Dietitian Attempts Beyoncé’s Coachella Prep Diet (Why Queen, WHY!!!!!)

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she's a one name one woman Legend the ultimate triple threat of Our Generation and arguably one of the most talented vocal artists of all time obviously we're talking about the queen bee Beyonce Beyonce is known for her mind-blowing performance chops and her 2018 Coachella performance was no exception [Music] but surprise surprise most of the buzz around the Beehive was around her body and what she did to transform it for a weekend of crop tops and Fringe skirts So today we're going to be unpacking the controversial Coachella diet and flipping the script to attempt to eat like Queen Bee for a day hey everyone I'm Abby sharp welcome to Abby's kitchen please in today's video I'll be taking meal inspiration from Megastar actress and mother of three Mrs Beyonce Carter a quick disclaimer that we will be talking about restrictive diets so please feel free to skip this video if it's not supportive to your journey also this diet was compiled from primary and secondary sources so I really cannot speak to the accuracy of Beyonce's actual everyday diet it's also just what I ate on a random day here it is not meant to be copied or recommended as how you should eat always speak to a dietitian about your unique needs and don't forget to hit that subscribe button and follow me on Tick Tock and Instagram at Abby's kitchen all right first things first we need to unpack the diet that caused the Beehive some serious abuzzin let's talk Coachella diet 101 so Coachella was considered a Bay's official homecoming performance after the birth of her twins roomie and Sir pretending that my son is flat in body suits [Music] time for the side oh baby to prepare for her debut she allegedly followed a strict 44-day diet eliminating all bread carbs sugar dairy meat fish and alcohol in order for me to meet my goal I'm limiting myself to no bread no carbs no sugar no Dairy no meat no fish no alcohol that's a lot of good things to have to cut out now if that is accurate it leaves us only with things like beans nuts avocado and low carb vegetables not surprisingly Beyonce described the experience simply and succinctly I'm hungry I mean I'm really not surprised so basically what this sounds like is like a vegan keto diet or what I like to call the veto diet because it vetoes most foods and food groups basically we take two diets with completely opposite restrictions smash them together and live off thoughts and prayers no but really I am all for a plant-based diet but when you cut out all the carbs like where the [ __ ] did this girl get the energy to do this I mean we already knew this but Beyonce clearly has some kind of superpower that we may never understand and she clearly rocked the concert so sure maybe this diet worked for her in the short term but for most of us mere mortals this would not feel good we're looking at low energy levels from lack of carbs poor satiety from the relatively lower amounts of protein and low energy availability from the calorie deficit and the strenuous exercise regimen like this is generally a recipe for Burnout and injury so Abby trust me don't bother with this noted like the very beginning Destiny's Child was the first concert I ever went to as a kid and it was amazing bootylicious tour get at me like to this day the best concert I've ever seen Nelly was performing Nelly if that's not 2 000 for you I don't know it is so I fully support all the praise and admiration that woman has gotten over her career and I also empathize with the pressure she must have felt leading up to this very important show but yeah this diet is not it at least not with all of those restrictions in place that said the Coachella date was allegedly based off of this 22-day vegan meal plan that was developed by her friend and trainer Marco Bourget and if we ignore like the laundry list of no no no foods for Coachella I mean there's definitely some pretty solid ideas here for building out some great plant-based meals and it's totally possible that this is actually what she ate and by cutting out carbs and sugar she really just meant like she wasn't having big bowls of pasta because this plan does contain carbs from fruit and other whole grains and thank God because like what would you eat without that so yeah I took a little Peruzzi at this 22 Day meal plan and while the food photography looks a little Martha Stewart's Circa 2013.

