I Survived 100 Days as a FIRE POKEMON in HARDCORE Minecraft

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On day one I spawned in as a baby Charmander right outside of the nearest town there were vast Pokémon roaming throughout the nearby Hills with lots of different trainers running around and battling one another wow this is awesome but out of nowhere flooded in an Army full of Strange looking water Pokémon all led by their enormous Gyarados leader they all started to flood in and destroy everything in sight fighting all of the nearby Pokémon no everybody run the trainers tried their best to escape but each of them got captured one by one why is this happening yes the water Pokémon are in charge now and everyone will truly see our power water blasted from the sky and I thought none of us were going to make it when suddenly my older brother Charizard flew straight towards him stop this now the two of them battled each other in the sky each shooting out incredibly powerful abilities my brother was amazing I think he’s going to win take this the Gyarados shout out the most powerful water attack that I’d ever seen shooting my brother right down in front of me brother Fonso leave find Pikachu at once he knows how he can get stronger and stop this but how before my brother could say anything else another water attack was shot down fainting him for good no now that the grand Charizard is down nothing will stop us now take out that little flame on day two I was doing my best trying to lose the water Pokémon we can’t let him Escape it wasn’t long until we came across a large tree connecting two valleys wait I have an idea I ran to the start of the tree and knew as a Charmander I had a fireball attack Ember I used it shooting the tree all over I did my best in navigating through the fire to reach the other side of the tree but the longer we were on it the weaker and weaker the trunk became come on just a little longer I jumped and made it to the other side and as I did the tree trunk snapped and fell fully down the cliff that was close.

I thought I was safe but a water Blastoise landed right behind me oh no you were a threat to Gyarados and not going anywhere I thought I was done for but in a huge surge of lightning shot in Pikachu pikach on day three Pikachu started to defend me he shot out extremely powerful lightning attacks Thunderbolt Blastoise fought back though with attacks of his own it was a close battle battle but Pikachu was able to blast him one final time shooting him off the ledge why you my brother he told me to find you too I know it looks like the water Pokémon have begun their attack follow me quick I followed Pikachu until we reached a large ancestral room with stone that had strange writing throughout it and in the center lied a firestone Pikachu shot me with lightning knocking me into the stone because of this my body started to change I gained five more hearts and was now in an upgraded form turning me into Charmeleon wow there are four more of these out in the world each making any fire Pokémon stronger this isn’t the first time the water Pokémon and Gyarados have attacked why why is he doing this apparently he has a very dark past one that would turn any Pokémon into where he is is at today but it has been told that a fire Pokémon would emerge and his flame would burn hotter than the sun itself enough to evaporate even the fiercest waves a fire Pokémon but our number one weakness is water which is why gyos will be your toughest battle well they fainted my brother and kidnapped those trainers I will do whatever it takes to put an end to them just then the cave started to shake and Water started to leak throughout the walls oh no we got to get out of here on day four Pikachu and I ran through the cave while Water started to fill up around us it wasn’t long until we reached a large pool of water preventing us to get to the exit I am definitely not touching that we’re trapped just then I had a surge of Power Within Me causing me to unleash my new dragon’s breath attack wo I have an idea I use it on the water creating a cobblestone Bridge for us to cross come on with that the two of us were barely able to make it phw that was close I then looked up only to see that we were inside a beautifully Hidden Valley wo this seems like a safe spot to hide from the water Pokémon agreed from there I went out and got enough materials to make myself a set of stone tools I then made both Pikachu and I our very own fire themed Pokémon Center now if we need healing we will know where to go we will need it this Gyarados isn’t like the other ones he is much stronger I tried to fight him once thinking I can take him down easily but it ended in me losing and him taking my trainer Ash I will do whatever I can to save him don’t worry I promise I will do whatever I can to help just then I heard explosions sound off and looked throughout the horizons only to see a large air air balloon what is that on day five I followed the noises until I saw a clearing revealing a bunch of Bulbasaur they were being attacked