How To Jump Rope To Lose Weight

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what’s up Zen dude nation today we’re talking about I always do this I was throw my hands in the air in the beginning of workouts or videos so Zen view nation tape we are talking about how to jump rope to lose weight now there’s a lot of people out there who are really good at jumping rope but maybe they don’t have the body that you want right they don’t have that lean sprinter or soccer like physique so that’s because you can’t necessarily just correlate jumping rope with having the body you want you have to jump rope a certain way to make sure that you’re losing body fat so you’re not gonna learn how to do the coolest tricks this video but you are going to learn how to jump rope in a way that’s going to help you remove body fat and reveal sex pure sex from here down to there so if you like this video please give it a like guys comment below if you have questions subscribe to the channel and finally we set up a free four week challenge for all of our Zen dudes and dudettes who want to get sexy et while jumping rope and living in overall awesome life so if you want to get in that free challenge click the link in the first line of the description and you in first thing when it comes to jumping rope we recommend that you jump rope fast – oh what’s that Dan Oh Dan wants me to explain you guys what fasting is well fasting is just not eating know so if you wake up in the morning usually your Cheerios don’t eat your Cheerios instead go jump some rope and then eat your Cheerios you know now before you get your panties up in a bunch listen we understand that that scares some people but when you jump rope on a fastest stomach you’re no longer using glucose or fuel yourself while you workout but instead you’re fueling yourself with your body fat which means you are losing body fat while you’re exercising it’s the best thing ever so if you want to give it a shot so maybe one day try fasting where you jump rope and then eat your meal after that number two we want to using a weighted handle jump rope if you use a regular speed rope yeah maybe you could do cooler tricks but guess what you’re not burning as much body fat because that extra resistance that that weighted handle rope provides helps you burn more calories step 3 you guys we want you doing high-intensity interval training that means you are going all-out effort with the jump rope and then you’re taking 10 seconds you’re chilling and you’re doing another repetition of 30 seconds I guess it’s not really repetition it’s just 30 seconds jumping your rope and then 10 seconds rest you can do that eight times in one circuit and you can go ahead and do that three to five times for one high-intensity interval training workout you guys you’ll even need to listen to me say this we created YouTube workouts we got a ton of them that follow this strategy step four do exercises that you feel comfortable with all right if you are trying to do a really wild trick you’re probably going to mess up a lot you’re not going to burn a ton of calories so we want you doing exercise that you’re already pretty fluent in for example the regular bounce so for example the run in place exercise that you can go super fast and hard on and you’re not going to necessarily be messing up you guys so important step number five is make sure that you go all-out with your effort now if you’re jumping rope at a moderate pace yeah you might get some endorphins puffs and you feel kind of good but we’re here to lose weight we’re here to remove body fat so make sure that when you go you’re imagining there’s a bear running behind you and you need to jump rope to escape so you want to have that rope out on the side so you can spin that rope as fast as possible making sure of course you’re removing as much body fat from your body as possible body body body fat removed finally you guys don’t do one of these workouts and wonder why it didn’t work you need to do three to five of these every single week for ever not for every guys but you need to do it until you start to see results okay like anything else you’ve tried to get good at if you’re trying to get six-pack you want to get lean you want a sexy body it just takes time guys so do these workout three to five times a week and you’re going to see fat being removed and you’re going to see muscle being gained you’re going to see sexy again from head to toe it’s all going to be great stuff guys just stick with it and you’re going to see the results you want so you want to hold your hands out to the sides and make sure that you can spin that [ __ ] as fast as possible okay maybe I want to say [ __ ]

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