HOW I LOST 50 LBS IN A YEAR (Weight Loss Story, Motivation and Losing Weight Tips)

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that’s right I’m down 50 pounds in the last year what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired salt where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you are new to my channel my channel is all about improving your mental health and increasing awareness and for any of my loyal subscribers out there I’m taking a little break from diving deep into a specific mental health topic this week I just got back from vacation I’m still kind of all over the place so that will continue next week this week I’m just kind of putting up different videos and things that I’ve wanted to discuss on my channel so anyways as most of you know physical health and mental health they kind of go together alright and for those who haven’t seen my older videos like I lost any motivation to lose weight in my active addiction and I focus so much on my mental health like for about four or five years that I I just didn’t even care about my physical health and one of the reasons I’ve been on this weight-loss journey is just because part of recovery for me for the mind is also my body as well and I want to be around for my son I want to you know grow old and be there and see his high school graduation all that kind of stuff so I am trying to lose some weight so I do think that it’s important to discuss that our mental health is as important if not more important than our physical health but physical health is huge all right so in this video I’m gonna just talk about how I’ve lost 50 pounds over the last year basically it started when I signed up for a gym membership I finally just bit the bullet I’m like you know what I’m gonna sign up for the gym and this was also actually almost two years ago okay because I was like a two-year contract and that’s up this year but when I went in I was at about 400 pounds and issues and stuff like that so like I had my ups and downs with the gym and most recently like the last time I fell off from going to the gym really regularly was back in November so I just started going back like a few months ago and for me the gym is something that I can do as much as I want because I have a flexible schedule but it’s something that I have to motivate myself to do because I have so much other stuff going on and like sometimes it’s just I got to kick myself in the butt just say go the best thing I could recommend to you is having accountability partners okay so like my girlfriend she’s been going to the gym lately and she’s like hey you going to the gym the gym by the way not sponsored this is a great way to be accountable to like my friends on Fitbit as well and we do like the weekly challenges and competitions and things like that and it’s important like I need people to hold me accountable like I need to do more videos on how important accountability is like real quick real quick if you’re people pleaser like accountability is a great thing to have like if you want to improve your mental health like I’m a firm believer that you could take your people-pleasing mentality and shift it towards like holding up your commitments when you’re accountable to other people so like when I tell people I’m gonna do something because I don’t want them to be mad at me I do those things you know what I mean but there’s more videos about setting healthy boundaries and stuff like that but if you need to start going to the gym like make sure you get an accountability buddy alright now as far as my diet and like what I’ve been eating I became a vegetarian last September yeah it was September I went on a trial basis because my best friend’s a vegetarian my girlfriend’s a vegetarian and I was like look I’ll try it for a month right and like just so you all know like basically what happened in that first month was I lost like 20 pounds I’m like whoa so even though there are some ethical reasons like I’m not one of those like gung-ho like never leave me tied people like there are some ethical reasons but most of it was just health reasons like when I saw that I lost 20 pounds like after cutting out me like I was like sweet but and if any of you want me to recommend stuff leave it in the comments like but like there are so many meat substitutes and nobody believes us like I talked to my girlfriend all the time because I was like this too like there’s so many meat substitutes that you can’t even tell the difference my son even loves them like right now as I’m recording this video I am cooking a chicken sandwich a chicken sandwich and it’s delicious it’s amazing it tastes just like chicken so if any of you are interested like let me know in the comments I could recommend some stuff but amazing and especially restaurants that do it so like as far as that like one thing that I had to be mindful of was when I became vegetarian like my brain was immediately like oh well you can see still eat all the pasta you want all the potatoes and all these other things like my brain can get into a real unhealthy place so I have to really be mindful of what I’m eating the other good thing about this Fitbit is the food tracker I will admit I’m not the best at it but I do try to track my calories on a day-to-day basis and see how much I’m taking in and stuff like that and try to eat the last one on going to the gym now like on vacation I’ll admit I screwed up but now it’s time to go back to the gym and like really get back in that mode when I took that break from the gym I put on about 20 pounds okay like 20 pounds and like when I went back to the doctor and got on the scale because I’m the type of person who avoids this scale like and I got on the scale of the doctors I’m like oh my god I can’t believe how much weight I put back on and like here’s the thing like one thing that I love about mindfulness is just is constantly beginning again starting fresh starting fresh because you’re staying in the moment and like rather than beating myself up for how bad I fell off and put 20 pounds back on like I just woke up I’m like today’s a new day today’s a fresh start and I started getting back into the habit of going back to the gym so the last thing I kind of want to talk about is like how much I go to the gym like when I develop a habit I can stick to it very well and I was going to the gym five or six days a week and something I hate about weight loss and I just do not enjoy about the human body is that they’re so different they’re so different there’s not like a formula like there are ideas out there and things like that and recommendations but is different for everybody like the same with our mental health the reason why I give you so many tools is because different things help different people and what happened was when I was going to the gym five to seven days a week I wasn’t losing weight right I plateaued I just wasn’t losing weight anymore and so what I did was I just started experimenting and I started to cut down to like three days a week and my weight started to drop again like that’s just how my body works like I don’t know it’s weird and like the thing is to like and most of you who have tried to lose weight like know this like you just get so many opinions from other people you need to do that seem to do that there’s 50 billion opinions are like what I’ve had to do is just keep track of my weight keep track of what I eat and really see what my body wants what my body needs and that is what helps me the most with losing weight but I’m down 50 pounds so I’m at 350 pounds now and this journey is still going like every time I look at myself oh my god Chris you are huge right even though 50 pounds is like a lot of weight like my journeys still going like I am hoping to lose at least at least like another 125 pounds or so so we’ll see how that goes but another reason I make these videos is so all of you can keep me accountable to I am giving you all permission I am giving you all permission right now so like when I post a video in the future feel like yo Chris looks like you’re putting some pounds back on like if that’s the case good because that keeps me accountable and I might be like dude I haven’t been going to the gym and dad about a dot you know but I hope you guys all follow me on Instagram because I try to post like hey I’m at the gym and stuff like that and like that’s another way that I keep myself accountable but anyways I hope you like this video and like leave comments down below let me know about what your experience is with weight loss and stuff if you would like throw some tips down below I’m more than happy to try things I hope I didn’t make it seem like I won’t try things I’m more than happy to try things it’s just that I try things out I see if it works and I see what doesn’t and then I kind of filter the information so leave comments down below alright but anyways thank you so much for watching and if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you are new here I’m always making videos to help you out with your mental and physical I’ll click that little round subscribe button and a big THANK YOU to everybody supporting me over on patron if you would like to support the channel and what I’m trying to do by helping people with mental their mental health make sure you click on the patron link right there alright thank you so so much for watching take care of your mental and physical health and I’ll see you next time.



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