Dietitian Reviews Growing Annanas What I Eat in a Day (Intuitive Eating or Diet Culture?!)

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you've seen her colorful meals all over Tick Tock maybe you've done one of her workouts online Anna is a 27 year old certified trainer turned YouTuber and tick tocker with a fitness app grow with Anna her workouts are no joke but her approach is gentle and accessible and with nearly 3 million subscribers people are clearly loving the pays but what does a dietitian think of her diet let's check out everything that Anna eats in a day hey everyone I'm Abby sharp welcome to Abby's kitchen [Music] thank you today we'll be taking a look at the diet of YouTuber and Tick Tock sensation Anna from grow with ananas but first please check out my disclaimer that we will be looking at someone's die in detail so please feel free to skip this video if it's not supportive to your journey and if you're new here subscribe to that channel and hit that follow button please help a girl out and also follow me on Tick Tock and Instagram at Abby's kitchen and since we're talking about Fitness today let me tell you quickly about my sponsor co-pilot so co-pilot is a one-on-one Fitness experience that combines quality coaching with technology to help you reach your own personal fitness goals at your own pace you fill out your survey they match with a coach and you set up your fitness goals and plan if you use your Apple watch the system will automatically track your sets pacing and range of motion and your coach will be with you to guide you through but even if you don't own an Apple Watch it is such a great workout for on the go your coach will work with whatever equipment and space you have and whatever time you have available so it's ideal for folks with chaotic schedules like me or when I'm traveling and not with my gear at home I've been working with Justin who is a real person not just like an app or AI who I've met with virtually to discuss my goals at Fitness level and time commitment he then creates real video workouts uniquely for me at scheduled times in the week and he can track my activity and send me lots of tips videos for form and of course motivation through the app I literally have all the benefits of in-person training working with Justin but with a lot more convenience safety and a more reasonable price in a world that's becoming progressively more and more virtual this really is the most efficient and effective way to work out so if you want to try out co-pilot yourself check out my link in the description to get 14 days free with your own Fitness coach it has been a hot moment since I've done an OG Abby's kitchen YouTuber what I in a day review I am feeling nostalgic right now for a moment but yeah I've gotten so many requests to talk about growing ananas and as a follower myself I was like hell's yes give me a hell yeah I can do that now Anna doesn't have any recent full length what Aina days so I pulled these four video examples from her shorts slash Tick Tock content that she shared online so let's take a look at breakfast okay love The Eclectic options here and I specifically like that she's not shying away from morning carbs well I don't think that the average person needs to obsess over the timing of like different macros in the day it's worth pointing out that it metabolically does make sense to like front load a lot of your carbs in the morning when our body is more insulin sensitive of all the options I would say the Chia protein pudding is likely the most balanced and satiating because we got lots of healthy fats in the Chia app protein in the milk and the yogurt and fiber rich carbs in the berries on top but I also love the idea of the leftover pasta salad as proof that there's no such thing as designated breakfast foods I would probably try adding in some like leftover chicken or tofu or beans in the salad since I know that there are a lot of benefits to getting protein in that first morning meal also the driving and centrally aesthetic eating while filming definitely gives me major anxiety but otherwise lots of delicious morning inspo here let's talk about exercise so according to a lot of her Vlogs her movement for the day is either shooting a workout for her YouTube video or going on like a hot girl walk or as many Fitness vloggers do possibly both maybe I'm just old but is it only an official hot girl walk when you film it from the chest down I don't know asking for a friend but anyways I really do enjoy Honest YouTube workouts I think she's super encouraging inclusive and doesn't seem to be pushing any kind of toxic weight loss diet culture in fact I love what she said in this Tick Tock right here [Music] that my friends is the truth you can't handle the truth this may or may not be disappointing to hear for a lot of you gym bunnies but exercise is not the best way to lose weight actually it's a pretty shitty way to lose weight if we want to put this into context our caloric intake is made up a hundred percent of the food that we eat but your daily physical activity only makes up about 10 to 30 percent of our caloric expenditure and only a small subset of that is intentional exercise our body also has a ton of compensatory mechanisms in place to conserve energy and maintain energy balance so for example we tend to eat more after exercise and unconsciously move less just doing basic acts of living on the flip side we know that exercise has a myriad of benefits that are way more significant than weight loss it can improve mood energy levels cognition Sleep Quality regularity bone health and even blood markers like cholesterol and blood pressure so yeah exercise just really needs to be rebranded as something we do for health and pleasure not to change our weight alright lovers let's get into lunch baby when you're done gotta be the first okay so as usual I love the variety here lots of great colorful veggies a nice combination of plant-based and animal-based proteins and a variety of different carbs it's clear that she doesn't cut out Foods or food groups because there are so many great looking ingredients in her repertoire and this really is key since Risa suggests that die diversity is really important to a healthy gut which in turn means a healthy mind immune system weight digestive system and so much more and more specifically this largely comes down to fiber diversity when it comes to fiber we got Prebiotic fiber resistant starches and other insoluble and soluble fibers and different bacteria strains prefer different fibers so if you're only getting your fiber from like one source like wheat for example you're not giving different bacteria in your microbiome an opportunity to flourish and grow so how many different foods should we all be focusing on well a recent recommending aiming for 30 different plant-based Foods per week so that means switching up different grains veggies pulses nuts and seeds to give your gut the ultimate shot at thriving I love making chickpea salad sandwiches myself so simple and inexpensive to pull off yet so packed with saturating fiber and protein and if you want to up the satiety Factor even more you can smash a little avocado in there as well in fact that's usually how I make my avocado toast I basically puree together avocado with some white beans and it yields a higher protein super creamy avocado topping see avocado toast and then of course I load up on everything but the bagel seasoning honestly it's just so refreshing to see a Creator eating carbs and fats or like not adding any pseudoscience ingredients or supplements or explanations why they do or don't eat something I mean it's kind