and captured by two Strange looking trainers yes we have to bring all of these to the boss anything for Team Rocket Team Rocket hey knock it off I went in and attacked the trainers setting them on fire wo a charmeleon we must have you the girl through a Pokeball revealing a large poison type Arbok oh no it began to shoot out deadly poison attacks at me I did my best trying to fight back shooting my new dragon breath ability every chance that I could but the Arbok was just way too strong is this how I’m going to go out stay away from us the last Bulbasaur though jumped in and whipped at the Arbok with a strong attack with the two of us combined we were able to fully faint the poison Pokémon rude we will be back you’ll regret this thanks for standing up for me those water Pokémon came by and flooded my home then that evil Team Rocket attacked us shortly after of course I’m doing what I can to stop Gyarados for all trainers and Pokémon but I have to get stronger first stronger well I may know of a place that’ll help you the Pokémon Stadium on day six Bulbasaur led me into a beachy area heading straight towards a Pokemon Stadium yeah yeah it’s kind of a big deal it wasn’t long until we were cut off by a large taken over tropical town there was a huge castle towering over everything with Gyarados himself flying around it yes work you stupid traitors have used us Pokémon to do your bidding for too long now it’s my turn we had to carefully sneak across the town in order to reach the stadium we can’t get caught while we were sneaking I noticed multiple trainers that were forced to help build up the Gyarados Empire this is awful as I was distracted a water guard spotted me Intruder oh no run we started to run while the Pokémon chased right after us until we both ran over loose ground causing us to fall deep below the surface was that a charmeleon yes it was it must be fainted immediately I cannot let that fire Pokémon prophecy come true start searching for him on day seven Bulbasaur and I landed deep inside a mysterious red tunnel system ah my head we both looked forward and saw blue lights coming from the distance wait this is it I followed him only to reveal a large main stadium room wa high up above the main stadium rested the Firestone that’s what I need ah I’m guessing you’re another runaway I’ve been getting a ton a lot of homes are being destroyed by those water types no I’m here to get that Firestone though sorry pal only the one who enters and wins this tournament will be given that stone but the may be a way you can enter yourself how the Monferno jumped down I love pudding on a show but I can’t do that without a microphone some guy came by and stole mine if you go and get it back I’ll enter you in the tournament on day eight I followed mon ferno’s directions on my own until I reached a large maze what is this place I turned only to see a Jigglypuff singing to himself with a microphone phone hey I need that no way I love to sing and this microphone is now mine the jiggly puff from there got up and started to run through the maze hey get back here I chased after it and as I did I heard his singing echoing throughout the walls and even came across some of his Melodies I’m starting to feel tired I have to keep searching I followed the Melodies until I reached the center of the maze where Jigglypuff was waiting on a performing Stadium enough I charged in and started to fight him with my fire abilities but he retaliated with more Melody attacks I was about to fall asleep but thankfully I shot out inability right at the microphone this caused him to drop it this is mine whatever can get see if I care on days 9 to 10 I brought the microphone straight back to Monferno oh yeah this is what I’m talking about all righty folks next up chilon versus a toughest opponent yet wait what I made my way to the center of the arena and revealed in front of me was a way stronger fire Pokémon Arcanine the winner of this will receive the Firestone begin Arcanine rushed towards me and began to shoot out fire I fought back but I could tell that we were evenly matched hey I don’t want to think you well I want that Firestone this is a tough battle folks the winner can be anyone at this point come on I have to win just then an explosion sounded on the top of the Arena revealing the water Pokémon and Gyarados oh no a water shot was blasted down fully fainting Arcanine where is the Charmeleon on days 11 to 12 Gyarados and his army of water Pokémon began to flood in throughout the entire Stadium they would attack anyone with their powerful water attacks oh no I have to get the Firestone I ran over in a chaos and was able to grab it this caused me to grow and my tail flamed to burn even brighter I gained five more hearts and learned a new new move fire Fang stay away I looked over and saw that a krabby had cornered my friends they need my help I ran over and used my new attack on the Krabby he fainted with just one hit wo I am getting stronger not for long there in the center of the stadium was Gyarados stop this Gyarados let all of the