amanda.. AMANDA WHAT ARE YOU DOING [Amanda The Adventurer #2]

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where’s the birthday girl usually my mom holds my treat money what come on Lauren I don’t have much time do you trust me I tricked you we’re going to use all three Amanda wait Amanda what listen some wd-409 [Music] when I tell you I’ve been thinking about this game since I recorded it last night I’ve been reading your comments I’m so stupid we gonna get to that I’m just saying it’s been a long time since I’m like yo I need to see what’s about to happen [Music] what’s up what’s going on Corey Kitchener welcome back to Amanda the Explorer the adventurer this this freaking game let me get back in let me get back in if you didn’t see the first episode of this you are in the wrong place go watch that first then come back to this one Playboy but for those who need a refresher first episode we got the bad ending the story so far seems to be that we inherited these tapes from our Aunt Kate now Kate we don’t know what she did cause on the surface we always thought that Aunt Kate was a librarian turns out nah she been like doing some investigating on this kid television show which doesn’t make sense because how is this a like TV show but I have to like type in stuff you know what I’m saying like sometimes she’ll ask you know but we can use to cut the apples how is the kid gonna type something in on a VHS whatever needless to say we need to figure out what’s going on we got one bad ending and then I went to the comments I had the piece of paper in my hand I didn’t realize this went to that this looks so long and yawl said it was something on the back of this robot caution do not get blab out wet that’s why it wasn’t working we need some double A and we also unlocked this pause button so let me get that piece of paper we open this up right we get this paper it goes here guys forgive me okay okay what does this mean so I know this has something to do with the plants like we got the H here the h means purple what is okay yeah we did find this one wait which one is this this one was uh Pink So pink grew a little bit we need to put this in the water oh oh my goodness how would what kind of mutant water is this that this is growing this fast okay so we just grew a whole plant uh uh okay let’s say we grow all the plants like what do we do with that we’re gonna come back to this we know how to grow the plants now what the freak we can do something with the mushroom too I don’t know what to do with this so let me go to the comments all right first comment comes from Jenna OMG if you put the peach in the microwave you get a secret tape we did find a peach here let’s try and see what this pause button is about I just saw a rat on the floor how do we even pause you could just straight up pause okay hi I’m Amanda and we could fast forward apple pie that sounds delicious fast forward good job pause boss oh first of all this is creepy looking oh but it says to pause what are we pausing something with the oven for [Music] why did the TV move what the [ __ ] this game is messing with me what just happened in that tape why is there cheese here meat pie what the frick is happening let’s just follow what it says 200 grams potatoes 200 grams mushroom 350 grams of meat all right first of all we got mushroom put that in there where are we getting meat from oh my God goodness the rat I knew I saw a rat oh oh oh goodness no no where are we getting a potato from what are we getting potato the moon plant we could get a potato we could get a potato with the moon plant I love games like this I mean obviously this is nothing too complicated but like you just get that satisfaction that fulfillment from figuring things out oh okay maybe I just put the whole pot in there wait wait wait hold up oh yo y’all trying to get you some meat pie what do you mean by that we got a new tape yo let’s go let’s go hi there I’m Amanda and I’m Willy me me some of our friends can come back to the neighborhood that’s great I like that there are so many friends in my neighborhood today I want to send something special to my friend first I need to go to the store to buy them a card do you know where the store is the vibe is already off I don’t need to go there right now what about this one do you think this is funny what Amanda you trying to start already I told you yesterday I’m not woolly good job let’s go to the stuffer let’s pick out a card my pet something bad happened what what kind of card should I send them uh but this one that’s not the right card like I want to make her mad but I don’t I don’t think we want this I think Amanda is confused hmm shh here’s a secret it’s my birthday maybe we can help her out what is happening right now what if I click this go ahead and pick a card friend are you sure that’s right it looks like it I bet your friend is really going to love this card my friend is my friend is having a break wants to get my friend where can I buy a treat from my friend well I know let’s get them some nice candy do you know where the candy store is the candy store wasn’t here yesterday or am I tripping also can we get some clarification on this they don’t have anything we need look at the stores which one sells candy I don’t want to go to the candy store what’s in this store uh does this help she is so tired of me bro she really is great now I can’t find this candy store I don’t know where to go can you help me