I feel like we have something to work with here so let's make breakfast okay so most of the breakfast I see on this list here are like fruit smoothies oatmeal or like another cooked whole grain like quinoa or a chia pudding now I did see a recipe here for this like banana breakfast wrap situation they don't give me any information about what's in it but it's seems like the most original recipe on the list so we're gonna go with that let's wrap it up it up it's not a wrap recipe without slammering her down okay whole grain wrap I'm gonna like make this how I make my kids bedtime snack because I don't know when you say banana wrap this is what I'm thinking about so we need some glue edible glue just slap on some pink blue yes a little 90s kid conspiracy here what does PVA glue stand for I'm gonna say Karen's very angry yeah I like something like volatile putrid volatile aeration glue what do you think guys put your thoughts and theories in the in the comments below because I mean this is basically a huge huge mystery of our times okay banana these are like strangely suspicious because they're green but they're speckly so are they ripe we'll never know a little honey for some sweetness and it's kind of like a little more sticky glue PVA 2.0 uh banana and I think we need to like two-thirds it for the roll all right now we tuck and roll rolling with the homies Clueless 90s reference all right that's a wrap but also this is probably not enough for me for breakfast so I'm gonna pair this up with another of the breakfast options on the list and make myself a little smoothie okay so the recipe calls for almond milk banana almond butter a scoop of of course the Branded protein powder and some leafy greens while I put this all together Abby can you talk about the importance of protein at breakfast you got it girl so protein is an important part of my Hunger crushing combo so of course I think that we should try to get it in most if not all meals protein is key for supporting muscle mass energy expenditure nighttime sleeps satiety hormones glucose regulation and more and in the context of weight loss specifically a protein-rich breakfast has been shown to help reduce calorie intake later on in the day by suppressing hunger hormones and reducing signals in the brain responsible for the food reward system also despite the popularity of intermittent fasting which does have some known benefits for weight loss we actually know that front loading our calories earlier on in the day is more metabolically beneficial than skipping breakfast and then eating later on so personally I do try to eat a really good solid meal in the morning it really just sets the tone for the day okay the combo is where it's at people I could not personally go a whole morning on just this or just this so we've got protein in the protein powder lots of healthy fats in the almond butter peanut butter and the hemp hearts in there carbs in our wrap and our banana situation plus high fiber carbs in our fruit veggies and wrap I don't even know which to go in for first but cheers it's a nice light mint green so good A little wrap wrap oh she's dripping look at that little honey Don't Escape it looks so wrong it looks wrong but it tastes right all right breakfast in let's get a little workout in and your girl is ready for this jelly what the because jelly all right so Beyonce's workout regimen is something of Pop Culture myth and lore given the goddess-like status that she's achieved pretty much everyone wants to know the secret to being bootylicious myself included but according to Rachel atard Beyonce does 20 minutes of hit training then an hour of strength training and then often has dance rehearsals on top I think it's safe to say that she ran this mother [Music] mother doesn't run up get down for a little beehive Dance Workout let's do it [Music] thank you [Music] all right so far so good okay lunch folks lunch lunch lunch let's see what our options are so according to this little listicle here usually it's like a salad or soup sometimes there's like a bit of carb in there sometimes not a whole lot but I saw this like mango kale avocado salad list a few times and I feel like we can work with that don't know really what's in it other than those three things but like we can work with that let's make a salad all right we got our kale a little bit of kale here I'm gonna mix it with some leftover rice I just warmed up in the microwave I like it kind of hot cold salad situation making a mess I've got some frozen edamame I just thought out love that for us we've got our mango oh and she's ripe gonna waste any of that and some avocado like that this is looking good and fairly certain the only carbs in the OG version is the mango so I've added in the rice I've got some cashews here for some healthy fats and got a little sesame seeds and because mayonnaise can make a better salad dressing than I can a little sweet Sesame vinaigrette all right I'm excited about this we've got tons of fiber of course from our Brown and wild rice and our veggies and our edamame we got some carbs in the mango and the rice as well healthy fats in the Sesame and the dressing and the cashews and the avocado and of course some plant-based protein in the edamame all right Abby while I work my way through this can you tell us a little bit about plant-based protein and how it holds up to animal based so it is true that plant-based proteins