Pokémon and trainers go no oh not until my plans are complete all of you and these stupid trainers have looked down on me and my previous form like I was some kind of joke even my own trainer abandoned me but now I will be in control of them all I will be the strongest Pokémon by getting rid of the rest Monferno rushed into attack and hit him with fire punch get out of here you two now Bulbasaur and I did as he said and ran out of the Arena just in time to see Monferno faint to Gyarados hydr pump no on days 13 to 14 we barely made it back to base after escaping from the horde of water Pokémon there you are I was worried sick get situated and when you’re ready I found out some useful information sounds good I use my tools to gather enough materials to build a Bulbasaur his very own grass type home wow you made it look so easy thanks so much of course we got to stick together I then ran over to Pikachu and I home so you know the professor right foso the what Professor Oak he is a world-renowned Pokémon professor and he may know more about these Firestone locations great we have to find him then that’s just the thing I went out looking for him myself and well why don’t I show you myself on days 15 to 16 I followed Pikachu to Professor Oak’s laboratory only to see that it was almost completely destroyed with water all throughout its floors what happened here by the looks of it the water types have found him first oh this can’t be good help uh what was that we ran towards the noise to see an opening into a ravine where where Professor Oak was standing on a boulder in the distance there he is hey we need your wait young one look this place is swarming with Diglett I looked out and saw a ton of digletts digging up and back down through the floor diglet dig I noticed there were still some platforms made of rock to reach the professor just stay right there I’ll save you be careful they will trap you in the earth if you get too close I started to jump between the rocks and made my way towards him I then felt the Rocks begin to move below me as digletts Rose from the ground and grabbed at me ah stop that I used my dragon’s breath and sprayed them down scaring them off as I was finally able to jump to the boulder with the professor my my you are one Brave Charmeleon why would you risk yourself to save me we really need your help on days 17 to 18 we went back to the lab with with Professor Oak and he looked around at all of his damaged equipment oh dear with all those water Pokémon attacked I barely made it out alive it looks like they either destroyed or stole all my research wait they stole research but why Professor Oak turned my attention to a set of screens that were the only ones still working in the lab well I can’t tell for sure but if I had to guess they stole my research on Pokémon IM immunity that doesn’t sound good the professor walked over to a chest and pulled out a map the coordinates on this map should lead you to where another Firestone is and by giving you this can I ask you to help me build a new laboratory you have a deal Professor Oak as I was about to reach the coordinates I came across a large gap and the only bridge that seemed to cross it was blocked by a giant sleeping Pokemon great how am I supposed to get across this that guy ain’t waking up anytime soon pal I looked over to see a colorful flower creature on the side of the bridge this Pokémon right here is a Snorlax and he won’t wake up for anything except the sound of a poke flute I could have told you that oh yeah but do you know where it is Smarty Pants didn’t think so all right well can you take me there then the plan agreed and we split up while the others headed back to base oh poor little Charmeleon can’t get what you want so easily now you know how it feels and soon enough when you least expect it we’ll snatch you right up on days 19 to 21 I followed the plant through the forest trees until I saw a ledge high up on a Hillside and there was the Poke flu there it is I ran through the clearing to get it but there was this huge flower and it began to attack me get tricked you stupid fire stter the mutant flower began to swat at me with his Vines from the ground and it would constantly try and hold me still I fought using all of my fire type attacks at my disposal but it just kept shooting out powerful attacks and even bugs would come and try to bite at me don’t you know fire beat grass with another Power power ful fir Fang attack I was able to take the flower down I did it now as for you huh that’s what I thought I wasted no time running up and grabbing the poke flute and made my way back to the bridge so do I just as I played the flute Snorlax began to wake up hey you got any food what no dang it bye friend bye buddy the Snorlax wandered off in search of food but with him out of the way I saw that far beyond and across the bridge was the next Firestone perfect on days 22 to 26 I ran towards the stone and was just about to pick it up when suddenly prepare for trouble make it double Team Rocket what are you two doing here we came for the