oh all right now I kind of like really want to help her this one was the candy store don’t do that all right my bad it was this one hello there where do you want to go I said I don’t want to go listen I should have just took my butt to bed Amanda just tell us what’s the problem what will he just standing next this isn’t the candy store there is nothing here that I want maybe you can take us someplace else I want to get my friend a special treat all right well I mean you could get him a meat sandwich oh Amanda that’s that’s a nice birthday card do you want to give it to your friend now will you address the card who should I send this to [Music] woolly oh woolly it’s your birthday uh what’s that what is this what is this what we try to we went you took me uh uh huh uh hey where [Music] we tried to we went so there’s four factorial possible combinations here [Music] yeah what the freak what the freak oh 24 candy mate oh guts you got to cut the head off the doll bro we about to turn around installers about to kill us what does this mean die where’s the doll where’s the doll where’s the doll guts guys guts guts that’s what we gotta type in shout out berserk yeah you oh [Music] don’t jump scare me we got some scissors get some scissors and another tape okay everybody be cool everybody be chill the doll is missing and honestly I don’t want to be watching the tape water doll is walking around if anything the scissors gonna be in front of me hold on if we get this one if we get the peach open that up hold on hold on where’s the birthday girl usually my mom pulls my treat money what come on Lauren we have a special surprise for you here’s what I had he’s ready for ice cream and cake she’s busy with her best friend is that showing 24 7.

It’s like she didn’t even hear me and we need to talk about some new TV rules we got cake and ice cream we got your favorite and then chocolate chip come on baby we can watch Amanda another time it’s so much Lauren I love mint chocolate chip yo my eyes are watering for real dude this is so well done this Harkens back to what these letters were about which were kids were disappearing this letter wasn’t even about Lauren but kids watch the show and then they just poof they’re gone oh my goodness what’s a family oh boy put that one in [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi friends I’m Amanda and I’m woolly just made an animal sound he said bye because he is a sheep right can you make a sound like a sheep [Music] that’s great you sound just like Willie wow yeah you sound just like me wow pause it severe thunderstorm warning effective until nine o’clock EST it’s recommended starting to check your environment for any what first of all what is this what is this this is the thing that was over here all this time in this box pick your environment for any particularly at a petting zoo there are lots of animals here to pet and play with [Music] animals they are very different from people they look different and they don’t talk like people right Amanda I’m an animal and I’m animals don’t talk silly look at these lines let’s make sounds like the animals on the signs are you ready a goat says a chicken says a pig says like why did I pause it why did I pause on that watch out for any hazards during the thunderstorm am I about to get like shocked or something because there’s water on the floor I don’t know I’m confused what are you doing it it automatically goes to that okay well let’s just get through this stop pausing it [Music] one animals make funny sounds too let’s go see one of the animal family I want to see the chickens can you show me where the chickens are uh the chickens they’re this way wait let’s go see the silly chickens what a cute fiber [Music] I see a mommy chicken and baby chickens and I see I see a daddy chicken look at the chickens do you know what the daddy is called to me now obviously it’s a rooster but I don’t want to get it right and I don’t know how to spell obviously no that’s not what they’re called try tornado tornado and Kinsale that’s where I’m at until recommended stop and check your environment for potential hazards okay [Music] so what what’s happening I’m gonna get it wrong again do I have to help you with everything do you do you she took over my keyboard again the daddy is called a rooster the mommy is a head eat their babies yum yum no okay well go see some more animal families where should we go next I think it’s time to visit the sheep can you tell me where we can find the Sheep what if we click the wrong thing we got snakes spiders ew I don’t want to see those they’re scary I don’t want to go near flood warning okay sale oh you know what maybe I was supposed to be paying attention to those times I surely wasn’t the Sheep are waiting for us where are they okay let’s go look at Wooly look at the nice sheep family all the Sheep are right where they belong blizzard blizzard warning I’m sure you’re supposed to change the time in the room or something don’t move around your environment at all laughs am I a little kitten where is your family Amanda relax don’t kill the kitten all by herself how do you think she feels sad she must be so scared yeah and sad there’s nobody to love her I know that’s so sad do y’all think I typed that or do you all think she typed it the kitten is alone there is no one to help her will you help the lonely kittens what is what is this back here what is this yeah I’m gonna help the kid [Music] what’s