Why Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Still Lives in People’s Hearts

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people from the Indian background would know much about this I'm not going into the historical aspects of this person but there was a king you know [Music] shivaji for the great king or an emperor [Music] whose uh you know kind of acquired a tremendous amount of respect for his administration for his bravery for his courage and his strategy of how he fought in those times hugely respected especially people from Maharashtra so shivaji is relevant even today because of the way he conducted his administration very evolved enlightened Administration he did very little people know about his administration generally they know only about his battle strategies which are admired and appreciated but the most important thing was his administration very evolved Administration he did for his kingdom so he had a guru whose name was ramdas one day shivaji was standing in the balcony of his Palace then he saw his Guru going from house to house with a begging Bowl begging then he thought what is my Guru doing begging on the streets I'm a king my Guru can't be begging on the street he must be [Music] then he called Balaji if he was his assistant wrote a chick and sent it please go and place it at the guru's feet so he went and placed this chitter the guru's feet so he picked it up and song and RAM the smart and next day he came to the Palace and he said in this chitty shivaji had written I am placing my entire Kingdom at your feet you can do whatever you want with the kingdom and me [Music] so Ramana said now that you have forsaken your kingdom and given it to me [Music] what are you planning to do so shivaji said [Music] whatever you say you are my sad Guru whatever you say I will do and I just want to be around you and serve you that's all I want to do then he had ramdas had an extra begging book to take this and both of them went begging on the street the emperor and the guru people when the guru came to their house they thought he's just some beggar and they gave whatever they gave now the emperor has come with great respect they gave whatever they could it's only now that if a beggar comes home people are putting cooked food left over food all kinds of things but in this culture that was never done in the past they only gave ingredients rice Dal you know like this so it's for them to go and cook their food and eat so after they're begging rounds were over they went near the river and the guru prepared a small meal a simple meal of whatever ingredients had come that day and after he finished eating what was left over the king no more a king eighth then they were sitting under a tree and shivaji smiled and said now that you've turned me into your beggar in this 24 hours what else do you wish to do with me surrounder said it's called hero that means a piece of orange cloth he gave this orange cloth which was on his body he took it and gave this orange cloth and he said use this as your banner and go back and rule the country but just now this is not your kingdom if you know this doesn't belong to you you don't own it and you will do the best that you can for the people that is the way you must rule you always used the orange cloth or the orange flag as its Banner and he administered his kingdom in a most enlightened way possible to run a kingdom why I'm telling you this story is shivaji Rose in his teacher lives in the hearts and minds of this country [Music] because [Music] he lived in Grace he fought battles many but it's absolutely balanced never in Anger never in hatred never lost in anything just doing what is needed Grace is the greatest empowerment that you can have once Grace enters your life every little thing is how do I become available to Grace Grace does not mean it's coming from One Direction somewhere as gravity is Grace is but in a much bigger Dimension because gravity Works only to a certain distance Grace is the basis of the creation [Music] but you won't be available to it if you have strong walls of individuality if you become dispassionate slowly the walls will dissolve now it brings Grace everything in your breeds Grace [Music]

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