sweet taste of Revenge go wheezing oh no we began to fight but weezing’s attacks were no joke he would use poison type attacks to knock down my heart yeah I fired back with Ember and my other attacks and they were starting to hurt him badly when not so fast Jesse shot at me with some sort of web like net hey not fair wheezing shot out a large ball of pure poison that hit me head on this C caused me to be extremely low on heart what do I do but before I even had a chance to think a Pokeball started to fly right towards me no that Charmeleon really thinks he can get away and stop me hey you get back to [Applause] work I may be the strongest Gyarados now but it’s not enough once this machine is complete I will be unstoppable on days 27 to 29 I woke up inside of a strange metallic sphere no I’m in a Pokeball I got to get out of here I launched attack after attack at the walls but nothing was working just then I noticed a very large button ha I blasted it with dragon’s breath but still nothing come on there has to be something wait are those turned off batteries I bet these power up the Pokeball I focus my dragon’s breath attack at one of them and Unleashed as much as I could but I missed come on you got this I blasted the battery again and this time my attack hit and filled them with power yes after a couple more blasts I was able to turn on all of the batteries because of this the entire ball began to rumble here we go oh on days 30 to 32 I escaped from the Pokeball and was now in an unfamiliar dark room am I in Team Rocket’s base yeah that’s right I looked over and standing inside was a cat Pokémon who are you I’m yal the most valued member of Team Rocket and I’m supposed to be watching you but how did you get out well actually what I did was ah zip it oh try and Sharm me I’ll never tell you where we stashed the fireone wait they brought the fir Stone here that’s good to know I should have kept my m shut man the boss is going to kill me sound the alarms alarms and lights then started to blast throughout the entire building I got to go and find that Firestone now I ran as fast as I could through the Halls going through room after room in Team Rocket’s base until finally I found it hidden high up in a Tower the Firestone I ran up and grabbed it and this caused me to grow even stronger I gained five more hearts and fully evolved into Charizard I even learned a new move air slash awesome now to get out of here on days 33 to 35 I was about to escape from the team rocket base when I was cut off by a slender cat Pokémon get out of the way they will do no such thing I turned around towards the voice and saw a figure approaching me it was Giovani the Team Rocket boss why are you trying to capture me my goals are simple I am going to build the most powerful organization in the world and that all starts with the strongest Pokémon like you that all won’t matter if you let Gyarados his plan succeed can’t you see that “H” Gyarados his mission he’s a maniac and to think I was once his owner wait you were his trainer you’re the reason he’s doing all of this you were the one who abandoned him perhaps but I never once regretted throwing him back in the ocean because now you will be mine I turned to see Persian was rushing towards me and out of pure Instinct I used my new move air slash to knock them out of the way okay I got to get out of here on days 36 to 38 I made it back to my basee safely fully escaping Team Rocket that was a little too close I looked over and saw that the professor made it back safely ah foo look at you you’ve really evolved and now to build your new lab I went out and gathered enough materials to build up the professor his very own Pokémon lab in our base ah perfect with this up and running I can continue my research and help you get strong enough to take down Gyarados sounds like a plan Professor hey foso I looked over and coming towards me was Bulbasaur but he looked extremely weak oh my goodness hurry uh come with me I led Bulbasaur to the Poke Center and used the machines within it to make him a potion with  thanks I was trying to tell you I found a trainer who has another Firestone no way were they the ones that hurt you well I tried to fight him for it but his Pokémon was way too strong for me I’m sorry I just wanted to help it’s okay now tell me exactly where that trainer is on days 39 to 40 I was on my way to find the fire type trainer and noticed the area getting hotter I must be getting close just then I spotted a giant facility ahead of me that had been taken over by a group of water type Pokémon flying up above them in the air was Gyarados I said get my machine up and running now wait he must be talking about Professor Oak’s machine I crept closer as quietly as I could being careful not to get caught as I did I overheard some of Gyarados Army talking just one more piece for the machine huh yep then Gyarados will finally become immune to all types of Pokémon so that’s his plan I need to stop him where is the square Hill Squad right here sir what can we do for you I have a job for you fine