happening I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead bro we didn’t get anything from that do not get wet there’s water here how can we get we need to capture some water [Applause] [Music] foreign oh we’re dead oh we’re dead oh it didn’t come from the chest it came from downstairs all that work for that ending and it didn’t go anywhere we lost the scissors oh no no no no no no no we still know the codes to things so I can still [Music] all right hey little doll come here [Applause] I wasn’t expecting that I wasn’t expecting that to make that noise I’m sorry what have I done with my dad did yawl are here to scream [Applause] let me play it again for you you heard that let me play it again for you all right what is this oh we got batteries [Music] I think this is going to be fun what oh yo who is this toy for I don’t have any numbers to punch in let’s go to cut it off all right let’s pause this some people in the comments did talk about this one five zero three two five now when I saw that when I was playing the other day you know I took a mental note of it like wow that costs a lot of money this is a password for this for this one five zero three two five who did they get to record voice dialogue for this Hannibal Lecter Kate what happened to the TV I don’t want to play anymore right now dang elations you’re one year older wishing you the best this year yet zero eight eight two say less zero eight eight two oh right here right here zero wait zero eight eight two right no or maybe it’s eight one no yeah because there’s a candle in the middle and there’s a candle at the bottom so it was on some they’re trying to confuse us lambast on there zero eight eight two maybe we typed that in there I don’t think that I want to do that what you mean the first line of dialogue had me thinking he was about to like zero eight eight two I’m clearly reading this wrong maybe we can’t pick it up to move it anywhere hmm I can hear our crying um that’s six numbers that’s six numbers [Music] 3 25 at 30 minutes 325 and 30 minutes 325 at 30 minutes 25 or 30 minutes [Music] hold up hold up we got another candle oh Matt I like math what’s this may your life be filled with many blessings first of all we got one candle times four obviously we can’t really do nothing with that we did get one candle though which we can put inside of that cake how we can’t remove it so if we just traded the candle as a one one times four would be four five minus one would be four five all right one times one plus one would be two one divided by one is one one plus one plus one is three and one minus one is zero zero what’s in the card is on the cake what’s in the card is on the cake what’s in the card is on the cake dead free five one six one [Applause] I tell you there is nothing more fulfilling than figuring out a puzzle without looking it up what’s in the card is on the cake how about for every candle we substitute two for every candle on the card since there are two candles on the cake we substitute it for two so instead of one times four two times four every time we see a candle it’s two and it worked take a picture it is [Applause] first of all that was extremely scary second of all see f [Music] please I don’t want to do no more puzzles bro [Music] I had no business screaming like that my vocal cords I just ripped them up I literally just ripped them up and I tell you what it did I tell you what it was it was the proximity of the left ear you could see me screaming and turning because I’m thinking is somebody in this room with me well played game devas well played oh no accidents I don’t have much time do you trust me do I trust you that’s an odd thing to say Willie that’s a very odd thing to say it instantaneously made me untrusty you but you know what sure ready for an adventure Amanda Lily had an accident when a friend has an accident sometimes nobody can help them but we can try well Amanda I’m fine I I just uh well Lily is so confused we really have to help him first we have to know what is wrong what part of Willie is broken oh all right so we got body and head I don’t know body isn’t really acting strange what could be wrong feet don’t you care about Willie he needs our help head Lily’s head is broken but Dr. Amanda is here to help let’s prepare the patient oh no here Willie drink this I don’t know Amanda [Music] Amanda I feel uh [Music] we need to operate immediately on the patient’s brain what tools should we use to fix wooly’s head the saw the hammer or the forceps bro oh man who are you making money why Amanda I know I write Amanda listen please listen woolly is fine we don’t need any of these that might be helpful but what else could we use this things could get really messy if we use that this that looks hard to use but I could try this I tricked you we’re going to use all three Amanda wait Amanda white a little healthier who are you going to help um obviously you’re not going to help me no by myself no way oh we’re dead oh we’re dead oh we’re dead oh we’re dead what is this Riley’s favorite movies they are so big I’m Blue hi trap door treat oh what hi I’m Willie trapdoor treat oh there was something in there was something in there I’m you know it’s crazy when every time I finish a tape I’m like zipping dude I’m zipping behind me the last game that like really creeped me out like this was duck season do yawl remember oh my life is on that level of like paranoia trap door oh summer 1989.

