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Hi welcome to effortless ruth that’s, my channel, and I’m doing the weight loss series episode number three, and today I’m, going to talk about this weight loss aid. I’ve been taking um.

If you see my first and second episodes, you can search on youtube for my first and second wave: um weight loss series number one and two you can see my before and after pictures.

I lost about 25 to 30 pounds and I’ve been doing it very very slowly, because I’m very scared of bouncing back which I previously have done and I’ve done poorly, basically extreme diets before, and it didn’t work for me because what happens, I did lose the weight, but it bounced it back pretty quickly after I reverted to my old eating habits, so um every episode I’m gon na talk about small changes.

You could do it in your everyday life.

That would not be painful for you to lose weight, but it will be easy for you to maintain it long term and it’s something it’s very sustainable in the future.

So my current lifestyle has changed completely from before when I was overweight and um, I also want to mention it in college.

I was 10 pounds lighter than I’m currently and the reason I’m doing this youtube lose weight series is that I’m trying to lose another 10 pounds.

So I’m back on my um lose weight track again.

So I’m now revisiting all the things I’ve done previously to lose 25 to 30 pounds and then so.

This is one of the few items I’m, taking with my um new diet, my weight loss, diet, and so this, what it is it’s a weight loss, a capsule that if you buy it in a package it there’s a box, and There’s an instruction and it comes. The starter.

Kit comes with this and instructions, but I threw away the instructions.

So what uh? What this is is, let me open it, so you take one per meal that has oil and it will reduce uh.

It will prevent you to absorb 30 of the fat in your meal and um.

Let’s see so I’m going to read the back of this.

Can it says uh do not use if you’re taking cyclosporine uh if you have, if you have been diagnosed with any problem, absorbing food uh, if you are not overweight, ask a doctor before if you have ever before used so, I want to say I’m: not overweight, according to the BMI index.

Well, I’m on the uh high end of normal, so I’m close to overweight um, so my BMI is 25 and but I’ve taken this before in a long time, and so I’m okay with it.

So I’m not gon na ask my doctor about it and I did tell my doctor – I’m, taking it.

I just didn’t ask them if I could take it and then it says uh ask a doctor before using.

If you ever had gallbladder problems, kidney stones, pancreatitis, uh, ask your doctor or pharmacist before use. If you are taking warfarin, I think it’s, blood, thinning medicine or taking medicine for diabetes or thyroid disease uh.

Your medication dose may be needed to may need to be adjusted if you’re taking medicine for seizures, taking other weight loss products.

Uh, please ask your doctor, and while using this product should take a multivitamin once a day at night or at least that this is Ally, I think Ellie is the brand, or at least that is the name of the product, so it says Orlistat uh Will reduce the absorption of some vitamin bowel change may occur if you eat too much fat.

This is very important.

You know I like this.

Bowel movement will change.

It did change for me and also all my girlfriends that have taken this, and now that is going to be what I’m gon na talk about later con and side effects.

So now I’m talking about um yeah, just probably the things you should watch out for before you’re.

Taking this and let’s see if you develop uh, oh, I you may get gas and oily spotting.

My girlfriends have – and I have got this loose stool – that is true – more frequent stone may be hard to control uh. So one of my girlfriends is Italian.

She eats very oily cream with her spaghetti and she did have this problem with frequent stool.

That may heart be hard to control, and that was one of the cons um, so she had an accident, and so when you, when you take this, I want to recommend you to use a pad, an everyday pad in your um put.

You should use this right after you take it because I don’t everybody’s, response reaction, and how fast you respond to this can be different, so use this.

While you’re using this and then um, you might need a bigger pad than this.

If you eat oily, so let’s see what else, and if you develop itching, yellow eyes, skin, dark, urine, or loss of appetite.

You need to stop and ask the doctor and uh.

There have been rare reports of liver injury in people taking this.

So there is a risk and then severe and continuous abdominal pain occurs.

So it says people have this. This is signed as a sign of a serious medical condition.

Uh, let’s see if you are 39, pregnant, or breastfeeding do not use this and keep re.

Keep out of reach for children – and this is only for adults that are 18 and over 18 years old and overweight take one capsule with each meal containing fat, and do not take more than three capsules.

So that’s the thing: if you’re eating a really uh high-calorie meal, let’s say breakfast, but there’s no fat.

There,’s no point taking this.

Oh, this only stops the absorption.

I shouldn’t say stop.

It reduces the fat, absorption and so the ingredient they said is similar to Xena cal, but Xenical.