while I’m waiting for this machine to finalize I need you to make sure that stupid Charizard isn’t still out there trying to ruin my plan bring him to me a lie I the Squirtle Squad started to leave and I knew I had to get out of there fast on days 41 to 44 I ran far away from the water Pokémon until I reached the entrance of a cave where lava was pouring in from everywhere as I stepped closer I saw the whole floor of the cave was covered in lava great now what I then felt a sensation in my newly developed Wings let’s give this a shot I began to fly high over the pools of lava woohoo H this is awesome I had to be careful not to hit any of the streams of lava pouring through the cave I could still get burned I flew through and under the Lava Falls following different Paths of the cave until I made it to the other side there ahead of me was a tall battle tower that had to have been hundreds of blocks tall oh my I made my way inside and slowly all the way up to the top until finally I reached the final room where I saw an old man in a lab coat hey um I’m looking for this really strong fire type trainer the man then slowly turned around to face me well I don’t know anyone else around here besides me bla the red hot fire type gym leader you you’re the one who hurt my friend indeed now why has a Charizard come to my gym anyways on days 45 5 to 47 I quickly explained to Blaine how I needed his Firestone I need it to yeah yeah I know your little Quest and the prophecy a fire Pokémon whose flame can burn even the fiercest of waves yeah and that’s going to be me very well if you want it follow me I followed him deeply inside of his gym and into his Battlefield the only way I’ll give you this stone is if you defeat me in combat go Magmar Blain threw out a Pokeball and out came the largest Magmar I had ever seen wo have it your way we began to fight he would launch powerful fire blast attacks that burned right through me yeah huh you think you’re going to be the savior of all the trainers and Pokemon of this world what a joke Magmar finish this as Magmar was charging up a final attack I felt rage boiling within me I will save everyone I use my air slash attack harder than I ever thought I could and it struck Magmar head on what I did it on days 48 to 51 Blaine led me into another room inside of his gym so the Firestone is in here yes not like it’s useful anymore anyway useless what do you mean take a look for yourself blame pointed over to a pedestal and sitting on it was the broken shards of a firestone no I ran over and picked them all up but they were completely shattered but I need to put this back together how do I do that now I did some research of my own and let me tell you ain’t nothing but the hardest of flames can forge that thing back together I need to find out more maybe Professor Oak will know on days 52 to 53 I arrived back at my base with the broken shards of the Firestone Professor I need your help what is it let me see here take a look the trainer said something about the hottest of flames being able to forge it back do you know anything about that H hottest of flames Forge here let me look the professor ran to the back of his laboratory and was looking through countless amounts of paper and books until aha here the hottest of flames this book says that you would need a specific item called the fire core but it seems like an extremely rare find we have to do whatever it takes to repair it I left the base following the directions of Professor Oak when suddenly what is this this is another successful capture by the Squirtle Squad I looked up and saw coming around the corner was the five Squirtles I saw in Gyarados is Outpost let me out of here sorry Charizard boss’s orders all five of the Squirtles attack me with water pulse at the same time ah their attacks were so strong that I felt myself grow weaker and weaker until I passed out on days 54 to 56 I woke up inside of a much larger water prison ah my head whole lot more than your head is going to be hurting when the boss gets here and here he CS I looked across the room and approaching my cell was none other than Gyarados so you really did capture the Charizard good work yes sir we did now about the payment we agreed on payment I will repay your work by not wasting my time on you the five Squirtles came together and stood against him hey this this isn’t fair I don’t care Gyarados released his hyperbeam attack directly onto the Squirtle Squad wait when the dust settled there was only one of them left now leave before I waste more of my moves on you the last Squirtle ran out of the room you are a monster look I know about your trainer Giovani I know that he abandoned you and I’m sorry but it doesn’t give you the the right to treat others this way shut up you have no idea what it’s like to be treated like garbage I’ll show you what it feels like to be nothing Gyarados was about to unleash another attack at me oh no suddenly one of the walls in the room exploded with electric energy and appearing in the newly formed hole was Pikachu leave him alone on days 