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first you swallow these two things in the morning [Music] do a miracle to your life it’s a great cleanser and also it takes away cellular inflammation if you reverse this you will see your day will easily last for 20 hours a day very effortlessly [Music] [Music] to enjoy this breakfast with you which looks very very intriguing is this how you start your day yes the most important thing when we eat food is that we must understand food is what builds our body on one level on another level it is the the main part of our fuel to run the day when I say main part of the fuel there are other aspects of water air sunlight so the entire aspect of eating food is to balance it as to which is more in your life if you eat certain types of food 70 of your energy requirement is coming from the food that you eat that means definitely you will sleep for six to eight hours a day right okay that means your downtime is one third of your life one third of your life is Gone without you knowing what happened so if you change the patterns of eating and there will be other aspects also there is a yogic aspect to it but if you change if you eat like this you will see the volume of food that you need will come down significantly you you don’t have to restrain yourself just to this what is there but after that if you eat also the volume of food that you eat will come down and your ability to get more energy from sunlight air and water will increase right now for as I said for most people 70 is from the food if you reverse this that 30 to 40 percent is from the food rest is from the other three then you will see your day will easily last for 20 hours a day very effortlessly and you will live more that’s what it means because everybody is thinking of living for more years but is it not important that you live for more hours per day but is this it or is there going to be is this is there more to your breakfast well there will be usually another pomegranate fruit okay and if I’m going to be very Physically Active let’s say I’m going to play a round of golf because 18 holes I walk I don’t ride carts and things like that so then maybe I will add some carb to it maybe on an Italy or a chapati or something else either wheat rice or Millet any of these things we add so that there is enough carb for the physical activity but if I’m just going into more mental activity and physically I’m not moving around too much I’m sitting this is it and maybe I’ll drink a glass of something usually we have certain very liquidy Millet porridges and stuff like that which which you can drink like coffee okay I mean it’s liquid right so so I can see these interesting things laid out if you can explain the significance of these and very interesting these yellow and green one is a freshly ground neem or neem Leaf ball another is a turmeric ball turmeric we grow around here itself which is absolutely organic in very rich lands and neem of course she comes from the trees these two things can do a miracle to your life first you swallow these two things in the morning [Music] wait for 10-15 minutes so that it spreads because these two will bring down the inflammatory levels in your stomach lining and also cleans up all the unnecessary bacteria that may be there in case of any parasite all that it will be taken care of and uh also it brings a it’ll bring a certain glow to you don’t ask me why I am not glowing supposed to have this empty stomach yes yes an emptied stomach and some amount of water not too much water so that it has enough water to spread now right now what they kept is room temperature but at home when you do it you drink tepid water not hot water just one one of each is it you can take all the four yeah any warnings you want to give me neem is usually very bitter no no you swallow it like a pillow that’s not neem anyway that’s turmeric I’m going a bit slow like a tablet okay now neem guys I’m gonna have this it’s bitter of satguru then see this is a way of acclimatizing yourself to life [Laughter] something so bitter whole day whatever people do to you you feel it’s fantastic which is very important to bring cellular cleansing in the body so you must chew this well till it becomes proper paste in your mouth and then swallow it and this is soaked groundnut soaked for over six to eight hours so the soaking is very important and this is very high quality protein because these are organically grown ground nuts see the what do you say the hybrid or even modified things will be this this big nuts they are not the thing to eat these are original the way they are the way they should be so this will take care of that your protein also and there are many other enzymes in it which are very very vital there was a time when for months I just lived on just groundnut and one banana for the entire day it has all the nourishment you need and this is of course almonds this is a little this is for my international travel because this is not a local thing here almond is not a local thing they are growing but not very popular that’s a again a walnut which is you know the benefits of the nuts yes uh it matches with you you know why does it match with me because it’s nuts this is Sprout sprouted green gram which is a very high protein again and the green part of it is very important okay and it’s very important the Almond is soaked and this is peeled because these kind of nuts have their own mechanism of self defense the moment you soak it in water now the seed believes that it’s going to be planted we’re going to disappoint him but it believes that it’s going to be planted and he’s going to sprout and become a big tree and he’s got his own dreams right so when you sprout what he does is there is a certain carcinogenic chemical within the nut which comes to the surface just beneath the skin okay so that insects will not eat him up worms and insects will not attack at that time so you soak it to give him a feeling that he’s going to grow and then peel it off then you will see that carcinogenic is gone otherwise when you eat an almond you are eating that Carthage in a part without knowing that you are consuming it I’m sorry but I didn’t know about this and just to talk I got to wait for 10 minutes before I have all of this right no no you can try I can okay I will as we as we speak I’ll probably begin with the Almond you’re not eating the methi that is bitter too oh is it and it’s very good it’s a great cleanser and also it takes away cellular inflammation it’s very important one must avoid eating uh [Laughter] what is that the chicken thank you thank you very much thank you [Music] foreign [Music] $49.⁰⁰

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