I think you need a doctor’s prescription, but this is like a lighter.

I think it’s a lighter dosage and you can just buy this at rite aid. Like drugstores, in, u s um, I think in other countries.

I’m not sure what I’m doing.

I did a Chinese episode about this in Taiwan and they have to have medicine and a doctor.’s prescription it’s not over the counter.

Over there um, so what else? Oh, so? What does this include? So it’ll also include one of these in your starter kit, only the starter kit – and this is a pill box for – and it says, child resistance uh, and for me, I’m.

Having problems, oh, I opened it.

So what happens? Is it lets you take three with you and uh?

So three per day, let’s say you’re, you’re working all day.

You can take three in a day and don’t take more than three so um only take it with uh you if your meals a lot of, contain a lot of fat oil and, like I mentioned uh, this might not be for everyone, like one Of my Italian girlfriends, she I mentioned eats a lot of creamy stuff, creamy sauce and when she had this, she was just so shocked.

She hated it and um.

She’d rather go and do a marathon than do then take this um. So she said I remember like the next day she was like.

Ah, it’s just like calling me on the phone screaming he’s like what happened like.

Why is it like and then like for me, it’s like complete, not extreme as her, because I eat very light compared to her and I can’t do marathons.

So it depends on what you like and what you prefer, what your lifestyle and um, so she lost 20 20 pounds on weight watchers and she’s short.


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I think she’s like five, or two, so 20 pounds is a lot on her.





So I need a lot of help and I’m trying to lose at least 10 more pounds so in total I’m trying to lose like well. I want to say previously: I lost about 30 25 to 30 pounds and that took me about a year and a year about a year.

I did it slowly um one to two pounds for about two weeks, so I want to say average a month.

I would lose like three to four pounds: three pounds: yeah and the slower you lose weight, the longer you can maintain it, and so this is after I learned all from all my bad diets like this is no longer a diet.

It’s like lifestyle, and this is an aid to help.

You lose the fat um by preventing your body to absorb it.

If you need let’s say you’re going on a business trip or you can’t eat healthily or you want to eat a piece of pizza, and so you can’t eat it with this and prevent the old, the cheese and the Oil to absorb it, but I want to say even with this does not mean you can eat uncontrollably and you’re going to suffer if you eat this and you’re eating uncontrollably because your bowel movement is going to change so okay, so I talked about this talking about this, oh so the side effects I mentioned, um, your bowel movement would change uh for me, um, you know if you’re, like uh, you just have to be watching out like if you have a date tomorrow, don’t Take this, you know if you’re going to Disneyland the next day, don’t take.

This only takes this when you know you’re going to be at home and you can run to the restroom quickly, even when I eat very lightly.

I want to say that I’m still very careful, and the pros, as I mentioned, are that this will reduce fat absorption if you’re eating oily and you just need a fun relaxed day from your diet and you.

Just having cravings um the con is like, like I mentioned, you got to be careful what you’re going to plan out the day before you take this so um.

I hope this episode is helpful for you guys if you’ve taken this, and you have certain side effects that I didn’t mention or you want to warn other audiences to watch this about this. Let’s please comment.

Please um put your comment below in the video just below and then, if you like this, then you’ve taken this or you had a successful weight loss.

Please let us please let me know where your tips are in the video below.

So for me, I do recommend this because I’ve taken at least like six of this photo and I’ve been losing weight really low slowly and but I’ve been maintaining it and now I want to lose 10 more pounds.

So if you want to join me on my weight loss journey, um, please comment below and please go back and see.

In my first and second episodes, I did mention I kind of want to start a community about how, like weight, loss, body, virtual waste weight, loss, a buddy to kind of motivate each other to lose weight on this youtube and also another app that I mentioned.

So I’m going to put this information on where to buy on the link below uh in the video below, and I will I saw, I would also put whatever I’ve just mentioned on the video below.

If this video is helpful, please give me a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe, effortless Ruth.

If you want me to talk about other topics, please also mention them in the comment below, and I will see you guys next time.

Bye did you enjoy my videos um don’t forget. My channel is called effortless ruth.

If you like the videos, please give me a thumbs up if you don’t, please let me know what you don’t like about it.

I also have a couple of other episodes that I like to uh recommend as my favorites for April to June my lose weight series.

I talk step by step about things I’ve done in my hauls and how to get discounts at h, m and my favorite shoes, crocs flats, and wedges.

I’ll see you guys soon.



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