57 to 5 9 Pikachu and Gyarados began a fight in an intense battle Pikachu would use their speed to bounce around the room and attack Gyarados with powerful electric type attacks this is for taking ash from me Thunderbolt Pikachu’s attacks were holding him at Bay I use fire Fang to burn the cage and break my way out boo get out of here now what I can’t just leave you Gyarados continue to attack no boo he is too strong low and save Ash save everyone he continued to hit at Gyarados with lightning but now Gyarados seemed like he was barely taking any damage you used to be so much more powerful Pikachu but now you’ve lost with one final blow Gyarados is hyperbeam caused Pikachu to faint no I took this opportunity to fly straight out of the hole in the wall run while you still can Charizard soon no one will be able to stop me on days 60 to 63 I flew out into the world in search of the fire core I have to fix this Firestone so I can avenge Pikachu and stop Gyarados I flew and flew until I found the forge that Professor Oak must have been talking about it had tall huge doors that led into its interior huh I wonder where that fire core is there across from me on the other side of the room was the fire core floating over a small pool of lava sweet I started to run over and grab it but when I got close it fell into the lava and then bursting out of it was the forge’s guardian wa those who come to claim the hottest of flages must prove themselves are they it began to attack me without without any remorse and its hitss were so strong I tried to use my flight to my advantage and flew around the room attacking from range my dragon’s breath attack was hurting him the most so I just kept firing I am worthy of the power of the hottest Flames HOTEL and with that the guardian shrunk back down into the pool of lava and offered to me the fire core you have been deemed worthy foso the grand chariz yes on days 64 to 65 I brought the fire core back to the professor at our base ah just what we needed the machine should be ready to go Professor Oak led me to where he had been building his own Forge machine and now I threw the shards onto the forge and everything started to Glow brighter now hurry use dragon’s breath I used my dragon’s breath directly onto the stone hotter than I ever had before until the Firestone forged back together we did it I picked up the stone and felt myself beginning to evolve into Mega Charizard YES this caused me to gain five more hearts and I learned a new attack flamethrower this is awesome yeah but you’re still not strong enough yet I turned around to see that the last Squirtle Squad member was standing behind us hey okay, okay just don’t freak out why are you here oh that evil Gyarados he faded my friends I realize now that I was on the wrong side. what he’s doing it’s just all right how do I know that I can trust you because I know exactly where the final fire stone is I will help you get there the Squirtle jumped up and started to walk away from our base I guess I don’t have a choice I follow followed him until we reached a clearing revealing a tundra far off in the distance the white Pokémon hit the stone in the tundra on its highest mountain so the fire Pokémon wouldn’t even F the check there wow thanks Squirtle hey feel free to stay at our base for protection okay now it’s time I find that final Firestone on days 69 to 74 I was flying through the tundra searching for the highest mountain come on it has to be here somewhere if then started to snow very heavily and my wings weren’t used to it at all I have to keep searching tell someone please what was that I flew over only to see a small little Torch light standing on a cliff side the snowstorm was very bad and it had nowhere to go oh no hey don’t worry you’ll be fine I quickly flew it to the other side of the valley into a cave and used flamethrower to light up the area and provide him some warmth that feels so much better why are you out here in the middle of the tundra it’s too cold for you I was forced here us fire Pokémon are starting to run out of places to go with Gyarados out and about yeah no kidding any chance you’ve seen a mountain anywhere near here oh definitely there’s one just north of here perfect just stay here where it’s warm thanks on days 75 to 80 I followed the torch’s directions and finally found it the largest mountain in the tundra sweet I flew up until reaching the top I found there an icy cave and entered only to see sitting inside of it was the final Firestone bingo I ran up trying to pick it up but was knocked back by a powerful ice ability who did that I looked forward only to see a Dragonite was there guarding the stone hey I need that not if I have anything to say about it Dragonite charged forward and we clashed in a large battle he shot out powerful ice attacks at me and I retaliated with fire I could tell that my hits on him were very effective but he didn’t give up too easily stop this I’m trying to get the stone so I can help all Pokémon including you Dragonite then hit me very hard knocking me back ouch I am