and then just toss it in okay now we’re going to top off our salad with our protein guys look at that okay i would pay this is like restaurant style quality okay we have buttery salmon all the toppings like this is the perfect cobb salad i’m telling you obviously i’m not gonna eat this whole thing we’re gonna share it but a cobb salad because it has healthy fats it has your protein like in this case salmon is a very fatty fish fats keep you satiated like don’t be afraid of fats like i grew up being like super paranoid about fatty foods like i got low fat everything and anyway bottom line is that i’ve learned so much throughout the years and fats are not the enemy okay obviously i focus on protein i love my veggies and then my fat i just use use it as a lever to keep me satiated so the fats just always remember if you add a little bit of fats to your protein and your meals you’re going to be able to go a longer period of time without eating okay so meal one is done our salmon cobb salad is ready let’s go ahead and do just a little taste test and then we are gonna sit down and enjoy because this is just too good not to eat oh my god [Music] beyond delicious i’m telling you like how could this be healthy it just tastes so good you know okay so i just want to show you how this salmon is perfectly cooked it’s like buttery soft guys all the textures in the salad are perfection crispy crispy bacon you have the persian cucumber you have the tomatoes the cheese the feta is like a must for me must and then the dressing just brings it all together okay so i’m gonna go ahead and have lunch and then i will see you guys back for dinner okay so before dinner i usually like to do a little snack just so i don’t get like super super hungry and then like overeat so i’m gonna show you some of the things that i like to snack on um if i’m gonna do fruit it’s usually a bowl strawberries um just a few i don’t go really crazy on fruit because even though it’s fruit and it is healthy it does have natural sugars and if i have too many of them then i start craving carbs so i usually just you know kind of do just like a small little bowl and then i also love almonds so these are like marcona almonds i’ll do like a small little bowl of these love beef jerky so um this one here is like a sriracha beef jerky it’s actually chicken but um anything like super quick easy that’s full of protein again like for me protein really goes a long way um fats as well so fats and proteins will usually carry me on until dinner so that’s kind of what i’m going to do now just do kind of like a little snack i’ll show you i mean it’s probably looks funny but it’s literally just beef jerky some almonds and my strawberries so one of the mistakes that i feel people make when they’re snacking is they have too much fruit or sugars or carbs um if i have chips i’m gonna crave a lot of carbs they’re not satiating whatsoever so i’m not going to feel like satisfied you know i’m going to get hungry and i’m going to want more carbs so more junky like snacky cookies um chips crackers like things like that if i have um a lot of sugar so fruits if i have too many of them as well the same thing happens so i try to stick to proteins and fats even with snacky so this is my little snack and it’s going to hold me off until dinner we’re going to get started on dinner so i usually like to go a little lighter for dinner whether i do chicken shrimp sometimes even salmon it really just depends on what i’m craving um and once in a while i do crave steak and so i’ll have it it’s just that steak feels like a lot heavier for me especially like at night so i usually will do steak if i do it i’ll do like a small amount or just a little earlier in the day like an early or dinner so we’re going with the curry chicken and i have everything laid out here so we’re gonna go ahead and prep this now if you if you’re like one of those people that just like i’m not gonna make it it’s just too many steps you can also just do marinade so i pick these up like from thrive i usually just order them um just different sauces like this so you can literally just throw you know into your cooked chicken super bomb super easy so that’s also an option let me know if you want me to share like all the sauces that i buy to make like different meals i just try to buy things that really just make my life easier sometimes like after work the last thing i’m trying to do is like make a whole meal from scratch so those are legit like life savers you know what i mean um okay so for today though we are making it from scratch of course i’m gonna link this recipe down below for you so you guys can go make it it’s clean ingredients super delicious so here we have our chicken it’s already sliced i kind of just um sliced it so that sometimes when the chicken breast is too thick i feel like you know i get i don’t know like weirded out by the by the inside not being fully cooked so we cut these in half and now we’re just gonna season them so we’re gonna do our salt okay we’re gonna do salt and pepper just to taste if you want a measurement i would say about a quarter teaspoon depending on how much chicken you’re using i’m using about a pound here so i would say about a quarter teaspoon would be good so we have our onion powder garlic powder and paprika now we’re just going to toss this right in beautiful then we have our minced garlic this is just fresh garlic you can use more garlic powder but you can never replicate the taste of fresh garlic so if you have it use it so my secret ingredient for this recipe is greek yogurt and it just helps