DAILY ABS EXERCISE for a Flat Stomach | 8 minute Workout

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This is your 8 minute daily abs workout. I want you to do this for seven days and let me know how you get
on in the comments down below. Now you can do this workout on its own or you can do it as part
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It's a transformation guide, and the goal of this guide is to not only transform your body but way more importantly,
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Monday the 25th of April, you do not want to miss this guys. Okay, let's fill that ab burn. (workout timer beeps) Okay guys, starting off on your back you're going to have
one knee into the chest pull it in, 1, 2 and change sides. Breathing, you have 50
seconds on each exercise, 10 seconds rest, this is going to burn.

Pull that core in tight,
keep that chin to the chest and look forward. (workout timer beeps) Amazing. Your fingertips now come by your temples. From there, you're going
to tap one toe down, followed by the other, then both together (workout timer beeps). Try and keep that lower back flat in the mat, okay? And if it's hurting your neck,
lower that upper body down, but keep that lower back flat in the mat. Breathe, you're killing it. Now remember the further
away you tap from your butt, the harder it is. (workout timer beeps) Amazing work. Next up is going to be your bicycles, rotating the elbow to the opposite knee. Breathe (workout timer beeps), we can do this. Let's go. If that's too difficult,
lower those legs down and rotate and place the foot down. Don't give up guys. (workout timer beeps) Amazing. Open those legs out and straighten them. From here, your hands
are in a diamond shape.

You're going to come all the
way up (workout timer beeps), trying to take your arms
to the outside of the leg. If that's too difficult, just come as high as you feel you can. (workout timer beeps) Amazing work guys. Next up is dead bugs. Come on, you're in the way
silly, (workout timer beeps) Hi. Okay, placing the arms and the legs up, you're going to alternate
sides as you straighten. If your neck's sore, lower down. (workout timer beeps) Amazing. Next up is a set of hundreds. Wow, my core is already on fire. Come on nice and high into that crunch. Hover the arms and you're
going to pump them up and down. Keep that eye gaze forward. Good, if you're feeling super-strong you're going to lift both legs up and even stronger still,
straighten those legs out.

Beginners, stay here. Straighten those legs out if you can. (workout timer beeps) Oh my gosh, that burn, that burn Teddy. Okay, legs are up to the sky. You're going to flex the
feet (workout timer beeps) and reach for the toes. All right, let's go. And if this feels too
difficult, super-simple, take those legs down and just
try and take the chest up and lower it back down again. Breath in as you go up,
breath out as you lower. Keep looking forward as you do this guys, protect that neck, looking
between the thighs, 10 seconds left. (workout timer beeps) Amazing work. Come on up now into sitting. Oh my gosh, my core is literally on fire. We have a boat hold,
(workout timer beeps), hoo, feel that core burn, hold back, pull that core in nice and tight. Relax, those shoulders. Good work. And if you are feeling this
in the lower back instead I want you to come here, okay? Okay, halfway lift those legs up.

Good, straighten those legs out, 10. (workout timer beeps) Yeah! All my gosh, my core is on fire. (upbeat music).

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