generally have lower bioavailability than animal-based proteins so about 40 years ago the idea of protein combining was really in Vogue basically the idea is that since most plant-based sources of protein are low in one or more amino acids that you have to combine two of them in a meal to make that protein complete the truth is our body maintains a pool of free amino acids that it can draw on to complement one another at any time the protein we eat gets broken into amino acids anyway so our body basically can like mix and match amino acids to get what we need so as long as the diet is sufficient in calories and we're eating a variety of plant-based proteins it would be very hard to become actually protein deficient for sure anyone who says that you can't feel full and satisfied on a plant-based diet has not eaten a hunger crushing combo bowl like this so good I'm feeling like a little snack even though you'll know I'm the whole kitchen offered you a snack not the whole kit home kit so what do we have on the menu Beyonce so according to this listicle we have powerballs one of nutrition 22's branded protein bars trail mix or veggies with their hemp heart hummus what how have I not thought of this so let's make a little hemp heart dip and while we do that Abby can you go over why I'm so like crazy in love with the stuff first of all let's set the record straight here folks hemp products don't get you high so no that is not the reason that I'm drunk in love with this stuff hey man do your thing I don't understand it but do your thing but hem parts are a built-in hunger crushing combo that touts the benefit of plant-based Omega-3s protein and fiber of the super sprinkle Trifecta Chia flax and hemp hemp is my personal go-to because it's highest in zinc and protein which are key nutrients especially with plant-based diets and they have a really mild nutty flavor that's super versatile and delish okay I'm a little disappointed because I was expecting it to be like a real like hemp heart based recipe but it's really just hummus with some hemp hearts in it fine fine there's nothing wrong with that I mean I definitely could have thought that one up myself little tahini a little lemon juice all The Usual Suspects and a hummus a little garlic and the magic the hemp hurts nice this recipe didn't call for any oil but I guess we've got enough fats coming from the hemp and from the Tahiti and it actually looks pretty good but it's gonna need a [ __ ] ton of salt so a little salties I'm gonna grab some paprika because yeah we're gonna need flavor you can take all that baby a little taste Rooney not bad it needs more lemon but it's not bad and maybe a little more teeny and you know what since we're here guys because you can't have oh that's not even olive oil I had to add some oil because I can't do like the low fat hummus I don't know why I haven't been putting hem Parts into my hummus all along but it's definitely an upgrade so we got fiber in our beans veg and our crackers for dipping we got tons of healthy fats in the tahini and the hemp parts and the Sesame here as well and we got protein in the chickpeas and the Hem Parts as well it's really good approved queen bee approved all right folks let's talk dinner so I'm not gonna lie I went through every single day of this 22 Day meal plan and there wasn't a single dinner that felt inspiring so like here are some of our options small baked sweet potato with coconut oil half a cup of organic black beans and steamed greens and no thank you cup of quinoa with half an avocado plus a cup of steamed greens and vegetables what the [ __ ] is that raw zucchini Alfredo with basil cherry tomatoes with steamed vegetables or salad so just vegetables nice or cauliflower rice with lemon mint and pistachios over top of greens like I'm gonna take a pass on that the best selling option here was the butternut squash curry with quinoa and steamed vegetables so I'm gonna use that and like reimagine it for my taste I'm going to take a few creative Liberties let's do it let's pan fry a little tofu a little neutral oil here avocado do a little Bootylicious Dance while we wait so impatient though I feel like I'll get flagged if I put it on all right let's get in there yeah we don't need to be sued by the queen slash King salt Seas Pepsis has Beyonce ever in a Pepsi ad to all you beehive members little Beyonce trivia is she team Coke or Pepsi look it up look it up look it up I don't know all right that's looking good let's turn this off for a second it's going to get I knew this was good I've lost a piece down in the great oh she's hot she's hot she's hot she's hot she's hot she's hot a little garlic and ginger [Music] oh a little paste got some red curry paste stand back [Music] oh God [Music] oh my God why is it so hot okay okay folks gonna put the coconut milk in now just to save myself from a third degree burn that's what's the ER right now okay that's feeling now we can catch our breath people all right back to it I want butternut squash because it is a [ __ ] to cut and I don't like it frozen so I've got sweet potatoes here which is my opinion even better and I'm gonna add in some frozen kind of stir-fry veg here people poo poo frozen veg but honestly in a lot of cases it's even better than fresh because it is blanched and then flash frozen to lock in those nutrients so I'm a huge fan of Frozen fruits and vegetables especially when the