keep the chicken really really moist okay so we’re gonna go ahead and pour that in let’s go ahead and coat our chicken so i’m just going to go ahead and coat my chicken in all the seasonings and then we’ll move over to the stove so you’re going to want to leave your chicken cooking just on one side without touching it for about three to four minutes so it gets a nice crisp it’s gonna turn like nice golden brown and i’ll show you what that’ll look like right now and as you can tell the yogurt really lends for a really nice sear on the chicken like look at that color it’s gorgeous looks delicious and it smells amazing we’re gonna add in our onion our red bell peppers give that a good mix so we’re just going to saute these for about two minutes just until your onions start to get translucent and the peppers just aren’t as hard okay so to make my life easier and to save some time i decided just to go with a jarred coconut curry this is a medium heat but they do have every they have mild they have super hot i just like the medium because it’s you know just in between and it’s so much easier because at this point all we’re gonna do is let this come to a boil and throw our chicken in i am gonna garnish it with cilantro but i’m gonna throw some in just for flavor okay so now we’re just gonna put our chicken back into our curry sauce i’m actually going to leave it whole just because if i chop it i feel like it’s going to kind of get lost in there and i do want to take a beautiful little photo but this at this point it really is just to your liking if you want to dice it chop it slice it but i really think that a full chicken breast with some sauce on top over a bed of like cauli rice or even a salad would be so delicious okay we’re gonna add a little bit of avocado oil for our rice okay so we’re going to throw in our cauli rice i’ve already tried taking out most of the moisture so you want to make sure that you drain your cauli rice with a kitchen towel just get as much of the moisture out that you can because if not you actually have to cook it out here stove top but as you can see mine right now is already nice and fluffy and that’s because i was able to get most of it out and that way you end up with nice fluffy rice instead of mushy so our chicken curry is done our fluffy rice is all set i’m gonna go ahead and plate this now if i was being lazy and i didn’t make the cauli rice i would have totally just done like a made this into a salad so i would have laid out like a bed of lettuce and then put my chicken and then the curry sauce as a dressing guys i’ve done it bomb but today i went all the way for you and i just kind of want you to see that like this is obviously a chicken curry bowl but you can make a teriyaki chicken you can make like a steak bowl you can make it with shrimp like you can play around with so many different recipes and like never ever get bored because i think at the end of the day like what makes a low-carb lifestyle sustainable or even like a weight loss journey sustainable is you being able to actually stick to it you know so if you’re eating delicious foods they’re nice and satisfying and like just you know overall just meet your needs across the board you’re gonna stick with it so let’s go ahead and plate this we are going to do a little cauli rice so for the sauce because i want it to look nice and pretty i put the sauce under the chicken okay and i’m getting all the veggies and you can add more veggies if you’re like a veggie person you can even add like snap peas broccoli i mean really just whatever you want i just did onions and bell pepper to keep it super super simple and you know easy so we have our sauce and now our grilled chicken on top guys the smell of this is phenom i truly cannot wait to dig in because i am a huge fan of curry every time i go to like to a thai restaurant if curry’s on the menu i’m ordering it and i mean you can’t go wrong with cauli rice right this here is it’s just super fluffy light it does the job we’re just gonna get right into it because it is that time and this looks so bomb oh my god that sauce is so good the chicken is perfectly moist the sauce is spicy but not too spicy and you have a fluffy rice to go with it guys i’m telling you sometimes i feel like we put too much like thought into it and it really isn’t that difficult you know to make like really delicious food just make your little chicken your protein whatever it is that you want throw in a sauce now i’m all about making homemade sauces and making them from scratch but sometimes during the week like you just need to make it and go you know and this is just perfect little rice you can make like a double triple batch keep that in the fridge so that you have more throughout the week but something like this it’s gonna taste amazing your family’s gonna love it and if you’re alone then meal prep it all right guys so i hope you really enjoyed this video these are just some of the things that i really like to eat i kind of gave you examples of what you can do so that you just don’t get tired of eating the same foods i’m gonna leave all the recipes in the description below if you guys found this video to be helpful make sure you hit that like button and share not only these recipes but the channel with friends and family that are living a low-carb lifestyle or just looking for healthier choices to their favorite foods guys thanks so much for being here i love you and i will see you on my next video

What I Eat In A Day | I lost 135 Pounds with these meals!


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