Let’s just see what kind of treat they got I am allergic to Apple how many chairs how many mushrooms how many how many plate how many chairs how many mushrooms how many chairs dang it’s a lot of chairs in here ain’t it how many lights and how many fruit so how many how many what’s the first one how many chairs was first right there’s one chair there’s one two three four five six seven eight mushrooms there’s one light two lights one two three four five six fruit right I’m allergic to Apple how many chairs how many mushrooms cheer mushrooms how many how many like also it said Woody’s allergic to apples for some reason so do we not count that I know it’s got to go here how many chairs it was one there was eight mushrooms there was six fruits lights was two right is there more than one chair there is that’s a chair right there it just it just goes on forever and ever so this obviously we could get this uh we could get the robot with that what is this tape what is this called home movies four four oh two five eight four one two five eight I mean let’s just type that in instantly obviously but first you need that key to my heart because it is not what you have on the outside that matters it is okay uh before I electrocute you with this water let me see what the rest of this says we don’t have much time we don’t have much time okay I’m sorry about that kind of person you’re not that kind of person I thought that I could trust you listen I’m not gonna do it what do you want me to do what can we do besides that the fact that this dude started talking as I approached him with the water do you need more proof that this is sentient or not wait let’s talk about this talk I know so what’s the what’s the key to your arm I agree all right sure I don’t know why you thought that you are not that kind of person I’m not but please please do not direct me please have mercy on me oh my goodness I will show you number combinations you’ve never even dreamed of okay do it I will do anything please give me another chance okay I am I am begging you I love you oh there I said it I am in love with you they really trying to make you feel bad for doing this let it be on record I didn’t want to do it you are not kind of person you’re wrong [Applause] I’m sorry Ben I’m so sorry I am so sorry he was under his head the whole time I’m about to freaking die too I deserve it [Music] foreign chaos heartbreak all because of Aunt Kate why did you give me this tape Kate why didn’t share look how look how look how much work we’ve been putting in dude it’s freaking five tapes down here about to be six [Music] hi I’m Amanda when you’re friends you can share all kinds of things with each other I can share my crayons with you so you can have fun coloring too look at silly Mr. Fox what why was your favorite shows you care about someone friends can share toys they can share snacks I’ll share some of my snacks with you which snack would you like what kind of snacks are these do yawl see any snacks here or do you just see Rants and meat yum that’s my favorite friends can share other things too they can share secrets really can I share a secret with you oh boy oh boy you know what Amanda I really don’t want any secrets oh I thought you were different leave isn’t that where Amanda comes out from like the monster Amanda whoa whoa this is unlike anything that’s happened so far [Music] now I’m just sitting here wondering what was the secret they really rolled the credits on us [Music] we got another ending I should have been taking notes because I can’t remember all the stuff that we did why does this tape here oh this is like secret tapes go here or something and we all the way at the beginning bro I can’t remember this [Music] yum that’s my favorite are you sure it’s the big secret I’m sure is it really okay to share my secret with you Amanda yeah it is I’m out there somewhere oh my goodness [Music] [Music] now we got this ending they gave us yet another choice at the end I didn’t have to throw the brick we gonna talk about what she said after I get back to that and not throw the brick I’m out there somewhere all right we’re gonna do it they they kind of press you when they’re throwing it I don’t have to throw it [Music] oh it just repeats okay so you do have to do it bro if I seen this in real life I’m front flipping out of that freaking window bro she’s out there somewhere Amanda is out there somewhere that can’t be the true ending look listen to how sad this is [Music] we didn’t solve anything we’re gonna end this one here guys um for everything in the room this this except for this we figured out everything in this room we still got five spaces for tapes here the only things we haven’t figured out what happened to Kate what happened to Amanda and what what are we supposed to do for this tornado blizzard thing wow what an episode what a game we really put on our detective shades on this one everybody clap that up I’m gonna did this without you guys you know as emotional support but we still not done yet y’all go down in the comments what did we miss what did you see in this episode that you that’s giving you some idea of what we could possibly even do next because the only thing that I can think to do next this is the the actual real life tape is go through the tapes in order again and look for Clues I’m gonna get out of here if y’all ready for the next episode of Amanda the adventurer you already know what to do be sure to assist the samurai slice that like button subscribe today to join the Samurai and until next time my brothers and sisters [Music] friends you win perfect

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