prices right now are out of control [Music] all right tofu in all right it smells so good folks so so good you guys know I don't do quinoa because to me it tastes kind of like mush so I plated mine up with some white rice which I much prefer and don't hate on white rice folks we have so many Hunger crushing compounds here we've got protein in our tofu we got healthy fats in our nuts and our coconut milk and our Sesame and a lot of fiber in all of that veg so we've dressed up those naked carbs really damn good so I'm really not worried about any kind of blood sugar Spike from the white rice okay are you guys team fork or spoon when it comes to rice and Curry because I am all about the spoon so you can get all the little sassy bits off the bottom of the bowl look at that it's so good and the sweet potato smells better than butternut squash in my opinion just saying all right my favorite time of day folks it's dessert and surprisingly for a no carb diet there's actually a lot of options here so most of the desserts I see on this plan were either just like dark chocolate I don't know how much you're allowed to have a raw vegan brownie bite raw chocolate pudding or raw vegan macarons I actually loved kind of like that chocolate raw avocado pudding my kids love it too so I'm gonna work with that and while I do that Abby what's the whole dealio on this whole raw vegan Trend listen I am all for plant-based diets or at least trying to incorporate more plant-based Foods into your day I'm also for no bake desserts because honestly who has the time or patience to bake in the middle of a work week not me but there are some major concerns with eating an exclusively raw plant-based diet namely that you're basically limited to fruits veggies nuts and seeds since pretty much all of the plant-based sources of protein like beans legumes and whole grains need to be cooked so we're looking at Major nutrient deficiencies in B12 zinc protein and potentially calories and for women specifically this can result in major reproductive Health declines with one study suggesting that 30 percent of raw dieters lost their period so yeah eat your raw dessert but don't go fully raw avocado step one and it doesn't even matter if it's cheap folks because it's going into the blender and it's gonna get covered in chocolate so this is a great way to use up those non-guacamole worthy avos squeezer in a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder um what should they have to come up with a better system I mean definitely I should have completely removed the packaging but moving on sugar I probably needed a larger oh I have this recipe and you know when you do that and then you inevitably [ __ ] something up it almost happened but I'm still on track I'm gonna we're gonna get through this day without a [ __ ] up brown sugar down coconut milk let's do that now you will watch as I successfully open a can with a can opener that no one else in this world knows how to work no one else on my team knows how to work this in the job description and yet no one can figure it out okay how much more I'm gonna say like a little bit more than that oh yeah she's gonna be creamy a little vanilla beep all right let's blend her up actually not I know what this means salt if you know you know and if you don't I'll tell you that salt is really important for helping to kind of tone down some of the bitterness of cocoa powder it's key it's key in everything but particularly when it comes to kind of more bitter flavors I think hours later okay so like definitely not conducive to a rock star performance all right I'm gonna finish mine off with a little Fleur de cell to keep it super fancy I mean we gotta make it appropriate for the queen and let's get in there look how thick this is so good packed with healthy fats and fiber and honestly I wouldn't care if it wasn't because chocolate um oh my God it is so good it is so good especially with that little hit of salt on top so let's recap we did have to take a few creative liberties with Beyonce's tour prep regimen but I actually think we ended up with a pretty balanced nutritious plant-based day and I'm all about the plant-based inspiration I also appreciate that besides the plant-based piece this is probably not how Beyonce eats on a regular basis according to a lot of the reports I read usually Beyonce eats several small meals throughout the day to keep her energy levels high with a balance of healthy fats protein and carbs which you guys know we love to see she also recently opened up to Harper's Bazaar about her experiences with insomnia yo-yo dieting and the impact the excessive touring has had on our body mentioning that the strict dieting and exercise regimen left her with a lot of muscle pain aches and stressed out hair and skin so let this be a reminder that what celebrities put themselves for a singular moment in time is ultimately not sustainable and it also generally leaves these folks feeling really dry greened and not so great so hopefully Beyonce's being able to collect that doubt of herself and learn for next time that maybe she doesn't need such a long no no no list and guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it the thumbs up leave me a comment below on Whose diet you'd like to see me attempt next subscribe to the channel and I'll see you next time on Abby's kitchen bye [Music]

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