of sad that I have to congratulate someone like this but Tis the times all right let's take a look at some snacks okay I love these options and of course I'm biased because they kind of seem like snacks I would make for myself just saying we generally have some great hunger crushing combos here with approaching the yogurt and bar fiber and the berries and cereal and healthy fats in the peanut butter I'm not sure what yogurt she's using because often these clips kind of go by so quick but I am personally a fan of full fat and I'm gonna tell you why number one it's objectively healthier in a lot of ways we have tons of research that choosing full fat Dairy is linked to lower risk of heart disease diabetes and maybe better for folks with insulin resistance and PCOS likely because the added fat helps to buffer the natural sugars and also because of the protective effects of some unique fatty acids in Dairy number two it's more satiating that is more saching than carbs so when we have a greater percentage of calories coming from fats versus natural sugars AKA lactose we're gonna feel Fuller for longer three If you're lactose intolerant It generally is easier to digest since again the fat buffers and edges out some of the lactose and four it just tastes better at least to my palate healthy food is only healthy if you actually eat it and I personally find fat-free yogurt kind of like two astringent thin and Bland and I end up having to add a lot more sugar to make it palatable and as we established sugar is not shading as bad but let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are all right moving on to dinner I am all for these super simple quickie meals [Music] [Music] okay the roasted tofu and veg dinner with Greek yogurt dip looks low-key amazing and the lettuce wraps with chips and guac on the side hello I'm here for it hello and I think that Anna's dinner is here prove that a healthy balanced meal doesn't have to mean meat carbs veg like if she's having tortilla chips on the side with her guac she loads her taco meat into a lettuce wrap instead if she's having a leftover platter of veg avocado cheese and some dips she serves some crackers on the side you don't just have to eat quinoa and sweet potatoes to have a healthy balanced dinner idea and speaking of balanced meals again Anna and I are kind of Kindred food Spirits because her post dinner snacks basically look like mine but way more instagramable I usually just Chuck some things together in a bowl and they never look like that especially the dark chocolate yogurt cup like who has time for that before bed ain't nobody got time for that that said it seems like we generally are enjoying a beautiful combination of protein Rich yogurt and fruit before bed with a little chocolate thrown in for good measure but yeah I think yogurt and fruit are a great snack combination thanks to the protein and fiber combo and while the research results have been mixed they may also specifically be great for Sleep Teresa suggests that Dairy before bed may help to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and waking frequency along with improving sleep efficiency and sleep duration and this is probably because the calcium and dairy helps the brain use tryptophan which helps to support the sleep hormone melatonin we also know that having a solid dose of protein at bedtime can help to support satiety which can prevent weight cups and also helps to stabilize blood sugars which is also important for Quality sleep so yeah these our insomnia approved options right here generally speaking I think honest content is refreshingly well balanced and supportive I love that she doesn't demonize any specific Foods or food groups and I honestly haven't seen any pseudoscience nutrition claims either Bravo foreign s are also beautifully well balanced nourishing non-restrictive and also relatively easily accessible most Wellness influencers meals are padded with countless bogus supplements and overpriced over hype superfoods that seem to kind of be included more as a financial Flex than for any kind of legitimate nutrition support but Anna keeps it simple and as a result I actually believe that she probably does eat like this in real life and not just for show I think it's really easy to get caught up in Wellness influencers perfectly styled what I in a days and think that you're not healthy if you're not eating overpriced nourish bowls every day of the week but if your quest for physical health and dietary Purity is becoming obsessive and overshadowing opportunities for True pleasure spontaneity and social experiences like the things that make us human it's not adding to your health it's robbing you of it so I think this is a good reminder that a healthy diet must include consideration for emotional and social well-being as well because nobody wants to end up so fearful of food that they subsist on an IV drip just to survive now I want to call this an ick because I think that's kind of a mean term but the only thing that kind of gives me pause while watching some of honest content is the occasional body check I don't see it often like I don't think that this is a body check as much as a woman just wearing a cute crop top but this one for example is what I would call a pretty direct body check and you know what I don't have an issue with people making videos about their flat stomachs if that's the purpose of the video it's not something that I want to watch and I do think it can be triggering for a lot of people but I do think it's also up to each individual to kind of screen the content they consume ditto for before and after shots which I found on our website it's not something I personally like and I do think that this is a bit at odds with her don't exercise for Aesthetics messaging but I don't know as I get older and maybe a little bit more tired of this app I just have to see things like this for what they are and thin bodies sell programs and get clicks so I'm going to put that aside for a second as an unfortunate Hazard of the trade in the fitness space that said I do continually strongly take issue with body checks at the start of what I eat a day videos because they insinuate that if you eat like this you can look like this and you don't have to spell that out for that message to be heard I don't think that this was Anna's intention like I'm sure she knows that when she shares images of her beautiful body that more people will like click and follow but just seeing how thoughtful she generally is sharing weight neutral messages around balanced gender nutrition and exercise I admittedly was a little bit surprised to see body checks like that on his audience not on like mine are likely more vulnerable to making these dangerous diet equals body connections and this is not to embarrass or slam Anna like all of us content creators are human and we really cannot nail every piece of content every time I also make mistakes in delivery that I regret but this is just some feedback and some gentle food for future thought whatever that means and don't forget to check out copilot yourself to start your fitness journey today I love that this app isn't weight focused offers lots of personalized one-on-one interaction with your coach and is designed to help you reach your goals at your own pace so hit up the description to get 14 days free with your own Fitness coach and on that note that is all that I have for you guys today if you like this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment below with your thoughts subscribe to the channel and I will see you next time on Abby's kitchen bye

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