forced to guard this Stone Gyarados has my trainer Lance I am only working for him to keep him safe look you can’t trust him I think both of us know that but maybe I have an idea what if I save your trainer yeah right I’m serious if I bring him back to you can I have that Firestone the Dragonite was thinking you know what you have yourself a deal on days 81 to 885 I arrived at Gyarados Empire and quickly noticed just how much it had transformed there were new buildings everywhere and even more trainers were throughout inside their own cells I have to find Lance and quick I started to sneak my way through searching cage after cage then a large machine caught my eye the one that glared of was building all along yes it’s finished oh no he then flew over and hovered over the center the machine turned on causing the water to activate Gyarados from here then began to grow larger in size and everything around us began to storm this isn’t good I am now truly the strongest of Pokémon no one can take me down now my attention then got taken away by a sick trainer inside the nearest cage wait are you Lance yeah I am and standing right next to him was Ash Pikachu’s trainer you’re that Charizard everyone’s been talking about it’s not safe here I know but I’m breaking you two out right away let’s go I’ll explain while we’re on the way on days 86 to 90 I brought Lance and Ash back with me high up on the tundra Mountain Lance Dragonite the two ran up to each other and reunited they’re so happy now and to think Gyarados wants to take this away from everyone he truly is evil Pikachu he would be so happy to know that you’re safe now Gyarados he fainted him well now that you have me we can heal him and bring him back together I was happy to hear that and from there I went over to collect the final fir Stone I picked it up CA cuss me to change one final time I gained 10 more hearts and grew a lot larger in size fully evolving into

Meghan Chavalier

X I ran outside and tested my new move Draco meteor I feel so strong do be careful Charizard Gyarados is way stronger than he was before this is still a very dangerous battle I know but I have to try and win on days 91 to 94 I brought Ash with me back home to base this place is perfect we went over to the Pokémon Center and he put a Pokeball inside the healing station give it some time I never had to heal Pikachu before may take a while I walked out and noticed that Squirtle still didn’t have a home let’s change that I got enough materials to make Squirtle his very own water themed house even water Pokémon can be our friends oh jeez thanks of course it’s time Ash then threw out a Pokeball and from it emerged out Pikachu you’re back oh my ash you guys saved me I’m so happy to be out of that Pokeball I’m just happy you’re okay this is why the other trainers need to be freed once we are we can heal all our Pokémon that have been fainted well then I think it’s time that we stop Gyarados for good on days 95 to 99 Pikachu Ash and I started to make our way back towards Gyarados his castle and just when his base was coming into sight Gyarados came flying up above it all go you worthless water Pokémon and stop them the water type Army started to flood out of the gates of the castle and run out into the area I’ve been itching for a fight since we got out let’s do this I began to fly and fired down Flame thrower on the water types and I can tell that my fire was so much hotter than before it was actually hurting the water Pokémon no way it burns Pikachu use Thunder Pikachu Pikachu’s attacks caused a ton of the water types to faint in one blow but more and more of the water Pokémon started to rush in oh no go take on gyros now we got this from here I’m on it I flew above the battlefield right towards the castle on day 100 I made my way to the top of Gyarados castle and there flying at the center of it all was Gyarados I’ll give you one more chance it’s over no the world will finally see me I won’t let you take this from me we began to clash as Gyarados attacked me with hydra pump over and over again he was clearly stronger than before but I wasn’t going to give up I flew around and kept trying to burn him with my new fire attacks on hells pure iodine but he charged up other powerful attacks and started to destroy almost everything around him at his attack knocked me back down to the ground did you really think you would be the fire type of the prophecy the one that would burn away the fiercest of waves I’ll show you what real power looks like Gyarados began to charge his final move and was going to fire it directly onto me I won’t lose I used my new move Draco meteor and it crashed right onto Gyarados this knocked him back where I flew face to face with him like my brother did all of those days ago time to end this I use flamethrower with all of the Power Within Me And It Felt Like every fire stone I had gathered along the way empowered me with that all of my Flames completely fainted Gyarados and the world of Pokémon could now live in peace.

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